William G Pritchard MG Will

Alabama Tallapoosa County Dec. 1870


In the name of God, Amen. I William Prtichard, of the County of Tallapoosa, State of Alabama, being of Soung Mind and disposing memory, but in feeble health, feeling the uncertainty of human life and believing that all must die, wishing to make some disposition of the property with which a Kind Providence has blessed me, and direct the management therof after my death, do make, ordain, publish, and declare the following to me my last will and Testament, hereby revoking all others made by me.

I give my Soul to God, who gave it, having full faith and confidence in the ifficacy of atonement made by his blessed Son who gave himself a ransom for all, hoping and believing that He will receive my Spirit to dwell with him forever in a heaven of eternal bliss. I also desire that my body be buried in accordance with the Christian religion , believing it shall be raised at the last day.

It is my will that my dearly beloved wife Julia Francis Pritchard with whom I have toiled through life, have all my property of any and every kind, or description, whether the same be Real, Personal or Mixed property or .....(blurred) in action, To have and to Hold during her natural life or widowhood, with the right and power to control and manage the same and with it and the proceeds thereof to raise and educate our children and as they or any of them shall attain the age of twenty one years, she shall give off to him such amount or quantity as she may feel able, or be disposed to give, as not to exceed his pro rata or proportionate share in the final distribution of my estate, my object being to make my children equal and to share alike as near as possible.

It is my will that my Executrix herein named shall have power to buy any property she may wish for the Estate and at any time sell any of my personal property she may think best.

It is my will that at the death of my said wife, all my; property be equally divided among and between my children Share and Share alike, having regard to what I have already given my daughter Sarah (Sallie) J. Moore, wife of James Moore.

It is my will further that if my said wife shall marry again, that all my said property shall be divided among and between my said wife Julia Francis -my children William G. Pritchard Jr., Sallie J. Moore, and Obadiah Pritchard and each and every one share alike having regard to the amount heretofore given off to my said daughter Sallie Moore and I hereby state that I have already given her One Hundred and Sixty acres of land and other things which in the aggregate are woth Twelve Hundred Dollars and I wish it considered in the distribution of my estate.

Finally, having full faith and confidence in the inpariality, judgement, and providence of my said wife, Julia Francis Pritchard and believeing that she will do full and exact Justice by my said children, herby nominate and appoint her , the said Julia Francis Pritchard, Sole Executrix of my last Will and Testament and desire that she may not be required to give Bond, as such, any law, usage or custom to the contrary, notwithstanding.

Signed Sealed and Published and Declared this 14th day of October, AD 1870.


B.T. Lanbrough
John W. Smith
J. M. Oliver

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