Macon County, Alabama Cemeteries Page

Antioch United Methodist Church Cemetery

Contributed by E. Thompson , SEP 2001 

Located in Notasulga, Macon County, AL 
Partial listing 

Baker, Albert M., 27 May 1918, 9 Dec 1980 
Baker, Dorothy Adcock (wife of Winston Eugene Baker), 19 Oct 1915, c 1995, Married Feb 16 1936 
Baker, George Homer, 1 Nov 1886, 17 Sep 1970 
Baker, Winston Eugene, 28 Jun 1914, 13 Jul 1986 
Evans, Burke N., 27 Jun 1881, 9 Feb 1949 
Evans, Eva Deas, 23 Feb 1893, 17 May 1945 
Evans, Ida M., c1859, c1942, unreadable 
Evans, J. N., 1859, 1929, Asleep in Jesus 
Evans, Mollie F., 23 Mar 1875, 21 Feb 1948 
Hopper, Virgil E., 6 May 1898, 17 Mar 1932
Patillo, Charles L., 18 Jan 1893, 7 Jan 1972 
Taylor, Albert Nolan, 1851, 1922 
Taylor, Rev. Earl Chappel, 1887, 1912 
Taylor, Jessie, 5 Sep1922, 24 Mar 1926, In heaven there is one angel more 
Taylor, Martha Ann Nolan, 1855, 1916 
Taylor, Walter Nolen, 19 Mar 1882, 15 Dec 1964 
Taylor, Willie Evans, 28 Sep 1883, 15 Jan 1951 
Walters, Chattman Weldon, 1 Aug 1900, 8 Jan 1974

Notasulga City Cemetery
Notasulga, AL

Contributed by: Rodney Wilkerson, SEP 2001

Addison, I.D. (Doss), b. 10/16/1883, d. 08/02/1964, s/w Thelma, 
Addison, Thelma Wilkerson, b. 12/255/1891, d. 09/10/1971, w/o I.D. (Doss) Addison, 
Wilkerson, H. C., b. 1885, d. 1935, s/by Hebert C, 
Wilkerson, Hebert C., b. Sep 1917, d. Oct 1917, s/by H.C., 
Wilkerson, Lieutenant Alfred b. 3/7/1916, d. 06/12/1942, Pilot Wings (Army Air Corp), Lost his Life in the Performance of Duty, s/by Zilpah & Robert, 
Wilkerson, Lucy T., b.1854, d. 1922, s/by Robert B, Father, 
Wilkerson, Robert B., b.1885, d. 1923, s/by Lucy, Mother, 
Wilkerson, Robert L, b. 12/23/1881, d. 03/17/1970, s/by Alfred and Zilpah, 
Wilkerson, Zilpah J. b. 03/02/1885, d. 10/06/1964, s/by Alfred & Robert, 

This cemetery is located at a small, white, wooden church, which bears no sign on Hwy 14 ¼ mile East of the Junction with Macon County Rd 35/Hwy 199 South, just East of mile marker 201 in Macon County, Alabama near the Tallapoosa/Macon county line. Compiled 14 AUG 1997 by Lisa R. Franklin RN


CLARK, Moses 22 OCT 1899-14 ??? 1971

COLLINS, Rose 24 MAR 1909-02 OCT 1993 (metal placard)

COOPER, Pauline d.03 FEB 1966 (only date)

COOPER, Mary Lee d.03 APR 1957 (only date)

DRAY, Elm T. 13 MAY 1873-10 NOV 1957

GRAHAM, Christopher “Pat” 03 SEP 1938-20 NOV 1938

GRAHAM, Andie? W. 26 AUG 1952-07 FEB 1975 (metal placard)

GRAHAM, Andy 11 SEP 1917-02 MAY 1978 (metal placard)

GRAY, Adell 24 DEC 1915-22 NOV 1986

GRAY, Williams 16 JAN 1920-04 MAY 1983 (metal placard)

GRAY, Dezzie 20 OCT 1897-25?, JUN 1949 (metal placard)

HARDY?, Francis Jankins 1899-03 DEC 1976(metal placard)

HOLLEY, Mary ?? APR 190?-07 JUN 199? (metal placard)

HOLLEY, Nathan ?? JUN 1905-26 DEC 1977 (metal placard)

JAMES, Jessie PVT US ARMY WWI 1900-1984

JAMES, Booker H. 30 JAN 1916-02 APR 1967

JOHNSON, Jeffie 23 NOV 1907-09 SEP 1994

JOHNSON, Vander 01 JAN 1904-04 DEC 1992

KELLY, Bessie A. 16 NOV 1919-23 OCT 1984 (metal placard)

KELLY, Marvin 09 JUN 1934-19 MAR 1971 (metal placard)

KELLY, Nancy J. 15 DEC 1894-19 OCT 1965

KELLY?, Richard 12 APR 1871?-19 APR 1957

KINSEY, Ethel 17 JUN 1905-12 JAN 1958

McGEE, Albert Homer 15 APR 1972 age 61 years (metal placard) (only date)

MITCHELL, Mrs. Mariah 04 AUG 1908-01 OCT 1993 (metal placard)

MORGAN, Sammie/Sommie? Lee 11 FEB 1906-01 FEB 1993 (metal placard)

MORGAN, Samuel Lee Sr. US ARMY 01 JAN 1949-15 APR 1995

MORGAN, John T. 23 JUL 1924-14 DEC 1963

MORGAN, Mandy 04 MAR 1879-11 JUL 1950

MORGAN, Elder L.N. 04 AUG 1877-30 NOV 1962

MORGAN, Woodrow 25 DEC 1923-?? MAR 1962?

MORGAN, Elmore Sr. US ARMY WWII 02 FEB 1921-01 NOV 1996

MOSS, Virgin M. 01 JAN 1901-21 MAY 1974

MOSS, Lucile M. 15 JUL 1905-04 APR 1987

MOSS, Elder B.J. 04 APR 1910-13 AUG 1989

MOSS, Bonay B. 1875-1960

MOSS, Ella 17 NOV 1876-13 DEC 1971

MOSS, Luther H. 06 MAY 1912-06 DEC 1973

MOSS, Cluster B. 17 APR 1910-03 OCT 1984 US NAVY

MURK, Maud 03 OCT 1892-23 OCT 1957 (metal placard)

MYHAND, Bonnie 11 JAN 1906-12 DEC !943

PARKER, Ronald 13 JAN 1965-25 FEB 1996

POLLARD, Jane Olivia 17 DEC 1886-10 JAN 1984

RAY, Mary Ella 15 JUN 1873-18 FEB 1971

ROBINSON, Hattie 25 DEC 1877-12 JAN 1949

ROBINSON, Richard 25 DEC 1881-08 FEB 1933

ROBINSON, Mamie 25 ??? 1865-31 ??? 1978 (metal placard, worn and hard to read)

ROBINSON, Willie J. AL PFC US ARMY WWII 07 MAR 1923-27 MAR 1971

ROBINSON, Sandy D. 13 FEB 1929-20 DEC 1954 (metal placard)

ROBINSON, John D. ?? SEP 1927-?? NOV 19?? (metal placard, hard to read)

ROWELL, Conatee 08 NOV 1912-03 JUL 1978 (metal placard)

SHEARS, Mary 28 MAY 1879-29 NOV 1944

SIMPSON, Samuel US ARMY WWII 10 JUN 1917-17 NOV 1996

SIMPSON, Samuel Sr. 09 AUG 1891-26 JUN 1986

SIMPSON, Annie M. 10 AUG 1892-10 AUG 1950

SIMPSON?, Thoephilus “Son” (no surname on marker, however it is located in the SIMPSON plot) b&d 23 JUN 1958

SMITH, Beulah 04 MAR 1901-05 APR 1974

STRICKLAND, Mrs. Willie 03 SEP 1923-12 FEB 1993 (metal placard)

WALKER, Tenny? 08 JUL 1885-29 MAR 195? (metal placard)

WALKER?, Pearlie 07 DEC 1898-15 JUL 1975 (metal placard)

WARE, Jessie 17 AUG 1904-19 JAN 1994

YARBROUGH, Mark 14 MAR 1892-22 AUG 1964

**several illegible metal placards as well as several unmarked graves are also located in this cemetery. Nearly all of the metal placards were designated as being from McKenzie Funeral Home, which is located on Notasulga Road in Tuskegee, Alabama (Macon County).

Primitive Baptist Church Bethlehem Cemetery

Notasulga, Alabama (Macon County)  PARTIAL LISTING

Compiled & contributed by: Rodney Wilkerson,


The following is a listing Wilkerson Family graves located in the Primitive Church Bethlehem Cemetery just out side of Notasulga, Alabama.  Compiled by Rodney B. Wilkerson and Karen Wilkerson Robinson.

Questions concerning this registration may be directed to:

Rodney B. Wilkerson 	334 683-2527	Email

The cemetery is located 1 mile west of Notasulga, Alabama (Macon County) on Alabama State highway 14.   It can be further identified by a granite monument  in front that reads in part.  Across from this monument was located the old Premitive Baptist Church Bethlehem which existed from 1860 - 1942.  And a red arrow point to the location across the street to the old church.

Now that you have your bearings, listed below are graves I document on the Wilkerson Family on 12/21/1997.

Located on the east side of the cemetery  (old section) you will find a series of graves in line with the same type concrete slabs covering them, possibly a Wilkerson Family Plot.  Some of the grave are unidentifiable.  Most are readable.

Row Four:
Left to Right looking to the west from the east side of the cemetery the graves are arranged in this order.

1.   Marker:  	Name					Marker Inscription
		Mrs. H.R. Wilkerson			Mrs. H.R. Wilkerson
							Erected 1963 by great-grand children
							of MS
Note: I believe this to be the grave of Elizabeth Rencad Wilkerson wife of Henry Clinton Wilkerson

2.   Marker:	Henry C. Wilkerson			Born 2-8-1812
							Died 1-21-1863
							Grave  marker has a Masonic Emblem
							Inscribed with "In Memory of My Father"
							Foot marker Inscribed HCW
Note:  The marker for Henry C. Wilkerson is broken and lays flat across the length of the grave.

3.    Marker:	Unreadable
4.  Marker:	Unreadable
5.  Marker:	Martha E. Wilkerson			Born 10-10-1858
							Died 09-08-1930
							Inscribed, Mother
6.  Marker:	J. Thomas Wilkerson			Born 08-27-1860
							Died 04-03-1935
							Inscribed, Father
Row Three:

1.  Marker: 	Mary Frances Robertson			Born 0308-1855
							Died 12-22-1861
							Inscribed, Daughter of ???? Robertson
Note:  ??? is believed to be  a grandchild of Henry C. Wilkerson from his only daughter Mary J. (I) Wilkerson who married William M. Robertson (Robinson)  This grave is located at the foot of Henry C. Wilkerson.  It is also located almost directly under the two unreadable grave from row four.  Those graves may possibly be William M. Robertson, and Mary J.(I) Wilkerson, but unconfirmed at this time

2.  Marker:	Virginia Samantha Robertson		Born: unreadable
							Died: Unreadable
							Inscribed, Daughter of ???Robertson
Note:  ??? is believed also to be  a grandchild of Henry C. Wilkerson from his only daughter Mary J. (I) Wilkerson who married William M. Robertson (Robinson)  This grave is also located at the foot of Henry C. Wilkerson.  It is also located almost directly under the two unreadable grave from row four.  Those graves may possibly be William M. Robertson, and Mary J.(I) Wilkerson, but unconfirmed at this time.

3.  Marker:	R. Marvin Wilkerson			Born 06-19-1890
							Died 06-25-1935
							Inscribed,  R. Marvin Wilkerson
4.  Marker	Lonnie T. Wilkerson			Born 02-08-1885
							Died 08-24-1966
5.  Empty Space

6.  Marker:	I. W. "Seaf" Wilkerson			Born 03-09-1858
							Died 08-16-1949
							Inscribed, I.W "Seaf" Wilkerson

Also located in the cemetery , from the west side, Row Two

1.  Marker:	Lola Estell				Lula Estell
							Born 02-16-1887
							Died 06-16-1887
							Inscribed, Daughter of JA & AW Wilkerson
							Asleep in Jesus
2.  Marker:	Johnnie A. Hutchens			Born 11-27-1853
							Died 1-11-1929
							Inscribed, Johnnie A. Hutchens
3.  Marker:	Alice W. Hutchens			Born 07-24-1865
							Died 10-13-1929
Note:  Alice W. Hutchens is the daughter of Dr. William Harrison Wilkerson, son of Henry C. Wilkerson, Her name was Clarenza Alice Wilkerson Hutchens

4.  Marker:	Lucy Hutchens				Born 10-04-1899
							Died 01-08-1975
Note:  This is the grave of Lucinda Helen Hutchens, daughter of Johnnie A. and Alice W. Hutchens,  Grand daughter of Dr. William Harrison Wilkerson and Lucinda Ursula Hammack, great grand daughter or Henry C. Wilkerson, and Elizabeth Rencad Wilkerson.

5.  Marker:	Nancy Armenda Hutchens			Born 07-15-1834
							Died 10-01-1898
							Inscribed, A Christian from Childhood
Note:  This is probably Johnnie  A. Hutchens Mother.  Not father or husband to Nancy Armenda Hutchens was found.


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