Russell County, Alabama Cemeteries

Cool Spring Baptist Church Cemetery

Highway 4
Pittsview, AL 36871

Transcribed on July 3, 2005 by Robin Stafford
**If you find someone on here you are related to please contact me and share your families’ information as I am trying to compile a more complete record of the families of Russell County and need all the help I can get! Thank you, Robin.

This Cemetery is located off of Hwy 431. If you take 431 South from Phenix City you follow it till you come to Cottonton Rd. also known as Highway 4 in Pittsview, make a left onto Cottonton Rd. and follow it down about a mile, the cemetery is located on the left side of the road on top of a hill, and it is in between Laconte St. and Ole Creek Rd.

This cemetery was very disorganized, when entering the main entrance you see 2 clusters of graves, one near the road, one towards the back, upon looking further you’ll see that to the left of the church there is a path cut between the trees, follow this path to the second part of the cemetery. The second part does have a gated road that can just hold 1 car safely so be careful! As you enter into the lower section a road runs between 2 rows of graves, the graves seem to be thrown in really and aren’t in straight rows they stagger back and forth making it hard to put them in order so when I say row I really mean cluster or group. My 14 year old son transcribed the left side of the lower section and may not have seen rows like I did but he tried.

This is a complete listing of every grave in this cemetery, there were a few other spots that had a sunken look to them and may have been graves as well but they had a lot of refuse from the other graves thrown on them, whoever has been tending the cemetery has just discarded all the old flowers and stuff in between the groupings making it a very unpleasant place to have to go through, please be careful if bringing children into this area you would not believe how many strange things my children found while we were there!

Please be careful when entering this cemetery! Be extremely careful around the grave edges many of them are sinking and the ground is very unstable here! Also make sure children do not walk on the slabs here at all, many of them are cracked and look like they are just waiting to fall in!

Upper Section near Church has 2 distinct sections left, one near the road and one towards the rear of the property; I will start with the little section by the road.

Upper Level, Sect. 1

Jane Kelly
Born March 15th 1803 ? or 1813 Died March 23, 1923
Note: This is a concrete slab, the writing has been drawn into it while wet apparently, the bottom reads Member of the Church. Very hard to read this stone!

The above stone lies next to a severely sunken and broken stone, can’t make out the words.

6 unmarked graves lay next to these.

Upper Level, Sect. 2

Row 1.

Annie Pearl Mitchell
Died July 27, 1939

Betty Nathan Vann

Row 2

Savannah J. Davis Johnson
Jan. 23, 1926 Jan. 27, 1976
Beloved Mother

Deacon William Vann

Lillie Mae Vann Peterson
Oct. 15,1900 Feb. 22, 1963

Apart from these toward the hidden section is one lone grave, it is badly broken in and the stone was in pieces and had to be dug out and reassembled. This is his entry as far as I can make it out.
Thos. Baldwin
Born July 30, 1891 Died Sept. 17, 1905?

Lower Section
Note: This section has a road running down the center of it, I started at the gate on the right side and worked my way up the hill, these stones are staggered greatly and hard to sort but this is my attempt at listing them in some order. They were broke into little sections working up the hill so I will list them as they appeared to be sectioned out.

Sect. 1
Row 1.
As you first walk in there are 2 unmarked graves.

Clara L. Banks
Aug. 14, 1929 Aug. 4, 1991

George Green Jr.
Sept. 16, 1904 March 2, 1993

Unmarked grave.

Minnie Green
Feb. 14, 1872 Feb. 23, 1968

Row 2
Note this is to the rear and right of row 1

5 unmarked graves

Henry King 3r
Born 2 20 1919

5 unmarked graves lay next to the above Henry King

Demetris Leroy Upshaw
“ Man”
Dec. 14, 1987 Nov. 27, 1994
Note: This lays off to the side some from the above 5 unmarked graves.

Sect. 2
Row 1

Unreadable stone

Unmarked grave

Samuel Martin
Sgt. Co M 3 Regt. Ala Inf. Sp Am War
Born Jan. 13, 1872 Died June 11, 1961

Unmarked grave

Tempe, Richard
Died 8 21 1971
Berried 8 8 1971
At Rest
Note: This stone really did have it spelled Berried! And if he was really buried on that day then it is my belief he must have died from being buried alive! Yes I did look at this repeatedly and even called my son to confirm my find as it just didn’t make any sense, this stone definitely has those dates on it!

Unmarked Grave

Sgt. Moses Williams
Jan. 10, 1941 July 12, 1967

Larry Floren
Born 3 27 1957 Died 7 7 1972
At Rest
Note: His headstone is cemented to the next entry, her stone lies at an angle nestled against his. She is at his head as if they were head to head.

Katie Florence
Aug. 16, 1924 May 27, 1990

Next to the above mentioned Florence couple is 6 unmarked graves, behind them are 3 more.

Richard L. Carlton
Sept. 27, 1952 March 14, 1981

Willie Pearl Gordon
Born Oct. 16, 1892 Died Jan. 18, 1995

Row 2

John Henry
June 4, 1919 June 29, 1992

3 unmarked graves

Doris Louise Ivey
May 18, 1933 Dec. 31, 2003
Beloved Mother
Forever in our hearts

2 unmarked graves

Huller Moody Daniel
“ Ma Big Baby”
July 7, 1900 March 5, 1994

Mamie E. Adams
Aug. 12, 1901 Feb. 11, 1985

Walter Adams
Aug. 10 1907 May 21, 1988

Row 3
Note: This row lies in front of Walter Adams above.

Freddie Lee Ivey
Nov. 18, 1934 Dec. 27, 1965

Dalton L. Ivey Jr.
Alabama PFC 879 QM Gas Supply Co World War II
June 28, 1909 Aug. 15, 1966

Unmarked child’s grave.

Sect. 3

Row 1

Thomas McClain
Nov. 24, 1928? Nov. 29, 1973
Note: not sure about the birth year it was hard to make out.

Homer L. Williams
Georgia PFC 24 Inf. World War II
Feb. 26, 1925 Oct. 27, 1944

Richard Woods Jr.
May 28, 1967 Jan. 27, 1990
We Love You Always

Bobby Lee Long Sr.
May 27, 1922 March 27, 2001

Archie T. Long Jr.
Aug. 15, 1916 July 10, 1985
At Rest

Joe Long
Alabama SSG HHC 503 Inf 173 ABN BDE Vietnam
Oct. 20, 1935 Feb. 27, 1970
BSM & OLC – ARoom

2 unmarked graves

Carlton Alford
Alabama Pvt. US Army World War II
June 28, 1922 July 12, 1947

Row 2
Lies at the head of above Carlton

Thomas Headstone (has Thomas at the top)
Has the following 3 entries on one stone
Jessie Lee
Jan. 12, 1952 June 25, 1971

Nov. 15, 1920 Nov. 6, 1965

Jessie Bell
Nov. 27, 1924 Aug 20, 1999

Unmarked grave

Row 3
Lies at the head of Archie T. Long mentioned above.

Annie Long
July 20, 1920 Sept. 28, 1999

Row 4
Lies at the back of the row

David Gaines
US Navy World War II
Apr. 20, 1915 Oct. 22, 1977

Unmarked grave

Ella Henderson
Born 11 15 1916 Died 3 22 1968
At Rest

John E. Bottley Sr.
Tec 5 US Army World War II
May 28, 1922 Nov. 12, 1984

Ulysses Bernard “Lil Sed” Williams
Aug. 22, 1967 May 11, 1996

Ida Adam
Died in Febyuary 1941
Note: Spelling for Feb. was spelled that way on stone!

Our Beloved Father
Thomas Long
Jan. 15 1915 Apr. 1 1976
Rest in Peace
Wife Ella Long

4 Unmarked graves

Row 5
Lies to the rear of row 4.

2 Unmarked graves

Row 6
To the right of row 5

1 unmarked grave

Dan Miles
Died in 1992

David Miles
Georgia Tec 5 Engineers World War II
June 1 1920 June 9 1950

Row 7
Lies at the head of Row 6

1 unmarked grave

Cleveland Miles
3/11/1934 1/10/1977?

Carrie B. Jackson Averett
May 1 1904 June 20 1948

Unmarked grave

George Averett
July 4 1902 July 16 1945

Martha Lockhart
Born 10, 18, 1928 Died 7, 28, 1968
At Rest

Sollon Williams
World War II
April 20, 1920 December 4, 1966

Andrew Williams

Katie D. Williams
Born 1, 1, 1899 Died 4, 24, 1968
At Rest

Row 8
Lies at feet of M. Lockhart

Solon Denson
B. Mar. 24 1896 D. Aug 28 1975

Birdie Denson Williams
June 3 1916 Dec. 12 1975
Our Beloved Mother


Row 9
Lies in front of M. Lockhart

Ross Ducette Sr.
Born 10-12-1896 Died 4-2-1952

2 unmarked graves

Arch Averett Jr.
Aug. 24, 1928 Jan. 18, 1985
At Rest

Rosie B. Bradford
Apr. 2 1931 May 16, 1986

James Kennedy
Nov 23 1947 Nov 30 1968

unmarked grave
Note: has large tree growing in it that is breaking the stone, tree was so low to the ground that I couldn’t get under it to find a name, it may be there! Stone is breaking from the roots and grave is lifting upwards.

Row 10
To the right of tree mentioned above

3 Unmarked graves

John Calhoun
Sep 12 1908 July 9 1976

Unmarked grave

Row 11
To the rear of above mentioned tree in row 9

1 small rounded block of cement marks this grave, may have writing on it but I couldn’t make out anything.

2 unmarked graves

Carrie C. Calhoun
Feb. 2, 1885 Nov. 9 1958
Gone but not forgotten

Unmarked grave

Row 12
Lies at the feet of Carrie Calhoun

Unmarked grave

Denson (Note this is a large stone that covers two graves that has the family name and then the following entries)
Annie L.
Jan 29 1900
Rev. H. D.
Nov 27, 1888 June 18, 1968

Herman D. Denson Jr.
Jan 8 1927 May 1 1983

Hall E. Q. Cole?
B 7-4? -1908/ D. 5-8?- 1958
Note: This stone was terribly hard to read, not sure if the name was Hall E. Q. Cole! That is what it appeared to say, the dates were very hard to see!

Rev. Homer Joseph
Born Feb 10 1880 Died Feb 6 1965
At Rest

Thomas Tarver?
Died Apr. 15, 1960?
Note: Very hard to read!

Unmarked grave

Jessie B. Williams
B 1 1 1917 D 12 4 1961

Lela Bell Williams
Born Dec 13 1943? Died March 1, 19?8
Note: the end of the born date was broken out, looked like perhaps it was a 3! As was the Death date year.

Unreadable grave

Sis. Bertha Harvey
Mar. 10 1888 Sept. 20 1987

Minnie Mae Day
July 15, 1925 Mar. 26, 1984

Unmarked grave

Annie L. Day
Born 5 ? 1880 Died 1 ?? 88?
Note: Looks like someone placed something on slab while wet and the numbers have been smudged out of place.

Willie L. Hill
Rest in Peace

Unmarked grave

Joe Perry
Oct. 23 1910 Oct 2 1983

4 unmarked graves

Row 13
Lies at the head of the last row

Mary K. Green
May 15 1940 June 25 1997
We Love You Always

2 unmarked graves

“Short Man”
Joseph Day
September 2, 1950-September 13, 1995
Love, Family
Note: Stone has the shape of a book carved around writing, very pretty.

Ned Jenkins
Sept. 24, 1937 Aug. 22, 1999
Beloved Husband and Father

Beloved Mother
Julia B. Day
Apr. 23, 1920 Aug. 25, 2003

Row 14
Lies to the rear of previous row

Unmarked grave

Eddie Henry
Feb. 17, 1905 Sept. 9 1956

Unmarked grave

Row 15
This lies in the top right corner of the cemetery

2 unmarked graves

Jimmie Lee Leonard
Jan 31 1949 May 1 1982

Mrs Lula Mae Davis
Born June 7 1906 Died May 22 1974

Unmarked grave

Nathaniel Perry
July 20 1943 May 18 1975

Row 16
Lies behind row 15

Our Beloved Mother
Bell Gordon Perry
Jan. 18, 1907 May 21, 1982

3 unmarked graves

I H Perry
Born Aug ?? ?? Died Aug 1 1943 or 1913?
Note: This stone was very hard to read, I’m not positive about these dates, this is just what it appeared to be!

Susie Perry
Feb 8 1952
Note: This stone only had one date with no indication of what it was, I assume it is the death date.

Large Double Stone reads Perry across top has following entries
Mattie B.
May 25, 1913 Oct. 14, 1972
Hubert L.
Dec. 30, 1915 Aug. 9 1989

Row 17
I’m calling this a row to call it to your attention. In the very top dead center of the cemetery in the woods there is a fenced section not bigger than 15 ft by 15 ft if even that. It is literally swallowed by the woods, vines have wove through the gate and sealed it shut, when I first saw it I overlooked it, but upon further inspection I realized it looked like graves were in there, I sent my son over the fence and he did find one slab that is totally covered but it is raised up, there is room for perhaps 4 in here so there may be others but we couldn’t detect them without tools to clear this area. This needs to be cleaned up and the information gleened soon before it is lost to the woods!

Row 18
Lies in front of and to the left of row 17

3 unmarked graves

Charlie Perry
July 13, 1939 Sept. 9, 1977

2 unmarked graves

Row 19
Lies to the right of fenced area in row 17, this is hid in the woods!

Note: These next few Pritchett stones were very different than all the stones in this cemetery, they were large square concrete stones, the birth and death dates were wrote in blue all other words in black.

Brady Sims Pritchett
Born 1-1-1900 Died 2-28-1995

Jimmie Lee Pritchett
Born 10-17-1927 Died 8-4-1994

Beatrice Pritchett
Born 2-2-1929 Died 9-30-1982

Mozella Jackson
Sept. 21 1927 Jan 2 1990

Johnnie Bell Speights
9-9-1923 11-4-1985
At Rest

Estel Wright
4-26-19-11 6-10-19-81
Note: This stone clearly has dashes between the 19 and 11 in the birth year and the 19 and 81 in the death year, I don’t know why but they are there.

This ends the right side of the lower section of the cemetery and begins my son’s transcription.

Row 1

Unmarked grave

Willie James Miles
1932 Feb 17, 1990

2 Unmarked graves

Leugene Denson
May 28 1923 Aug. 11 1955

Elijah Johnson
Mar. 20 1893 Oct. 30 1973

5 unmarked graves

Row 2

6 unmarked graves

Johnny B. Spencer
April 3, 1944 October 20, 2002

John Spencer Jr.
Nov. 24, 1941 Apr. 23, 1998

Horton Lucas
Jun. 10, 1913 Feb. 25 1998

Claude Lucas
May 5 1907 Feb 13 1961

Lois Spencer Lucas
Jan 25, 1920 Mar 6, 1960

Arthur Lee Spencer

John Spencer
Jan 23, 1926 Sept. 1, 1974

Pearl Spencer
Jan. 1, 1901 Jan. 6, 1974

Exie Spencer Johnson
July 4, 1930 March 22, 1977

Unmarked grave

Row 3

7 unmarked graves

Henrietta Flagg
June 15, 1886 Oct. 6 1975

Unmarked grave

Idella Davis Lewis
April 15, 1905 May 3, 1997

Unmarked grave

Row 4

3 unmarked

Dave Perry
Mar. 4, 1913 July 27, 1974

4 unmarked graves

Mrs. Jessie M. Bordon
Born Sept. 1922 Died Nov. 22, 1973

Unmarked grave

Nellie Mae Jackson

5 unmarked graves

Leroy Perry
Aug. 20, 1926 Oct. 13, 1999

Unmarked grave

Row 5

Jimmy Mack

Unmarked grave

Callie Averiett
Sept. 16, 1887 Apr. 11, 1963

Mary M. Perry
Feb 12, 1925 Sept. 15, 1992

3 unmarked graves

Willie Perry
May 20, 1920 Jan 2, 1989

Unmarked grave

David L. Williams
Jan. 27, 1954 June 17, 1998

Unmarked grave

Mamie Woods Alexander
June 18, 1921 June 7 1980

Julia Grimes
Sept. 24, 1942 Oct. 8, 1998

Unmarked grave

Georgia Alexander Lawrence
Aug. 24, 1937 June 20, 1987

Willie Williams Jr.
Aug. 24, 1944 Jun. 21, 2000

George Alexander
Jan 3, 1916 June 18, 1999

Unmarked grave

Mary Crowell

Willie Crowell
Nov. 14, 1923 Feb. 6, 1992

Minnie Bass
Born 8, 15, 1886 Died 2, 10, 1968
At Rest

Row 6

Unmarked grave

David Lias Sr.
June 6, 1934 Dec. 31, 1988

Unmarked grave

This is where my son finished the rest I completed.

Molly Lias
Dec 13 1934 Sept 15 1998
In Loving Memory

Unmarked grave lies behind her

Marion Bass
Feb 15 1904 Nov 30 1970

Paline Bass
July 19 1919 Dec 16 1970

Sam Green Sr.
Jan 17, 1902 Nov. 24, 1971

Mrs. Lula Green
April 1, 1909 July 31, 1985

Mr. Simon Green
July 7 1907 May 28 1974

In Loving Memory of Mother and Grandmother
Mrs. Sallie Green
Feb 10 1900 Oct 23 1974

Marie Green Lanier
Apr. 13 1929 July 21 2003

Unmarked grave

2 unmarked graves, one has an unusual shaped concrete ball that has writing that is wrote into it but I couldn’t understand it.

Mr. Jean Sims
Born 1903 Died 6 24 1953
At Rest

Mammie Sims
Born 1901 Died May 5 1983

Wife and Mother
Betty Jean Parker
Jan 17 1943 Jan 8 1985

2 graves marked by small round balls of cement can’t figure out what they say

2 unmarked graves

James G. Williams
May 30, 1934 Jan 31, 1980

Shep Williams
June 21, 1921 Feb 5 1987

Row 7

Leroy Denson
Oct. 17 1921 May 13 1979

2 unmarked graves

Washington Denson
Mar. 26, 1900 Aug. 22, 1982

3 unmarked graves, one is small

Lewis Denson
May 5 1898 Sept. 5 1984
Note: There is a small square marble stone on this grave that says Dea. Lewis Denson with the same birth and death dates as above.

Ethel Lee Denson
Jan. 1, 1900 Jan 7, 1985

Row 8

Hughes Family stone stands by 2 otherwise unmarked graves

James Hughes
Jan 7 1924 June 20 1988

3 unmarked graves

Bertha Mae Leonard Sewell
Jan 5 1926 Sept 30 1991
We Love You

William Leonard
Sept. 5 1931 Apr 28 1991

Row 9

Anna Williams
Born October 1892 Died Apr. 1981 or 1984?

Unmarked grave

Johnson Horton
Apr 12 1901 Sept ? 195?
Note: This grave lies way back in the woods, you can barely see it and I couldn’t make out all the letters or get in to it. The ground around there was extremely wet and boggy and impassible.

1 badly broken grave! The concrete has caved in and the whole grave was afloat in water! BE CAREFUL UP AROUND THIS SECTION!!!

Behind this last broken grave the woods are really thick, I can just make out what appears to be another 3 graves back there but couldn’t get to them, there may be others, this land back here looks treacherous, it was really wet and loaded with vines and briars, this is at the very top end of the cemetery furthest from the road and it is in bad repair indeed, the woods are all but swallowing this end.

Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery

Transcribed & submitted by Robin Stafford

Villula Alabama, this cemetery lays between the towns of Seal and Pittsview Alabama on Hwy. 431. About 2 miles South of Seale.
The Villula Methodist Episcopal Church South was organized about 1850 and served the community until 1900, when it was relocated to Pittsview. The church and a two-room schoolhouse were once situated at the front entrance of Villula Cemetery.

Transcribed by Robin Stafford on July 1, 2005
Transcribers note! If you find someone on here you are related to please contact me and share your families’ information as I am trying to compile a more complete record of the families of Russell County and need all the help I can get! Thank you!

This is a tiny cemetery, very neat and well kept, the stones are still in good shape, but unfortunately many of them were not marked. They all lay in small little rows one behind the other, and most of them had rather pretty flowers on them so this is obviously a well loved cemetery, yet I found no one who could tell me anything about this cemetery, but I’m sure there are some around who know about it I just haven’t found them yet. As I surveyed this cemetery I read these stones going from left to right down the rows if you’re looking at the highway, this is the way that all the stones are turned that have writing.

Row #1

Bernice Hicks Bunkley
Dec. 12, 1936 Dec. 14, 2004

Lillie Mae Hicks
May 1, 1907 Dec. 28, 1999
A Loving Mother

Dea. Marvin Hicks
Nov. 18, 1907 Aug. 11, 1988
In Loving Memory

James Calvin Hicks
June 21, 1949 July 24, 1993
A Loving Husband and Dad
We Love You Always

Row # 2

1 unmarked grave

Jessie Ivey Jr.
PFC US Army Korea
March 7, 1934 June 28, 1993

Row # 3

2 unmarked graves, one is child sized.
Row # 4

3 unmarked graves

Anna Johnson Sank
July 1, 1912 June 3, 1994

Row #5

2 unmarked graves

Row #6

1 unmarked grave

Transcribers note:
I will try to fill in the unmarked graves later on, I’m not sure how to find the owners of this cemetery yet, but I’m trying.--Robin Stafford

Girard Cemetery

Transcribed & submitted by Robin Stafford

Located on Dillingham St. in Phenix City, Russell County, AL. Girard Cemetery is in the heart of Phenix City and you would think it would be kept up, but unfortunately it is in bad condition. Many of the graves are damaged in one way or another, some have sunk, and some stones are broken or missing, there are many markers in this cemetery which have eroded to the point I cannot possibly make out what they say, and several are not marked in any way at all. I even found parts to a cross in another section placed in another persons spot as if it were borrowed when the family needed one.
I also want to mention that some parts of this cemetery have a unique set up in which all family members are surrounded by a wall of one kind or another most of them concrete but some brick and many of these have a little place where it has the name of the family plot, I am supposing that this would be the Father of the family who is buried there. Many of the graves in this cemetery are covered with a cement slab which is their marker, the inscriptions are carved in, others are bricks laid together to form a slab over the site, still others are marked with just cinder block pieces and such, there are a few which are surrounded by gates many of which have been broken open over the years, but the gate still remains.
Note* Families who were surrounded by a wall are clustered together without spaces to more easily distinguish who is together spaces between persons indicate they did not appear to be in the same family section though this cemetery is so confusing they could be.

Robin's NOTE:
Below is a copy of several miscellaneous tombstone inscriptions that I recorded on a trip to the Girard Cemetery in Phenix City Alabama on January 24, 2004. I set out with the intention of doing the whole cemetery but got thoroughly disgusted and gave up trying to do this cemetery this way, I do intend to try to find a local source for this information but for now this is all I can provide. There are transcriber's notes added to the listings where additional information was known and could be provided.
I am working on the following surnames, if you are searching any of these families and would like to contact me to see if we can connect please feel free to write to me: Robin Stafford, Email:
Cole, Hedden, Stafford, Stocker, Parks, Scoggins, Abney, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Appling, Arrowood, Barrett, Brown, Buchanan, Burch, Chastain, Church, Driskell, Eller, Ferguson, Franklin, Fuller, Garrett, Hicks, Hoopaugh, Hooper, Irvin, Jones, Kendrick, King, Lamb, Ledford, Lovell, Maney, McConnell, Moss, Parker, Posey, Shook, Smith, Swafford, Tanner, Taylor, Teague, Tilley, Williams, and many more.

Transcribers note! If you find someone on here you are related to please contact me and share your families’ information as I am trying to compile a more complete record of the families of Russell County and need all the help I can get! Thank you!--Robin--

The following are all in Section A but this is not the complete section:

Evelin. Mc.Kenzie B: Oct. 9, 1925 D: May 27, 1926
Note: I wrote this name as it is on the marker it clearly has periods between Evelin and Mc and another between the c and k. Marker says: “Our darling”.

Ruby N. Whitehead B: Jan. 10, 1935 D: Jan. 10, 1935
Myrtle Singleton B: Jan. 22, 1922 D: Oct. 19, 1922
Erven Singleton B: Mar. 2 or 20th, 1919 D: Aug. 3 1923
Note about this family:
This family plot has cement poured all around the markers that are placed here. The markers for Myrtle and Erven are both covered with a cement slab both of which look like their maker drew the names in the cement while it was wet. Both markers have a row of glass marbles at the tops shaped in an arch, 22 marbles for each stone. Erven’s marker has all of the N’s in it wrote backwards, and both these stones were wrote in a very child like handwriting, perhaps made by someone who could not write or spell well.

Mrs. Lucy Huggins B: Feb. 13, 1875 D: Feb. 17, 1944
William H. Huggins B: Sept. 18, 1881 D: Oct. 30, 1952

Velma H. Collins B: Jan. 28, 1906 D: Dec. 7, 1991

Alma Irene Sanders B: Jan. 4, 1908 D: Aug. 30, 1932
Note: Stone Reads “At Rest”

Ethel Mae Chadwick Worthy B: July 19, 1905 D: Aug. 1, 1973
Zema Floyd Worthy Sr. B: Sep. 21, 1895 D: Dec 6, 1976
Note: Bronze colored plaque at bottom of marker reads “US. Army World War 1 Sep. 21, 1895 - Dec. 6, 1976.

Clyde Bell Griggs B: Feb. 6, 1903 D: May 24, 1954
Miss Izora Chadwick B: Sep. 4, 1897 D: Oct. 28, 1928
Note Izora’s stone reads:
“ All is over All is well”
“ Now I lay me down to sleep”
Mrs. Jessie Chadwick B: Aug. 25, 1873 D: July 21, 1927
Jessie Chadwick 1868-1922

David J. Nichols B: March 7, 1907 or 1807? D: March 22, 1934
Note: Stone reads “At Rest” this marker broken badly!!!
Christopher B. Nichols B: July 25, 1879 D: June 11, 1943
(Transcribers notes: (Chris) (A5) a bachelor, was a grocer at 702-13th St., Phenix City, AL, funeral service held at West Side Baptist Church, worked for privately owned mattress factory owned by JLB Johnston, later had a stroke that left him paralyzed on his right side, pallbears- Bill Dixon, Albert, Dave Smith, Hoyt Brassell, Hixon Scroggins & Elmer Reese. Parents were Doc Nichols and Jane Banana Atkins. Doc and Janes Children…
John (Johnie) A. NICHOLS b: 7 Aug 1877
Christopher (Chris) B. NICHOLS b: 1879
Lillie Mae (Mary) NICHOLS b: 25 Jun 1890 in Chambers county,AL
Walter Frank NICHOLS b: 20 Jan 1893 in Russell County,AL
William (Will) Olin NICHOLS
End transcriber’s notes on this family)
Frances Nichols Young B: March 15, 1896 D: Dec. 17, 1937
Unknown Nichols
Note: Stone is almost buried in dirt that has washed into it, may have more writing on it but all I can make out is Nichols Jan. 20 1893 it may or may not have another date beneath the soil so this could be either death or birth date.
Fannie Mae Nichols B: Jan. 16, 1916 D: July 16, 1968

Hendley Family:
Morris Hendley B: Aug. 17, 1917 D: March 11, 1935
Anna L. Mills B: Dec. 9, 1856 D: Feb. 9, 1940
Erma Edith Hendley B: Apr. 19, 1920 D: Sep. 28, 1920
Harry Mills B: Nov. 15, 1921 D: July 13, 1924
Note: stone reads “Our Darling”

Mary L. Fortune B: Sep. 17, 1928 D: Oct. 4, 1929
Note: Stone reads “Our Baby” stone is broken.

Donald M. Williams B: July 8, 1934 D: July 8, 1934

W. R. Smith
this plot has a wall that has the name W. R. Smith on it but there is no sign of a grave or stone. I don’t know if this person was ever buried here, but it obviously was his plot.

Willie Jones B: Dec. 15, 1905 D: Jan. 29, 1926
Note: Stone reads “At Rest” In a plot that has the name DB Fullerton no other markers are visible.

Hill Family:
Herman F. Hill B: July 5, 1920 D: July 6, 1920
Earl H. Hill Feb. 11, 1924 only date on stone.
Mildred L. Hill B: June 25, 1921 D: March 26, 1930
Mrs. E. W. Hill B: Jan. 15, 1901 D: Apr. 1, 1939
Ralph M. Hill Nov. 26, 1928 only date on stone.
Note: This plot is surrounded by a wall and has the family name on it but it’s buried under an ant bed, I can only make out the name Hill.

Glover Family:
Clara E. Glover B: Nov. 17, 1908 D: Sept. 28, 1981
Mrs. Roxie Glover B: Dec. 28, 1879 D: June 13, 1939
Joseph A. Glover B: Apr 4, 1866 D: Sep. 21, 1934

Judy Faye Parker 1940
Note: This marker is alone, no family wall or other family around.

Helen L. Curington B: Oct. 20, 1916 D: Apr. 22, 1921
This marker has another alongside it which is too worn to read.

W. P. Simpler B: Jan. 20, 1888 D: July 23, 1927
Note: Stone reads “Gone but not forgotten”
the stone beside this one had a hill wash onto it and is unreadable without digging it back out. Dates on it say Apr. 29, 1870 Feb 25, 1941.
Tommie L. Blackwell B: May 19, 1904 D: Dec. 2, 1927

T. A. Harris Family:
Thomas A. Harris B: Feb. 23, 1882 D: Feb. 25 1952
Thomas A. Harris Jr. B: July 19, 1931 D: June 27, 1938

Justine A. Killingsworth Oct. 24, 1925 only date on stone.

Doris Culpepper Aug. 10, 1934

Dora Litaker B: Jan 1865 D: Dec. 23, 1917

G. G. Lisle This section has bricks and a marble block marking it with the name on it but no dates and no one around it that I can tell.

*Note* This is where I stopped in section A, the following are from the same cemetery different assorted sections, many of these are names which appear in my surname list of family members.

This family is in Section A:
James A. Davis B: ? 16, 1934 D: ? 25, 1935
Note this stone broken badly and pieces have fallen in! Months are gone.
Emmett G. Davis B: Dec. 7, 1929 D: May 7, 1931
Benjamin D. Bishop B: Oct. 12, 1945 D: Oct. 12, 1945

Mary Stanfill Ingram (Widow of George Ingram) Born Feb. 3, 1879 D: June 17, 1963
Note: Stone reads Widow of George Ingram after name and “Mother at Rest”
George F. Ingram B: Aug. 10, 1865 D: Feb. 24, 1943
Note: Stone reads “Father at Rest”

Posey Family:
Rufus F. Posey B: Oct. 30, 1893 D: Dec. 19, 1914
Note: Has beautiful ornate upright pillar type marker with flowers carved into it, very pretty, marble on grave says “He (?Unreadable but I believe it says Walks?) upright in all his ways. Although he sleeps his memory doth live.”
Rollie B. Posey B: March or May 31,1898 D: Feb. 15, 1915
Note: Marker reads “Our darling at rest”
John Rufus Posey B: Aug. 25, 1862 D: Jan. 18, 1920
Mrs. JR Posey B: Aug. 18, 1872 D: July 22, 1932

B. L. Ingram B: Dec. 23, 1884 D: Nov. 3, 1933
Note: Stone reads “Gone but not forgotten.”

M J Fortune B: Apr. 15, 1932 D: March 13, 2002
Note: This grave is marked with a small wooden box that is filled on top with some sort of hard substance which was drawn in while wet from the looks of it, may have been painted pink, simply reads “M J Fortune 4-15-32 3-13-02” a metal marker that was with the flowers had the birth and death dates on it though. And said Age 69

Fortune Family:
Callie A. Fortune B: July 22, 1880 D: Aug. 4, 1945
Terry Wayne Fortune B: March 25, 1945 D: March 18, 1946
Weeda Juanita Fortune B: Aug. 6, 1943 D: Aug. 7, 1943
Note: This family is in a Fortune family section towards the back near a no dumping sign.

John D. Posey B: Dec. 13, 1893 D: June 19, 1962
Lillian Giglio B: July 22, 1891 D: Feb. 3, 1962
J. E. Giglio B: Sep. 27, 1888 D: July 2, 1937

T. F. Williams Family:
T. Frank Williams B: Dec. 24, 1867 D: Sep. 15, 1946
Mrs. T. Frank Williams B: Aug. 1, 1884 D: Oct. 21, 1918
Note: these two people are listed on the same slab, there is no room around for the second grave though as they are all full!
Seaborn Ingram B: Mar 14, 1842 D: June 11, 1911
Note has beautiful pillar type upright marker.
Julia Ingram B: Oct. 1, 1859 D: May 9, 1922
Mattie Marie Greer B: Apr. 29, 1908 D: Aug. 18, 1943

Bessie Posey July 19, 1940
Mattie Emma Culpepper B: Jan. 15, 1886 D: July 22, 1957
Note: Stone says Wife of W. V. Lamb
Mr. W. V. Lamb B: July 4, 1876 D: June 13, 1935
Patrick A. Thornton B: Feb. 23, 1912 D: May 5, 1941

E. L. Posey Family:
John E. Franklin B: Nov. 15, 1879 D: Sept. 7, 1956
Linner Posey Franklin B: Aug. 22, 1895 D: June 10, 1976
Note: Stone reads “Rest at Peace”
Mrs. Charlotte McDonald B: Aug. 26, 1840 D: Apr. 29, 1935
Earnest Posey B: Nov. 18, 1889? D: May ? 1926?
Note this stone badly worn and hard to make out I believe the above is what it says. I can’t make out the death day.
John F. Posey 1861-1934?
Note: This stone badly worn I believe the death date reads 1934.
Albertine Posey B: Jan. 4, 1860 D: June 9, 1948
Morris Posey B: 1928-1932?
Note this stone hard to read I belive it says 32!
Mary Posey 1917-1918?
Note this stone too is very hard to read.
Linwood Posey B: 1915 D: 1918

I K Roberts Family:
Winnie R. Posey B: Aug. 8, 1860 D: Jan. 3, 1893
Annie Roberts B: May 3, 1866 D: May 4, 1892
Arena R. Roberts B: Apr. 17, 1826 D: Dec. 2, 1894
Note these are surrounded by a wall that says I K Roberts but I see no stone for the I K Roberts mentioned. There does seem to be room for 2 more graves here but I can’t find any other markers here.

Howard E. Smith B: Feb. 18, 1895 D: July 24, 1941
Note Stone says “Bud” in name.

Pittsview Cemetery
Laconte St. Pittsview Alabama

Transcribed & submitted by Robin Stafford

Emily Pitts Heath
Dec. 12, 1913 Dec. 16, 1913

Carolyn Pitts Heath
Oct. 20, 1891 May 17, 1986

John Clifton Heath
Nov 12, 1900 Dec. 24, 1951

Shady Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

Shady Grove Baptist Church
Nuckolls Road
Seale, AL 36875

Transcribed on July 3, 2005 by Robin Stafford

Take Hwy 4 North out of Pittsview Alabama to Hwy. 39 which turns to the left, follow Hwy. 39 out several miles, you’ll see the church and cemetery on the right side of the road, it is very well marked and easy to find.

This is a very tidy cemetery, all the rows were laid out neatly and you could tell that someone was taking good care of this cemetery.

When transcribing these rows we went from right to left if you’re standing by the church looking at the cemetery.

Transcribers note! If you find someone on here you are related to please contact me and share your families’ information as I am trying to compile a more complete record of the families of Russell County and need all the help I can get! Thank you, Robin.

Row 1

Unmarked grave

In Loving Memory
Doris Williams
Nov. 15, 1935 – Mar. 30, 2005

Row 2

2 unmarked graves

Cliff Johnson
Apr. 30, 1910 Feb. 14, 1994

Unmarked grave

Annie Laura Johnson
Mar. 3, 1919 – Dec. 22, 1997

Virginia L. Pitts
May 16, 1941 – Apr. 29, 1996

Johnny B. Jessie
Oct. 9, 1952 – June 28, 1994

Mary E. Jessie
Jan. 23, 1942 Oct. 3, 1995

Lula M. Tate
Dec. 11, 1935 Aug. 28, 1998

Unmarked grave

Annie Polly Saxton
June 25, 1936 – July 13, 2001

Deacon James Saxton, Sr.
Jan. 24, 1934 Oct. 4, 2003

Row 3

Willie Mae Johnson
Oct. 18, 1914 June 18, 1976

Willie Colbert?
Stone not legible!

Georgia M. Lewis
Jan. 22 1930 Apr. 30, 1978

Hattie Dixon
Apr. 10, 1916 Oct. 27, 1979

Joseph Jordan Jr.
Dec. 4, 1933 June 20, 1985

Mimmie Jessie
Jul. 8, 1905 Nov. 13, 1985

Floree Jessie
Mar. 31, 1917 Mar. 9, 1986

William Jessie
Nov. 1, 1938 June 18, 1987

Tommy See Jessie
June 14, 1932 Oct. 16, 1989

Valeshia N. Jessie
June 21, 1991 Oct. 18, 1991

Unmarked grave

Row 4

Rochell W. Golden
Born 9, 26, 1889? Died 1, 2, 1975

Unmarked grave

Dea. John Jackson, Sr.
July 27, 1907 Feb. 14, 1981

Ella M. Jackson
July 30, 1914 Aug. 17, 1992

Annie Will G. Stamper
June 6, 1915 Nov. 3, 1998

Alma G. Sanks
Feb. 12, 1912 Oct. 7, 1991

2 unmarked graves

Marcarett Stevenson
Born 10, 15, 1901 Died 6, 1, 1988
At Rest

Caroline Grier
May 12, 1881 Dec. 14, 1981

Joe Grier
Apr. 15, 1908 Jan. 27, 1983

Row 5

4 unmarked graves

Isiah Kendrick
Apr. 26, 1920 Apr 20 1977
At Rest

Unmarked grave

In Loving Memory
John H. Jones
Apr. 18, 1936 July 1, 2002

Willie M. Williams
“ Martha Lee”
Oct. 12 1921 Oct. 2, 2004
At Rest

Rosie W. Robinson
May 11,1938 Jan. 25, 1998

In Loving Memory Of
Michael L. Robinson
Oct. 1, 1959 July 29, 2003
Beloved Husband, Father, Son and Brother. We miss you and we love you.

Row 6

Otis Williams
Sept. 26 1921 Sept. 6 1984

Annett Johnson

Jerry C. Williams

Ida Mae Strong
Feb. 4 1896 Apr. 2 1991

Julie Taylor
Nov. 30 1908 Jul. 7, 1992

John Grier
May 4 1904 Dec. 12, 1965

Mattie J. Epps
June 21, 1921 July 25, 1999
Beloved Wife

3 unmarked graves

Joe Hudson
Born 10, 1, 1891 Died 4, 11, 1981

Row 7

Ellen Robinson
Born 7, 1, 1900 Died 4, 15, 80

Frank? Simmons?
Born 3? 1 1903? Died 12? 9, 83?
Note: This stone was very hard to read!

Shilvers Jackson Jr.
Aug. 22, 1912 Aug. 11, 1982

Dollie Jackson
Dec. 24, 1912 July 18, 2003

Unmarked grave

Row 8

Loving Father
Amos Jackson
Feb 18, 1910 June 11, 1980
Gone but not forgotten
Rest in Peace

2 unmarked graves

Row 9

2 unmarked graves

Row 10

Emma Johnson
Born 1 20 1881 Died 4 24 1971
At Rest

Dave Johnson
Born 8 11 1910 Died 2 28 1972
At Rest

2 unmarked graves

Lugene Mathews
June 2, 1941 July 10 1981

Unmarked grave

Row 11

Lashawn Lewis
Dec. 1, 1968 Dec. 8, 1973
Note: This stone has a circle shaped photo covered in plastic of a very young African American girl. On her slab is a concrete vase which reads…
William Jr
There were very new flowers in this vase it had obviously been visited just recently.

Unmarked grave

Joann Williams

(Baby Sister)
Nettie G. Seldon
Aug 18, 1925 Nov. 5 1984

Peter Epps, Jr.

James Lewis Jr.
Nov. 15, 1947 Dec. 29, 1986

Esther Epps
Born 7 15 1890 Pass 12 27 1987
Note: Drew in a concrete block

Row 12

Deacon Hosea Jackson Sr.
Sept. 7 1907 June 9 1974

Sister Jensie L. Jackson
Oct. 11, 1910 May 5, 1988
In Loving Memory

Mary Swinton
Apr. 20 1959 Sept. 18, 1998
We Love You
Note: has a small heart shaped picture of what I assume is miss Mary, she is African American. Has a vase on stone that reads DEONT’E CHRISTIAN

2 unmarked graves

Row 13

Willie C. Jackson
Oct. 1, 1928 June 26, 1982

Mary Williams
Aug. 14, 1906 May 21 1987

Rena M. Thomas
Aug. 29, 1927 Sept. 28, 1995

Row 14

Unmarked very new grave

In Loving Memory
Lee Calhoun Sr.
June 15, 1919 July 24, 1995

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