Jackson, Parks, Tisdale And Allen Families of
Crenshaw County, Alabama

Submitted by: Andy Jackson (Andrew.Jackson@americawest.com)

Descendants of Willis JACKSON, 17 May 2003, (my g/gf).......my g/gf
1. Willis JACKSON (b. Oct 1852-AL;d.1920/1930-Luverne, AL.)
SP: Eliza ALLEN "Mu" (b. Sep 1859-Pike CO. AL.; m.24 Feb
1876;d.1910/1914-Luverne, AL.)
2. Dora Francis Long JACKSON (b. DEC 1877-Pike CO., AL; d.1907-Luverne, AL)
SP: William LONG Mu (b. Jun 1874-Luverne, AL; m.1894)
2. Nancy A. JACKSON (b. Feb 1880-CRENSHAW CO., AL)
2. Shelly JACKSON (b. Jun 1882-CRENSHAW CO., AL)
2. Oscar JACKSON (b. 5 Feb 1884-CRENSHAW CO., AL; d.15 Apr 1970-Centreville, AL)
SP: Mrs. Irene Jackson (b.1888-Luverne, AL; m.1905)
SP: Bertha Lee MINEARD (b. 1882-CRENSHAW CO., AL)
2. Clemmie M. JACKSON "CLEM" (b. 1886-CRENSHAW CO., AL; d. Sep
1933-Jefferson CO., AL)
SP: Ada MCMILLAN "Mu" (b. 1887-CRENSHAW CO., AL; m.26 DEC 1907)
2. "Buster" William JACKSON (b. Mar 1887-CRENSHAW CO. AL.; d.1917-Crenshaw
CO. AL.)
SP: Anna Lee TISDALE (b. Sep 1887-Luverne, AL.; m.1905; d. Jul
1932-Florala, AL.)
2. Victorea JACKSON (b. Feb 1890-Luverne, AL; d. Jul 1939-Jefferson CO., AL)
SP: Jackson MOORE (b. 3 Aug 1884-Luverne, AL; m.1907; d. Dec
1970-Birmingham, AL)
2. GUSSIE JACKSON (b. Mar 1891-Luverne, AL)
SP: Charley BLUE (b.1894-Luverne, AL; m.1912)
2. Lougina JACKSON (b. Aug 1894-Luverne, AL)
2. Gertrude JACKSON (b.1895-Luverne, AL; d.1958-Montgomery, AL)
SP: Alex COWART (b. 27 Jul 1896-Troy, AL; m.26 DEC 1915;d.8 Aug 1973-Gary,
SP: Rebecca STURKINS (b. 1883-CRENSHAW CO., AL; m.9 Jun 1919)
SP: Mary J. PROVITT (b. 1863-CRENSHAW CO., AL; m.21 Jan 1915)

Descendants of George PARKS "Mu", 17 May 2003, (my gg/gf) my gg/gf
1. George PARKS "Mu" (b.1810-SC;d.1890/1900-Luverne, AL)
SP: Mrs. Elizabeth Parks "Mu" (b.1820-SC; m.1849;d.1910/1920-Luverne, AL)
2. Henry PARKS "Mu" (b. 1847-AL)
SP: Mrs. Millie Parks "Mu" (b. 1874-CRENSHAW CO., AL; m.1897)
SP: Malissa Parks HUDSON "Mu" (b.1855-AL; m.1872)
2. Moses Twin PARKS "Mu" (b. Aug 1854-AL)
SP: Millie SALTER "Mu" (b. May 1860-CRENSHAW CO., AL; m.15 DEC 1878)
2. Aaron "Twin" PARKS "Mu" (b. Aug 1854-AL)
2. Elizabeth Jr. PARKS "Mu" (b. Sep 1855-AL; d.1901-Luverne, AL)
SP: July TISDALE (b. Aug 1840-AL;m.Abt 1868;d.Dec 1912-Luverne, AL)
2. Emma PARKS "Mu" (b. May 1857-AL)
SP: Morris KING (b. Jan 1836-GA; m.11 Oct 1895)

Descendants of July TISDALE, 17 May 2003, (my g/gf) my g/gf
1. July TISDALE (b. Aug 1840-AL; d. Dec 1912-Luverne, AL)
SP: Elizabeth Jr. PARKS "Mu" (b. Sep 1855-AL;m.Abt 1868;d.1901-Luverne,AL)
2. Maria TISDALE (b.1868-Luverne, AL)
2. James TISDALE (b.1871-Luverne, AL)
SP: Lula BOYD (b.1874-Luverne, AL; m.16 DEC 1899)
SP: Mary SIMS (m. 22 DEC 1904)
2. Hattie Jane TISDALE (b. Jan 1873-Luverne, AL; d. Jul 1931-CRENSHAW CO.,
SP: ISAM COWART (b. Sep 1859-CRENSHAW CO., AL; m.26 DEC 1897;d. Nov
2. Edward D. TISDALE (b. Apr 1875-Luverne, AL)
SP: Effie DAVIS (b. Apr 1880-Luverne, AL; m.1896)
2. Benjamin TISDALE (b. Nov 1881-Luverne, AL; d.1921-Warren, OH)
SP: Hattie ROSE (b.1884-Sumter, SC; m.1906; d.1956-Warren, OH)
2. Georgia Lee TISDALE (b. DEC 1882-Luverne, AL)
SP: Daniel Fred MCDONALD (b. Jan 1877-Luverne, AL; m.25 DEC
1898;d.1918/1920-Luverne, AL)
SP: John Fox COWART (b. 1868-Pike CO., AL)
2. John TISDALE (b. Sep 1883-Luverne, AL)
2. Selmer MCDONALD TISDALE (b. Oct 1885-Luverne, AL)
2. Clara TISDALE (b. Aug 1886-Luverne, AL)
2. Anna Lee TISDALE (b. Sep 1887-Luverne, AL.; d. Jul 1932-Florala, AL.)
SP: "Buster" William JACKSON (b. Mar 1887-CRENSHAW CO. AL.; m.1905;
d.1917-Crenshaw CO. AL.)
SP: Pete FOLMAR (b. 1864-Pike CO., AL; m.9 Jan 1918)
2. RUTHIE Viola TISDALE (b.1888-Luverne, AL; d.1947-Luverne, AL)
SP: Alonzo Elijah SMITH (b. Sep 1884-Luverne, AL; m.27 DEC 1906)
2. Ross TISDALE (b. DEC 1889-Luverne, AL)
2. Jessie Glenner TISDALE (b. 24 Jun 1891-Luverne, AL; d.3 Feb 1981-Warren,
SP: Jim WILLIAMS Mu (b.1884-Luverne, AL; m.1908)
2. Jennie TISDALE (b. Nov 1895-Luverne, AL)
2. Henry TISDALE (b. Aug 1896-Luverne, AL)
SP: Lula FORD (b.1883-Luverne, AL)
2. Thomas Allen TISDALE (b.1897-Luverne, AL)
2. CORTNIE Nathaniel TISDALE (b.1900-Luverne, AL)
SP: Annie POUNCEY (b.1893-GA; m.1918)
SP: Millie HERLONG (b. Jan 1839-Pike CO., AL; m.12 Oct 1907;d. Jun
1924-Luverne, AL)

Descendants of Willis, Sr. ALLEN "Mu", 17 May 2003, (my gg/gf) my gg/gf
1. Willis, Sr. ALLEN "Mu" (b. Nov 1833-AL;d.1900/1910-Pike CO., AL)
SP: Easter RAMBO (b. Nov 1833-SC; m.1848)
2. Andrew ALLEN "Mu" (b. Jan 1848-Pike CO., AL)
SP: Mrs. Emily ALLEN (b. Jul 1853-Pike CO., AL; m.25 DEC 1873)
2. Allen ALLEN "Mu" (b. Oct 1851-Pike CO., AL)
SP: LUVINE CORDEN (b. Mar 1860-GA; m.21 DEC 1876)
SP: Mrs. Elizabeth Allen (b.1857-GA; m.1878)
2. William ALLEN "Mu" (b. 1854-Pike CO., AL)
SP: Anna GAMBLE (b. 1862-Pike CO., AL; m.1879)
2. Mary ALLEN "Mu" (b. 1857-Pike CO., AL)
2. Eliza ALLEN "Mu" (b. Sep 1859-Pike CO. AL.;d.1910/1914-Luverne, AL.)
SP: Willis JACKSON (b. Oct 1852-AL; m.24 Feb 1876;d.1920/1930-Luverne,
2. Martha ALLEN "Mu" (b. 1862-Pike CO., AL)
2. Willis Jr. ALLEN "Mu" (b. Apr 1865-Pike CO., AL)
SP: Mary J. PROVITT (b. 1863-CRENSHAW CO., AL; m.31 Jan 1884)
2. Stephen ALLEN (b. 1866-Pike CO., AL)
2. Laura ALLEN (b. 1867-Pike CO., AL)
2. Samuel ALLEN "Mu" (b. 1868-Pike CO., AL)
2. Darrel Frank ALLEN (b. Sep 1869-Pike CO., AL)
SP: Annie OLIVER "Mu" (b.1875-Luverne, AL; m.1889)
2. David F. ALLEN (b. 1871-Pike CO., AL)
2. Henry A. ALLEN "Mu" (b. Sep 1872-Pike CO., AL)
SP: Mrs. Abbie Jane (b. Oct 1871-Pike CO., AL; m.1890)
2. Clara M. ALLEN "Mu" (b. 1874-Pike CO., AL)
2. Oliver ALLEN "Mu" (b. Jul 1879-Pike CO., AL)
SP: Mrs. Henrietta Allen (b. May 1875-Pike CO., AL; m.1900)
2. Daniel ALLEN (b. 1884-Pike CO., AL)
SP: Jammie OLIVER (b. 1888-Pike CO., AL; m.1905)

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