Will of John P. Glover,
Barbour Co., Alabama

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Glover, John P. 1862

The Last Will and Testament of John P. Glover

1785-July 9, 1862


The last Will and Testament of John P. Glover of Barbour County, Alabama.

Considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being of sound mind and memory blessed be Almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manor and form following, that is to say, first I give and bequeath unto the heirs of my son Nathan O. Glover Four hundred Dollars. I give and bequeath unto my son Samuel D. P. Glover the sum of six hundred dollars. I give and bequeath unto the four children of my daughter Susan K. Glover to be equally divided amongst them the sun of four hundred dollars. I give and bequeath unto my son Andrew J. Glover the sum of six hundred dollars also my Bay horse, which several legacies or sums of money. I will and order to be paid to the said respective legates as soon as may be practicable after my decease- now after these several sums is paid and my funeral expenses and all my just debts. I give and bequeath out of whatsoever amount may be left unto my son William E. Glover the sum of Five Dollars, and my will and desire is in order to make such distribution all my estate, deed all the property which I shall be possessed with or tilled to at my decease shall be sold according as the law directs, and as soon as may be convenient by my executor here after mentioned, and all that may be left after paying the several sums before named to be equally divided between all my children except my son William. ( that is to say) my son Edward E. Glover my daughter Elizabeth Ann Fowler, John P. Glover, Nathan O. Gloverheirs Mary Jane McBride, Samuel D. P. Glover, my daughter Susans Children and my son Nathan O. Glover to be the Executor of this my last will and testament. In witness whereto set my hand and seal this the eleventh day of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight-Hundred and Sixty.

John P. Glover


The State of Alabama

Barbour County

Probate Court Sept.10, 1862 Present and presiding J. S. Williams Judge of said Court.

The undersigned begs leave to present the last will of John P. Glover for Probate, and Record in the office of your Honorable Court the heirs and residences are as follows to wit:

John P. Glover residence Reynolds Taylor County, Ga.

William Glover, Dale County Alabama.

Elizabeth Ann Fowler wife of Z. A. Fowler Knoxville, Ga.

Narcissa Glover wife of Samuel Glover decd.

Mary J. McBride wife of William J. McBride both in Barbour County, Alabama and A. J. Glover Barbour County, Alabama

Nathan O. Glover, Macon Alabama who is the Executor named in the will this application is made by the under signed as the request of the named Executor he being now a soldier in the Confederate Service this the 12 Sept. 1862. E. E. Glover


The State of Alabama Probate Court Nov. 12, 1862 present and presiding

Barbour County J. S. Williams Judge of Said Court

The State of Alabama To Honorable J. S. Williams Judge of Probate of said  Barbour County County. The Petition of Edward E. Glover administrator with said will of John P. Glover deceased, Respectfully submits unto your honor

1. That his Said Testor died seized of the following lands to wit, NE ¬ of SE ¬ of section 28, Township 9 Range 27, NW ¬ of SW ¬ of section 27 Township 9 Range 27. E « of NE ¬ of Section 28. W « of NW ¬ 27 Township Range 27. SE ¬ of S ¬ section 28, Township 9. Range 27. SW ¬ of SW ¬ of NE ¬ of SW ¬ & SE ¬ of NW ¬ of section 27 Township 9. Range 27. NW ¬ of SW & SW ¬ of NE ¬ of section 28 Township 9 Range 27. Containing 480 acres of land lying in said county and state.

2. That said Testor died possessed of these slaves to wit - Jim a man about 63 years old. Henry a man about nineteen years old, Chloe and three Children, Anderson, Caroline & Amanda an infant also one half interest in Jane a loomanand her child Jim.

3. That it will not be necessary to sell part of the forgoing realty and personal property to pay debts.

4. That said Testor in his said Last Will and Testament directed Executor to sell all his property real and personal according as law directs and as soon as may be convenient for the purpose of paying and satisfying the the legacies contained in said will.

5. Petition further ? the said will does not direct the ? of selling said property for the purposes fore said.

6. That since the death of said Testor Samuel D. P. Glover one of the legacies has died intestate leaving widow Narcissa Glover and Child Zephaniah Gloveran infant and since the death of said Samuel said child Zephaniah has died leaving said Narcissa ? mother living. B. Williams is the Adm. of said Samuel.

7. The following legates are minors Tallula Glover, Franklin P. Glover, John Glover, and Nathan children of Susan K. Glover reside in Henry County, Alabama, 3 children of Mary Jane McBride names and age not known to petitioner residence in Barbour County, Ala. Nathan O. Glovers children To wit, Monroe, Mellissa, Eugena, residence Union Springs, Macon County.

Petitioner prays this court to decree a sale of said property.


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