Jefferson County, Alabama Marriages for the Year 1871

ABBOTT, William and DAVIS, Madeline on 04 APR 1871
ALLEY, W. Jasper and WATKINS, Elizabeth on 28 SEP 1871
ARMSTRONG, John B. and McCLURE, Martha E. on 23 DEC 1871
BAILEY, James F. and GILL, Velvarada on 16 APR 1871
BARTON, George W. and BURFORD, Amanda B. on 07 JUL 1871
BASS, Robert M. and GOODWIN, Annie on 14 DEC 1871
BEARDEN, Arthur and WILLIAMS, Sarah Jane on 03 AUG 1871
BEARDEN, Madison T. and MASSEY, Mary E. on 09 NOV 1871
BELCHER, Charles W. and CARLISLE, Harriett C. 28 DEC 1871
BELSER, John W. and GRAHAM, Sarah Ann on 13 JUL 1871
BELTER, Edward and McDANIEL, Sarah on 29 NOV 1871
BLACK, Levi F. and BAIRD, Nancy J. on 19 OCT 1871
BLAKELY, John and WORRELL, Mary E. on 06 SEP 1871
BLALOCK, Z.T. and WOODS, Sarah F. on 20 NOV 1871
BOLEN, Charles M. and BAILEY, Caroline R. on 04 MAR 1871
BORDERS, Henry and BINOM, Agnes on 21 SEP 1871
BRANDAM, James W. Jr. and SMITH, Elizabeth on 03 AUG 1871
BRIGHT, John and TURNER, Minerva on 27 DEC 1871
BRONHAM, E.L. and TAYLOR, M.P. on 21 DEC 1871
BRUCE, William and CARROLL, Martha on 12 AUG 1871
BRYANT, William F. and PARSONS, Mary S. on 14 DEC 1871
BURGESS, George A. and PITTS, C.A. on 24 JAN 1871
BURGIN, James T. and EMOND, Jane E. on 21 DEC 1871
BURRELL, Malby and COULP/CULP, Lorenzo on 25 DEC 1871
CAPPS, Hiram G. and RUNNELLS, Catherine on 23 JUL 1871
CHAPMAN, W.B. and JENKINS, Mary Jane on 12 NOV 1871
CHOAT, William and KEITH, Elizabeth on 14 JAN 1871
CLAYTON, Abraham J. and TAYLOR, Sibbie on 10 DEC 1871
CLEMENTS, Peter M. and REED, Harriet E. on 08 JAN 1871
COBB,Henry and GOODWIN, Rachael on 24 DEC 1871
COOK, Osburn R. and BAIRD, Susan S. on 17 JAN 1871
COOLEY, William A. and ROY, Martha E. on 14 DEC 1871
COOPER, David and FAUSETTE, Elizabeth on 03 SEP 1871
CORNELIUS, Aaron B. and SHUGART, Laura J. on 12 FEB 1871
COUSINS, Elbert M. and CLIFT, Mary C. on 19 DEC 1871
CROOKS, Francis M. and GOODWIN, Hannah M. on 20 AUG 1871
DAVIS, Joseph and HEFNER, Mary Jane on 17 SEP 1871
DICKEY, C.K. and BROWN, Isabella on 28 JUN 1871
DICKEY, Hiram L. and VINES, Letha S. on 20 AUG 1871
DODD, Isaac P. and JETT/KEMP?, Delila on 09 AUG 1871
DOKE, Taylor M. and PLEDGER, Huldah P. on 10 OCT 1871
DORROUGH, Joseph T. and LITTLE, Hester on 12 JAN 1871
ELDER, William and CRIM, Manerva E. on 17 MAY 1871
ELLARD, James and BARTON, Susan on 11 JAN 1871
EMOND, James and EUBANK, Margaret C. on 20 DEC 1871
FIELDS, William A. and SHUGART, Martha A. on 03 DEC 1871
FIELDS, William M. and SMITH, Eliza on 05 NOV 1871
FISHER, Henry and McKINNEY, Annie (no marriage date) FISHER, Henry H. and HAMAKER, Hannah E. on 28 MAY 1871
FRANKLIN, John E. and GOODWIN, Emily in DEC 1871
FULMER, Daniel and TUCKER, Rebecca on 07 DEC 1871
GATHRIGHT, Robert P. and LOWERY, M.L. on 24 DEC 1871
GERALD, Augustus and DODD, Eliza 01 JUL 1871
GLASS, Calvin and LOWRY, Huldah Ann on 06 SEP 1871
GLOVER, Marion and FRANKLIN, Sarah A. on 01 JAN 1871
GOOD, John E. and FOSTER, Nancy E. on 03 OCT 1871
GOODE, Austin and HEWITT, Mary E. on 12 JUL 1871
GOODWIN, Thomas N. and LOKEY, Mary A. on 13 SEP 1871
GRAHAM, W.H. and BOLAN, Nellie Ann on 20 APR 1871
GRIFFIN, Alfred and TALLEY, Sarah E.S. on 19 FEB 1871
GRIMES, John and BOLEN, Mary Jane on 12 JUL 1871
HALL, William R.P. and KILGORE, Nancy E. on 12 MAR 1871
HARRIS, Benjamin and WRIGHT, Manerva on 09 AUG 1871
HARRIS, James and HUTCHINS, Adaline on 18 SEP 1871
HAYES, John and HODGE, Mary on 25 JUN 1871
HIGGINS, Perry and VINES, Joicy on 09 JAN 1871
HILL, Berry and PRICE, Elizabeth on 16 APR 1871
HODGES, A.C. and PEARSON, Sarah on 15 FEB 1871
HOPKINS, William and CALDWELL, Elizabeth Jennie Melinda on 06 JUN 1871
HOWTON, Mitchell and THOMPSON, Martha on 03 DEC 1871
HUCKABEE, Thomas W. and CARLISLE, Amanda on 03 SEP 1871
HULSEY, John and RAGSDALE, Margaret on 03 JAN 1871
KILGORE, Robert and HILL, Mahala Jane on 23 FEB 1871
KILLOUGH, W.M. and HICKMAN, A.H. on 20 DEC 1871
LATHEM, Henry and HARRIS, Mary C. on 18 JAN 1871
LAWLER, Isaac M. and GOGGANS, Elizabeth on 30 NOV 1871
LAWSON, Albert A. and FRANKLIN, Martha J. on 01 JAN 1871
LAWSON, James H.and SELLERS, Louvenia J. on 25 JUN 1871
LESTER, R.J. and FRANKLIN, Sarah on 01 DEC 1871
LOCKART, James H. and LAWLER, Jammie on 19 JAN 1871
LYNCH, Michael and WHEATLY, Nancy on 22 OCT 1871
MAHAFFEY, John H. and REYNOLDS, Sarah E. on 17 SEP 1871
MARTIN, George L. and COLE, Jane on 08 JAN 1871
MASSEY, Robert and BEARDEN, Rebecca on 04 DEC 1871
McALISTER, Hiram D. and COURSEN, Sarah on 31 DEC 1871
McBRIDE, John W. and GEORGE, M.E. (no marriage date) McLAUGHLIN, J.M. and WALDROP, Nancy A. on 01 JAN 1871
MEEKS, Sidney and GILL, Laura on 05 NOV 1871
MELTON, George A. and KEITH, Isabella on 12 FEB 1871
MILLER, Alfred M. and FRANKLIN, Mary L. on 26 OCT 1871
NABERS, Sion L. and NABERS, Dorrinda M. on 25 APR 1871
NAIL, John and BIBB, Sarah Ann on 26 MAR 1871
PARSON, George and MAYFIELD, Catherine on 23 NOV 1871
PARSONS, A.F. and LETSON, Susan A. on 21 DEC 1871
PARSONS, John C. and GREEN, R.C. on 17 DEC 1871
PEARSON, J.B. and WARE, Loucresy on 31 DEC 1871
PILES, Daniel W. and VANN, Amelia on 03 SEP 1871
POE, Wiley and WATKINS, Nancy J. on 03 OCT 1871
QUINN, Benjamin and HILL, Mary on 21 OCT 1871
QUINN, Daniel and DILL, L.C. on 12 DEC 1871
REED, Robert and TUNE, Mary on 10 JAN 1871
REEDER, J.A. and FIELDS, Lucinda on 20 JAN 1871
REEVES, Thomas D. and WALDROP, P.C. on 16 AUG 1871
REID, James P. and CAMPBELL, Rebecca J. on 05 APR 1871
ROBERTSON, Elias and HUEY, Melissa and 18 MAY 1871
ROGERS, John F. and WARE, Martha J. on 23 DEC 1871
ROGERS, William J. and CALLISTER, Sarah M. on 08 JAN 1871
ROGERS, William M. and ANDERSON, Mary E. on 02 MAR 1871
ROWE, William and CHAPPEL, Francis S. on 22 NOV 1871
SADLER, Thomas A. and ROGERS, Nancy E. on 14 FEB 1871
SALTER, Beneger and CARGILE, Sarah E. on 24 MAR 1871
SELF, Jasper A. and MERIKER, Florence A. or 31 DEC 1871
SELLERS, Asa T. and WILSON, Mary J. on 03 OCT 1871
SEXTON, James K. and MIZE, Elmira on 02 OCT 1871
SHAW, Thomas L. and WALLS, George Ann on 27 APR 1871
SHOEMAKER, Charles T. and ALLEY, Sarah on 12 JAN 1871
SMITH, Zachariah and HICKS, Frances on 09 APR 1871
STRANGE, Martin and BALDWIN, Elizabeth A. on 02 MAR 1871
TALLEY, Nicholas D. and JORDAN, Margaret W. on 08 FEB 1871
TAYLOR, Madison and SULLIVAN, Nancy on 12 SEP 1871
THOMPSON, James H. and LAIRD, Martha F. on 24 SEP 1871
THORN, Sampson and TAYLOR, Nellie on 21 DEC 1871
TILMAN, John L. and HEFNER, Sarah E. on 20 SEP 1871
TURNER, Collins and CLEMENTS, Sarah Ann on 29 OCT 1871
VINES, Benjamin and VINES, Harriet on 20 OCT 1871
VINES, John and SHOEMAKER, Margaret on 25 DEC 1871
WADE, John W.R. and TAYLOR, Martha on 21 FEB 1871
WALDROP, Baylis B. and HUEY, Eleanor on 14 SEP 1871
WALDROP, Samuel J. and CARRINGTON, Margaret on 02 FEB 1871
WALKER, John F. and JONES, Margaret on 08 JUN 1871
WATSON, James L. and FOSTER, Catherine on 05 JAN 1871
WEAR, Matthew T. and BLYTHE, Mary J. on 14 NOV 1871
WHITFIELD, Henry W. and ADAMS, Louisa on 17 OCT 1871
WILLIAMS, James and SELLERS, Maria T. on 02 SEP 1871
WISON, John W. and SADLER, Sarah L. on 14 NOV 1871
WOOD, Martin and WOOD, Salina J. on 31 DEC 1871
WRIGHT, John and WATKINS, M.J. on 15 SEP 1871

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