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Male Members

Jeppe M Rowe

George W Pierce

William J. Lee

Newton J Holestead (dead)

William B. Holestead ( can't read note by name)

Solomon S Caldwell, (dead)

John H lee (excommunicated)

Middleton Brooks

Charles H Franklin

John F Holloway (by letter dismissed)

Redin Holloway

Thomas J Holloway (dead)

William Hataway (dead)

James Grimes (excummunicated)

William E. M. Thomas (dead)

Robert J? Taylor

Francis M Hattaway (excummunicated)

James W. Brooks (unable to read note by name)

Daniel Jones (dismissed by letter)

Melton Helms ( unable to read note by name)

Baton Hataway Jr. (excommunicated)

Thomas J Brooks (excommunicated also looks like word vistor by name?)

William F Grimes (unable to read note by name)

James Grimes Jr. ( excommunicated 85??)

Elbert Hataway (excommunicated)

William H holstead ( excommunicated, also looks like vistor with initials BH beside name)

Cornelius N Blair? (dead)

William G Yelverton (expelled)


Women Members

Jane Hattaway (excluded)

Elizabeth Lee

Margaret Rowe

Mary Larking (dead)

Elizabeth Rials (dead)

Elen Brigman

Asha ? Page (dead0

Mary Franklin (excluded)

Elizabeth A Caine

Lucretia Jackson

Martha M Holstead

Susan Caine, ( excommunicated)

Sarah Wise,

mary Wise

Rebecca Wise

Rody Ann Wise

Mary Holstead

Catherine Brooks

Hannah Brooks

Mary Brooks

Susan Hattaway (dead)

Chlory Adams (dismissed by letter)

Louisa Caldwell (expelled)

Susan Caldwell

Amanda Halloway

Louisa Jones

Hannah Wilks (dead)

L?? Hataway (excluded)

Mary Moore (excommunicated vistor 84?)

Sarah Stephens (excluded)

Talitha? Brooks

Martha Thomas

Tracking Your Roots