John Simon Russell of Butler County, Alabama

Contributed by: Laura Leigh Elmore

The family of John Simon Russell and Laura Ann Petrey Russell

The following persons are identified in this October 11, 1908 picture:
Third row, far right - John Simon Russell
Third row, far left - Laura Ann Petrey Russell
Third row, 5th from left - Johnnie Evie Pitts
On porch, third from left - Sarah Jane Russell Pitts
On porch, fourth from left - William Marten Pitts
On porch, fifth from left -  Madora Valley Russell Pitts
On porch, sixth from left - Eligia Jackson Pitts
Fourth row, first person from left - Mittie Russell Wood
Fourth row, second person from left - Aaron Hill Wood
Second row, third child from right - Henry Harvey Pitts
Front row, sixth from left - Mattie Salone Pitts (Should this be sixth from the right?)
Front row, fifth from left - Hollie Thomas Pitts (I think this is in error, should possibly be
fifth from the right?)

The following November 4, 1908 newspaper article concerning this family reunion states
all eight of the living children of John Simon and Laura Petrey Russell were present and
there are 16 adults in the picture other than John Simon and Laura Petrey Russell, so all
eight children and their spouses are probably shown. November 4, 1908 newspaper article found in the Greenville, AL public library,
Genealogy and History Room:
"A Happy Reunion
The children of Mr. and Mrs. John Russell enjoyed their first family reunion, Sunday
October 11, at the home of their parents.  The day had been looked forward to with much
interest by the family.  Early in the morning the children, with their families arrived and
were heartily welcomed to their childhood home, after which they were shown into the
room where delicious refreshments of various kinds awaited them.The hour of twelve must have been accompanied by the goddess of food, for at this time a
course was spread such as none could reject.  In the afternoon photographs of the families
were made.Mr. and Mrs. Russell have eight living children and forty-seven grand children, the oldest
being 17 years.The children are:
Mr. J.W. Russell, Mrs. Hillary Hughs, Mrs. J.C. Cambell, Mrs. Hillary Crook (Wood?),
Mr. Thos. Russell, Mrs. Martin Pitts, Mrs. J.L. Pitt, and Mrs. Willie Bass."

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