Jordan Bonner, Pioneer of Washington County

By: Kendrick Shackleford
JUN 2003

Jordan was the first born of Thomas Bonner and Margaret Jones. He was born December 12, 1786 in Rowen County, North Carolina. Jordan moved to the area that became Jackson County, Georgia, later Clarke County, with his family before his first marriage. He was married two times.
In 1784, Jordan's Father, Thomas Bonner, with a small group of Revolutionary War veterans and other pioneers, settled in the newly ceded lands of Franklin County. Among the settlements at that time were Sandy Creek at Groaning Rock, Yamacutah (near present-day Commerce), and Hurricane Shoals.
Rachel Moon was the first wife of Jordan. She was born during 1770 in Bethany, located on the Ogeechee River in Georgia. On February 3, 1786 this area became Greene County. Rachel's parents are unknown. She and Jordan Bonner were married in Greene County during 1796.
Jordan was joint administrator of his father's estate in 1805. In 1800 he bought 700 acres of land on the middle fork of the Oconee. This was Barber's Creek, just a few miles north of the Dove's Creek Community. The land had belonged to Hugh Ector and his wife Eleanor of Oglethorpe County. During the same period he acquired additional land from John Cobb. He began disposing of his land, a total of 1519 acres, in 1809 and left Georgia. Why he got rid of his property is unknown but there is the possibility that this happened shortly after the death of Rachael.
Seven children are known to have been born to the union of Jordan and Rachael, the last being born during 1808. Jordan, with his family and others unknown, moved to Washington County in the Tombigbee District of the Mississippi Territory. Where he settled became Washington County, Alabama during 1819.
He married Mary (Polly) Adams on October 03, 1811, most likely in this same area. Her parents are unknown but there is a possibility that her Father may have been named Hiram. She was born in Georgia, possibly Elbert County, on December 19, 1791. Mary died in Washington County, Alabama on March 24, 1869. Jordan died in Washington County May 08, 1841.
Fourteen children were born to this union.

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