Lawrence County, Alabama Marriages 1818-1989

NOTE: The file, contributed by Ray Pennington, can be easily understood and viewed as .txt file, however, Ray's original instructions for converting it to a spreadsheet follow. The file has been zipped (.zip)--use PKZip to decompress into original .txt file.

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This file is from my Lawrence County, Alabama marriage data base. This file is being uploaded as a text file. The file is setup to be pasted into a spreadsheet.

Save the file from the internet; remove any htm symbols from the file and change type size to 1o (there is programs on the internet that can be downloaded that will remove these symbols). After symbols have been removed and type size changed to 10 copy and paste as follows:

To paste this file into the spreadsheet; first set paper size to 11 X 8.5; set column 1 width to 42; column 2 width to 42; column 3 width to 14; column 4 width to 18

If someone has a problem with pasting this file into their data base they may contact me at

Lisa, if you have a problem get back with me. This file contains over 4000 marriages that I have collected from a number of sources. There is marriages from 1818 up to the present time.

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