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Contributed APR 1997

Green County, Ala February 12th, 1855

Dear Sis,

 I received a letter from you dated 30th January on Thursday last asking after the health of Ila Gibson and _________.  I can say to you that they are all enjoying remarkable good health at this time.  Mary & Sarah had the chills & fever last fall but they are both very well now.  Mary and Green are still going to school and are learning very fast.  They are studying reading, weighing, grammar and geography.  The baby's name is Susan Tinker.  She is one of the largest and fatest children you ever saw.  I think she favors you very much.

Mr. Gibson is getting on finely.  He made a tolerable crop last year for the season.  He made about 30 bags of _____ and a good crop of corn.  He has his land nearly all improved for another crop.

My family are all tolerable well at this time tho our youngest child has lately had an attack of pneumonia but he is now able to go to school.  We were truely glad to hear that your ____ has recovered his health again.  My wife wishes to remembered to Mrs. M. & family.

Times are very tight and money scarce.  Our river keeps so low that it is impossible to get our cotton to market.  It has been the dryest winter I ever saw.  Corn is worth from 60 to 70 cents per bushel, pork from 7 to 7 1/2 ___ __ __, oats 75 to 1.00 per bushel.  Don't let this be the last time I hear from you.  Yours truly.

William Hellen (may be Hullen/Hillen ?)


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