New Harmony Cemetery is located on AL Hwy 9 South (just off I-20), in Heflin, Cleburne County, Alabama in Section 21, Township 10, and Range 10.  New Harmony Cemetery has been in active use for at least 156 years, with the oldest marker being dated 1850.  It is possible New Harmony Cemetery is older however there are no records to substantiate this.


There are approximately 500 unmarked graves in this cemetery as observed by this transcriber.  In an effort to identify as many unmarked as possible, also included here are death’s recorded in the Birth and Death Registry located in the Office of the Probate Judge and from Funeral Arrangements located at the Library in Anniston, which may contain errors.  It is up to the individual researcher to verify the added information found here.


Information contained within the actual cemetery survey in (red) was provided by Mr. Hal Glasgow.  Other information in  [  ]  has been added by myself or contributed by others.


All abstracted Cleburne New Era and Cleburne News obituaries are copyrighted by and used here with the permission of Candace Teal Gravelle.


This file contributed and copyrighted by:

Linda Bonner Hutchens

with some information provided by Linda Ayres




Some areas of the Cemetery are not in distinct rows making it impossible to keep all family member’s together.  Beginning at south end of building, facing the back of the Church



Maner - Father - Sanford A               Aug 19, 1877      Sep 5, 1961

Maner - Mother- Ada C.   [Lumpkin]       May 8, 1883       Oct 15, 1944

Maner, Sarah Rebecca                     May 27, 1952      Oct 21, 1952

Maner, Mary Jeanette                     Jul 11, 1930      (only date)

Maner, Billy                             Apr 1929          (only date)


Bryant, Ida Boner                        Mar 15, 1878      Nov 16, 1933


Hollon - Father - John W.                Jul 28, 1903      Feb 26, 1979

Hollon - Mother - Maude P. [nee: Prater] Dec 10, 1903      Jan 29, 1947

Hollon, Jimmy Infant Son                              (no dates)

Hollon, Gerald Infant Son                             (no dates)

Hollon, Johnny  Infant Son                            (no dates)


Glasgow, Shirley Joyce Dau of Ralph & Vera Glasgow 1934-1936             


Faulkner, John Davis                     Sep 3, 1906       Jun 8, 1971

Faulkner, Estelle L.                     Mar 6 1904        Oct 22, 1989


Lumpkin, Mother - Neal                  Jun 15, 1877      Sep 26, 1950

Lumpkin, Father - Conrad                Apr 20, 1881      Jul 16, 1938


Davis, Ramon Bell                        Oct 18, 1888      Aug 30, 1956

  [Son of William & Elvira Davis]

Davis, Pearl C. Wife of Raymond B. Davis Dec 14, 1889      Feb 14, 1925


Harlan, Lois                             Jul 20, 1907      Mar 30, 1925

   [dau. of Joe Harlan and Lorena Glasgow]

Harlan, J. B.  [Joseph Burton]           Aug 27, 1881      Jul 12, 1925

  [Son of Samuel Harlan and Mora Blake]

Harlan, Lydia Lorena  [Glasgow]          May 27, 1889      Oct 10, 1983


No Marker   (has flowers)



Brown, Emery E                           Nov 9, 1905       Jul 20, 1971

Brown, Eunice H.                         Jul 27, 1909      Mar 10, 2004


Bonner, James Patrick                    Sep 11, 1852      Apr 12, 1940

 [s/o John Patrick Bonar and Sarah Ann Keller]

Bonner, Amanda Townsend                  Aug 11, 1862      Jul 11, 1939

  [d/o Ann Townsend Parker & ? Townsend/Townson]


Thompson, Billy                          1929              1932

  [s/o Robert Lee Thompson & Essie Mae Bonner]


Bussey, James W. [Washington]                   1838              1920

   [Co. G 17th Ala. Reg. Walthall’s Battn., no CSA marker]

Bussey, Nancy A.  [Ann]                         1867              1951

  [Nancy Ann Bonar/Bonner, dau. of John Patrick Bonar & Sarah Ann  Keller]



10 Unmarked Graves

(These 10 unmarked graves are possibly include the gravesite’s of Daniel Keller and Elizabeth ? Keller and at least one female child of James Patrick Boner & Amanda Townsend Bonner, an older Bonner family member says he remembers coming to New Harmony with his grandmother Evie Lee Bonner Howell when he was a child, when she cleaned and decorated these graves)


Riddle, John William                     Sep 16, 1878      (only date)

Riddle, Father - William A.              Jun 1, 1857       Jan 31, 1905

 [Son of William Alexander Riddle and Frances-  William Riddle married to T. Wasson Dec 20, 1876 in Cleburne Co AL]

Riddle, Addie Bell                       1905              1910

Riddle, Alma                             1911              (only date)

 [Believe this to be Annie Lou Riddle 24 Mar 1911 – 5 Jan 1980]


1 Unmarked Grave


Riddle, Gladys Dau. of R. N. & V. R. Riddle  Jun 1, 1918   Sep 21, 1918


Molan, Georgia                           Sep-1910          (only date)

Molan, Ruth                              Apr 23, 1917   Aug 2, 1917

Molan, Betty                             Mar 16, 1940-OD

  [Children of Alexander Washington Molan/Moreland and Nora Hardy]


1 Unmarked Grave


Cook, Lavora Zaner                       Mar 1, 1895        May 1, 1979

Wife of James Benjamin Cook and Robert Evan Teague

Cook, James Benjamin                    Sep 30, 1894       Mar 11, 1928

 [Son of Seymour Cook and Ida Thompson]


Elliot, Kathleen McCord                  Oct 15, 1932       Oct 5, 1970

1 Unmarked Grave (possibly McCord Infant)


McCord, James Russell                     2-1941             3-1941

McCord, Sydney M.                     May 20, 1941       (only date)


1 Grave Marked by Angel Statue "broken" no names or dates

 (Infant of William David Bonner & Carrie Bell McKenzie)


1 Unmarked Grave  


Bryant, R. E. [Richard Ellsberry]         1866               1919

 [Husband of Ida L. Bonar/Bonner]


Unmarked [R. D. Nichols]        [b. abt 1910    d. Aug 24, 1926]

[Son of Levie Boner & Samuel Gippie Nichols]


Unmarked  [Nichols, Lewis]

 [son of Levie Boner & Samule Gippie Nichols]


Nichols, Levie Boner               Mar 1894           Dec 1919

 [dau. of William B. Bonar & Julia Ann Townsend, 1st w/o Samuel Gippie Nichols]


4 Unmarked Graves


Bussey, Athelena                        Dec 21, 1891       Mar 9, 1902

Dau of J. C. & E. E. Bussey  [info from family - Athlena is d/o Ellen Elizabeth Bonar and 1st husband Willie Whitten]


Boner, Sarah Ann [nee: Keller]         1828               1902

 [Wife of John Patrick Bonar, Dau. of Daniel Keller & Elizabeth ?]


Bryant, Wife of W. T.                  May 19, 1831       May 22, 1901


  [Susannah Keller Harper Bryant, 1st w/o of William Thomas Bryant, widow of James Harper who died in War, sister of Sarah Ann Keller Boner]


Bryant, W. T. [William Thomas]         May 13, 1846       Apr 13, 1929




(Bryant, Dau. of W. T. Bryant & Katy Katherine Bussey, twin)   


3 Unmarked

[These three unmarked graves are no doubt in my mind, Hiram Nelson Watson and his wife, parents of M. F. Hill and Green Lafayette Hill husband of M. F. [Watson] Hill.  Obit’s for Hiram N. Watson & Lafayette Hill say they were buried at New Harmony.  The 3rd unmarked grave is no doubt Mary Watson Hill’s mother.]


Hill, M. F. wife of G. F. Hill          Jun 24, 1874       Jan 3, 1899

 [Mary Watson Hill, daughter of Harmon N. Watson CSA and Martha-]


6 Unmarked

 (1 small Unmarked Infant with flowers included with this group)


Ingram, Ruby                           Sep 27, 1923       Oct 18, 1923


1 Unmarked with flowers


Jones, Father, William V.               Oct 30, 1860       Mar 14, 1940

Jones, Mother, Leila L. [Lumpkin]       Jul 9, 1868        Apr 8, 1952


Swafford, Father- Henry H.             Oct 20, 1878       Nov 10, 1967

[Son of Thomas Swafford and Martha Jackson]

Swafford, Mother- Cornelia [nee: Patty] May 4, 1875        Dec 27, 1949

Swafford, Father - B. C.               Apr 9, 1912        Jun 28, 2003

Swafford, Mother - Mary L.             Feb 24, 1913       Jan 17, 1994


Boner, Julia Townsend                    Sep 1865           Oct 1932

 [d/o Ann Townsend Parker & ? Townsend, wife of William B. Boner]


2 Unmarked


Lumpkin, Lela wife of W. J. Lumpkin   Oct 23, 1891       June 26, 1913


3 Unmarked


Chatman, Amanda M.                     Jul 6, 1889        Sep 27 1907

[Daughter of W.Z.T. Chapman and Emma Davis buried Christiana Randolph County]


Bonar, William       1859  [16 July 1859]       1906

(Since stone was placed have found actual death date from obituary of

May 2, 1905, family says Billy Boner is buried at his mothers feet, this location, unmarked 15 years ago is at his mothers feet)


Large fieldstone upside down

(On under side reads M. M. Bussey, daughter of L.& M. Bussey, born 1878 died 1910, about 15 years ago my brother and I raised this stone while looking for a marker for the grave of William B. Bonar, we replaced it as it was.)


1 Unmarked


Bryant, Willie Kate [nee: Bussey]           Apr 8, 1872   Sep 12, 1951

[Differing opinions as to the actual given name of Willie Kate Bryant, some say it is Katie Katherine, Dau. of James Washington Bussey & ?]


(This area not in distinct rows)


2 Unmarked


Infant of W. R. & Julia Harris  (no dates)


1 Unmarked


Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Nichols   B/d Mar 28, 1914


Harlan, Wyatt                          Jul 5, 1914        Mar 25, 1917

Harlan, Annis                          Dec 23, 1912       June 18, 1914 


2 Unmarked


Young, Joseph Thach                    Feb 29, 1912       Jun 15, 1915

Son of R. B. & N. S. Young     


Pike, Thurston                         Sep 12, 1911       Jan 16, 1973

[s/o Columbus Pike & Kirbie/Kirksie Lee]

Pike, Edna                             Feb 15, 1914       May 15, 1988

Pike, Christopher Brance               Jun 9, 1973        Jun 9, 1973


Evans, Delia   [Vaughan]                Apr 7, 1879        Nov 25, 1982

Evans, Parson L.                        Jun 25, 1882       Mar 1, 1930

[Son of Matthew Jones Evans born Aug 22, 1845, died Feb 11, 1926, [Company A, BARBIERS Battalion CSA] husband of Indiana Bedwell born Mar 22, 1843, died Feb 21, 1926 Heflin Cleburne County] 


Owen, Magalene and Bobby  (no dates)

  [Children of James Odus Owen & Nettie Jane Cheatwood]


Taylor, Willa D.                       Apr 25, 1941      Mar 22, 1975

   [Dau. of William Elbert “Pete” Howell & Nettie Jane Cheatwood]


Infant Dau of Melvin & Lucy Fanny Lumpkin     1935   (only date)


Taylor, Henry                           Nov 7, 1897        Mar 15, 1964

Taylor, Pearl                           Apr 30, 1919       May 7, 1977


Evans, Sarah M.  [Miss]                    1840              1916

  [Daughter of Turner L. Evans and Elizabeth Martin]


Infant Dau. of W. P. & Dessie Evans     Oct 30, 1913      Oct 30, 1913


2 Unmarked


Lumpkin, Ira Buttram                     Jan 18, 1857      Apr 5, 1933

  [In 1900 Ira Lumpkin stated she was the mother of 15 children and she had 15 children living]

Lumpkin, H. P. [Homer]                   Oct 20, 1855      May 20, 1902


3 Unmarked


Glasgow, O.W. [Orlander Wallace]  Mar 7, 1872    Feb 9, 1958

Glasgow, James T.                 Dec 26, 1847   Aug 17, 1935

  [D. A. Self’s Co. Faulkner’s Battn. Randolph Co. Reserves CSA]

Glasgow, Eliza A  [Wallace]       Mar 3, 1845    May 2, 1913

Glasgow, India Anna               Jun 17, 1878   Feb 9, 1964


(This area not in well-defined rows)


2 Unmarked


Bryant, Claude Son of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bryant       (no dates)

 [Son of Lee Bryant & Cora Beason]

Bryant, Jessie W. Son of D. E. & Bettie Jun 13, 1890   Aug 15, 1891

  [Son of Daniel Edward Bryant & Elizabeth Kelly]


1 Unmarked (enclosed with brick and has flowers)


Bryant, Lee                              Dec 16, 1891      May 9, 1941

  [Son of W. T. Bryant & Willie Kate Bussey]

Bryant, Cora B. [nee: Beason]            Nov 2, 1891       May 5, 1965


4 Unmarked 

(Individual graves with identical brick enclosures with flowers)


Holmes, Roger Lewis                      Aug 6, 1932      July 4, 19??

Inf. son of Houston & Jessie [Jessie Jane Evans] Holmes  [d. Jul 1931]

(Stone weathered and encrusted with lichen)


Bryant, Chester                          Jan 11, 1913     May 28, 1934


Goodman, Lucille                          May 17, 1917     Oct 23, 1941

1 Unmarked [possibly 2]


Jordan, J. E. [John]                     Jan 23, 1860     Apr 16, 1933

Jordan, Mary L.                          Feb 18, 1862     Jan 24, 1941


2 Unmarked


Bonner, Missouri Pruitt                  Oct 17, 1904      Oct 15, 1939

 [Dau. of Lois Napoleon “Pole” Pruitt & Ariana Moreland/Molan, 2nd wife of John Jackson Bonner]


1 Unmarked

Teague, Nancy L. Barker                  Mar 23, 1842      Apr 18, 1916

Walton, Antora J.  wife of J. W. Walton  Feb 11, 1866      Apr 7, 1911

 [Antora Judson Teague d/o R. J. Teague and Nancy L. Barker]

Teague, R. J. [Robert Joel]              Sep 18, 1831      Oct 3, 1907

Teague, Robert Evan                      Jun 24, 1879      Dec 12, 1951

[Husband of Levora Zaner b. Mar 16, 1895, died May 1, 1979]


2 Unmarked


Next 2 graves marked with one marker, with the following:     no dates

C. U. Wallace - His wife Lydia Parents of Eliza Glasgow

[Charles Union Wallace born Sep 14, 1814, died Apr 27, 1886 husband of Lydia Reynolds born Oct 22, 1827, died July 16, 1883, source of death date: H. Glasgow]


Hightower, Marietta Leona [nee: Glasgow]  Dec 12, 1873      Oct 8, 1911

Wife of W. R. [Reuben] Hightower [buried Golden Springs Baptist Church Cemetery with 2nd wife Onie Gidley. source:  H. Glasgow]


6 Unmarked

Casey, Mike                                1845              1929

 [Husband of Martha Jane Curtis]


1 Unmarked


Harris, Emma                           Feb 26, 1870   Nov 6, 1948

Harris, Jessie M                       Jul 5, 1863   May 23, 1939

  [Son of Abner Harris and Mary-]


Goodman, W. T.                         Oct 9, 1892       Jan 2, 1946

Goodman, Ada                           Mar 7, 1890       Dec 22, 1987


1 Unmarked (possibly 2)


Campbell, Mary Jo                      July 24, 1958     Sep 8, 1959

[This only marked grave in large well cared for enclosure]


Pruitt, Eugene                          1915              1972

Pruitt, Handley D.                      Aug 18, 1917      June 14, 1976

 [Eugene & Handley D. Pruitt, sons of Jonathon E. “Dunce” Pruitt & Hattie Brown]

Pruitt, Mozell L.                       Oct 29, 1923      [2007]

[Wife of Handley D. Pruitt]


1 Unmarked 


Teague, Lucretia                        Feb 20, 1878      July 1, 1917


5 Unmarked  (possibly as many as 10)


Harris, W. C.                           Feb 17, 1876      Jan 24, 1892

In the 16 Year of his age


Turner, Margaret Janny Harris          May 26, 1858   Sep 9, 1884

Wife of H. C. Turner

Turner, Nuton                          Apr 14, 1886   Jun 20, 1886

Son of H. C. & Lina Turner

Turner, Ester                          May 24, 1889    Jul 5, 1889

Infant of H. C. & Lina Turner


3 Unmarked


3 Weathered Unreadable


Jones, Charles E                        Jul 21, 1928      Jun 2, 1944

Jones, Estelle Norton                   Jan 4, 1904       Sep 5, 1995

Jones, William Ewell                    Apr 18, 1894      Nov 30 1991



Campbell, Larry DeWayne                 Jan 18, 1951      Feb 29, 1951

Campbell, Jimmy Oscar                   Jul 15, 1940      Apr 8, 1943

Campbell, Ray and May                   May 19, 1939      May 19, 1939

Campbell, C. Jane [Sprayberry]          Nov 7, 1853       Aug 14, 1940

Campbell, Lawrence H                    May 24, 1857      Jan 19, 1941

Campbell, James D                       Mar 10, 1952       Aug 20, 1952

      Son of George & Evelyn

Campbell - Father - Robert Lee          Jan 19, 1912       Aug 19, 1991


Campbell - Mother - Allie Mae           Aug 18, 1915       Dec 15, 1993



Tompkins III, Gerald N.                    1972              2005


Pruitt, Hattie B. [nee: Brown]             1882              1976

Pruitt, Ellis Moore                        1906              1933

[Son of Hattie Pruitt from previous marriage]

Pruitt, Jonathon E. [Eugene]                1885              1917

 [Son of William Decatur Pruitt & Mary Ann Couch]


1 Unmarked

[Possibly Pruitt, there are 2 known unmarked Pruitt graves at New Harmony, Ariana Moreland/Molan Pruitt, Louis Napoleon Pruitt]


The following names are on same Marker

Pruitt, Samuel H.                        Mar 4, 1904       Apr 12, 1904

Inf. Dau. of L. C. Pruitt   B/d Oct 1, 1905       (no date)

[Children of Levi Collins Pruitt & Exa Harris, both of whom are buried at Heflin City Cemetery]


2 Unmarked Infants


2 Unmarked infants

(Inside brick enclosure with Angels and Flowers)


Howle, Mary F.                         Aug 26, 1891      June 24, 1904

Dau. Of W. T. and Fannie Howle


Howle, Emmie                            Nov 2, 1893       Apr 14, 1899

(Very difficult to read, first name of Emmie, not sure, the last name definitely Howle and dates are correct, marked at foot with EEH)


1 Unmarked


Tolleson, Infant                        Aug 189?

Son of Jesse & Mary Tolleson

(Very difficult to read)


13 Unmarked  (possibly more)


Jones, Ralph Charles                     Feb 9, 1931      Jul 16, 1939

Jones, Homer V.                          Mar 7, 1892      Jun 3, 1981

Jones, Bessie                           Jul 1, 1894      Apr 15, 1972

  [d/o John Ross & Lee Teague]


Faulkner, Arthur Y.                              1908             1970

Faulkner, Ida M.                                 1912             1988


Johnson, Steve J.                         Sep 6, 1888      Nov 2, 1958

Johnson, Ellen L.                         Feb 2, 1895      Mar 4, 1958


Blanton, Connie Lorraine                  May 9, 1968      Feb 2, 1969

Blanton, Grady Leroy                      Sep 29, 1912     (no date)

PVT U. S. ARMY, World War II

Blanton, Laura Jane                       Apr 29, 1915    July 26, 1989


1 Unmarked - [Julia Angeline Couch b. Sep 7, 1876 d. Sep 22, 1933 wife of William Oliver Johnson source: H. Glasgow]

Johnson, William O. [Oliver]             Aug 27, 1883    Aug 2, 1955

Johnson, Nettie J. [Jane] Owen           May 26, 1849     Feb 21, 1920

Wife of N. J. Johnson [Daughter of Oliver Owen and Mary Elizabeth Hughes]

Johnson, Nat [Nathaniel Jefferson]       Aug 26, 1843     Aug 29, 1915

Age 72 yrs. 3?? [Company H, 1st Georgia Cavalry CSA]


Cobb, Mary A [Mary Ann Johnson]       Aug 5, 1871      Feb 7, 1913

Wife of John Cobb [dau. of Nat Johnson and Nettie Jane Owen]

[NOTE by transcriber: differing opinions as to what family John Cobb belonged to.  If anyone has documentation to prove what family this John Cobb belongs with, please notify Linda Hutchens]


14 Unmarked  [possibly more]

[In this area of 14 unmarked next to Mary A. Cobb is:


Cobb, Lela                             January 3, 1897  Jun 8, 1917

dau of Mary A. Johnson and John Cobb

Cobb, John                             May 16, 1876     Jan 24, 1941

Husband of Mary A. Johnson, [opinions differ, see note above,  however, I believe this John Cobb to be the son of Martha Townsend & James? Cobb]


Also the following:


Johnson, Roxanna                         Apr 10, 1870     Aug 3, 1872,

dau. of Nat Johnson and Nettie Jane Owen

Johnson, Texana                          Dec 7, 1873      Jan 4, 1875

dau. of Nat Johnson and Nettie Jane Owen

Johnson, Patterson                       Jul 12, 1885     Dec 28, 1885

source: H. Glasgow]


Chase, Pearl E  [Evans]                 Oct 17, 1884   Jul 24, 1920

 [Daughter of Micajah Evans & Lucy Underwood]

Chase, John D.                          Jun 9, 1911       Apr 9, 1915

Chase, Mary Ann                         Aug 9, 1844       Aug 14, 1894

Chase, Inf Dau. of L. G. & B. D. Chase  Nov 27, 1908      Nov 28, 1908

Chase, Minnie Lee                       Jul 5, 1915       May 21, 1939

Chase, Winnie Davis                     Jan 15, 1919      Jul 13, 1940


1 Unmarked

Funeral home marker 

Edward, Carl Roger                          1945              1945

Funeral Home Marker- Brantly, (the only 2 graves visible in large brick enclosure)


Anthony, William T.  [Thomas]               1915              1986


Anthony, Vernie G.                       May 2, 1919       Jul 24, 1993


Crews, Lizzie  [Johnson]                Sep 28, 1891      Aug 19, 1925

Wife of W. A.[Amos]Crews  [Lizzie Johnson married W. Amos Crews Nov 27, 1914, Amos Crews is buried in Chattanooga, TN source: H. Glasgow]


2 Unmarked


Mitchell, Mary Ann                       May 16, 1930      Nov 21, 1939


10 Unmarked  (Possibly More)


Ross, N. J. Jr. [Newton]               Apr 5, 1877       Jul 14, 1905

Ross, John                             Jun 24, 1830      Apr 12, 1898

[Lt. 31st Alabama Infantry Company D]

Ross, Nancy E. [Goodwin]               May 17, 1845      Jul 5, 1879

In Memory of Infant Daughter of John and Mary Ross   No Dates

Ross, Ada L.                           Jan 11 1871       Aug 2, 1887


Infants of A. L. & M. E. Tolleson                   No Dates


4 Unmarked  (possibly more)


Pruett, D.[Decatur]                     Oct 10, 1828     Feb 14, 1850

[Oldest Tombstone date in the cemetery, Son of Ransom Pruitt, Jr. & Margaret McCurry]


4 Unmarked

[These 4 unmarked are possibly Jonathon G. Pruitt, brother of Decatur Pruitt above, and his wife Catherine Bruner Pruitt, as well as their son William Decatur Pruitt and his wife Mary Ann Couch. Jonathon Green Pruitt died at his home on 18 Sep 1862 as a result of wounds received during the Battle of Shiloh on April 2, 1862, CSA service Sgt., Co. E 22nd Ala Infantry.  A Mrs. Pruitt believed to be widow of Jonathon G. Pruitt died in Cleburne Co AL 22 Oct 1918]


Hayes, Mother, Stacie                   1894             1949

 [Stacie Louise Johnson June 10, 1894-Dec 2, 1949 married

Ciceroe Henry Hayes Nov 23, 1918]

Hayes, Son, John C.                    1914             1925

  [John Calvin Hayes Dec 21, 1914-May 17, 1925]


1 Unmarked (has flower)



Kitchens, Annie G.[Annie Gertrude Stephens Jan 10, 1905     Jan 4, 1938

 [Dau. of Jordan “Jerry” Frank Stephens & Susie Allen, wife of McCrary Kitchens]


Phillips, Maude Stephens                 Aug 1896         Feb 5, 1917

  [Dau. of Jordan “Jerry” Frank Stephens & Susie Allen]


Stephens, Susie Elzora   [Allen]         Jul 1, 1880      Jun 30, 1938

Stephens, Jerry Frank                    Jan 6, 1868      Jan 19, 1947


3 Unmarked


1 Unmarked Infant


2 Unmarked


Ross, John Lewis                         Aug 10, 1899      Nov 15, 1960

 [Son of John Ross and Lenora Teague]

Ross, Lillie Elizabeth (nee: Howle)      Nov 13, 1904      Aug 28, 1989

Ross, Ralph Newt                         Apr 10, 1902      Jul 17, 1927


Chase, Ben D                             Sep 7, 1877       Dec 11, 1922

Chase, L. G.[Lenora Teague-Ross]         Aug 22, 1876      Dec 8, 1908

Wife of B. D. Chase


Ross, Jno F.                             Mar 28, 1875      Dec 30, 1906

 [First husband of Lenora Teague, son of John Ross and Nancy Goodwin]


Tolleson, Ada                            Mar 13, 1890      Mar 28, 1951

Tolleson, A. L. [Augustus]               Apr 25, 1864      Apr 16, 1934

Tolleson, Essie Ross                     Apr 7, 1870       Jun 27, 1933


*6 Unmarked

[In the Holmes family plot is buried unmarked:

Johnson, John Wesley                     Sep 16, 1883     Dec 13, 1947

Husband of Della Mae Holmes, son of Nat Johnson and Nettie Jane Owen

Johnson &

Della Mae  nee: Holmes           Jun 19, 1884     Nov 13, 1961

Wife of John Wesley Johnson, dau of Reuben W. Holmes and Stacie L. Sprayberry. Source: H. Glasgow]


*Holmes, Gueston R.                     Nov 11, 1899      Sep 10, 1907

[Son of R. W. & S. L. Holmes] 

*Holmes, Stacy L.[nee: Sprayberry]      July 22, 1846     Apr 23, 1932

Wife of R. W. Holmes 


*1 Unmarked


*Holmes, Sgt. R. W. [Rueben] CSA        Nov 15, 1844      Feb 13, 1944

Co G 2 GA MILITIA [on tombstone] [Sgt. Reuben Holmes was the LAST CSA VETERAN LIVING IN CLEBURNE COUNTY, ALABAMA. According to Reuben Holmes Cival War Service Records he served in Co. H 24th Ga. Reg at Toccoa, Georgia]



*3 Unmarked  (possibly more)


Blanton, Russell O. Sr.              Sep 15, 1910      Mar 21, 1993

Blanton, W. Marie                    Apr 22, 1928      Dec 10, 2002


5 Unmarked


Lumpkin, Rabian C                   Dec 27, 1925      Aug 19, 2002

Lumpkin, Lois Waits                 Aug 30, 1928      (No Date)

Lumpkin, Eddie Lee                  Sep 29, 1953      Mar 9, 2002


Hayes, Henry                             1866              1957

Hayes, Elizabeth  [Benefield]            1867              1929


Estes, John W.                    Dec 25, 1884      May 7, 1978

Estes, Martha C.                  Jun 13, 1890      Oct 12, 1953

Estes, Herbert S.                  Nov 15, 1909      Feb 11, 1910

Estes, Hattie Mae                  Jul 18, 1905      Oct 11, 1908


5 Unmarked 


17 Unmarked


Zaner, Ervin                       Sep 9, 1902       Feb 26, 1928


7 Unmarked


Edwards, Inf. Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Edwards     Dec 26, 1938


Cochran, Melvin                   May 30, 1913      Feb 12, 1959

Cochran, Lee [General Lee]        Jan 22, 1886      Jul 14, 1965

Cochran, Lonnie (nee: Thrower)    Jul 25, 1884      Jul 28, 1919




Lumpkin, George M                  Dec 14, 1892   Jun 30, 1954

Lumpkin, Lucy F                    May 1, 1903    Mar 10, 1978

  [d/o Bill Jones & Lela Sims]

Lumpkin, Leonard H.                Aug 9, 1888       Aug 25, 1968

Lumpkin, Fronie Fae                Oct 11, 1889      Nov 25, 1979


Hayes, Sisroe                      1893              1976

 [Ciceroe Henry Hayes Sep 15, 1893-Jul 4, 1976, husband of Stacie Louise Johnson]


Smith, Father - Charles E.         Apr 24, 1878      Sep 1, 1967

Smith, Mother - Mattie P.[nee:Cheatwood] Jan 13, 1880      Nov 28, 1955

Smith, Louis                       Dec 4, 1905       Feb 9, 1951

Smith, James Wesley                Apr 10, 1907      Jun 8, 1908


19 Unmarked


Bryant, Annie Ruth                 Oct 18, 1940      Dec 12, 1940


1 unmarked


1 Unmarked


Starr, Mary                        Oct 30, 1875   Jul 29, 1940

Starr, Roy                         Jun 27, 1872   Mar 31, 1942


Alston, Henry Clark                 Sep 5, 1848       Jul 17, 1934

[obituary dated July 11, 1935]


Ashley, Mary E.                     Jan 12, 1867      May 23, 1937


2 Unmarked


Jacks, John                                         no dates

[S/o Thomas A. Jacks & Susanna Copeland, h/o Nora Estes]


I. H. Estes [Isaiah H. Estes]     1844              1912


Jacks, Myrtle E.                  Jun 19, 1903      Aug 19, 1903

Dau of J. W. & W. R. Jacks


Estes, Henchie E.                 Oct 12, 1874      May 26, 1876

Son of I. H. & S. E. Estes

Estes, Sarah E.   [Allen]         Aug 19, 1850      Apr 20, 1908

Wife of I. H. Estes

  [d/o Henchie E. Allen and Catherine Little]


1 Unmarked


Campbell, Cornelius-[Cornelia] Webb      1857              1877

Wife of J. B. Campbell


Turner, John William                                no dates

Son of H. C. & Margaret Turner


11 Unmarked


Sprayberry - Wiley S.                      1897              1958

Sprayberry - Sithy                         1897              1946


3 Unmarked


Lumpkin, Jessie N.                   Mar 11, 1900      Mar 8, 1956

Lumpkin, Ida N. [Ida Naomi Zaner]   Nov 12, 1899      Nov 6, 1976

[d/o Foster Zaner & Matilda Thrower]


Zaner, Foster M.                     Feb 17, 1870      Sep 21, 1953

Zaner, Matilda M. [Thrower]          Apr 26, 1868      Mar 16, 1962


4 Unmarked


Cochran, Garvis C.                   Nov 19, 1919      Mar 27, 1994

Cochran, Sybil L.  [Lumpkin]         Sep 21, 1925      (only date)


2 Unmarked


Jacks, Nora [Nora Mae Estes]                        (no dates)

[Dau. of Isiah Estes and Sarah Allen, w/o John Jacks]


15 Unmarked


Sprayberry, George W.                  Apr 2, 1864      Sep 14, 1928

Sprayberry, Lou Rannie [Sprayberry]    Dec 26, 1859   Nov 28, 1946


10 Unmarked


2 with pieces of white marble no names or dates


2 Unmarked


Agee, Dora Eunice                   Sep 14, 1918     Aug 18, 1997


Hammond, Alfred B                   Jul 22, 1919-OD

Hammond, Flora B                    Apr 4, 1927    Aug 1, 1985

Hammond, James A                    Jan 18, 1970-OD


Norton, James Arthur           Jan 27, 1894   Jan 6, 1970

Norton, Lois M. [Jones]        Jul 3, 1899    Dec 9, 1945

Norton, James R                Aug 3, 1925   Jan 21, 1926


14 Unmarked


7 Unmarked


Bryant, David                      Jul 28, 1950     Sep 23, 1954


Possibly as many as 10 Unmarked


1 Unmarked possibly 2


Trantham - J. T. [James Thomas]                     no dates

Trantham - Georgia A [nee: Jordan]                  no dates


11 Unmarked


Hamitt and Wife, Daughter Susannah                  no dates

[This is possibly Elizabeth Warren-Hammett born 1820-died 1860, wife of Jesse M. Hammett born 1818-died 1889 Cleburne County and their Daughter Susannah born 1842-died after 1880]



4 Unmarked


Nichols, Samuel G.                     Oct 27, 1889    Jan 10, 1960

Nichols, Mary Lizzie                  Jul 18, 1901    Feb 21, 1972

[d/o Charlie Lee Smith & Jane Cheatwood]


Crane, 1 Unmarked

Crane, 1 Unmarked

Crane, Rebecca Sims                 Nov 3, 1837     Dec 3, 1888

        First Wife of E. J. Crane

Crane, 1 Unmarked

Crane, 1 Unmarked

Crane, Infant Dau. of                Aug 12, 1900    Aug 12, 1900

        of Mr. & Mrs. John L. Crane

Crane, Ezekial Jackson               Feb 1, 1839     Feb 6, 1926

[Walthall’s Battn. CSA, Married 1. Rebecca Sims, married 2. Martha-]

Crane, Green A                       Oct 21, 1861    Feb 14, 1949

Crane, Inus Louella                  May 13, 1916    Aug 28, 1951


Turley, Jeanette                      Jul 19, 1948    Oct 6, 1948

   Infant Dau. of Howard & Dorothy Turley

Turley, Imogene                       Dec 12, 1949    Feb 18, 1955


Crane, John L.                       Sep 1, 1871     Nov 15, 1957

Crane, Inus J. [nee: Perry]          July 3, 1879    Jul 8, 1961

 [Daughter of John Perry & Elizabeth Glasgow]


2 Unmarked


Nichols, James E.                     Mar 27, 1913    Jun 24, 1995

Nichols, Dora M.                      July 15, 1920   [23 Apr 2007]


1 Unmarked


Johnson, Susie A.  [Bradford]          Jun 26, 1846    Feb 21, 1928

[Wife of Andrew Milton Johnson born 1845, died 1881 Cleburne County]


Bell, Mollie   [Johnson]               Aug 16, 1880    [Aug 3, 1940]

Bell, William J.                      Jul 23, 1880    Jan 5, 1957


3 Unmarked


Bedwell, Leroy                         Jul 7, 1804     Jan 13, 1860

Aged 55 yrs. 6 mo., 11 days [Husband of Margaret Lackey born 1811, died 1870]


3 Unmarked


Rusk, Charlie                       March 28, 1928  O/D


[This only date is the date of death, Charlie Rusk is stated to have been 33 yrs of age at time of death, DOB is approx. 1895]    


6 Unmarked


Norton, Lillie Bell C                Jun 7, 1892     Jan 2, 1980

Norton, Albert Frank                 Apr 28, 1888    Apr 11, 1930

         ALABAMA PVT 138 ENGRS  (WWI)


1 Unmarked


Dempsey - Richard Albert              Jun 18, 1874    Aug 17, 1957

Dempsey - Inus Luemmer [Breedwell]    Mar 1, 1875     Nov 2, 1958


McGowan, Margie (nee: Howell)         Feb 10, 1929    May 1, 1996

 [Dau. of Winfield S. Howell & Evie Lee Bonner]


Howell - Winfield S. (Scott) Felix    Jul 21, 1880    Dec 12, 1942

 [s/o Royal Madison Howell & Nettie Bell]

Howell - Evie Lee Bonner              Nov 6, 1891     Jul 15, 1983

  [d/o James Patrick Bonner & Amanda Townsend]


4 Unmarked


Jacks, Will David                     Mar 24, 1890    Feb 21, 1947

[s/o John Jacks and Nora Estes]


3 Unmarked


Henry, Hugh Lindsey                   1918            1984

1 Unmarked with Hugh Lindsey Henry

[Hugh Lindsay Henry, s/o William Thomas Henry & Julia Bell Price]


3 Unmarked


Mahan, Elvira Jane         Apr 19, 1832    Nov 16, 1908  


23 Unmarked


1 Unmarked Infant


Hamm - Houston L.                      Mar 14, 1912    Nov 5, 1944


[s/o George Hamm & Lida ? ]


Hamm - Eva (nee: Howell) Bell          Oct 22, 1917     O/D

(2nd Husband Howard Bell, d/o Winfield Scott “Felix” Howell and Evie Lee Bonner)  


Swafford, Gladys               Feb 13, 1923   Nov 17, 2003

Swafford, Lloyd W              Dec 5, 1903   Oct 1, 1978

Swafford, Margie F             Feb 1, 1936   Jan 10, 1987



3 Unmarked


2 Unmarked


1 Unmarked [Infant]


1 unmarked with Brimer Family


Brimer, Mrs. Beatrice                Aug 4, 1896?    Mar 15, 1937


3 Unmarked


Robertson, D. J. [Daniel Jackson]          Mar 31, 1829    Jul 29, 1888

[Co. F 22nd Ala Infantry CSA, Husband of Susiana Sarah Glasgow, Sarah Susiana Glasgow Robertson is buried in Erath Co. Texas. source: H. Glasgow]


6 Unmarked


Note:  A large area here of is almost totally void of grass, stones, etc.  There are at least 26 Unmarked graves in this area and possibly more


Sprayberry, John E.                   Apr 29, 1891    May 11, 1949


Sprayberry, Ora Lee                   Dec 15, 1901   May 11, 1969


Jacks, Mary Jane             Mar 29, 1860    Nov 22, 1960

  [Mary Jane Boner, d/o John Patrick Bonar & Sarah Keller,

married 1. James S. Jacks, 2. Sherman Sikes, 3. John Henry Parnell]


Jacks, John E.                         Oct 3, 1893     Dec 23, 1967

[s/o Mary Jane Boner and James S. Jacks, there are two John Jacks buried here at New Harmony, this one is a nephew of the older one who married Nora Estes]


Riddle, Brother - Hoyt L. [Lewis] [28 Jul] 1918     [27 Sep] 1978

[Veteran WW II]

Riddle, Sister  - Annie Lue           Mar 24, 1910    Jan 5, 1980

Riddle, Thomas J.                     May 30, 1885    Mar 21, 1975

Riddle, Ora Lee                       Jul 15, 1890    Jul 31, 1956

1 Unmarked [Riddle?]

Riddle, Lawrence M.                    Jul 12, 1882    Oct 26, 1945


2 Unmarked


Perry, John B. [Bunyan]                    Sep 15, 1831    Aug 30, 1886

[Co. B. Talladega Camp of Instruction CSA. Husband of Elizabeth Glasgow she died in TX]


Note:  At least 8 Unmarked

[In the Perry family plot there are several Perry family members buried in unmarked graves, to include the following:

Sarah Jane Perry                       Apr 14, 1873    Jun 13, 1882

[dau. of John B. Perry and Elizabeth Glasgow Perry]

Howard Glasgow                         Sep 14, 1873    May 11, 1879

[son of William Henry Glasgow and Martha Jane Denman, this family moved to Texas in 1882.  source: H. Glasgow]


1 Unmarked


2 Unmarked


1 marked with Fieldstone


16 Unmarked


1 Unmarked with Flower


Swafford, Katherine Lynn               Aug 15, 1951    Apr 6, 1952

Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Loys Swafford


9 Unmarked


Johnson - J. Reuben [Reuben Jesse Lee] Dec 9, 1919     Apr 7, 1997

Johnson - Iva Dell Riddle               Feb 15, 1928    O/D

[Wife of Reuben Jesse Lee Johnson]


Mayfield - Melvin                     Apr 28, 1918    Feb 1, 1979

Mayfield - Melvin Riddle 

           S1 US NAVY WWII

Mayfield - Rosa Riddle                Apr 20, 1916    Dec 12, 2003


7 Unmarked


Glasgow - Thomas                       1810            1867

[Thomas Morrow Glasgow born Jun 30, 1814, died Dec 28, 1868 source: H. Glasgow, D. A. Self’s Co. Faulkner’s Battn. Randolph Co. Reserves CSA]



Glasgow - His Wife Mary                1812            1880

[Marianne Bradford born Jun 11, 1816, died Nov 13, 1880 Source: H. Glasgow] Since the original survey was done this tombstone has been replaced.

Glasgow, Ada                          Apr 21, 1883   Sep 7, 1884


2 Unmarked


Sprayberry - Father - Dewey D.         Feb 13, 1899    Feb 12, 1963

Sprayberry - Mother - Fannie P.        Feb 5, 1905     Nov 8, 1968

Sprayberry, Dewey Edward               May 31, 1932    Aug 14, 1958



Harrell - Moses E.                     Dec 26, 1886    Oct 30, 1973

                                       married  July 3, 1906

Harrell - Mary Lizzie                  May 2, 1890     Feb 26, 1958


1 Unmarked


Bonner, Lennie                          Jan 13, 1917    May 2, 1934

Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Bonner [James Thomas Bonner & Rosetta Ellard]


7 Unmarked


Loveless, Virginia Carolyn              Aug 16, 1960    Aug 18, 1960

Loveless, Myrtle Carolyn                Mar 22, 1942    Jan 25, 1964


Harris, Arthur A                       Sep 17, 1887    Oct 13, 1969

Harris, Toye S.                        Aug 13, 1910    no date


4 Unmarked


1 Unmarked


Boner - Wm. Dave                        July 28, 1899    Oct 12, 1983

 [s/o William B. Bonner & Julia Ann Townsend]

Boner - Carrie Bell  (nee: McKenzie)    Mar 9, 1896      May 11, 1970

 [d/o George Seaborn McKenzie & ?, step mother was Delilah Jane Chandler]


6 Unmarked


Jacks, Walter L. (Lee)               Apr 9, 1896      Jan 18, 1972

 [s/o John W. Jacks & Nora Estes]

Jacks, Annie                  

(Annie Lee Bonner Jacks -            [Jun 1, 1912]   [Feb 15, 2006]

[Annie Lee Bonner Jacks passed away after this original survey was done, d/o John Jackson Bonner & Rennie Chapman]


Bonner, John Frank                    1910   [15 Sep]1964

Funeral Home Marker – Dryden

[s/o John Jackson Bonner & Rennie Chapman]


2 Unmarked


5 Unmarked


Molan - John W.                        Sep 25, 1872     Dec 22, 1961

 [John Wesley Moreland/Molan, s/o Roland Moreland and Rachel Spradling/Spradlin. Grandson of Green Moreland and Mary Gross]

Molan - Fannie B. (nee: Bondurant)     May 8, 1888      Feb 3, 1970

  [Frances Birthannie Bondurant/Bundrum, d/o John Lewis Bondurant and Martha Frances Taylor, granddaughter of William Billy McElroy and Nancy Johnson]


1 Unmarked  [Joyce Molan, granddaughter of John W. & Frances Molan, d/o Sherman Leroy “Roy” Molan and Pearl McDaniel]


Molan, William Troy                    Aug 30, 1924     Dec 15, 1949

Employee of Lee Bros Fdry

[s/o John Wesley Molan and Frances B. Bundrum]



Brothers, Dock                   DOB: Unknown    [26 Mar 1956]

[Doc Brothers lived with the family of John W. Molan for a number of years, when he died he was buried in the Molan family plot.  No one still living in the family knows who he is, or where he came from, only that he lived with the Molan family but don’t think he was related. There is a handmade marker made by my great grandmother Fannie Molan which is unreadable today.  I feel certain that this same Dock Brothers is living on Spring Street in Heflin as a boarder with the family of Jim Campbell in the 1930 U.S. Federal Census, Cleburne Co. AL.  Dock Brothers is stated to be 48 years of age, widowed, born in Alabama and both parents born in Alabama. John Wesley Molan worked in the sawmill/ timber industry, the Molan family lived both in Cleburne Co and the “Sand Mountain” area of Alabama between 1900 and 1930, it is possible the Molan family met Dock Brothers before he is in Heflin in 1930. The family of Jim Campbell with whom Dock Brothers is living in 1930 is also associated with the families buried at New Harmony]                        


4 Unmarked


Thompson, Robert Lee                     Jul 22, 1892      Mar 15, 1970


Thompson, Essie Mae & Inf Son          Sep 17, 1904      Jun 30, 1945

[d/o James Patrick Boner & Amanda Townsend]


2 Unmarked


Parris, Oliver                     Jun 12, 1912      Dec 30, 1941

Parris, Mary Ann                   Nov 22, 1888     May 22, 1954

Parris, Elige Joseph               Feb 2, 1886      Mar 10, 1970

Parris, Mellie F.                  Aug 18, 1910      Sep 11, 1962

Butler, Stevie                     Nov 22, 1961      Feb 9, 1962

Parris, Lewis                      Jun 18, 1947      Dec 19, 1951


3 Infants w/flowers


Brown, Edwin Frank                 Dec 25, 1887      Nov 8, 1970

Brown, Mollie Odesser [Wood]       Jul 17, 1902      Sep 11, 1970

Brown, John F.               [17 Mar or May] 1952  [30 Aug] 1975


1 Unmarked


3 Unmarked


Dodson, Alvin                       1872              1954


Unmarked, Foot Marker Mother (Dodson?) 

  [Amanda Gable b. abt 1876 d. 29 Mar 1940, dau of Jonathon Robert Gable and Ann Gentry,  wife of Alvin Dodson]


Unmarked, (Dodson?)


4 Unmarked


Waites, Ulcey V.                    1892              1950

Waites, Annie Mae                   1919              no date


1 Unmarked


Brimer, H.  [Harrison]                 Oct 27, 1899-no date [1986]

[Son of William Brimer and Tiny Cheatwood]


Unreadable  (wife of H. Brimer? If wife of Harrison Brimer this would be Mildred Boswell Brimer born Oct 5, 1907, died Apr 1983, d/o James Augustus Boswell & Alice Gable)


Brimer,?                             Jul 27, 19        only date

God Bless You Son

(Deroy Brimer  Jul 24, 1932 - Jul 26, 1976,

  [died in Ferndale, Michigan]

Brimer, Leon                           Dec 13, 1929      Jan 11, 1952

1 no name in same group of Brimer Family


Williams, Gregory Peck                  May 11, 1970      only date

Funeral Home Marker - Martin & Hightower


1 Unmarked (attached by brick enclosure to Gregory Peck Williams)


Jarrell - Willie E.                Aug 12, 1917       Oct 14, 1961

Jarrell - Pearl E.                 Feb 16, 1918       Nov 12, 2002


4 Unmarked


Roberson, Jerry Curtis                  Nov 9, 1955        Nov 11, 1955



Boswell,                                Sep 30, 1965       only date

Infant Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Boswell

Boswell - Louis T.                  May 7, 1921        Aug 5, 1961

  [s/o Frederick Boswell & ?]

Boswell - Edna P.                   May 21, 1920       only date

Boswell, Harold Franklin            Dec 30, 1941       May 11, 1949

Boswell, Luther H.                  Oct 14, 1919       Dec 3, 1944


  [s/o Frederick Boswell & ?]


G. E. J.    no dates


Unmarked w/flowers  (my observation - this would be a member of the Boswell Family, possibly James Augustus Boswell b. Dec 1864 husband of Alice Gable Boswell, grandfather of Louis T. and Luther Boswell]


Boswell, Alice Gable                 Nov 3, 1866        Mar 3, 1955

[d/o Jonathon Robert Gable & Ann Gentry]


Turner, Pearly Mae Roszell              Nov 3, 1909 Mar 22, 1951

 [1st w/o Samuel Matthew Turner]

Turner, Cora                             May 24, 1881       Jul 8, 1969

  [d/o James F. Williamson and Margaret Ann Moore]

Turner, W.C.L.                          Jun 20, 1878       Sep 20, 1947

 [William Curtis Leonard Turner, s/o John Holloway Turner and Nancy A. Beason]


Lumpkin - Virgil                     Oct 9, 1896        Jul 18, 1957


Lumpkin - Othella                     May 9, 1906        Jul 2, 1968


1 Unmarked


Borders - Mother - Ada R.   Jan 22, 1892       Oct 27, 1952

 [Ada Rebecca Bonner, d/o James Patrick Boner & Amanda Townsend]

Borders - Father - John H. (Hartsfield) Aug 26, 1875       Feb 29, 1953

  [s/o Thomas Eli Borders & Nellie Frances Fay Hartsfield]


1 Unmarked


Smith, Robert Lee                    Nov 27, 1919       Jun 8, 1968

 [s/o James Martin Smith & Roda C. [Caldonia]Wade.  Roda Caldonia Wade Bondurant/Bundrum Smith is buried at Crossroads in Cleburne Co. AL, the d/o David Solomon Wade & Nancy Williams or Williamson.   Rhoda Wade’s 1st husband was J. R. Bondurant/Bundrum, brother of Fannie Bondurant/Bundrum Molan. One child born to 1st marriage Allie Bondurant/Bundrum, w/o Judson “Judge” Elkins, both buried at Crossroads]


McCall, William Edward              Oct 8, 1975        Oct 8, 1975


Champion, Holden C.                  Feb 6, 1993        Mar 26, 1993


Nichols, Daughter Annie Eloise       Apr 28, 1910   Sep 1, 1993

Nichols, James L                     Dec 30, 1885   Dec 28, 1958

Nichols, Isabell [Johnson]           Apr 25, 1878   Jan 13, 1958


Johnson, Father, M. L. [Mark]            Dec 18, 1875       Aug 4, 1946

Johnson, Mother, Retta                 Sep 16, 1887       Apr 11, 1982


3 Unmarked


Bonner, Maudie (nee: Moran)          Apr 21, 1927       Dec 10, 2003


Moran, Jessie                       1863               1944

Moran, Nancy L.(Nancy Leola Smith)   1889               1970

 [d/o Alfred Smith & Sarah Jane Thompson]


4 Unmarked


  -WENS, (handmade broken)          Jan 6, 19??        5-18-??


Owen, Solomon N.                    1872               1955


2 Unmarked Graves Owens?


Patterson, Norbon E.                 Sep 14, 1894       Jun 8, 1963



2 Unmarked


Boyd, Jane E.                       Jan 6, 1963        Dec 30, 1963


Harris, Mattie Lee                 Jul 25, 1899       Nov 24, 1985

Harris, William B.                 Jul 18, 1897       Feb 12, 1960

Harris, Alvin                      Jan 31, 1929       Feb 19, 1985

Harris, Mary F                     Dec 18, 1939-OD

1 Unmarked


Bonner, James A. [“Fell”]            Aug 10, 1896       Aug 5, 1966


 [s/o James Patrick Boner & Amanda Townsend]


1 Unmarked


Free, Billy G.                       Jul 1, 1929        Aug 30, 1955

Free, Edna E.                        Mar 9, 1929        only date


3 Unmarked


Owen, Bradley  [Wayne]              Feb 27, 1977       Jun 10, 1977

[Funeral Home records - DOB is 26 Feb 1976]


Bonner, Seaborn                      Nov 11, 1915      Jun 6, 1987

 [William Seaborn Bonner, s/o William David “Dave” Boner and Carrie Bell McKenzie]

Bonner, Steven Floyd                 May 14, 1960   Dec 1, 1961

 [s/o William Seaborn Bonner & Bertha Mae Sanders]


3 Unmarked


Hammond, Rhonda Mae                    Jun 28, 1959  Jul 1, 1959

Infant Daughter of A. O. Hammond, Jr & Cora L. [Turner] Hammond


Turner, Sandra Gail                    May 24, 1969       May 24, 1969

   Dau. of Benny & Valera Turner

Turner, Benny M.                      Apr 6, 1946        Feb 28, 2003

Turner, Patricia M.                   Jan 29, 1949       only date


Holcombe Infant of Henry       B/d Aug 26, 1951

Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Holcombe


1 Unmarked


Barnett - Paul D.                     Nov 25, 1916       Apr 9, 1993

Barnett - Minnie                      Feb 1, 1918        May 7, 2000


2 Unmarked with "E" in corners of brick enclosure


Bonner, Arlin                         Feb 12, 1934       Jun 10, 1971

  [s/o John Jackson Bonner & Missouri Pruitt]


2 Unmarked


Baker, Johnny Ray                      Jan 8, 1949        Jan 14, 1949

Son of Mr. & Mrs. Luther Baker


1 Unmarked


7 Unmarked


Bonner - Syble (nee: Parris)           Jul 23, 1923           only date

 [d/o Mark Parris & Beulah Hulsey]

Bonner - Ralph                         Oct 14, 1931  Mar 17, 1995


 [s/o John Jackson Bonner & Missouri Pruitt]


Whiteside, William Mark                 1959               only date

Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Whiteside


Bonner, John J.                        Feb 12, 1885       Mar 6, 1970

 [s/o William B. Bonner & Julia Ann Townsend]

Bonner, Nora Mae                 Sep 1, 1901        Sep 4, 1987

 [Nora Mae Trantham, d/o James Thomas Trantham & Georgia Jordan]


1 Unmarked- [Alma Loufayla Peoples         abt 1914     21 Nov 1955]

[Alma L. Bonner Peoples w/Infant, d/o John Jackson Bonner & Rennie Chapman, w/o Wiley Boyd Peoples]


1 Unmarked- [Wiley Boyd Peoples             abt 1913         Apr 1979]

[s/o John W. Peoples & Betsey Schumacher]


3 Unmarked


Bonner, James Thomas                  Feb 7, 1883         May 13, 1952

  [s/o William B. Boner & Julia Ann Townsend]

Bonner, Rosetta                        Sep 13, 1889        Mar 1, 1978

 [d/o Amos Ellard & Parelee ?]

Bonner, Virgil                         1919                1976

 [s/o James Thomas Bonner and Rosetta Ellard]

Bonner, Rose Marie                    Jan 2, 1944         Feb 25, 2004

Daughter  [of Virgil Bonner & Macy Lee Hunter]


4 Unmarked


Gay - Theodore                         Dec 11, 1916       Jan 19, 1971

Gay - Lillie Bell                      Aug 30, 1920       Nov 6, 1953


2 Unmarked


Skinner - Alberta L.                   Dec 6, 1923         Apr 3, 1999

Skinner - Harold L.                    Jun 23, 1925        Jun 24, 1993


Nichols - Nomie B                         1896                1985

Nichols - C. Homer                        1893                1946


Bonner, Angela                       Aug 21, 1959        only date

Infant Daughter of Marvin Jr. & Joyce


Collins, Georgia A.                  Sep 5, 1885         May 29, 1984

  [Marriage License issued January 1930, Cleburne Co. AL,  Tom Collins and Mrs. Georgia Hudson]

Collins, Thomas J.                   Jul 4, 1879         Jul 18, 1957


Bonner, Claudis J. [Jackson]          Jan 4, 1924         Nov 14, 1997

[s/o John Jackson Bonner & Missouri Pruitt]

Bonner, Vela Mae (nee: Knighten)      Dec 28, 1927        Aug 23, 1972

  [d/o James Arthur Knighten, buried Kemp’s Creek in Winston, Co. AL and Elsie Inez Molan, buried at Flint Creek in Winston Co. AL] 


Phillips, John                             1897               1976

 [s/o John Phillips & Sally Wildman]

Phillips, Lela                             1904               1970

  [d/o Robert Cook & Elnore Rankins]

Phillips, Charles Marvin               Dec 14, 1943       Apr 10, 1958

Phillips, Robert Lee                   Mar 4, 1931        Jun 27, 1952


3 Unmarked


Laymon, John                        Jan 3, 1879    Mar 29, 1957

[John Anderson Laymon, Husband of Anna Cordelia “Delia” Champion]

Laymon - Emma L.                        Feb 6, 1910      Aug 19, 2004

[2nd w/o John Anderson Laymon]


Cunningham, Edna Laymon                 Jun 22, 1939       Dec 21, 2001


Campbell - Mance                        1900               1962

Campbell - Lessie                       1910               only date


2 Unmarked


M. J. B. [Mildred Tracy Jacks Bonner       Jun 20, 1920   Sep 1980]

[d/o Will David Jacks & Amy Mitchell]

G. T. B. [Green Thomas Bonner]         

[Drydens Funeral Records DOB 1 Apr 1894 – DOD 9 Jul 1968,

[s/o James Patrick Bonner & Amanda Townsend]


Bonner, Infant                       B/d Mar 11, 1962

Infant Son of Gloria & Doys Bonner

Bonner - Doys Edward Sr.              Oct 4, 1924        Jun 6, 1970

  [s/o John Jackson Bonner & Missouri Pruitt]

Bonner - Gloria Dean                  Nov 22, 1927       Jun 17, 2005

  [d/o Luther Swancey & Lilly Laymon]


Parris - Mother - Mable N.             Dec 12, 1911       Nov 4, 1962

  [d/o Levie Bonner & Samuel Gippie Nichols]


Nichols, Emory                       Mar 16, 1916       Nov 26, 1986

  [s/o Levie Bonner & Samuel Gippie Nichols]


Trantham, Myrtice                    May 4, 1919       Dec 26, 1994

  [d/o Levie Bonner & Samuel Gippie Nichols]

Trantham, Frank                      Apr 13, 1912       Oct 9, 1965

  [Joseph Frank Trantham, s/o James Thomas Trantham & Georgia Jordan]

Trantham, Donald Eugene              Dec 12, 1938       Sep 16, 1956

  [s/o Frank & Myrtice Nichols Trantham]


Waites, Walter                       Jan 19, 1878       Apr 23, 1963

Waites, Alice A. [Cofield]           Jan 23, 1888       Jan 10, 1969


2 Unmarked


Moore, Charles G                     Mar 27, 1916   Jan 18, 1966


1 Unmarked (may be Waites Family)


Waites, Cecil                      no dates [12 Jul 1911   29 Jul 1966]

Waites, Charles Leroy                Apr 21, 1921       Oct 26, 1980



Neal - J. T. "Jack"                  Dec 8, 1912        Dec 23, 1968


Neal - Mattie Mae                    Jan 25, 1915       Jan 8, 1972


Evans   No Dates

Evans   No Dates

Evans   No Dates

Evans   No Dates


Sprayberry, Roland D.                Jul 20, 1922       Aug 22, 1969


Sprayberry, Amy N.                    Sep 1, 1929        only date


Barker, Roland L.                     Feb 29, 1880       Jul 20, 1968

Barker, Stacy E.                      Jun 10, 1894       Jun 25, 1975

[d/o George Sprayberry & Lou ?]


2 Unmarked


Measles, Eli                              1908               1970

Funeral Home Marker - Dryden


1 Unmarked


Pesnell, Lewis P.                         1898                1966


Pugh, Loretta                          Jan 21, 1953        Mar 18, 1958

Pugh, Willard A.                         Nov 16, 1929        only date

Pugh, Frances C.                        Jun 10, 1931     Dec 22, 1994

[Frances Clarine Hollon, d/o John William Hollon and Hazel Maude Prater]


Waites - Willard M.                    Nov 16, 1928        Dec 18, 1993

         US ARMY KOREA

Waites - Lanell H.                     Nov 26, 1934        Oct 22, 1998


Bryant - George R. (Robert)            Mar 7, 1904         Sep 8, 1959

  [s/o W. T. Bryant and Willie Kate Bussey]

Bryant - E. Mattie (Ellen nee: Bonner) Dec 1, 1902         Apr 20, 1969

 [d/o William B. Boner and Julia Ann Townsend]


Brown, Ella                  [11 Sep] 1891  [18 May]1980

Funeral Home Marker [now missing]

  [w/o Joseph L. Brown, d/o Andrew Jackson Henry & Bridgette Elizabeth Bonar/Bonner]


Dunn, Doris                             1933                2005

  [d/o George Robert Bryant and Mattie Ellen Bonner]



2 Unmarked


4 Unmarked


Jacks, Tony Lon                 [27 Jul] 1970          [28 Jul] 1970

Funeral Home Marker – Dryden [s/o Joe Earl Jacks & Elizabeth Ann Bonner]


3 Unmarked


Patterson, Henry Eugene              Jan 3, 1950         Jul 29, 1973

Funeral Home Marker - Dryden


Smith, Willis Ervin                  Nov 11, 1900        Aug 20, 1960


Ray, Ruby C Smith                    Jan 1, 1917         Sep 6, 1974


Smith - Father- Will E.               Apr 1, 1948    Jan 15, 1989            


Cook, Foster L.                       Oct 27, 1920   Aug 22, 1960


Laymon - Thomas K.                    Mar 30, 1910        Jul 12, 1987

Laymon - Maybell H.                   Mar 10, 1917        Oct 5, 1992

Layman - Grandson - Michael A.        Oct 19, 1963        Mar 4, 1966


2 Unmarked


Shealy, Pamela Joyce                   Aug 31, 1965        Only Date

Infant Dau. of Jerry & Pamela Shealy


Reid, Patricia Ann Shealy              Sep 17, 1946        Dec 27, 1966


Shealy, Sara Louise                    Apr 9, 1922         Jun 14, 1998


Hill - Langford                        Sep 30, 1952        Only Date

Hill - Martha L.                       Aug 30, 1898        Sep 8, 1973

Hill - Lula                            Apr 11, 1922        Mar 11, 1996


McCarley, Billy J.                     July 8, 1945        Sep 17, 1972


[Victim of unsolved homicide in Calhoun Co AL]

McCarley, Horace L.                    Aug 3, 1948         Aug 15, 1965

 [Billy & Horace McCarley, sons of William McCarley and Alma Trantham]


Owen, Clarence James                   Jan 14, 1949        Aug 15, 1965

Son of Mr. & Mrs. Claud Owen

Owen, Claude                           Jun 5, 1906   Aug 22, 1986

[Claud David Owen, s/o Shepard B. Owen & Millie/Mollie ?]

Owen, Reba   [Trantham]                Aug 14, 1922-OD

[d/o James Thomas Trantham & Georgia Jordan]



Jones - Rev. W. E. Jr.                 Feb 25, 1926        Only Date

Jones - Erlene Clay                    May 30, 1927        Mar 14, 1995


Gossage - Pledger                   [18 Feb] 1933     [4 Nov]  1976



2 Unmarked


Deason, Stephanie Lynn                 Sep 25, 1970        Sep 25, 1970


3 Unmarked


Holt, Martin H. [Henry]          [22 Jun] 1919         [9 Jan]1979



Taylor, Charlie                     Dec 5, 1912   Jan 9, 1985

Taylor, Hester Ann                  May 9, 1918    Mar 13, 1987


McCarley, William Jackson                 1910                1989

McCarley, Alma Lee (nee: Trantham)        1909                2003

[d/o James Thomas Trantham & Georgia Jordan]


Mitchell, John W                          1875                1964

Funeral Home Marker - Dryden

Mitchell, Pearlie Mae [nee: Holt] [24 Aug]1911       [26 Mar] 1979

Funeral Home Marker – Dryden

[d/o James Henry Holt & Mary Jane Measles]


1 Unmarked w/flowers


1 Unmarked w/flowers


Holt, James W. "Buck"                  Mar 15, 1899        Dec 8, 1969

Holt, Jettie Mae                       Oct 10, 1901        Oct 29, 1980

[Dryden’s Funeral Records DOB is 10 Oct 1888, d/o Jesse Moran & Nora Ballard]


Johnson - Mother - Cora Lou             Dec 14, 1897        Apr 2, 1963


Holt, Janey Charlene                      1987                1987

Funeral Home Marker - Dryden


2 Unmarked


Stewart, Maggie                            1916                1991

Funeral Home Marker Dryden


Glatham, Martin                            1946                1990


Cotton, Marvin                             1946                1987

Funeral Home Marker - Dryden


Cotton, Marvin S.                       Jul 30, 1974   Jul 31, 1974

Funeral Home Marker - Estes


1 Unmarked w/flowers


Thompson - Perno  [Perno Perry]   [11 Feb] 1891        [23 Feb]1979

Thompson - Myrtle [Walton]                 1894                1968

Thompson, Glen                    [15 Dec] 1923        [27 Oct]1978



Ray, Lillian                               1901                1966

Funeral Home Marker - ?


2 Unmarked


Moore, Radus L [Lewis]            Nov 19, 1939   Apr 17, 1978  

Moore, Joseph O                   Jun 28, 1944   Nov 2, 1963

Moore, Myrtle Velma [nee: Parris]  Feb 10, 1918   Jul 28, 1975

Moore, Clarence M                 Oct 20, 1900   Mar 7, 1983



Taylor, William A.                        1900                1977

Funeral Home Marker - Dryden


1 Unmarked


1 Unmarked


Rairden, Samuel Lee              Aug 12, 1950   Nov 8, 1988



Flournoy, Rodney L.              Jan 28, 1974        Jul 15, 1980

  [s/o Joyce Molan & ? Flournoy]


S. L. M. [Sherman Leroy Molan]

  [s/o John Wesley Molan & Frances B. Bundrum]

Molan, Pearl [McDaniel]          Oct 22, 1922   Mar 13, 1969

  [d/o Jeff McDaniel & Mary Jane Bryant]



Bryant, Roy F. (Franklin)         Sep 21, 1905        Jun 6, 1977

  [s/o Richard Ellsberry Bryant & Ida L. Boner]

Bryant, Josephine                 May 8, 1942         Oct 8, 1985

Bryant, James Monroe            Jan 23, 1908        Sep 26, 1967

 [s/o Richard Ellsberry Bryant & Ida L. Boner]

Bryant, Ruby Mae [nee: Waites]   Oct 10, 1913        Dec 13, 1989

  [d/o Walter Waites & Alice A. ?]

Bryant, Jasper J. "Jack"         Nov 1, 1919         Mar 14, 1970


 [s/o Lee Bryant & Cora Beason]

Bryant, Virginia E.              Feb 28, 1923        Apr 18, 1992


1 Unmarked






Birth & Death Registry located in Office of the Probate Judge, Heflin, Cleburne Co. Alabama


BONER, Dorothy Mae,   Female 2 yrs 8 mos. 17 days old DOD:  12 Mar 1937

Father:  Marvin Boner    Mother:  Etta Mae Headrick   DC # 987


BONER, Jasper, Male Infant b/d 15 Apr 1936

Father:  Marvin Boner    Mother:  Etta Mae Headrick        DC # 903


BOSWELL, Varie,    Female    7 mos. old    DOD:  10 July 1932

Father:  Gus (Augustus) Mother:  Mattie Trantham    DC # 526


BRIMER, Beatrice,   Female   43 yrs old Born TX   DOD:  15 Mar 1937

Father:  Matt Nixon Mother: Unk   DC # 980 reported by Lee Brimer


BROWN, Allie Lou, Female 10 hrs old b/d 13 Feb 1938

Father: Edwin F. Brown born AL   Mother:  Molly Wood born AL DC # 1105


BROWN, Dorothy,   Female   9 mos. old   DOD:  13 Mar 1937

Father:  E. F. Brown    Mother:  Mollie Wood


BROWN, Elizabeth M.,   Female 88 yrs old DOD: 9 May 1936

Father: Will Campbell born SC  Mother: Sally? Campbell  born SC DC# 917 reported by Mollie Brown


BROWN, Loretta, Female 7 yrs 14 days old DOD: 14 Mar 1937

Father:  E. F. Brown   Mother: Mollie Wood DC # 978


CAMPBELL, Annie,    Female     DOD:  24 August 1928

Father: L. M. Campbell   Mother: Lena Murray


COTTON, Robert Lee,    Male   70 years old    DOD:  8 Nov 1931

Father: Si [Cyrus] Cotton Mother:  Mary Mitchell DC # 441

[Robert Cotton married Mollie Davis born 1876]


Hammonds, Unnamed Infant, Female 2 days old DOD:  28 Jan 1917

Father:  Ben Hammonds Mother:  Tussie Hammonds


HOLT, Nannie, Female 33 yrs. 8 mo. 22 days born TN    DOD:  28 May 1937

Father: Sam Mitchell born TN   Mother:  Lizzie White born AL   

DC # 1014


JORDAN, Thomas E., Male 68 years old DOD: 15 May 1930

Father:  Newt Jordan Born SC DC# 348


KENNEDY, Mary, Female 74 yrs old born GA DOD:  8 May 1932

Father:  M. J. Holding    Mother:  Mandy Goodson brn GA   DC # 522

[Mathew J. HOLDING b: 1810 married Sarah Ann Amanda GOODSON b: 1834]


MEASLES, Edna Jane, Female   DOD:  30 Apr 1929

Father:  John Miller born SC Mother:  Sarah Jane McQuensey  born GA  

DC # 172


MEASLES, William H,    Male     DC #  768

Father:  Floyd Measles  Mother:


MEASLES, Wm. Eli,       Male     2 days old       DOD:  15 Aug 1925

Father:  James Eli Measles Born AL Mother:  Mary Brown


TAYLOR, Infant, 1 month 16 days old   DOD:  23 July 1936

Father:  Henry Taylor   Mother:  Pearl Bryant          DC # 929


TAYLOR, James Lewis,   Male   7 months old  DOD:  8 Jun 1936

Father:  Henry Taylor    Mother:  Pearl Bryant        DC # 824


SMITH, Susie, Female, 36 yrs. 3 mos. 6 days" 12 Feb 1917

Father: M. Clark   Mother:  Mary Clark


SPRAYBERRY, Margaret, Female 2 mos old   DOD:  26 May 1928

Father:  Wiley Sprayberry   Mother:  Sythy Zaner     DC # 19


STARR, Unnamed Infant, Female, L. N. & F. A. Starr, DOD 9 Sep 1916


STORY/Storey, Thomas T.,  Male 56 yrs old DOD 28 Apr 1937

Father:  David Story    Mother: Polly Clark


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, MAY 6, 1937


Heflin, Ala., April 29

Rev. W.T. Price of near Belltown and Tol Story of near Heflin were killed instantly.

Funeral services and burial for  Mr. Story were held at New Harmony Baptist church near here Friday. He is survived by his widow, three children, two brothers, T.R. of Heflin and Bob of Blue Mountain, sisters and other relatives.


WATSON, Hirman Nelson, Male   83 yrs old   DOD:  10 Apr 1928

Father: Unk Mother: Unk [Mother was Frances Burden]   DC #27

[Harman Watson married Martha- who died in Cleburne County before 1930]

[He was a Private in the 10th Confederate Cavalry Company B CSA]


WHITE, Infant,   Female   3hrs old    

Father:  J. C. White   Mother:  A. M. Zaner      DC # 408



Dryden’s Funeral Records


KITCHENS, Sallie E.    born AL

14 Feb 1908 - 17 Jan 1978

Father:  Frank Kitchens

Mother:  Susie Allen   


TOMPKINS, Margie Lucille    born AL

17 Feb 1907 - 18 Feb 1977

Father:  N. G. Hollingsworth

Mother:  Nana Rutledge


HOLLEY, Pink Newton    born AL

3 Oct 1891 - 23 May 1978

Father:  Newton Holley

Mother:  Catherine McDowell

Wife:  Beulah Morgan Holley???


MORGAN, James Earl    born AL

March 12 1950 - June 26- 1978  

Residence: Oxford

Father:  Frank Morgan

Mother:  Lucille Potts



CHEATWOOD, Parlee B.,  DOD:  20 Jun 1962  DOB:  21 Dec 1914

1 Son  Ivey Lee Brimer, 4 bros. Lefus Holt, Ft. Jackson, NC, Alexander Holt, Burwick LA, Martin Holt, Heflin, Buck Holt, Heflin

4 Sisters, Pearlie Mae Mitchell, Maudine Balls or Bacts, Minnie Holt, Birmingham, Mrs. Wayne Vaughn, White Plains.


COCHRAN, Infant, Stillborn  DOD:  23 May 1958

Father:  Garvis Cochran   Mother:  Syble Lumpkin


COTTON, John Wayne,  DOD:  7 Feb 1970 Stillborn  DOB:  7 Feb 1970

Father:  Marvin Cotton Mother:  Mary Helen Smith

Born in Carrollton, GA


MITCHELL, John William,  DOD:  20 Sep 1964 DOB:  15 Apr 1875


PATTERSON, Danny Ray, (Infant) DOD:   27 May 1966

Father: Walter Patterson Mother:  Betty ? Patterson


TOMPKINS, James Clifton, DOD:  4 Aug 1968 DOB:  5 Mar 1903

Father:  James Franklin Tompkins, Mother:  Mary Jane Thompson


VAUGHN, Sara Bell, DOD:  13 Nov 1969 DOB:  UNK

Father:  Earnest Vaughn  Mother:  Margaret Holt


WATSON, Myrtle Carolyn,   DOD:  25 Jan 1964   DOB:  22 Mar 1942

Parents  Mr. & Mrs Arthur Harris  Father: Arthur Harris  Mother:  Toy Swafford


ROLLINS, Hallie Lou 

19 Mar 1911 - 6 Sep 1970

Father:  Richard Tom Beason

Mother: Judy Pesnell

Husband: John Rollins

2 sons James and Billy Rollins of Heflin

2 Sisters:  Linda Baines and Dora Hicks of Anniston


CASON, Barney Simpson  Unmarked

DOB:  Nov 25, 1898 born Paulding Co. GA

DOD:  Nov 4, 1956

Father:  Williard Cason

Mother:  Opp Taylor

Wife:  Tiny Cason, 3 sons - Williard Cason, Elmer Cason, Lloyd Cason of Atlanta, GA, 1 daughter - Marlene Fordham



NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, February 18, 1915 (not buried at New Harmony)

DEATH OF MRS. BEDWELL Mrs. J.P. Bedwell, who was living with her daughter Mrs. A.A. Dean, at Stamford, Texas, passed to her reward on the 30th of January last. The remains were taken to Yarnaby, Oklahoma for burial, where her husband was buried several years ago. Mrs. Bedwell was 75 years, 2 months and 27 days of age at the time of her death. She was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church for 56 years, and was a devoted christian lady. She leaves two sons, J.P. and R.L. Bedwell, and three daughters, Mrs. M.B. Dempsey, Mrs. J.B. Crysal and Mrs. A.A. Dean, all of whom were at the bedside of their mother during the last week of her life. Mrs. Bedwell, together with her husband were among the pioneer settlers and were for many years residents of Heflin, where she made many friends who will be grieved to learn of her death, and all join in sympathy of the bereaved in the sad hours of sorrow at the loss of their mother.


Publish Date: Cleburne News  May 17, 2001 (not buried at New Harmony)
 Raymond W. Glasgow Services for Raymond W. Glasgow, 87, of Arlington, Va., were held March 1 at St. Ann's Catholic Church. Burial with full military honors took place at Arlington National Cemetery.

Mr. Glasgow died Feb. 11 on the Caribbean Island of Barbados. He was born March 26, 1914, in Heflin, The son of Americus Houston Glasgow and Jennie Stephens Glasgow. He attended the University of Alabama and studied Business Adminstration and Law, receiving his degree in 1941.





CLEBURNE NEW ERA - NEWSPAPER Issue of July 23, 1891  

Died- - at the home of its parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Crysel at Cullman,
Ala., on Sunday the 18th inst., their babe, about 18 months. Its remains were
brought to this place on Saturday and on Monday it was buried at Harmony
church near town. Mrs. Crysel is a daughter of Mr. J.P. Bedwell of this place.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, April 27, 1922   

INGRAM, Mrs. , wife of Geo. Ingram, died at the home of her husband Saturday and was laid to rest at New Harmony on Sunday. The News extends sympathy to the bereaved relatives.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, May 29, 1919  [different from above Mrs. Ingram above]

INGRAM, Nanie , After an illness of twelve years, Mrs. Nanie Ingram died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ida Jordan, on May 21st near Bell Mills. The funeral occurred at New Harmony, funeral services being conducted by Rev. W.J. Campbell. The family is thankful to those who were so kind to them in the midst of the sorrow and great loss sustained.


THE CLEBURNE NEWS, Thursday, July 11, 1935   

ALSTON, Henry C. ,  Funeral services for Mr. Henry C. Alston, age 87, who died at his home near Heflin, Friday night, were held Saturday afternoon at 2:30 at New Harmony Church.  Rev. Stovall of near Oxford officiating.  Interment in the church cemetery with Owens directing.

Mr. Alston is survived by his widow and five children,  Mrs. L. N. Starr, Heflin;  Mrs. G. P. Starr, Talladega,  Emerson, Addison, AL;  Arthur Alston of Addison, AL; and Albert Alston of Eden, AL.

Pall bearers were Emerson Starr, Savage Gray, Roy Starr, Fred Gray, Ed Cash and Pat Gray.


Newspaper Issue of Thursday, April 20, 1937

Funeral services for Mrs. Eugenia Alston, age 77, were held at her residence
April 7 with the Revs. W.D. Boling and Roy Niager officiating. Interment was
in New Harmony Cemetery with Brown - Service in charge.

Mrs. Alston passed away at her residence April 5, [1937] after an illness of about
six weeks. Among the survivors are three sons, Charles Cash of Anniston;
Edward Cash of Anniston and James Cash of Denver, Colorado; two brothers,
E.B. Bond of Heflin and A.M. Bond of Birmingham. Pallbearers were Fred Gray,
Savage Gray, Emerson Starr, Jesse Harvell and Arthur Alston.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, JUNE 8, 1939   
Funeral services for G.F. Hill of Heflin, age 72, was conducted at the New
Harmony Church on Sunday, June 4 at 2 p.m. with the Rev. W.D. Boling and the
Rev. Roy Niager officiating. Interment was in the church cemetery directed
by Brown-Service of Heflin.

Survivors are the widow Mrs. Fannie Hill [2nd wife] of Heflin; one son, Oco Hill of
Clinton, North Carolina and one daughter Mrs. J.L. Norton of Heflin.
Pallbearers were Fred McMurray, A.L. Black, Dr. O.F. Staples, C.A. Matthews,
Horace Houston and Arthur Vaughn.


G. F. Hill and Fate Hill are the same person:


The announcement of the death of Mr. Lafayette Hill brought sadness to his
friends and neighbors. It was evident that his health had failed but all
were unprepared for such a sudden going. With his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Green Berry Hill, he came to Cleburne county when he was four years old. As
a young man he joined the Methodist church, living a helpful, christian
life. It was among his neighbors where he was well known and therefore
deeply appreciated, that one heard so much sorrow expressed. Being of a
reticent, shy nature, one had to have an intimate association with him to
know his real worth.

He was a helpful, accommodating person and when sorrow came to the home of
his friends and neighbors, he was always found there ready to give of
himself and all that he had. It was his delight to help prepare and invite
in the friends and visiting relatives to partake of the bounty of his home.
He performed many beautiful deeds to those in need and in sorrow and was
never happier when he was sharing life's burdens with others.

Mr. Hill's first wife was Mary Watson. Two children came from his marriage.
His last marriage was to Mrs. Fannie Howle, with whom he lived happily in
his last years and who survives him.

For more than twenty-five years, Mr. Hill was a Mason in good standing. One
of his greatest joys was in the cultivation of flowers and his success is
evident for the display of old fashioned flowers. The colors are many and
varied and such response and result he obtained is seldom seen. When passing
his home one wants to linger and enjoy the beautiful feast for the eyes that
his good man has prepared. He loved plant life with a deep devotion.

Thus through the years we saw him serving where most needed, walking humbly
with his God, kind and merciful not only to his friends, but to the erring
ones; discharging his duties as a devoted father and husband and a faithful
and loyal friend and a good citizen. While leaving a great vacancy in the
home and the lives of many persons, he has gone to the better, brighter
world. Surely as his spirit took its flight, he must have had, with untold
joy, heard the welcome of "well done, thy good and faithful servant; enter
thou unto the joys of thy Lord."


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, APRIL  4, 1940 [marked with stone only says Mother]


Mrs. Amanda Dodson, age 74, died at her residence on Heflin, Route 2, on March 29.  Funeral services were held at New Harmony Church by the Rev. E.C. Johnson.  Interment was in the church cemetery, directed by Brown - Service of Heflin.  Mrs. Dodson is survived by her husband, Alvin Dodson;  two sons, Gordon and Ernest Dodson of Heflin and a daughter Mrs. Mattie Harris of Heflin, Route 2.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, January 7, 1926   [ SHOULD BE Eugene D. CHASE]

LAST RITES FOR EUGENE D. CASE Funeral services for Eugene D. Case, who died Monday morning in an Anniston hospital, following an operation, were held Tuesday afternoon at New Harmony Baptist church, two miles south of Heflin, and were in charge of Revs. J.W. Grubs and W.J. Campbell. Caldwell Lodge of Masons conducted the burial services assisted by other Masons from neighboring lodges. Beautiful floral wreaths were given the the Masons and the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. The body which lay in state at the county court house Monday night was watched over by Klansmen. Active pallbearers were W.A. Myers, W.Z.T. Chapman, C.L. Chandler, O.F. Staples, W.T. Prestridge and S.L. Haywood. Beautiful tributes were paid Mr. Case by W.C. McMahan and Judge A.H. Glasgow, the first as an associate in the practice of law and the latter from church and sunday school work. Mr. Case had been a resident of Heflin for about five years, coming here from Fruithurst, Before coming to Cleburne county, he was a resident of Miami, Florida, moving to that city from some northern state for the benefit of his wife's health, she being an invalid. Mrs. Case preceded her husband to the grave about twelve months ago. Mr. Case was a county solicitor, which position he held for the past several months and county treasurer of Cleburne county. He was also secretary-treasurer of Cleburne county farm bureau and the executive board of the Cleburne county Baptist Association, teacher of the Men's bible sunday school class at New Harmony and a prominent Mason. Mr. Case is survived by one brother, Rev. Carl D. Case, pastor of the First Baptist church in Chicago, now spending the winter in Jacksonville, Florida. Eugene D. Case was in his 53rd year. All mourn his passing away. Peace to his memory.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, January 11, 1923  

A grandson of "Uncle Mike Casey was buried at New Harmony on Monday, his death resulting from pneumonia.



.IN MEMORY OF MRS. R.D. NICHOLS Mr. Nichols' first wife died Feb. 6, 1913. On August 30, 1913 he was married to Mrs. Roberts. On June 23, 1914, god in his wisdom called her gentle spirit from earth to live with him. We bow with humble submission to him who doeth all things well. In the death of Mrs. Nichols her husband has lost a devoted wife, her two sons a loving mother, the Farmer's Union, a faithful member. She was buried at the New Harmony cemetery with the honors of the Union of which she was a loyal member. She bore her afflictions with patience, never murmured or complained. She was faithful in every relation of life. She has fulfilled her mission and her reward is with her. We will say to those who were dearest to her to weep not for our loss is her gain.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, September 2, 1926  

[Son of Samuel Gip Nichols & Levie Boner]

R.D. NICHOLS GONE TO REST On August 24th at 3:30 p.m. the gates swung open and the loving voice said "come unto me and be at rest"., and R.D. Nichols, a boy of 16 years, departed this life. He suffered in patience for five months for he knew that there was a place free from pain and care when the lord called him to rest. It seems that was what done him the most most good. Every step of his life was bright and he wore a smile on his face which showed the love of god in his heart. Everybody loved R.D. that knew him, but the lord knows best and all that we can say to the bereaved relatives is to be prepared to meet R.D. over in the sweet land of rest where he is now waiting and where there is no more pain or death. He was laid to rest in New Harmony Cemetery on August 27th, Rev. J.W. Campbell conducting the funeral services. The pall bearers were Robert Ayers, Guy Jones, Lee Bryant, John Garish and Mr. Harris. Besides numberous relatives many friends regret that they had to say goodbye to R.D. for a little while. A Friend.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, April 19, 1928  

HIRAM WATSON CALLED HOME Funeral services for Hiram Watson, age 84, Confederate veteran, who died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Norton, were held Wednesday of last week at New Harmony, Revs. J.W. Grubbs and W.J. Campbell officiating. Burial was made in the church cemetery. Mr. Watson had lived in Texas for 14 years, moving back here about 10 months ago. Surviving are the widow and one daughter Mrs. Jim Vaughan of Paris, Texas. Mrs. Henry Watson is a daughter-in-law and Mrs. Jake Norton is a granddaughter.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, SEPTEMBER 25, 1941


Funeral services for Henry Clay Stephens, age 24, of Heflin, who was fatally injured Saturday night when he was struck by an automobile while riding a bicycle along the highway near Heflin, were conducted this afternoon at New Harmony church by the Rev. H.R. Carter.  Burial was in the church cemetery with Jones in charge.

Mr. Stephens was injured about 9 o'clock and death came about midnight.  He did not regain consciousness. He suffered head injuries.  Surviving are the father, Frank Stephens, two brothers, Bob and Jack, all of Heflin and four sisters,  Mrs. Ida Jennings of Anniston,  Mrs. H.E. Mitchell,  Mrs. I.M. Kitchens and Mrs. Pearl Hinton, all of Heflin.



FAMILY  “says” buried at NEW HARMONY, unmarked:


Taylor -Infant children of  Pearl Bryant Taylor and Henry Taylor (from Family Bible of Pearl Bryant Taylor, information provided by Billie Gayle Taylor Gardner)

Robert Ray Taylor

Sara Taylor

Louise Taylor

Benny Lee Taylor

Cecil George Taylor

James Lewis Taylor


Chapman - Possibly buried at New Harmony:   Texana Wilson Chapman, wife of James Sylvester Chapman who is buried at Munford Baptist Church

Chapman -  Elizabeth Rennie Chapman Bonner, dau. of James Sylvester Chapman and Texana Wilson Chapman, 1st wife of John J. Bonner

Pruitt, Ariana Moreland  (d/o Roland Moreland/Molan & Rachel Spradling/Spradlin)

Pruitt, Maybelle (d/o Louis Napoleon Pruitt & Ariana Moreland)

Pruitt, Louis Napoleon (s/o William Decatur Pruitt & Mary Ann Couch)

Pruitt, Catherine Bruner, wife of Jonathon G. Pruitt

Pruitt, Jonathon G. (s/o Ransom Pruitt, Jr. & Margaret McCurry)

Bonner, Dixie b. Aug. 1891 d. Aft. 1910 (dau. of William B. Bonner & Julia Ann Townsend)

Bonner, Julia Ann  b. 1879 d. 1879  (dau. of James Patrick Bonner & Amanda Townsend)

Bussey, Minnie  (dau. of James Washington Bussey & Nancy Ann Bonner)

Hunter, John Raymond  b. Aug 1913  (1st h/o Annie Lee Bonner)

Chapman, Infant Twins  b. 13 Mar 1907 1 male, not named, 1 female named Lilly Mae, (children of Charles Alonzo Chapman and Rosetta Bonner, most of the family of Charles Alonzo and Rosetta Bonner Chapman are buried at Pleasant Ridge Cmty. in Chocolocco, Calhoun, Alabama)

Bonner, William b. 1911 d. 1911 (son of John Jackson Bonner & Rennie Chapman)

Bonner, Audrey  b. 22 Jun 1918 d .Sep 1918 (dau. of John Jackson Bonner & Rennie Chapman)

Bonner, Infant, b. 1927 d. 1927 (child of John Jackson Bonner & Missouri Pruitt)

Bonner, John Thomas  b. 29 Oct 1944 d. 29 Oct 1944 (son of John Jackson Bonner & Nora Mae Trantham)

Nichols, R. D. b. abt 1910 d. 1926 (son of Samuel Gip Nichols & Levie Bonner)

Nichols, Lewis b. 1914 d. 1919 (son of Samuel Gip Nichols & Levie Bonner)

Hamm, Dorothy Lee b. 21 Oct 1934 d. 6 Mar 1935 (dau. of  Houston Leo Hamm & Evie Mae Howell)

Rogers, James (2nd husband of Annie Lee Bonner)

Fabrizio, Infant b. 24 May 1946 d. 24 May 1946 (child of John D. Fabrizio & Catherine Lucille “Katie” Bonner. John and Katie Bonner Fabrizio are buried in the Calverton National Cemetery, near or in Long Island, New York)

Bonner, Cumilla Casey  b. abt. 1907 d. 13 Mar 1925 (d/o Harvey N. Casey and Geneva Hicks, 1st wife of Marvin Bonner)

marked/stone unreadable:

Doc P Brothers    b. abt 1882  estimated from 1930 census – died 26 Mar 1956

DC # 4522 Cleburne Co. AL from Ala. Deaths 1908-1959


Marked Grave Obituaries


Dora Monteen Nichols

April 26, 2007

Services for Dora M. Nichols, 86, of Heflin, were held April 23 at Dryden Funeral Home Chapel with Dr. Roland Brown and Dr. Steve Dempsey officiating. Burial followed in New Harmony Cemetery in Heflin with Dryden Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. Mrs. Nichols died April 21, at her residence. She was born July 15, 1920. Mrs. Nichols was a resident of Heflin for most of her life. She was a retired seamstress and was preceded in death by her husband, James Erastus Nichols.


The Anniston Star June 1998


Heflin Al    Services for Sara Louise Shealy, 76, will be today at 2 p.m. at East Heflin Baptist Church with Revs. Bill Murray and George McKenzie officiating. Burial will be in New Harmony Cemetery. Dryden funeral Home is in charge. Mrs. Shealy died Sunday at Regional Medical Center.


Survivors include two sons, Jerry Shealy of Heflin and Clark Shealy of Heflin; three sisters, Jeanette Owen, Bobbie Turner and Joyce Gallahar, all of Oxford; a grandson, Jeff Shealy and two grandchildren, Jeremi

Shealy and Jarred Shealy.


Mrs. Shealy was a lifelong resident of Cleburne County.  She was retired from the Department of Resources and was a member of East Heflin Baptist Church.


Newspaper Issue Thursday January 30, 1941        

Funeral services were conducted Sunday morning from the New Harmony church near Heflin for Mrs. Mary Jordan, age 81, wife of the late John Jordan, who died Friday at her home near Heflin, after a short illness.  The Rev. W.M. Barr officiated.  Interment was in the New Harmony cemetery with Brown - Service directing.
Mrs. Jordan is survived by six sons;  J.A.,  T.L.,  C.E.,  G.C.,  D.E. and J.E. Jordan and two daughters;  Mrs. W.E. Smith and Mrs. W.W. Williamson.   Pallbearers were her grandsons.


The Cleburne News Thursday, FEBRUARY 6, 1941  


Lawrence H. Campbell, age 81, died Jan. 19 at the residence of his daughter Mrs. Maggie Murray in Heflin, Route 3.  Funeral services were held Jan. 21 at 3 p.m. from New Harmony with the Rev. H.R. Carter officiating.  Interment was in the church cemetery with Brown - Service in charge.  Survivors are two daughters, Mrs. Maggie Murray of Heflin;  Mrs. Essie Tuton of Vardeman, Miss.,  three sons,  Martin Campbell of Delta;  Henry of Houlka, Miss., and Doc of Oxford, Route 4.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, APRIL 17, 1930
Funeral services for Albert Frank Norton, 41, World War Veteran, who died April 11th in the Government Hospital in Alexandria, Louisiana, were conducted at 3 p.m. Sunday from New Harmony Baptist church near here, the Rev. Hobart Murphree of Birmingham officiating.  Cleburne Post No. 19, American Legion, was in charge of burial services which were held at the church cemetery, a firing squad in charge of Corporal Campbell, Co. K. Twenty-Second Infantry, Fort 
McClelland, assisting.
Mr. Norton had been in ill health for the last several years and had received treatment in three veterans hospitals in Tennessee, Florida and Louisiana. He was born and reared in Bremen, Ga., but had been a citizen of Heflin since 1912.  Surviving are his widow Mrs. Lillie Bell Norton of Heflin;  his father J. Hogan Norton of Atlanta;  two brothers, Harry Norton of Memphis, Tenn.;  T.P. Norton of Rome, Ga.;  two sisters, Mrs. Slaughter and Miss Mattie Norton of Atlanta.
Pallbearers were Cleburne Legionnaires, E.P. Dodson,  C.M. Elliott,  J.H. Morris,  J.L. Lovejoy,  J.A. Morgan and Frank Lambert.





We wish to thank our many friends for their expressions of sympathy and

especially do we thank the American Legion of Cleburne county for the beautiful floral offering, at the death of our beloved husband, son and brother, Alfred Frank Norton.


Mrs. Lille Belle Norton

J.O. Norton

Miss Mattie Norton

T.P. Norton

J.H. Norton

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Groover

R.T. Chambers


Harselle, Ala., 4-21-1930.



THE CLEBURNE NEWS  NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, MAY 27, 1937


Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Ella Ashley, age 70, who died at the home of her sister Mrs. Alston in Heflin on Sunday afternoon about 3 o'clock, were held Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the First Baptist church,  Rev. Paul Meigs, pastor, officiating.  Burial was in New Harmony cemetery, Owens of Heflin directing.  Surviving Mrs. Ashley are three brothers,  E.B. Bond of Heflin,  A.M. and W.J. Bond of Birmingham and one sister Mrs. H.C. Alston of Heflin.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, JANUARY 6, 1938   


Funeral services for Mrs. Annie Gertrude Kitchens, age 33, who died of a bullet wound at her home near Heflin on Monday morning about 9:30, were held Tuesday afternoon at New Harmony Baptist church at 2 o'clock,  Rev. G.W. Grubbs conducting the services.  Interment was in the church cemetery, Owens of Heflin in charge.  Surviving are the husband, Mack Kitchens, two sons, her father and mother Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stephens of Heflin and several brothers and sisters, all of Heflin.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, April 8, 1920


In memory of Mrs. N.J. Johnson who departed this life February 21, 1920 after

a months' illness. Her death was one of falling asleep. She was born May 26,

1849, being 70 years, 10 months old and leaves 7 children to mourn her death. 

There are four sons and three girls. She was laid to rest in the cemetery at

New Harmony beside her husband. The funeral services were conducted by Rev.

W.J. Campbell. She was a member of the Congregational Methodist church for

about 55 years and lived a consecrated life and true christian until her

death.  She is gone but not forgotten by her relatives and many friends.  She

is one for whom many mourn but who also rejoice that her spirit rests with god

for its keeper.  A Friend.



L.B. Evans   03-01-2007

Services for L.B. Evans, 95, of Heflin were held Feb. 18 at New Harmony Baptist Church with Rev. Junior Jones officiating. Burial followed in the adjoining cemetery. Miller Funeral Home was in charge of the services.

Mr. Evans died Feb. 15 at Long Term Care Hospital. He was a native and lifelong resident of Cleburne County. He retired from Blue Springs Cotton Mill and was a member of New Harmony Baptist Church. He was preceded in death by his daughter Sherry L. White, brother W.F. Evans and by his sisters Jessie Holmes, Bessie Hammond, Essie McCraven and Mae Joyner.

Survivors include two daughters, Naomi East and her husband Carrall, Mary Moore and her husband Tommy; his son, L.B. Evans Jr., and his wife Lisa; four sisters, Ruth Hammond,  Inda Renfro, Grace Gaskill and Pearl Kent; grandchildren, Carrall East Jr., Cynthia Stephens,  Danny White,  Derrick White, Patrick Moore, Andrew Bittle and Tyler Bittle; and several great-grandchildren.

Pallbearers were Danny White, Derrick White, Phillip Roberts, Hollis Roberts, Carrall East Jr., and Eugene Stephens. 


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, JUNE 1, 1939   

Funeral services for Jessie M. Harris, age 76 of Heflin Route 3, were
conducted at the New Harmony church at 1 p.m. Wednesday, May 24, with the
Revs. H.R. Carter, E.A. Riddle and the Rev. Zaner officiating. Interment was
in the church cemetery, directed by Brown-Service of Heflin.

Mr. Harris passed away at his residence in the early hours, May 23. Mr.
Harris had spent his entire life in this county, having lived in the same
house for 65 years. Besides the widow, Mr. Harris is survived by one son,
Doyle Harris of Heflin; two daughters, Mrs. W.H. Grubbs of Heflin and Mrs.
M.W. Wright of Anson, Texas and one sister, Mrs. Sara Jane Edwards of


Newspaper Issue of Saturday, May 6, 1905   

DIED - - Bill Bonner died at his home two and a half miles south of Heflin Tuesday night and as buried at New Harmony on Wednesday.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, January 7, 1926

John Calvin Hayes, 11 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Cicero Hayes, died at the home of his parents Wednesday afternoon and was laid to rest in the New Harmony cemetery on Thursday. The Cleburne News extends sympathy to the bereaved family.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Saturday, January 7, 1899  

Mrs. Mary Hill, wife of G.F. Hill and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.N. Watson, died at the home of her parents last Wednesday morning after a lingering illness of dropsy and was buried at New Harmony on Wednesday afternoon. Her husband and two children survive to mourn her death. She was 24 years old. The family of the deceased have the sympathy of a host of friends in their sadness.


NEWSPAPER Issue of April 2, 1925  

DEATH CLAIMS A HEFLIN GIRL One of the saddest deaths that has occurred in Heflin in many years was that of Miss Lois Harlan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Harlan, who passed away at the home of her parents Monday morning about 5 o'clock after an illness of about four weeks. The funeral and interment were held at New Harmony on Tuesday afternoon, being conducted by Rev. H.P. Amos, pastor of the Heflin Baptist church of which Miss Lois was a member, assisted by Rev. Henry Rogers, state organizer of the Baptist Young People's Union and Rev. J.W. Grubbs, pastor of the New Harmony Baptist church. Pall bearers were Ivan Chandler, John Owens, Rolf Levens, Walter Merrill Jr., Lucian Lyles, Tucker Jones, Henry Chappel and Howard Houston, members of Miss Lois's class at the Cleburne high school. Miss Lois was nearing her 18th birthday. Three years ago she joined the Baptist church in Heflin and from the very first she put her whole soul into B.Y.P.U. and Sunday school work and the great good she accomplished stands as a monument to her untiring efforts. The eulogies paid to her church work by the three ministers were eloquent and must have been consoling to the loved ones, revealing the fact that the precious child, although not permitted to remain long on earth, had not lived in vain. Lois must have realized that the end was approaching and had given directions as regarded her burial, selecting "He will not forget me" as one of the songs to be sung on that occasion. The grave was banked high with beautiful flowers furnished by the members of the senior and junior B.Y.P.U. and high school associate as slight token of their love and esteem for their departed friend. To the bereaved parents and relatives the Cleburne News extends sincere sympathy.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, July 21, 1927

DEATH COMES TO RALPH ROSS A death that occasioned much sadness in Heflin and vicinity was that of Ralph Ross which occurred Sunday might at his home about two miles south of town, following a brief illness of typhoid fever. Funeral services were held on Tuesday afternoon at New Harmony, the Revs. J.W. Grubbs and W.M. Barr officiating. Burial was made in the church cemetery. Ralph was about 25 years old. He is survived by one brother, Lewis Ross, two sisters, Mrs. H.V. Jones of Heflin, and Mrs. W.L. Evans of Durant, Oklahoma. One of the largest crowds ever seen at New Harmony assembled there Tuesday afternoon to pay their respects to Ralph. Flowers were in abundance from his relatives and friends. Pallbearers were Pete and Euell Howle, Dock and Charlie Jones, Jesse Norton and Marvin Lumpkin.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, June 20, 1929

PIONEER CITIZEN DIED TUESDAY The Rev. William J. Campbell, age 79, pioneer Baptist preacher, died at his home here at 9 o'clock Tuesday morning after an illness of several months. He suffered a stroke of paralysis last year and had been almost helpless since that time, and a second stroke last Friday hastened the aged man's death. Mr. Campbell was a Missionary Baptist minister and had been preaching in Cleburne county for more than 50 years. He was a Mason and Grotto and as a last request, Heflin and Chulafinnee Masons had charge of the services at the grave, the funeral being held at New Harmony church, with the interment in the cemetery there. Surviving are his two sons Martin and John F., and his wife. The Cleburne News deeply sympathizes with the bereaved family.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, June 20, 1929

DEATH COMES TO MRS. HAYES After more than seven months of intense suffering, Mrs. H.M. Hayes passed away at the family home, five miles east of Heflin early Tuesday morning. Mrs. Hayes, who was in her 60th year, is survived by her husband, two daughters, Mrs. Mollie Holdbrooks and Mrs. Emma Norton; six sons, Walter, Cicero, Oliver, Walter, Bud and Lenox Hayes; four brothers and six sisters besides many other relatives. The death of Mrs. Hayes removes from the community a christian woman and a good neighbor, affectionate mother and devoted wife, whose passing is mourned by a large circle of acquaintances over the county. The funeral and burial services were conducted by Rev. L.S. Wessinger and Rev. DeWitt Stovall on Tuesday afternoon, with interment in the New Harmony Cemetery. To the bereaved family, the Cleburne News extends sincere sympathy in their hour of sorrow.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Saturday, December 19, 1908   

 Mrs. Ben Chase, who after an illness of several months, died at her home on the 9th and was buried at New Harmony on the 10th. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. C.C. O'Neal. The New Era joins the many friends of Mr. Chase and the children in the loss of the wife and mother. We would say to them look unto him who has promised to be with us when trials and troubles come.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, March 13, 1924       [THE NAME IS CHASE]

DEATH OF A BELOVED WOMAN; MRS. MARY E. CASE Mrs. Mary E. Case, wife if Eugene D. Case, passed away Tuesday evening at 5:30 o'clock at their rooms in Mrs. Mamie Lake's residence after a long and lingering illness. A brief funeral service was conducted Wednesday afternoon at Mrs. Lake's by Revs. J.C. Francis and Hobart Murphree and also at the grave. She was laid to rest in the beautiful cemetery at New Harmony church. During the funeral service Bro. Murphree read the following outline of her life: Mary E. Middleton was born September 3, 1843 in Madison County, Indiana. Her father moved his family to Olmstead County, Minnesota when she was a little girl. In 1861 she was married to David C. Bentley there. Mr. Bentley died in 1879. Two children by her first husband survive her: Lula Bentley Norcross of St. Paul, Minn., and Willis B. Bentley of Seattle, Wash. After Mr. Bentley's death, in order to support herself and children she moved to Owatonna, Minn. and kept boarders. While Mr. Case was attending Pillsbury Academy there, he went to board with her and has been a member of her household ever since. They married in 1907. They moved to Miami, Fla. in 1912 and from there to Fruithurst, Ala. in April 1920. Mrs. Case was a member of the Baptist church from girlhood except a few years while they were living at Stanton, N.D., they were members of the Methodist Episcopal church there. Her last Baptist membership was in the First Baptist church at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She has always been a christian, full of good works, kind and sympathetic and loved by all who knew her. Her patience and cheerfulness and fortitude have been an inspiration to her husband in their declining years.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, March 15, 1928   

LAST RITES FOR J. BENJAMIN COOK LAST MONDAY The funeral services for J. Ben Cook, 34, who died Sunday morning at his home near Nelms bridge, were held at New Harmony on Monday, the Rev. J.W. Grubbs officiating. Interment was made in the church cemetery. Impressive ceremonies were conducted by the Beasons Mill Odd Fellows. Mr. Cook was sick only a short time, stricken March 2nd while attending the district Odd Fellows Convention in Anniston. He returned to his home before the session adjourned on account of being sick. His condition grew rapidly worse, pneumonia having developed, and he passed from this life early Sunday morning. Mr. Cook was a member of New Harmony Baptist church moving his membershop from Cedar Creek Church. Pallbearers were Virgil Vise, Henry Thompson, E.W. Beason, Tom Lawler, W.B. Dennis and Roy Howle. Surviving are his widow, five children, his mother, two brothers, Rollin Cook of Manchester, Georgia and Orlin Cook of Phoenix City, Alabama. The Cleburne News extends sympathy to the bereaved ones.


NEWSPAPER issue of Saturday, July 29, 1905   

NEWT ROSS IS DEAD Newt Ross is dead. We ask for no mantle of charity to be thrown over the events of his life or the cause of his death for all knew Newt to be manly, handsome, generous and brave. But we would remind a few of their influences will advised and of moral forces that failed to restrain. Last Saturday morning the wires flashed the sad news to his sister, Mrs. J.R. Moore, that New had died at 10 o'clock Friday night at the sanitarium of Hot Springs, Arkansas whither he had gone to seek repairs for a once vigorous constitution now shattered and undermined by the ravages of fell disease. Newt was just 28 years old. His friends were many. It is not just to sayt hat he himself was his own worst enemy for he had many enemies in the guise of friends who hung like parasites upon his generous nature, and did no little toward hastening his untimely death by augmenting the temptations that cut short the life born for the high destiny of usefulness and service. Newt was kind of heart and personally brave. He stood ever ready to defend the weak and in many instances gave evidences of that generous spirit that characterizes the true gentleman of the old southern type. His family have our deepest sympathy in their sad bereavement. He was laid to rest by the side of his parents in New Harmony cemetery. Rev. John A. Scott conducted the burial services. We weep over the untimely death of this bright and handsome man and shudder that those powers capable of a long and happy career were cut short in early youth


Newspaper Issue of Saturday, January 5, 1907  

The New Era regrets to chronicle the death of John Ross which sad event occurred at his home two miles south of Heflin on the last day of last year. He was a man about 30 years of age and leaves a wife and four children to mourn his death, to whom is extended the sympathy of their many friends. His remains were laid to rest Tuesday, the first day of this year at New Harmony in the family burying ground.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, July 3, 1913  

Mrs. Will Lumpkin was buried at New Harmony of Friday.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, September 20, 1928   

Funeral services for Mr. G.W. Sprayberry, 63 years old, were held at New Harmony last Thursday with Rev. J.W. Grubbs in charge. Mr. Sprayberry was a good citizen, kind husband, affectionate father and splendid neighbor and his death has cast a gloom over the entire community. Surviving are five sons and two daughter; two brothers, W.T. Sprayberry of Carthage, Miss., and James Sprayberry of Ft. Payne, Ala. The Cleburne News extends sympathy to the family in their sad loss.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, December 14, 1922   

B.D. CHASE IS DEAD The funeral and burial of Ben. D. Chase occurred Tuesday at New Harmony, Rev. J.W. Grubbs and others making appropriate and touching talks, by P.H. Dennis, Noble Grand of Oddfellows of which Mr. Chase was a member, J.D. Hudson, brother Oddfellow, W.C. McMahan, A.H. Glasgow, his neighbor, A.L. Tolleson and Rev. W.J. Campbell, all of whom spoke of his life, saying they never saw him mad, never heard him say any words of harm of his neighbors, was faithful to his church and a good neighbor to the end. Mr. Chase died Monday after a short illness of pneumonia. He was well known and liked by the people of Heflin and surrounding territory. He was a route carrier from Heflin for about 17 years and at the time of his death was carrier of Heflin 3. His wife preceeded him to the grave two years ago. He is survived by three small girls who will make their home with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Evans of Cullman


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, October 12, 1911   

MRS. W.R. HIGHTOWER LAID TO REST A sad Monday it was when Mrs. W.R. Hightower was laid to rest in Harmony burial ground. Mrs. Hightower was the daughter of Mr. J.T. Glasgow and sister of our Probate Judge A.H. Glasgow. She leaves a sorrowing husband and two small boys. Mrs. Hightower was a devoted christian character, known to us all. Her funeral rites were conducted by G.B. Bowman and after the song and prayer by Bro. J.W. Grubbs which was very touching. Bro. Boman speke at some length from a pssage in Isaiah 3-10. The floral offering by Mesdames Shackleford, Mamie Lake, Milligan, and Miss Bessie Moore was a sweet tribute of respect. A large concourse of relatives and friends attended the funeral


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, October 19, 1911

IN MEMORY OF MRS. ETTA HIGHTOWER Seldom if ever is an entire community so stricken with grief as on Sunday, October 8th at noon, when the disembodied spirit of Mrs. Etta Hightower loosed from its early moorings, went home to be with god. Sister Hightower was the daughter of Bro. and Sister J.T. Glasgow. She was born Dec. 14, 1873 and died Oct. 8th, 1911, aged 37 years, 9 months and 24 days. She joined the Missionary Baptist church at Pleasant Hill in the year 1889, but after removal to Jacksonville she transferred her membership to the church at that place in the fellowship of which church she lived a consistent christian life until the time of her death. She was a woman of splendid christian character, always exemplifying in her life the vintures of the christian religion. She was happily married to Prof. W.R. Hightower on July 9th, 1905. Two bright little boys blessed this union, Robert Lee, age 5, and Cecil Calvert, aged one year, 8 months. She was a kind, loving, dutiful daughter, always showing great love and consideration for her parents; a devoted wife and a wise loving mother and a faithful friend. She had a strong premonition of her approaching death and several days before that sad event she gave directions for her funeral, even specifying the place of burial, the one to preach her funeral. She also arranged for the care of her two little boys, saying she wanted them brought up under christian influence. She said "Pa, don't grieve for me, for I am going to heaven." Thus ended a beautiful christian life so far as this world is concerned, but while this mortal life ended so sadly, her heavenly life and her endless happiness has just begun. In reality "she is not dead but sleepeth" in the true sense. "There is no death what seems to in transition, this life of mortal breath is but the transport of the life elysian, whose portals we call death." Her funeral took place on Monday October 9th, 1911 at New Harmony Church, which was the place selected by her to be buried. The funeral was conducted by Rev. J.W. Grubbs. The large concourse of people present was proof of the affection and esteem in which the people held her. The music was in charge of Prof. Willie Morris assisted by Bro. Grubbs, Miss Morris and the Misses Howle, which was also by her request. Her body sleeps in the grave; her soul lives in heaven beyond the reach of the sorrows and sufferings of this transitory life. She is "watching and waiting" for the loved ones left behind and will be there ready to meet them at the beautiful gate when they too, shall be called home to glory. Loved ones, remember her parting admonition and be ready to meet her in heaven. G.B. Boman


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, May 8, 1913    

MRS. GLASGOW PASSES AWAY Mrs. J.T. Glasgow died at her home five miles south of Heflin last Friday afternoon and was buried at New Harmony on Sunday. Rev. G.B. Boman conducted the funeral services. Quite a number from Heflin attended the funeral.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, May 29, 1913  

IN MEMORIAM OF ELIZA ANN GLASGOW The subject of this sketch, Sister Eliza Ann Glasgow, was born March 9, 1846 and died May 2nd, 1913, age 67 years, 1 months and 5 days. Before her marriage she was Miss Eliza Ann Wallace. She was happily married to Mr. James T. Glasgow on ugust 8, 1869. When just a girl, she joined the Methodist Church, remaining a faithful member until twenty years ago when she united with the Missionary Baptist Church at Pleasant Hill. After a few years she transferred her membership to Cedar Creek church where she remained a consistent member until the time of her death. She was the mother of seven children, two sons and five daughters all of whom mourn her loss as a mother except one, who preceded her to the glory land nearly ten years ago. These children do not mourn as those who have no hope, for they all expect by the grace of god to meet her in the better world. Sister Glasgow was a good woman, good in all the relationships of life. A devout christian, a faithful wife, a devoted mother, a kind friend and one of the best of neighbors. It is such a life as this that counts to god and religion. Her influence will never cease to exist. No one can measure the effects of such a life as hers. Man can make many useful calculations, he can measure the distance to the planets and tell of the orbit of the glittering starts but no one can estimate of the good accomplished by such a life as sister Glasgow lived. Eternity alone reveal the effects of such a life. She now rests from her labors. She lives not here but in memory and influence and she lieves in heaven with her savior. Loved ones you know where to find her. By the grace of god you may meet her again where jesus is. There no death shall enter, no more parting at the river. Farewell sister, till we meet you at the river. G.B. Boman, pastor.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, March 30, 1916   

 IN MEMORY OF MISS SARAH M. EVANS Miss Sarah M. Evans passed away March the 9th. She was born in Troup County, Georgia May the 10th, 1840. Reared in Gwinnett County, Georgia. She spent her youngest days teaching school. She joined the Methodist church in early life and lived a consistent member until her death. She leaves three sisters and one brother: Mrs. M.L. Brown of Iron City, Ala.; Mrs. M.E. Black of Anniston, Ala.; Mrs. C.T. Chambers and Mr. J.M. Evans of Cleburne County, Alabama. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W.A. Mays of Heflin. The interment was at New Harmony church. " Asleep in jesus from thee thy kindred and their graves may be, But thine is still a blessed sleep, from which none ever wake to weep." Mrs. Mamie E. Woodward


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, April 8, 1920   

 IN MEMORY OF MRS. N.J. JOHNSON In memory of Mrs. N.J. Johnson who departed this life February 21, 1920 after a months' illness. Her death was one of falling asleep. She was born May 26, 1849, being 70 years, 10 months old and leaves 7 children to mourn her death. There are four sons and three girls. She was laid to rest in the cemetery at New Harmony beside her husband. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W.J. Campbell. She was a member of the Congregational Methodist church for about 55 years and lived a consecrated life and true christian until her death. She is gone but not forgotten by her relatives and many friends. She is one for whom many mourn but who also rejoice that her spirit rests with god for its keeper. A Friend.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, July 16, 1925   

J. B. HARLAN DIED SUNDAY J.B. Harlan, tax collector of Cleburne county, died at his home in Heflin on Sunday night at 10:30 o'clock of typhoid fever. Funeral services were held at New Harmony Baptist church, two miles south of Heflin Monday argernoon at 2:30 o'clock, being conducted by Rev. H.P. Amos and Rev. J.W. Grubbs, a life long friend of the deceased. A vast concourse of sorrowing friends and relatives attended the funeral. As a citizen Mr. Harlan as loyal and true; as an official he was considerate, kind and efficient, ready and willing at all times to render any service possible. He was prompt in all matters relating to the office and was very highly regarded by the officials at the State Capitol for the very satisfactory manner in which he conducted the affairs of his office, his whole heart was in his work and efficiency crowned his labor. Mr. Harlan was a member of the Missionary Baptist church and a member of the Woodman of the World. Men of Joe Harlan's type are always missed and we sorrow at his going away and in his death the town and county have lost a valued citizen whose place will be hard to fill. Mr. Harlan was 44 years of age and leaves a widow and four children: three small boys and one girl. Two sisters and three brother survive and are: Mrs. W.T. Howle, Heflin; Mrs. Henry Howle of Venus, Texas; James Harlan of Dalton GA; Sam Harlan of Anniston, and Ike Harlan of Cleburne. Active pall bearers were: W.F. Groover, Lee Haywood, M.A. Vickers, O.F. Staples, J. Fred Gurley, and J.M. Crumpton.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Saturday, November 21, 1908   

Mrs. Elvira Morhon, [SHOULD BE MAHAN]  formerly of this place, who has been in the Insane Asylum at Tuscaloosa for some time died there Monday and was brought to Heflin and interred Wednesday at New Harmony church yard, two miles south of town. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Pritchett. A large concourse of sympathizing friends were present at the funeral. Mrs. Morhon lived in Heflin many years and her life was characterized by many loving deeds of kindness and a typical christian character. The floral offering surpassed in profusion and beauty anything seen in years. A floral wreath composed of a beautiful assortment of cut flowers was placed upon the casket by friends in this town.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, June 18, 1914   

The eighteen months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harlan of Beason Mill, died Saturday morning about 8 o'clock from the effects of morphine taken twelve hours previous. The grandmother left a box of morphine tablets where the child accidentally found them. The grandparent stepped out of the room a moment wo where the parents were doing some chores and on her return she found the child with the box of tablets scattered on the floor. No one having seen the child procure the box knew whether or not it had swallowed any of the poison but within ten or fifteen minutes the effects of the drug could be ascertained. A physician was hurriedly called but to no avail. The body was interred at New Harmony church cemetery Saturday morning. Rev. G.B. Boman preached the funeral


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, September 4, 1915  

OLD CITIZEN PASSES AWAY Mr. Nat Johnson died suddenly at his home a few miles southeast of Heflin last Sunday. He had been in declining health for some time. The deceased was 73 years old and had been a resident of Cleburne county for many years. Mr. Johnson was a member of the Congregational Methodist Church at Smith's Chapel, was active in the interests of his church and of his master's kingdom, and his loved ones and friends, while sad because of his departure, rejoice in the consolation that he has only passed to the further better shore and entered into that life of happiness that comes to servants of the prince of peace. Mr. Johnson leaves a wife and several children, the latter as follows: Fred, Will R., John Wes and Steve Johnson; Mesdames John Cobb, Stacy Hayes, Lizzie and Eldora Dean. The burial was at New Harmony on Monday, the funeral services being conducted by Rev. J.R. Barker.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, July 29, 1920  

MRS. PEARL CHASE BURIED SUNDAY After an illness of three or four weeks, Mrs. Pearl Chase died at the home of her husband, Mr. B.D. Chase, near town Saturday morning at 6 o'clock. Mrs. Chase was the mother of four children, three of whom survive her, the youngest being only about eighteen months old. Mrs. Chase was a good christian woman and a member of the Southern Methodist church at New Harmony, and her body was laid to rest at that place Sunday morning at 9:30o'clock in the presence of a large concourse of neighbors and friends. The funeral services were conducted by Revs. W.M. Wade and J.T. Roberts. Before her marriage, Mrs. Chase was Miss Pearl Evans, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Evans, formerly of this county but now of Horton, Alabama. The News extends sincere sympathy to the bereaved ones.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, August 27, 1925

 MRS. CREWS DIED LAST WEDNESDAY Mrs. Crews, beloved wife of Amos Crews, died at her home on Wednesday of last week after an illness extending seven or eight months. Funeral and burial services occurred the following day at New Harmony and were in charge of Rev. Henry Haywood. Mrs. Crews before her marriage was Miss Lizzie Johnson and has many relatives in this section. Besides her husband she is survived by two small children. Sympathy is extended to the bereaved ones by The Cleburne News and a host of friends.


NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, April 5, 1928   

CHARLIE RUSK IS SHOT AND KILLED; Munroe Franklin, Brother-In-Law is alleged to have fired fatal bullet Charlie Rusk was shot Wednesday of last week in a field near his home. His brother-in-law, Monroe Franklin, former Anniston man, is sought as the slayer, according to Sheriff Rowell Franklin was still at large this morning. It is believed that the shooting was the culmination of some domestic trouble. A brother of the dead man and a brother of the alleged slayer were present when the shooting took place. A fifth man was also present but his name was not known by Sheriff Rowell. Rusk was shot in the right side of his chest and was killed almost instantly. Immediately after the shooting Franklin and his brother left the scene. Officers were called to investigate and a search was begun for the Franklin brothers. The first report was the the two men engaged in a heated argument while at work in a field and that Franklin felled Rusk with a hoe. The sheriff reported that a pistol was used in the fatal argument and Rusk was shot through the right breast dying almost instantly. Franklin fled immediately after the shooting and has not been apprehended although officers in adjoining Georgia and Alabama counties had been notified to be on the watch for him. Franklin and Rusk are said to have been renters on the Thrash farm at Riddle's Bridge. Both men are said to be married.


NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, April 18, 1929  

UNCLE TOM BRYANT PASSES "Uncle" Tom Bryant, 84 years old, Confederate soldier, died at his home a few miles south of Heflin on Friday night. Uncle Tom was wounded during the war from which he never fully recovered and was a great sufferer. Uncle Tom volunteered and joined the Confederate Army, going to the front, from near where he died. Besides the widow, two sons, John and Ed Bryant of north Alabama and three daughters, survive. Mr. Bryant was a member of the Missionary Baptist church being an active deacon until his health gave way. The funeral and burial services were held at New Harmony Sunday morning, Rev. F.M. Zaner, a life long friend, being in charge. Following Uncle Tom's death, only 15 old veterans remain on this side of the Great Divide. "Time, one by one, is paroling the Old Guard and soon the last of Lee's followers will whisper to his mates beyond the starlight, "I am coming boys, I am coming." " Fall no shadow, lies no stain,where those who meet shall part no more, and those long parted meet again."




ASHLEY, Mary Ella, Female   70 yrs old   DOD:  23 May 1937

Father:  James Bond born Al  Mother: Sally May born TN        DC # 1013


BONER, Julia(Ann), (nee: Townsend) 65 yrs old DOD:  27 Oct 1932   DC # 550


BRYANT, Ida (Ida Lou Virginia), Female 56 yrs old DOD 16 Nov 1933

Father:  Unk  (James Patrick Bonner) Mother:  Unk (Amanda Townsend)


COOK, James Ben, Male, 34 years old    DOD:  11 Mar 1928

Father:  Seymore Cook     Mother:  Ida Thompson


EVANS, Parson L.  Male 48 yrs old DOD: 1 Mar 1930

Father:  Matt J. Evans   Mother: Indiana (Indianna) Bedwell   DC # 260


HAYES, Elizabeth, Female 60 years old DOD:  17 June 1929

Father:  Robert Benefield   Mother: Amanda     DC # 196

HOLMES, Robert Lewis, Male 1 yr. 11 days DOD:  3 July 1931

Father:  Houston Holmes    Mother:  Jessie Evans   DC # 417

HOLMES, Stacie, 86 yrs. 9 mos old DOD:  23 Apr 1932       DC # 506


GLASGOW, J. T., Male 87 yrs. 7 mos. 21 day old born SC DOD: 17 Aug 1935 Father:  Thomas Glasgow born SC Mother:  Polly Bradford born SC   

DC # 831



HOLLAND, James, Male 4 mos. 2 days old   DOD:  12 Apr 1932

Father:  J. W. Holland    Mother:  Maude Prater         DC # 563


KITCHENS, Annie G.,  Female  32 yrs. 11 mos. 24 days DOD:  3 Jan 1937

Father: Frank Stephens born AL   Mother: Susie Allen born AL DC #1077


LUMPKIN, C. P.,  Male 57 yrs 2 mos. DOD:  16 Jul 1938

Father:  Homer Lumpkin   born AL   Mother:  Ira Buttram  born AL    DC # 1144


LUMPKIN, Ira E.,  72 yrs. 2 mos. 15 days old DOD:  5 Apr 1933           DC # 585


MANER, Infant,   Male    b/d   6 Apr 1929

Father:  S. T. Maner    Mother:  Annie Yarbrough   DC# 170


MANER, Infant,    Female     b/d 11 July 1930

Father:  Wm Curtis Maner born AL  Mother: Lillie Bell Denman  born AL   DC # 307


[Two children on one stone, Magdalene and Bobbie Owens, this is Mary Lee Owen according to her mother Nettie Jane Cheatwood Owen Howell]

OWEN, Mary Lee,   Female   2 yrs. 6 mos.   DOD:  30 May 1930

Father: Odus Owen    Mother: Nettie Cheatwood    DC # 290


PHILLIPS, Mauda, Female, 21 yrs. 6 mos.    DOD:  5 Feb 1917

Father:  Frank Stephens    Mother:  Susie Stephens [Allen]


RUSK, Charlie, Male 33 yrs old   DOD:  29 Mar 1928

Father:  Sam Rusk born AL Mother:  Susie Benefield     DC #3


TOLLESON, Essie, Female born AL 63 yrs 20 days old  DOD:  27 Jun 1933 Father:  John Ross  born SC Mother:  Nancy Goodwin  born AL    DC #


SPRAYBERRY, George W.,   Male   63 yrs. 5 mos.    DOD:  14 Sep 1928

Father:  John Sprayberry    M.  Unk         DC # 79


BLANTON, Annie Lorraine, DOD:  21 Feb 1969, DOB:  9 May 1968

Father:  Nathan Blanton, Mother:  Jane Presson

Grandparents:  Mr. & Mrs. Grady Blanton, and Mr. & Mrs. Harris C. Presson of Wakefield, Virginia



Marked with only initials G. T. B.

BONNER, Green Tom (Thomas, DOD:  9 July 1968 DOB:   1 Apr 1894

Father:  Jimmy Boner (James Patrick Bonner)Mother:  Mandy Townsel  (Amanda Townsend)


Funeral Home Marker

BONER, John Frank,  54 yrs  DOD  15 Sep 1964   DOB:  + - 1910

(Father:  John Jackson Bonner  Mother:  Elizabeth Rennie Chapman)


BOYD, Jane Elizabeth,   DOD:  30 Dec 1963  DOB:  6 Jan 1963

Mr & Mrs. Jackson Boyd


BRYANT, Ellen Mattie,  DOD:  20 Apr 1969  DOB:  1 Nov 1899

Father:  William Boner Mother:  Julia Ann Townsend

5 Daughters:  Lorena Easterwood of Delta, AL, Mrs. Lula Summerfield of Temple, GA, Mrs. Doris Dunn of Edwardsville, GA, Mrs. Lissie Benefield and Virginia (Sue) Bryant of Heflin, AL

2 Sons:  Gene Bryant of Detroit, MI, and Willard Bryant of Forest Park, GA. 3 Brothers:  Dave Boner, John Boner and Marvin Boner all of Heflin.


BUTLER, Steve Allen,  3 months  DOD:  9 Feb 1962  DOB:  22 Nov. 1961

Parents:  Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Deon Butler


COLLINS, Tom,   75 yrs  DOD:  18 Jul 1957  DOB:  4 July ??

Wife:  Georgia Collins, 5 dau. Mary Laymon, Anniston,  Dorothy Reaves, Anniston,  Bell Laymon, DeArmanville,  Lois Brimer, Heflin, Frances Brimer, Heflin.


COCHRAN, General Lee   DOD:  14 Jul 1965  DOB:  21 Jan 1886

Wife, Bulah, 3 sons, Forney, Garvis, Freeman, 2 daughters, Grace Morrison, Gladys McElroy


DEMPSEY, Richard Albert  DOD:  17 Aug 1957  DOB:  18 Jan ??

Father:  Alvin Dempsey  Mother:  Sis Beason


GLASGOW, Oleander Walter, 85 yrs  DOD:  9 Feb 1958  DOB:  9 Mar 1872

Father: James Glasgow Mother:  Elisa Wallace, 1 bro. A. H. Glasgow, 2 sis.  India Anna Glasgow, Lorena Harlan


GLASGOW, Americus Houston,  87 yrs   DOD:  13 Feb 1958  DOB:  31 Jul 1870  born AL


GLASGOW, India Anna,  85 yrs  DOD:  9 Feb 1964  DOB:  17 Jun 1878

Father:  James Glasgow   Mother:  Eliza Wallace


HARRIS, Arthur Absalom,  DOD: 13 Oct 1969 DOB:  17 Sep 1887

Father:  W. R. Harris Mother:  Julie Cobb


HOLT, James William, DOD:  8 Dec 1969 DOB: 15 Mar 1899

Father:  Jim Holt Mother:  Mary Jane Measles


JOHNSON, Cora Lee, DOD:  2 Apr 1963 DOB:  23 Dec 1897

Husband:  T. J. Johnson, 3 sons Almos Godwin, Greenville, AL, Raymond

Godwin, Chapman, AL, James B. Strickland, Jacksonville, AL, 3 brothers, George Ingram, Robert Ingram, Manor Ingram, 2 sisters, Ola Golden, Bremen, GA, Ruth Brown, Wedowee


JOHNSON, Ellen Leona, 63 yrs   DOD:  4 Mar 1958 DOB:  2 Feb??

Father:  Ellec Vise  



LAYMONS, John Anderson, 78 yrs DOD:  29 Mar 1957 DOB:  3 Jan??  born TN Buried New Harmony   Wife:  Emma Laymons, 3 daus.  Lillie Swancey, Rhoda Turner, Nell Brown, 3 sons Tom Laymons, Wakefield Laymons, Lonnie Laymons


LUMPKIN, Leonard Homer, DOD:  25 Aug 1968 DOB:  8 Aug 1888

Father Homer L. Lumpkin Mother:  Ira Buttram


LUMPKIN,Texie Othello, DOD:  2 Jul 1968 DOB:  9 May 1906

Father:  Henry Lee Norton Mother:  Lavia Edwards

4 Daus:  Alberta Skinner,  Syble Cochran, Mary Joe Brown and Helen Brown all of Heflin 1 Son:  William Earle Lumpkin of Gadsden

2 Sisters:  Estelle Jones and Malene Webb of Heflin

2 Brothers:  Grady Norton of Montgomery and Horace Norton of Birmingham


LUMPKIN, Virgil Lee,  60 yrs.  DOD:  18 Jul 1957  DOB:  9 Oct ??

Father:  Lee Lumpkin, Mother: Ira Buttram


MC CARLEY, Horace Luverne,  DOD:  16 Aug 1965  DOB:  3 Aug 1948

(Father:  William S. McCarley  Mother:  Alma Trantham)


MORAN, Nancy Leola, DOD:  10 Jan 1970 DOB:  2 Apr 1889

Father:  Alfred Smith Mother:  Sarah Jane Thompson


MOLAN (MORELAND) Mrs. Fannie, DOD: 3 Feb 1970  DOB: 8 May 1888

Father:  John Bundrum (John Lewis Bondurant, buried in Saline Arkansas) Mother:  Martha Frances Taylor


MOLAN (MORELAND), Pearl, DOD:  13 Mar 1969, DOB:  8 Oct 1922

Father:  Jeff McDaniel  Mother:  Mary Jane Bryant


MOORE, Charlie Green

DOD:  18 Jan 1966 Born TN DOB:  27 Mar 1916

Father:  N. B. Moore Mother:  Mary Ann Baird

4 sons:  J. C. Moore of Tennessee, William Moore of Indiana, Randall Lee Moore of Ohio 3 daus:  Charlene Daughtery, Lillia Buzzo and Mary White all of Ohio 2 brothers:  John Moore, Auburn Moore 1 sister:  Mrs. Alene Williams


MOORE, Joseph O.,  DOD:  2 Nov 1963 DOB:  1944

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Moore


NICHOLS, Bell, 78 yrs DOD:  13 Jan 1958 DOB:  28 Apr ??

Husband: James L. Nichols, 1 son J. E. Nichols, 1 dau. Eloise Nichols

Father:  Milton Johnson   Mother:  Susie Bradford


NORTON, James Arthur, DOD:  1 Jan 1970 DOB:  2 Apr 1894

Father:  James Washington Norton   Mother:  Martha C Groover


OWENS, Clarence James,  DOD:  15 Aug 1965 DOB:  14 Jan 1949

(Father:  Claud Owen Mother:  Reba Trantham)


PARRIS, Elijah Joseph,   DOD:  10 Mar 1970 DOB:  27 Feb 1886

Father:  Nathaniel Parris Mother:  Sarah ?


PARRIS, Millie Frances,  52 yrs DOD:  11 Sep 1962 DOB:  18 Aug, 1910

Father:  E. J. Parris


PARRIS, Mabel Nichols Key, 51 yrs  DOD:  4 Nov 1962  DOB:  12 Dec 1912

1 son Samuel J. Key, Heflin, Mother, Lizzie Nichols, Oxford, 2 brothrs, Emory Nichols, Truman Nichols,  5 sisters, Myrtice Trantham, Ruth Dean, Fairfield, AL, Levy Key, Anniston, Louise Denham, Oxford, Ruby Pritchett, Oxford. and 3 grandchildren.  (Lizzie Nichols mother named above is step-mother, birth mother was Levie Boner)


PATTERSON, Norbon Murray,  DOD:  8 Jun 1963 DOB:  14 Sep 1894

Father:  Charlie Patterson   Mother:  UNK


RAY, Lillian,  DOD:  23 Feb 1966 DOB:  19 Sep 1901

Husband- William Ray 3 Sons:  Odell, James and Zekial James of South Carolina and Odis James of Cropwell, AL, 1 Brother:  Charlie L. Moore of Heflin


SMITH, Willis Ervin, DOD:  20 Aug 1966 DOB:  11 Nov 1900

Father:  Jeff Smith Mother:  Susan Price

Wife:  Ruby Smith 2 daus: Miss Mary Smith of Heflin, and Mrs. Bernice Derring of Tallapoosa, GA 4 Sons:  Henry Smith, Robert Smith, Ervin Smith and Jack Smith all of Heflin, 3 Brothers:  Colombus Smith, Herman Smith, Johnny Smith all of Birmingham, AL4 Sisters:  Mrs. Mildred Tucker of Clay, Mrs. Della Bradshaw, Mrs. Annie Lou Crouch, and Mrs. Hallie Crouch all of Birmingham, AL.


SPRAYBERRY, Dewey Dewit,   DOD:  12 Feb 1963 DOB:  13 Feb 1898


SPRAYBERRY, Dewey Edward,  DOD:  14 Aug 1958 Place of Death:  Great Lakes Naval Station Wife:  Barbara


SWAFFORD, Henry H.,  DOD:  10 Nov, 1967, DOB:  20 Oct 1876

Father:  Jeff Swafford, Mother:  Mattie Jackson

Wife:  Etta Swafford of Heflin,3 Daus:  Mrs. Henry Diggs of Alexandria, Mrs. A. A. Harris and Elva Robinson of Heflin 1 Brother:  Dave Swafford of Gadsden 


SHEALY, Pamela Joyce, DOD:  31 Aug 1965

Father:  Jerry Shealy Mother: Joyce?


SMITH, Robert Lee Smith, DOD: 8 June 1968 DOB: 11 Nov 1921?  (age: 47)

Father:  James Martin Smith Mother:  Roda C. Wade


SPRAYBERRY,  Ora Lee,  DOD:  11 May 1969 DOB:  May 1902?  age: 67

2 Dau.  Othine Lamb of Heflin, Evelyn Williams of Heflin,

2 Step Dau.:  Mrs. Betty Thompson, and Peggy Williams of Cullman,

3 Sisters:  Mrs. Retha Johnson of Birmingham, Mary Riddle and Jessie Gossage of Heflin, AL 1 Brothr:  Johnny Jones


SPRAYBERRY, Fannie Pearl, DOD:  8 Nov 1968 DOB:  5 Feb 1905

Father:  G. W. Riddle Mother:  Martha Smith


THOMPSON,  Myrtle Lee, DOD: 22 July 1968 DOB:   10 Apr 1894

Father:  Bill Walton Mother:  Antoria Teague

Husband:  P. P. Thompson 7 Daughters:  Mrs. Pauline Waldrop of Tallapoosa GA, Grace Daugherty of Bremen GA, Ester Taylor of Heflin, Velma Cosper of Wedowee (the obituary was torn here)


Marked as Frank Trantham

TRANTHAM, Joseph Franklin, DOD:  11 Oct 1965   DOB:  13 April 1912

Wife:  Mytrice  3 sons Billy, Wayne, James, 3 daughters, Toni Bearden, Jean Trantham, Gale Trantham


TURNER, Cora Bell,   DOD:  8 Jul 1969 DOB: 24 Mar 1881

Father:  Jim W. Williamson  Mother:  Margaret Moore

4 Sons:  Homer Turner and Sam Turner of Heflin, Grady Turner of Tifton, GA, Edward Turner of Anniston 3 Daughters:  Mrs. Louis Angel, Mrs. Della Holcombe, Mrs. Keffer Holman of Heflin, AL 2 Brothers:  J. F. Williamson of Weaver, AL and H. W. Williamson of Ft. Payne, AL


WAITES, Alice A.,  DOD:  28 Jan 1969 DOB:  21 Jan 1881

Father:  Green Cofield  Mother:  Mary Cofield


Marked with no dates on tombstone

WAITES, Cecil Clarence, DOD:  29 July 1966 DOB:  12 July 1911

Residence at death:  Shreveport, LA 1 son:  Harold Waites of Eau Gullie, FL 3 Daus:  Mrs. Margaret Lavender and Mrs. Lula Denmark of Jacksonville, FL and Alice Waites of Lineville, AL

5 Brothers:  Leroy Waites, Robert Waites, Johnny Waites, Willard Waites, Herschel Waites 1 Sister:  Mrs. Ruby Bryant


WAITES, Walter Matthew,  85 yrs.  DOD:  23 Apr 1963  DOB:  19 Jan 1878

Wife:  Alice Waites, 1 daughter, Ruby Bryant,  6 sons, Willard, Robert, Leroy, Herschel, Johnny, Cecil.  Father, John Waites  Mother:  Martha ?


ZANER, Matilda Malizse,  94 yrs.  DOD:  16 Mar 1962 DOB:  26 Apr 1862

1 Sister, Sue Beason,  2 bro.  A. B. Thrower, Tom Thrower, 3 dau.  Lavora Teague, Mary White, Ida Lumpkin, 3 sons V. L. Zaner, L. B. Zaner, Vester McElroy


JACKS, Tony Lon,   Infant

27 Jul 1970  28 Jul 1970

Father:  Joe Earl Jacks

Mother:  Elizabeth Ann Bonner



11 May 1904 - Aug 1970

Father:  Robert Cook

Mother:  Elnore Rankins


BROWN, Mollie Odesser

22 Jul 1902 - 11 Sep 1972

Father:  John Wood

Mother:  Ester Busby

Husband:  E. F. Brown

2 Dau:  Audrey Watson, Wedowee, Louella Halpin, Heflin

2 Sons:  Louis Brown-Anniston, William Brown-Heflin


FAULKNER, Arthur Yates 

28 Mar 1908 - 13 Sep 1970

Father John Faulkner

Mother: Parley Turner

Wife:  Ida Faulkner-Heflin

1 Dau Betty Turner-Heflin

1 Son: Howard J. Faulkner-Weaver

1 Sister: Audry Massey-Haines City, FL

2 Brothers:  Davis Faulkner-Heflin, Oscar Faulkner- Anniston


ELLIOT, Nellie Kathleen

15 Oct 1932 - 5 Oct 1970

Father:  S. M. McCord

Mother:  Anna Cheatwood


Funeral Home Marker


3 Aug 1908 - 16 Oct 1970

Father:  Bill Measles

Mother:  Ronie Tims


BROWN, Edwin Frank    born Bremen, GA

25 Dec 1887 - 6 Nov 1970

Father:  Burrell or Russell Brown  

Mother: UNK


1,348,471 PVT CO 14 Dev BN Camp Wheeler, GA

28 yrs of age brown eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, 5' 10" tall Signed by J. O. Seamans and Major Cavaly USA

Inducted Nov 3, 1917 at Heflin, AL, Farmer, Single .


FAULKNER, John Davis   born AL

3 Sep 1906 - 8 Jun 1971

Father John Faulkner

Mother:  Parlee Turner


BONNER, Arlin Amon   born AL   

2 Feb 1934 - 10 Jun 1971

Father:  John Jackson Bonner

Mother:  Missouri Pruitt


BROWN, Emory E.  born AL

9 Nov 1905 - 20 Jul 1971

Father:  A. J. Brown

Mother:  Mazzie or Maggie Burgess

Wife:  Eunice Harlan


NICHOLS, Mary Lizzie    born AL

18 Jul 1900 - 21 Feb 1972

Father:  Charlie Lee Smith

Mother:  Jane Cheatwood


JONES, Bessie  born AL

1 Jul 1894 -- 15 Apr 1972

Father:  John Ross

Mother:  Lee Teague


BONNER, Vela Mae   born (Morgan Co). AL   

28 Dec 1927 - 23 Aug 1972

Father:  [James] Arthur Knighten  (buried Winston Co.)

Mother:  [Elsie]  Inez Molan /(Moreland)  (buried Cullman Co.)


PIKE, Thurston    born AL

12 Sep 1911 - 16 Jan 1973

Father:  Columbus Pike

Mother:  Kirbie or Kirksie Lee


PATTERSON, Murray or Maury Eugene    born AL

3 Jan 195? - 29 Jul 1973

Father:  Norman Murray / Maury Patterson

Mother:  Lula Mae Cotton

Hit by train, railroad paid for funeral


MOORE, Velma Myrtle 

?  ?  ?  - 27 Jul 1974

Father:  Lige Parris

Mother:  Mary Smith


RAY, Ruby Mabell    born AL

1 Jan 1917 - 6 Sep 1974

Father:  Robert Cotton

Mother:  Nancy Measles


RIDDLE, Thomas Jefferson    born ALl

30 May 1885 - 21 Mar 1975

Father:  William A. Riddle

Mother:  Teresa  (whoever wrote it) Wasson (it may be Watson)


TAYLOR, Willa Dean    born AL

25 Apr 1941  - 22 Mar 1975

Father:  William Elbert "Pete" Howell

Mother:  Nettie (Jane) Cheatwood

Died in Fayetteville, NC, her husband was in military


BARKER, Stacy    born AL

1 Jun 1894  -  25 Jun 1975

Father:  George Sprayberry

Mother:  Lou ?


BROWN, John Frank    born AL

17 M 1952 - 30 Aug 1975

Father:  Charlie Will Brown

Mother:  Audrey ?


PHILLIPS, John    born AL

20 Jan 1895 - 7 Apr 1976

Father:  John Phillips

Mother:  Sally Wildman


Handmade tombstone, difficult to read

BRIMER, DeRoy    born AL

24 Jul 1932 - 26 Jul 1976 died in Ferndale, Michigan

Father:  Harrison Brimer

Mother:  Mildred Boswell

wife:  Ida ?


GOSSAGE, Pledger    born AL

18 Feb 1933 - 4 Nov 1976  died in Riverdale GA

Father:  John Frank Gossage

Mother: Jessie Mae Jones

Korean Veteran


LUMPKIN, Ida Naomi   born AL

12 Nov 1899 - 6 Nov 1976

Father:  F. M. Zaner

Mother:  Matilda Thrower  


TAYLOR, William Alston    born AL

1 Jul 1900 - 21 May 1977

Father:  William Noel Taylor

Mother:  Della Thompson


OWEN, Bradley Wayne   born AL

26 Feb 1976 - 10 Jun 1977

Father:  Kenneth Wayne Owen

Mother:  Jane Manner / Maner Owen


LUMPKIN, Lucy Fanny    born AL

1 May 1903 - 10 Mar 1978

Father:  Bill Jones

Mother:  Lela Sims


MOORE, Radis Lewis    born AL

19 Nov 1939 - 17 Apr 1978

Father:  Clarence Moore

Mother:  Myrtle Parris


RIDDLE, Hoyt Lewis    Born AL

28 Jul 1918 - 27 Sep 1978

Father:  Thomas Jefferson Riddle

Mother:  Osa or Dea Noles



THOMPSON, Glenn   born AL

15 Dec 1923 - 27 Oct 1978

Father:  Perno Thompson

Mother:  Myrtle Walton


HOLT, Martin Henry    born AL

22 Jun 1919 - 9 Jan 1979

Father:  James H. Holt

Mother:  Mary Jane Measles


THOMPSON, Perno Perry    born AL

11 Feb 1890 - 23 Feb 1979

Father:  Jim Thompson

Mother:  Molly Hayes


Funeral Home Marker

MITCHELL, Pearlie Mae    born AL

24 Aug 1911 - 26 Mar 1979 

Father:  James Henry Holt

Mother:  Mary Jane Measles


RIDDLE, Annie Lou    born AL

24 Mar 1911 - 5 Jan 1980

Father:  T. J. Riddle

Mother:  Ora Lee Noles


Funeral Home Marker now missing

BROWN, Ella E.    born AL (nee: Henry)

11 Sep 1891 - 18 May 1980

Father:  Andrew Jackson Henry

Mother:  Bridgette Elizabeth Bonner


[Andrew Jackson Henry and Bridgette Elizabeth Bonar/Bonner are buried at Crossroads as is most of their family, with the exception of the Payne descendants.  Andrew Jackson Henry was the grandson of William A. Henry and Sarah C. Ragsdale.  His parents were Jasper Henry and Mahala Warren.  One of Jasper and Mahala "Haly" Henry's sons, Francis Marion Henry and a brother to Andrew Jackson Henry married Susan Thrower after her first husband J. R. Davies died.  F. M. and Susan took Mahala Warren with them when they moved to Leake County Mississippi and that is where Mahala Warren Henry, F. M. Henry and Susan Thrower Davies Henry are buried.  Bridgett Elizabeth Bonar/Bonner was sister of  William Bonar/Bonner, and daughter of Sarah Keller Bonar who buried at New Harmony]


HOLT, Jettie Mae    born AL

10 Oct 1888 - 29 Oct 1980

Father:  Jesse Moran

Mother:  Nora Ballard


JONES, Homer V.    born AL

7 Mar 1892 - 3 Jun 1981

Father: Bill Jones

Mother: Lelia Sims


Marked as Delia Evans

Evans, Mary Cordelia   age 103

DOB:  7 Apr 1879 

DOD:  25 Nov 1982

Father:  George Washington Vaughn

Mother:  Margaret Elizabeth Carmichael