Will of John Bagget McInnis


Submitted by Betty McKeller Childree, Bchildree@aol.com , JUL 2005

The will of John Bagget Mcinnis in Clayton courthouse dated 31 July 1862 State of Alabama Barbour County Reads:

In the name of God amen. I John B McInnis of said county being of sound mind and ordinary health but remembering that all must die and being especially desirous of making provisions for my niece Matilda Currie who since the death of my wife has served me in the capacity of housekeeper, do make and ordain this my last will and testament.
Item # 1 I direct that my debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my estate.
Item # 2 I give to my sister Effy Dawkins $25 and like sum to my sister Nancy McLean and like sum to my sister in law Jane McInnis and the same amount to my sister Sarah McKeller.
Item # 3 I give to my niece Jane Danford the tract of land known as the Frank Miles place containing about 240 acres.
Item # 3 see the balance of my estate belonging to me at my death both real and personal and weather now owned or hearafter acquired including lands and slaves and every other right and interest ot thing I give to my beloved niece Matilda Currie above mentioned absoulubley forever.
Item # 4 I nominate and appoint my said niece Matilda Currie to be sole executor of this my last will and testament hereby revolking all such herefore made.
Witness my hand and seal this 31st day of July AD 1862 on which day I subscribe this, declaring and publishing the same to be my last will and testament in present of the witnesses Thomas J Gregory, alex M McKennon, and Jefferson Bufford who at my request has signed the the same as witnessess in my presence and in the presense of each other.

[I made a copy of this will several years ago and this is the only
part of it that is readable today. The writing has faded to the point
that you cannot read it. I went back to the courthouse several months
ago and was able to make out this part of the will: These were also
named as heirs: the children of Hector McInnis, deceased, a brother
of John B McInnis, children--Peter McInnis, Malcolm McInnis,
Catherine McInnis, Jane McInnis, and Margaret McInnis, and also in
one section I could make out that sister Nancy McLean reside in
Richmond county NC] Betty McKeller Childree



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