Sumter County, Alabama Marriages: 1833

ALFRED, James H. and MILLER, Isabel E. on 14 DEC 1833
ANDERSON, William G. and CORZIN, Isabel on 20 AUG 1833
BAKER, James B. and DAVIS, Mary on 03 MAY 1833
BAKER, William W. and WILLIAMS, Peggy on 29 DEC 1833
BLUNT, A.B. and STANDLY, Bashaba on 12 OCT 1833
CLINTON, Thomas and ISOM, Annie on 24 JUL 1833
DANIEL, G.B. and JOHNSON, Elizabeth on 04 NOV 1833
FENTON, John D. and WATERS, Mary on 29 APR 1833
GREEN, Francis and COZIN, Mary on 12 DEC 1833
GROVE, William Y. and WARREN, Casey on 03 APR 1833
HINES, Alexander and BUTLER, Susan A. on 21 JUN 1833
LOVELACE, Frederick and ROBERTS, Margaret on 23 NOV 1833
McCAIN, James and BREWTON, Louisa on 10 DEC 1833
McCARY, James H. and MURRY, Nancy on 21 NOV 1833
McCARY, Richard, and MURRY, ? on 31 NOV 1833
McNEAL, John and PAGE, Mabel on 31 AUG 1833
MOON, Moses and WILSON, Rebecca on 04 DEC 1833
PRUETT, Archibald and WILSON, Eliza on 02 JUL 1833
STANDLEY, Stephen and McJOHNSON, Lucinda on 30 MAY 1833
STATE, Larkin and PERKINS, Rachael on 13 AUG 1833
THOMPSON, Isaac and MORRIS Elizabeth on 09 NOV 1833
TUTT, William and JOHNSON, Martha on 30 NOV 1833
WADKINS, Leven C. and WHITE, Henrietta on 14 DEC 1833
WELCH, William and WATSON, Penny on 21 AUG 1833

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