APR 2009


Kudos to Legacy AND Gen Smarts!!
New technologies and imaging have brought so much within easy reach of the masses that we are adding new/updated data to our family trees with ease now, compared to all the road trips I had to do search for new data when I started my research 20 years ago back in 1989. In January I resolved, that because I've been so overwhelmed by all my research 'to dos', I needed a better way to organize so I decided to give Gen Smarts a try. It is a research aid application that works hand in hand with Legacy. Thanks to the Gen Smarts folks keeping up with all the new documents & resources coming available online and elsewhere, I don't have to! This app is GREAT and tells me what I can try seaching for on which folks in my database and WHERE to look--just click the link for online resources! There is much new data online and I've found scads of stuff this way since January, but more than that, they have the big genealogy libraries in the app as well and I take my laptop to the Clayton Center for Genealogical Research and it tells me which of my folks to look for in what books/films/etc they have in their collection--even giving me the lookup reference numbers right there all in one place-no need to consult the card catalog or anything. It is AWESOME and I've added so much in the past 3 months it is amazing! I can download regular updates which will include new sources and materials as they put them out so this will save me a TON of time in the long run! I'm in genealogical heaven so to speak and when we plan our trip to Salt Lake next year I will have my research ‘to-dos’ organized before I go without doing a thing! YEAH!

Lisa R Franklin
WebMaster: Tracking Your Roots

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