Sheriff's of Jackson Co. AL

Austin, D.O. 1900-1906

Austin, D.O. 1914-1919

Austin, James C. 1858-1861

Burton, John O. 1822-1831

Campbell, G.B. 1900-1900

Coffey, John R. 1840-1846

Collins, Robert 1967-1983

Coulfield, David 1922-1822

Cowan, John F. 1846-1849

Dean, C.T. 1963-1967

Dicus, W.H. 1884-1888

Gentry, J.L. 1888-1892

Grider, W.M. 1877-1880

Griffith, David 1820-1822

Harris, James R. 1871-1874

Hill, W.R. 1867-1868

Holder, Fred E. 1959-1963

Jones, Henry 1923-1927

Jones, Henry 1943-1951

Kennamer, Stephen E. 1861-1865

Kirk, William I 1869-1871

Knight, Anderson J. 1955-1959

Lucas, Daniel 1831-1834

McBride, T.W. 1932-1935

McMahan, S.H. 1874-1877

Mount, Paul 1983-1990

Norwood, Henry 1831-1831

Norwood, John H. 1852-1855

Parsons, Silas 1822-1822

Riddle, Alexander 1834-1840

Roberts, J.J. 1868-1869

Robinson, Thomas J. 1882-1884

Robinson, Thomas J. 1892-1896

Sebring, Lawrence 1951-1955

Shelton, A.W. 1880-1882

Simmons, C.F. 1939-1943

Snodgrass, John 1849-1852

Staples, John L. 1906-1910

Starkey, R.O. 1910-1914

Sublett, J.J. 1855-1858

Thomas, D.A. 1896-1900

Thomas, Mack 1919-1923

Thomas, Mack 1927-1931

Thomas, Mack 1935-1939

Tipton, L.D. 1865-1867

Wann, Matt 1931-1932

Wells, Mike 1990-...


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