Wilcox Co, AL Early Baptist Churches (1826-1845)

Compiled and contributed by:
Nancy S. Bell, SEP 2003

"STATE OF THE CHURCHES" report from the "Minutes of the Bethlehem Baptist
Association"; 1826-1845

Source: "Bethlehem Baptist Association Minutes 1827-1967 and Beckbe
Association Minutes 1826" on microfilm at Samford University. Microfilm can
be ordered through inter library loan programs.

Note: The Bethlehem Association was known as The Beckbe Association until

"Ministers, Licensed Preachers, and Messengers (delegates)":

* =Ordained ministers
**=Licensed preachers

1826: no churches from Wilcox County listed

1827: no churches from Wilcox County listed

1. Fellowship: K. Hawthorn*, L. Scott

1. Fellowship: K. Hawthorne*, B. Tarver
2. Bethany: J.? Bell and J.? Ray
3. Union: W. Herrinton*, A. Watson

1. Fellowship: K. Hawthorn*, L. Scott
2. Bethany: B. Deer(a), J. Ray
3. Union: Wm. Herrington*, Wm. McDaniel
4. Chalachey: J.A. Brantley(a), J.A. Butler*

1. Fellowship: K. Hawthorn*, B.H. Tarver
2. Bethany: J. Kennedy, J.W. Bridges
3. Union: Wm. Herrington, Wm. McDaniel
4. Chalachey: J.A. Brantley, J.A. Butler*
5. Antioch: S. Jones(a), J. Rivers
6. Bethsaida: A. Popo, E. Attaway

1. Fellowship: A. Watson*, L. Scott(a)
2. Bethany: K. Hawthorn*, Bradley Dear
3. Union: Wm. Herrington*(a), C. Boutor
4. Chelachey: not represented
5. Bethsaida: J. A. Butler*, A. Pope
6. Friendship: J. Reeves, A. Bevely

1833: missing

1. New Providence: Adam Wiggins, Thomas Mason
2. Bethany: Kedar Hawthorn*, Nath'l Hawthorn
3. Chelachey: not represented
4. Antioch: dissolved
5. Union: William Herrington*, David Gibson
6. Bethsaida: Thomas Trowell*, Dabney Palmer
7. Fellowship: Benjamin H. Tarver**, Leonard Scott
8. Friendship: Jesse Reves*(a), Joseph Rivers

1. New Providence: Adam Wiggins, Samuel Dehea(a)
2. Bethany: Nathaniel Hawthorn(a), Martin Morgan
3. Chelachey: not represented
4. Union: William Herrington*, Henry Boulton
5. Bethsaida: Thopmas Trowell*, Dabney Palmer
6. Fellowship: Kedar Hawthorn*, Leonard Scott
7. Bear Creek: Robert Warren*, H.E. Courtney*(a)
8. Friendship: Jesse Reves*, J.F. Russel

1. New Providence: Thomas Mason(a), Jonathan Mason(a)
2. Bethany: Bradley Dear, Nathaniel Hawthorn
3. Union: William Herrington*, David Gibson
4. Bethsaida: Robert Warren, Robert Mosely
5. Fellowship: Kedar Hawthorn*, M.L. McWilliams**
6. Bear Creek: John J. Sessions*, Isaiah F. Russell
7. Friendship: Jesse Rives*, Samuel Rowell

1. New Providence: Thomas Mason, Isham Moore
2. Bethany: Nathaniel Hawthorn(a), Dennis Hawthorn
3. Union: Wm. Herrington*, M.M. Bonham, J.W. Campbell
4. Fellowship: K. Hawthorn*, M.J. M'Williams*, L. Scott
5. Bear Creek: J.J. Sessions*, H.E. Courtney*
6. Gravel Creek: Isaac Brittanham. Samuel Dehay(a)
7. Allenton: Wm. H. Lynam, P.P. Cullum(a)
8. Friendship: Jesse Reeves*, Samuel Rowell, Joseph Rivers

1. New Providence: D.N. Mayson, Wm. J. Prichett
2. Bethany: Robert Warren*, Ralph Jones
3. Union: William Harrington*, M. M. Bonham
4. Fellowship: K. Hawthorn*, M.L. McWilliams*, Wm. J. Callaway**, Jno.
Snell, and R. Mosely
5. Bear Creek: J.J. Sessions*, M.E. Courtney*(a)
6. Gravel Creek: John P. Vaughn**, James Cree
7. Allenton: Julius A. Wood, Joseph Rivers
8. Friendship: Wm. J. Reeves*(a), L.W. Lindsay*

1839: missing

1. New Providence: H.E. Coatney*, Allen Lacy
2. Bethany: A. Sale*(a), D. McMillan, N. Hawthorn
3. Fellowship: K. Hawthorn*, John Snell, H.A. Snell, John B. Scott
4. Gravel Creek: J.P.Vaughn**, J.F. Russel**
5. Allenton: J.J. Sessions*, Wm. H. Lynam
6. Canton: William H. Rogers
7. Friendship: L.W. Lindsey*, Jesse Reeves*, Samuel Rowell
8. Bear Creek: H.G. Owen**, John Watts
9. Union: M.M. Bonham, Thomas Bowman (or Rowman)

1. New Providence: Allen Lacy, Thomas Nettles
2. Bethany: H. Bussey(a), D. McMillan(a)
3. Fellowship: Leonard Scott, J.B. Scott, J.R. Yeldell
4. Gravel Creek: J.D. Pritchett, J.P. Vaughn**
5. Allenton: J.J. Sessions*, L.W. Lindsey*
6. Canton: K. Hawthorn*, J.L. Rogers
7. Friendship: Jesse Reves*, J.G. Dekel, S. Rowell
8. Bear Creek: H.G. Owen*, William Lindsey
9. Union: Thomas Stanford, E. Haddocks

1. New Providence: D.N. Mason, W.J. Pritchett
2. Bethany: Jonathan Bell, H. Bussey
3. Fellowship: Thomas Jefferson, John Snell, J.B. Scott (a)
4. Gravel Creek: J.P. Vaughn**, Thomas Blackmon
5. Allenton: J.J. Sessions*, L.W. Lindsey*
6. Canton: K. Hawthorn*, Thomas H. Cook
7. Union: John Bowman, M.M. Bonham
8. Friendship: B.W. Mathews(a), J.E. Rowell(a)
9. Bear Creek: H.G. Owen*(a), J.U. Ritchie

1. New Providence: D.N. Mason, John E. Courtney(a)
2. Bethany: Jonathan Bell (a), Durah Pilkington(a), Sterling Brown
3. Fellowship: Thomas Jefferson, Sr., J.B. Scott, John Snell
4. Gravel Creek: James Cree, J.F. Russell**
5. Allenton: L.W. Lindsey*, J.J. Sessions*
6. Canton: Kedar Hawthorn*, J.L. Rodgers
7. Union: M.M. Bonham, Billups Haddox
8. Black's Bluff: Wm. J. Pritchett, Ausburn Henry
9. Rock-west: J.E. Gullett, Jacob L. Pritchett
10. Antioch: Leonard Scott, R.A. Burson
11. Friendship: J.E. Rowell, Orlando J. Tynes
12. Bear Creek: H.G. Owen*, J.U. Ritchie

1. New Providence: L.W. Lindsey*, Thomas Mason
2. Bethany: Dura Pilkington, Sterling Brown
3. Fellowship: Silas M. Wooten, John B. Scott, John Snell
4. Gravel Creek: James Cree, Albert J. Sadler
5. Allenton: J.J. Sessions*, E.E. Kirvan, William H. Linam(a)
6. Canton: John P. Vaughn, J.L. Rodgers(a)
7. Union: Thomas Bowman(a), James W. Haddox
8. Black's Bluff: John D. Pritchett, Ausburn Hanry
9. Rock West: Kedar Hawthorn*, Malachi M. Bonham
10. Antioch: Joel Johnston, Richard A. Burson
11. Ackerville: E. J. Vernon, John Colly
12. Friendship: James U. Ritchie**, Bazil M. Burns
13. Bear Creek: Jesse Flowers, Jr., H.C. Pearson

1. New Providence: L.W. Lindsey*, D.N. Mason
2. Black's Bluff: William E. Riley, J.R. Newall
3. Gravel Creek: J. Cree, Isaac Brittenham
4. Rock West: Kedar Hawthorn*, Thomas Blackmon
5. Canton: J.P. Vaughn*, J.L. Rogers(a)
6. Bethany: S. Brown, H.P. Deer
7. Ackerville: I. Capers Jones, Taply H. Jones
8. Antioch: W.D. Hill(a), R.A. Burson(a)
9. Union: J.W. Haddox, J. Haddox
10. Allenton: J.J. Sessions*, E.H.J. Mobly
11. Fellowship: A. Jackson, J.B. Scott, S.M. Wootan(a)
12. Friendship: J.U. Ritchie**, B.M. Burns
13. Bear Creek: H.G. Owen*, J. Flowers*

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