Last Will & Testament of
Benejah Saxon of
Tallapoosa County, AL


Submitted by Cheryl Hughes, SEP 2005

State of Alabama
Tallapoosa County
I Benejah Saxon of the State and County aforesaid do make and ordain this my last will
and Testament in manner and form following to wit -- I give to my beloved children namely
Davis Saxon, William Saxon, Nancy Moffitt, Benjamin Saxon, Mary Saxon and Francis Saxon
my estate to be equally divided among them after my just debts are paid and it is my will
and wish that Jordan Landers (Sanders) and Hezekiah Shirley shall execute a title to
Samuel Saxon, John Saxon, Anthony Saxon, and William Saxon the Heirs of my Brother
Archelaus Saxon to the half Section of Land that Archelaus Saxon now resides on when a
certain amount of money is paid for said Land according to contract titles to be executed
to said Heirs of Archelaus Saxon and I Benejah Saxon do hereby constitute and appoint
Jordan Sanders and Hezekiah Shirley of the State aforesaid and County of Chanbers my true
and lawful attorneys for now and in my name______________my use and benefits to ask
demand sue for recover and receive moneys titles to lands and other effects belonging to
my estate and the said Jordan Sanders and Hezekiah Shirley my true and lawful attorneys
is hereby authorized to use and take all lawful ways and means on winding up my estate
and settling with my before mentioned Heirs equally among them after all my just expenses
are paid as though I were alive and personally present also to execute titles to the
within named Heirs of Archelaus Saxon for the half section of land they now reside on
when all ______________ are paid. And whatever my said attorneys shall do or cause to be
done in and about my estate I desire it shall be satisfactory to all parties concerned -
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 28 of October AD 1849

In the Presence of Zadock Moore Benejah Saxon
Samuel Swint (seal)
John Wheeles - JP

The foregoing will proven in open court by the subscribing witnesses and orders of record
22 November 1849


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