Florala News-Democrat 1913-1918

Compiled and Contributed by Tonia Porter 2003 & updated 2004


The following are excerpts from the Florala-News Democrat newspaper. Tonia Porter

Thursday, October 9, 1913

The body of Mrs. R. Spear reached Florala last Tuesday morning and was laid to rest in the city cemetery beside her daughter Mrs. O A Larkin.  Mrs. Spear died at Millview at the home of her grandson C M Larkin.  She spent most of her life in Brewton, but resided for a few years in Florala. Mrs. Spear had reached the age of 80 years.

A man named Urkhart was killed by passenger train #13 near Columbia, Ala. last Monday night.

Oliver Huckabaa—On the night of October 26 the spirit of Mr. O. Huckabaa winged its flight to the God who gave it.  He had been ill 2 ½ months.  He was 76 years of age and lived in Liberty Hill, Covington Co for 25 years.  He was engaged in farming a sawmill, gristmill and cotton ginning business. His wife died some four years ago.  He is survived by sons,  G. O. and A. J. Huckabaa, daughters Mrs. Elvina Richardson, Mrs. Dora Barnes and Mrs. Angela Hendricks.

“Uncle Kelly” a well-known and trustworthy colored man who has made Florala his home during the past 8 or 10 years died Saturday night and was buried Sunday.  He has been the janitor at the banks for the past 2 to 3 years and stood well in the estimation of both white and colored people.  He was about 77 years old.

Married in Jacksonville last Sunday, September 28th, Mr. Claude Williamson of Florala to Miss Belle Roberts, daughter of Mrs. Ida Roberts of Pensacola.  Miss Belle having lived here (Milton) since childhood until the past few years.---- Santa Rosa Star

Thursday, October 16, 1913

On last Wednesday at 12:30 pm in Florala Mr. R. K. Council of the Hughes Wholesale Grocery Co. and Miss Emma Clements were married at the home of Mrs. Clements.

A double wedding occurred at the home of Judge Arron Hilson near Paxton, Fla. Last Sunday.  Mr. Luther Bush married Miss Lena Hinsley, Mr. G. L. Pickard married Miss Alice Bush, all were of Florala.

News from Ponce de Leon, Florida—One child died and 3 critically ill from eating poisoned fresh pork.  The dead child was 2 years old.  The other three, two of whom are children and one a grandchild of D.W. Commander, have a chance of recovery.

Thursday, October 23, 1913—issue missing

Thursday, October 30, 1913

Mr. Orin Cougenouer and Miss Lois Walker of Lockhart eloped last Sunday evening.

Thursday, November 6, 1913

Demps Goram, an employee of the Jackson Lumber Co., was killed Tuesday while coupling cars on the Dixie Route Railroad.  HE died shortly after amputation surgery.  Mr. Goram had been married only 5 months.  His brother was crippled a year ago in a similar accident.

Sympathy extended to Mr. Geo. W. Reeves on account of the death of his father which occurred in Geneva Co. the latter part of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Prestwood announce the engagement of their sister Margaret Lou to Mr. Ernest Devon Manning.  The wedding will take place Wednesday, November 26th at the First Methodist Church Florala, Ala.---- the above announcement appeared in last Sunday’s Montgomery Advertiser

Little Fred Watkins, so of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watkins Jr. died Saturday and was laid to rest in North Creek Cemetery.  Reverends Culpepper and Johns conducted the services---Andalusia Star

Mr. Thomas who came to Florala on a visit to his son A.C. Thomas died last Sunday afternoon and was buried at Natural Bridge the day following.  Deceased came to this city from Elba.

Thursday, November 13, 1913

T. H. (Hope) Cawthon has moved his photography business from DeFuniak Springs to Florala.  Last week he went to Nashville, Tenn. Returning Thursday night with a bride.  Mr. and Mrs. Cawthon will make this their future home. 

T. H. Cawthon and Miss Hattie Matlock of Nashville, Tenn. Were married Wednesday night—DeFuniak Herald

Masonic Funeral of Boykin Adams-Samson, Ala. November 10, 1913-  The funeral of Brother Boykin S. Adams, deceased, late of Samson Lodge #624 will be conducted at Chapel Hill Cemetery the 4th Sunday in this month at 11:00 a.m. with Masonic honors.

Sam Hutcheson and his automobile was called into service Wednesday morning by Mr. H. H. Majors of South Florida, who was accompanied by Miss Lillie Boutwell of Lockhart.  He drove them to Paxton where Judge Hilson married them. On the same day, Mr. G.M. Peavy of Chapman, Ala and Miss Eula Boutwell, sister of Miss Lillie jumped in the car and they were driven to Laurel Hill where Justice Clary married them.

Miss Ellen Lucia Dexter, sister of Mrs. F.R. Yarbrough will be married on Wednesday to Mr. James Maddox of Rome, Ga.  Miss Dexter is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Dexter of Montgomery.

The home of Mrs. Minnie D. Shepherd has been blessed by the arrival of a fine boy, who will be named J.R., Jr.

Thursday, November 20, 1913- no b/m/d reported

Thursday, November 27, 1913

John D. Donaldson, a Coffee County planter, died in a Montgomery Hospital from a bullet wound in his head following an encounter with Marion Taylor, his brother in law at Opp.  His body was sent to Opp for burial.  Donaldson is reported to have been shot by Taylor because of a division of some property.

Thursday, December 4, 1913

Last Wednesday night at the Methodist Church in Florala, Miss Margaret Lou Prestwood and Mr. Ernest D. Manning were wed.

Miss Gertrude Bannister of Florala, Ala and Mr. A. L. Hill of Bogalusa, La. Were married yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock.  Mrs. Hill is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Bannister of East Florala.

Thursday, December11, 1913

Oscar Larkin of Florala was called to Brewton by the death of his brother--- Pine Belt News

Mark Miller at one time a prominent businessman of Covington County accidentally shot himself week before last in his home in Tallahassee, Florida.

Thursday, December 25, 1913- no b/m/d reported

Thursday, January 1, 1914

On Wednesday evening of last week at the home of J. B. Cockcroft, Paxton, Fla.,  occurred the marriage of Miss Bessie McGehee and Mr. Frank J. Cox.  Miss McGehee’s home is in Oneca, Fla. but has concluded 6 months of teaching at Paxton.

Opp December 30th—Warren Wages, a prominent farmer was shot by his daughter yesterday evening and died at an early hour this evening.  Cause of the tragedy is unknown.

Albany, Ga, December 29th—Captain R. L. Smith a passenger conductor on the Central of Georgia Railroad was found dead in his bed. Mrs. Smith and her 2 sons Robert and Holt Smith were visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Freeney  in Macon.

Captain S. A. Cawthon was given a hickory walking stick by his grandson, Ernest Manning.  The stick contains a view of “The Battle Above the Clouds”.  Captain Cawthon a confederate veteran did not participate in this battle but viewed it from a distance.

Thursday, January 8, 1914—issue missing

Thursday, January 15, 1914
Dr. P. B. Spears Passes Away--  Dr. P. B. Spears died at his home Monday morning shortly before noon.  Dr. Spears was born at Clopton in Dale Co., Ala in April 1852.  He married in 1876 to Miss Sara Ann Richardson.  9 children were born to this union. 6 of whom are living.  Dr. Spears practiced medicine in Pinkard, Ala. before coming to Florala in 1905.  His body was carried to Pinkard for burial.  He is survived by his wife, sons Frank, G. O., Ben, Byrd and daughters Miss Callie Spears and Mrs. W.L. McLauchlin. 

Grace Dies at home of His Mother—Newman, Ga January 12th--  Eugene Grace died here at 1:45 this morning from a bullet wound he mysteriously received several years ago.

Hub Allen of Milton, editor of the Milton Gazette and recently made president of West Florida Press Association died last Friday afternoon in El Paso, Texas.  He was buried at Bagdad.

Aubra Merrill of Laurel Hill died at his home last Sunday.

Thursday, January 22, 1914  no b/m/d reported

Thursday, January 29, 1914  

Frank Chancey, a Holmes Co., Fla farmer and 2 women are in jail in Bonifay, Fla charged with having murdered Chancey’s wife.  The killing occurred about 8 miles north of Bonifay.

Miss Sallie Collier of Elba has numerous friends in this city who will sympathize with her on account of the death of her mother last week.

Death of Little Rosa Lee Cawthon-  The entire community deeply sympathizes with Mr. and Mrs. Curry Cawthon on the death of their 1 year old daughter Rosa Lee.  The sad event occurred at their home in Florala yesterday morning. Funeral and burial will occur today.

Thursday, February 5, 1914  

Mrs. John Chancey an aged woman of Bonifay was killed for her money is the belief of the members of the coroner’s jury.  Two women were released.  The husband is still held and two more men named Sapp and Herman have been arrested.  It is believed that the husband will be acquitted. 	

Miss Ruth Koerber and W.R. Conerly were married last Saturday at 8 o’clock at the Baptist parsonage in Florala.  Rev. J.N. Vandiver performed the ceremony.  The wedding day is also the bride and groom’s birthday.  The bride came from Columbia to teach.

Prominent Citizen of Opp is Dead-  Ferrin Hutchison, a prominent hardware man of Opp, died early Tuesday morning after a 3 week illness with Typhoid Fever.   He was a brother of Dr. C.B. Hutchison of Samson.  He was married about 2 months ago to Miss Velma Foster of Luverne, who survives him.  Deceased was brother in law to T.A. Goodwin of Florala.

Thursday, February 12, 1914  

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Evans of Pine level, a girl.

Shot in the Back- W.L. Frazier was shot in the head and back last Monday evening as he entered his home in Andalusia- Andalusia Star

Mrs. Bracewell Passes Away-  Mrs Bracewell the age mother of E.C., John and R.L. Bracewell died at her home last Saturday night. Mrs. Bracewell was 76 years old. Her husband died some years ago and she made her home with her son, R.L. Bracewell,  The body was carried to Enterprise for burial.

 W.N. Nord is rejoicing over the recent arrival of a 14 lb. girl at his home. 

Died-  Russell Wismer, of Garden City.  He was buried near Laurel Hill.

Seabreeze, Fla. February 12th- Emory Olds, a brother of R.E. Olds, the well-known automobile manufacturer of Lansing, Mich. Dropped dead here. Death was due to apoplexy. The body was sent to Detroit.  

Campbellton, Fla  February 9th- J.E. Wall of Cottondale and Miss Lettie Casey of Dothan were married by the Rev. J.W. White at the home of W.L. McKinley at 7:30 pm- Dothan Morning News

Almon Leroy Churchwell, the 9 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. I.G. Churchwell, of Laurel Hill, was buried in the Florala cemetery last Thursday afternoon.

Thursday, February 19, 1914  

Hacoda-  H.T. Martin who resides near Hacoda, died Saturday while being operated on for throat trouble.

Alto Highsmith and Miss Lucille Cassady were married today.

I.M. Riles returned from Natchez, Miss. On Sunday with the body of his brother John Riles who was taken to Anniston, Ala. for burial.  Mr. Riles leaves a widow and four children.

Greenville, Ala-  Miss Emma Guice, was fatally burned at midnight Saturday when her clothing became ignited.

Thursday, February 26, 1914  

Mr. Arthur Austin of Lockhart and Miss Leah Dean of Mt. Pisgah were married by Mr. D.L. Harrison at his home Sunday afternoon February 8th- Georgiana News

S.E. Whigham returned Saturday night from Tuscaloosa where he had been to carry G.W. Bell, the aged father if J.J. Bell to have him placed in the state asylum.  Mr. Bell is about 70 years old and has resided in the section practically all of his life.

Herb Herndon Kills Father-   Troy, Ala.  February 24th-  Herbert Herndon, 12 years of age, shot and killed his father James Herndon, about 35 years of age, here shortly Sunday afternoon.

 Covington County Has Sensation- Opp  When John McPherson, once of this place, but now a wealthy resident of Oklahoma, was taken into custody last Saturday, another important arrest had been made in the Wade Childre murder case, which after 16 years is again being probed by the Grand Jury and officers.  Noah Wages, George Whitehead and Henry Whitehead were indicted by the recent Grand Jury.  All of the arrests were made possible by the evidence at the trial of Miss Alice Wages, the girl charged with the murder of her father Warren Wages, who it is alleged, was also a member of the crowd that assassinated Childre.

Thursday, March 5, 1914

 Mr. Early, an aged resident of Geneva Co. died suddenly last Tuesday morning.  He was a prosperous farmer and merchant.  Mr. Early was the father of several sons and daughters, among whom is Mrs. L.R. Dubose, of Florala.  Mrs. Dubose left for Pera, the family home, immediately upon receipt of the news.

Mr. A.M. Chapman, of Chapel Hill, SC father of Rev. Thomas Chapman of this city died Sunday- Defuniak Springs Herald

Thursday, March 12, 1914

G. W. Bell, the aged and demented father of J.J. Bell, of Florala died last Friday morning at Bright’s Hospital, Tuscaloosa, Ala.  The funeral was held at the home and was conducted by Rev. D.W. Haskew, pastor of the Methodist Church.  Burial took place in the Florala Cemetery.  He was a mason.  He is survived by 2 sons, a daughter and a brother.

Mr. and Mrs, Walter Warren are the proud parents of a 9 lb boy which arrived at their home Sunday evening-  Milton Fla. Gazette

Thursday, March 19, 1914- no b/m/d reported

Thursday, March 26, 1914

Jonas Kirkland, a mill hand employed by the Mynham Mill Co., at Noma, Florida died last Friday afternoon from a rifle or pistol bullet wound.  The deceased is survived by a wife and 7 children.

Falco-  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Hart, March 20th, a girl.

Thursday, April 2, 1914

Mrs. Fred Paramore, living near Taylor, was killed Friday when a tree she was burning fell on her.  She was taken to Midland City Sunday where internment was made.  Mrs. Parramore was a sister of W.H. Arnold of Florala.

Thursday, April 9, 1914- issue missing

Thursday, April 16, 1914

Hacoda-  Sympathy extended to the family of Ebb. Griffin whose little child died Saturday.  Burial occurred at the Sardis Cemetery.

Thursday, April 23, 1914

Died from Eating an Easter Egg-   Little Lettie Fortenberry, five years of age, died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Fortenberry.

Last Sunday afternoon, at 2:30, at the home of the bride’s parents, Miss Allie Helms and Mr. P.C. Rowell were happily married.

Thursday, April 30, 1914

Garden City- Samppa Thomas died Thursday and was buried Friday.  Rev. H.S. Wismer conducted the services.  Internment occurred at Bethel.

Sparks Register, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Register, now living in Graceville, Fla. married Miss Julia Cain.

Mrs. Eliza J. Matthews, wife of W.G. Matthews and daughter of the late Rev. Caswell Smith, a pioneer Baptist minister in S.E. Ala. died at the home of her husband in Florala last Monday morning at 10 o’clock.  Deceased is survived by her husband, 3 sons, W.N. , J.A., and Chas. D and one daughter Miss Clifford of Florala; one brother M.A Smith of Ozark; also 3 sisters Mrs. J.H. Wall of this city, Mrs. D.B. Windham of Center, TX; and Mrs. G.P. Dowling, of Ozark.  Mrs. Matthews was 73 years of age, having celebrated her birthday February 4th.  Burial occurred in the city cemetery.

Thursday, May 7, 1914

Munson- Mr. John McKee and Miss Ellen Thompson were married Thursday at the home of Mr. Thompson, Mr. George Collins, N.P., officiating.

Arthur Temples committed suicide at his home in Lockhart last Tuesday night by taking laudanum.  He died about 11:45. He came to Lockhart from Georgia three years ago.  Deceased leaves a wife and one child. Burial occurred in the Florala cemetery.

Munson-  Mr. R.E. Bland and Miss Addie Grubbs were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kierce at Baker yesterday, Rev. Wilkinson officiating.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilson returned to Florala from Lakeland, Fl. Last Sunday night to bury their first child a 7 month old infant.  Burial occurred in the Florala Cemetery.

Thursday, May 14, 1914

Munson-  John Black and Miss Nora Weaver of Sullivan, were married last Sunday.  D.H. Harilson, N.P. officiating.

Thursday, May 21, 1914

Munson-  Mr. and Mrs. Maul are the proud parents of two fine girls, Alene Frances and Irene Elizabeth.

Munson-  Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Munson have a little stranger in their home.  They will call her Jennevieve. Both the little lady and her mother are doing nicely.

J.O. Jennings, one of the best-known conductors of the Louisville and Nashville railroad died Monday night at 11:45 at the home of Mr. Pinney. The deceased had reached the age of 47 years and is survived by a wife and one daughter.

Mrs. Mertis Hart Prestwood, wife of W.T. Prestwood, died in the early morning hours of Tuesday last at the family home from complications arising after childbirth.  Deceased is survived by her husband, a two week old baby and two girls, her mother and many relatives in the town and county.  Burial in Greenwood Cemetery.

Malone Morris, the 23 year old son of J.J. Morris, of Samson, was drowned in the Choctawhatchee River one day last week. 

Mrs. Welch died at the first of this week at Paxton.  Her burial occurred in the Florala Cemetery last Tuesday. (note-- no first name was given, TP)

The 4 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Helms died last Saturday morning after a week’s illness.  Burial took place in the city cemetery. 

Thursday, May 28, 1914

On Friday afternoon at 6 o’clock Mr. Woodson Waits of Sanford, Ala and Miss Vernon Stewart of Florala were quietly married at the Methodist parsonage, Rev. S.W. Haskew officiating. 

Thursday, June 4, 1914-issue missing

Thursday, June 11, 1914

On Friday morning, June 5th, at 6 o’clock, little Kirk Sanford died at the home of Dr. G.F. Petrey. He had been ill for 8 days.  Funeral services were held at the home of Dr. Petrey by Rev. D.W. Haskew, he was buried at the local cemetery.

Mrs. James, mother of W.H. James, died in Dothan Sunday morning last at 3 o’clock.  She was a resident of Florala for 2 years.

Herman Apple, a traveling salesman of Florala and Miss Minnie Lee Paterson of Clarksdale, Tenn. Were married at Dothan last Thursday—Samson Ledger

Born- On Tuesday night last to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bush, a son.

Reuben Hart, the young man who was shot by negroes at Falco when his relative Will Hart was killed is revering from the wounds. 

Thursday, June 18, 1914

Mr. Daniel McLeod requests the honor of your presence at the marriage of his daughter Ethel Eugenia (of Florala) to Mr. Warren Wade Powers (of Milton, Fla) Friday evening, June 19th, 1914 at 5:30 at the First Presbyterian Church, Florala, Ala.

Hacoda—L.P. Geohagan gave an ice cream supper afternoon in honor of his 46th birthday.

Mrs. O. F. Lee received the sad intelligence of the death in Edenberg, Va. On Friday last of the death of her sister, Mrs. Ada Tallhelm.

Ozark, Ala. June 17th-  J.W. Pippin, a leading financier, banker and merchant of this city died Saturday at his home on Daleville St. about 10 o’clock of heart failure or acute indigestion.  He had been married twice, and was the head of a large family practically all of whom survive him.

R. W. Matthews of Lockhart and Miss Clyde Lindsey of Geneva were married in the latter town last Wednesday morning.  D.W. Haskew of Florala performed the ceremony.

Thursday, July 2, 1914

Mrs. Ebbie Foster Willbank died unexpectedly on Friday evening at her home in Lockhart.  Her husband was in Lychburg, Va. at the time of her death and only reached Lockhart in time for the funeral.  Mrs. Willbank is survived by her husband, E.R. Willbank, her son, H.B. Foster,  her mother, her father, 4 brothers, and 2 sisters.  She was buried in the Florala Cemetery on Sunday afternoon. 

Thursday, July 9, 1914- issue missing

Thursday, July 16, 1914

Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Weaver was saddened last Saturday night by the death of their youngest child, a baby about 7 months old.  Burial was in the Florala Cemetery last Sunday morning.

Milligan, Fla-  Tuesday evening, July 8th the 17 month of baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Wilkinson died of drinking fly poison.-  Pensacola Journal

Ozark-  Honorable O.C. Doster died and was buried at Newton last week. Mr. Doster was 58 years old and leaves a wife and 11 children.

Daniel Douglas, a highly respected citizen living near Rome was found dead yesterday about 11o’clock.  Suspicion at once centered around C.T. Barbaree, a neighbor.  Mr. Douglass’s murder is the outcome of a feud of some standing.  Mr. Douglas was 82 years of age, and a Confederate veteran.

Thursday, July 23, 1914

Alex McGowan Sr. an old resident and one of the best known citizens of Escambia Co. died last Sunday morning at the home of his son in Mobile.  Mr. McGowan was a native of Alabama and the last of a family of 13 children.  He served through the Civil War as a member of Co. D 16th Al. Infantry.

A well known mason, B.F. Prince, died recently in Crawford, Al.  Mr. Prince was 73 years of age.

Munson-  Mrs John Odom died early Wednesday morning.

The stork last Thursday night visited Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Kinsaul of Lockhart and left a handsome 10 lb baby boy.

Thursday, July 30, 1914

In Memoriam- At a meeting of the Ladies Aid and Missionary Society of the Florala Presbyterian Church the following resolution was adopted:  That we make some tribute to the memory of Mrs. Martha Britton……  She was married early in life and from a large family, 3 daughters and 1 son are left to emulate her virtues.

Miss Mamie Morris of Florala and Mr. John Fields of Eastman, Ga were married Tuesday ( July 21st)  at noon at the residence of Mr. R.L. Morris of this city—Dothan Morning News

Mr. Brooks, father of Mrs. May Jennings and Miss Abbey Brooks died at Atmore yesterday morning.

Thursday, August 6, 1914- no b/m/d reported

Thursday, August 13, 1914

Mr. and Mrs.  J.W. Wilson of Lockhart, “wish to thank friend for their kindness shown to us during the illness and death of our baby”.

James Powell son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Powell and Cecil Foster of Andalusia were killed by lightning last week.  Glover Turner, also of Andalusia was seriously shocked but revived.

Thursday, August 20, 1914

Radford Pouncy died last Thursday night while on duty at the saw mill at Lockhart.  He leaves besides his father and mother, 3 brothers:  John, Oliver and Robert Pouncy, 2 sisters Laura and Ella Gray. The body will be buried in Florala.

Thursday, August 27, 1914

August 23, Samson-  Two deaths were caused by a heavily charged wire, which by some means, was down near the ground.  Guy Radcliff, a boy of about 12 years of age stepped on the wire and fell to the ground.  Carrie Dannelly rushed to his assistance and became entangled in the wire. Both died in a few minutes.

Dothan News- Miss May Powell daughter of Mr. Henry Powell married Mr. Lee in Pensacola, Fla.  Mr. Lee is manager of a large mill in Munson, Fla.

Thursday, September 3, 1914

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Woodham, on Wednesday morning, a son.

Hacoda-  Mrs. Lewis died Friday morning at 9 o’clock and was buried Saturday at Corner Creek Church.

Thursday, September 10, 1914

Born on Tuesday night last to Mr. and Mrs. H.H. McDougald, a son.

C. Holt Smith, a traveling salesman died last Monday in Montgomery. Mr. Smith was buried at Smith’s Station last Saturday.

Trammell- Blair-  At 2:30 pm of last Sunday at the home of the bride’s father at Lockhart, Mr. R.H. Trammell Jr. and Miss Mildred Clopton Blair were married.  Rev. J.N. Vandiver officiating.

Thursday, September 17, 1914

Tragedy at Marianna, Fla  September 14th-  C.A. Boyett was shot to death allegedly by John Cayson.  The two had a quarrel about a woman. 

Laurel Hill News-  Mr. Fred Von Axelson and Miss Maggie Carter were married last Sunday night.  The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Von Axelson and the bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Carter.

Thursday, September 24, 1914

February and December Wed -Samson, Ala September 22nd- Erect as an arrow, in spite of his 69 years, his 9 living children and his 20 grandchildren, J.E. Marsh of Samson was married Monday to Miss Bettie Whatley of Picayune, Miss., age 17, the fair bride having come from her home in Hancock County to Samson, her former home, for the ceremony.

Thursday, October 1, 1914

Lady Preacher Died Suddenly at Munson-   Mrs. Guy from near Atmore, Ala was taken very ill and died suddenly Friday.  She was staying at the home of Mr. Charlie Foster.

Thursday, October 8, 1914

Last Sunday evening Henry Loman was shot and killed by O.C. Harris near Rose Hill. Loman is about 18 years old and Harris is about 20 years old.

Grave 60 Years Old in East Florala- Occasionally someone asks who was buried in the grave at the rear of the Universalist Church is east Florala. Upon inquiry of one of the oldest citizens of Florala it is learned that the grave has been there for the past 60 years.  An elderly maiden lady, Miss Elizabeth Thomas was buried there.  There never was a graveyard but another grave beside the one in the enclosure at the south side of the church.  This one once contained the body of Mrs. Sallie Parker.

Married at midnight last Tuesday night- Mr. I.L. Sullivan and Miss Minnie Brown.

Virgil N. McCall a citizen of Covington Co. died at his home in Andalusia. Mr. McCall had reached the age of 45 years, he is survived by a wife and 2 children.

Thursday, October 15, 1914

Bryant- Braswell- Miss Lola Braswell formerly of Florala was married on September 15th to Mr. Alford Bryant.  They will reside in Atlanta, Ga.

Thursday, October 22, 1914

G. Alto Garner, brother of A.E. Garner was found dead in Dothan.  It is thought death resulted from heart failure.

Munson-  D.S. Allen and his daughter attended the funeral of his brother Montgomery Allen, in Milton on Wednesday.

Thursday, October 29, 1914

C.W. Crosson of Florala and Miss Buna Stokes of Laurel Hill were married last Tuesday night at Svea, Fla.

Enterprise-Arnold Roberts was shot Sunday morning at New Brocton.  Roberts died Monday morning.  Roberts is about 19 years of age.

Born: On Tuesday morning last to Dr. and Mrs. J.W. Pendrey, a daughter.

Thursday, November 5, 1914

Opp_  Mrs. M.C. Flournoy, aged 69 died Thursday at the home of her daughter Mrs. Radford.  Internment was at Rose Hill.  Deceased is survived by 6 children; 4 sons (J.E. and John Flournoy of Florala) and 2 daughters.

Thursday, November 12, 1914- no b/m/d reported

Thursday, November19, 1914

Born on Saturday night last to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Prestwood, a son.

Mr. J.G. Foxworth of Florala and Mrs. Mattie Foxworth of Elba were married yesterday—Elba Clipper

Thursday, November 26, 1914-- no b/m/d reported

Thursday, December 3, 1914

DeFuniak Springs November 23rd- The little daughter of County Superintendent Dan Trotman, died Tuesday morning.

Born- On Tuesday morning last to Mr. and Mrs. Grimes, a son.

Thursday, December 10, 1914, Thursday, December 17, 1914 and  Thursday, December 24, 1914- issues missing

Thursday, December 31, 1914

Double Tragedy Shocks Florala- Early Wednesday morning W.J. Qualls took a shotgun and after deliberately killing his wife turned the gun on himself.  The reason for the murder/suicide is unknown.  Qualls lived in Walton Co., Fla. a mile from Florala.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Qualls wee about 50 years old.

New Greenland- Miss Vera Little and Mr. Morgan Jones were married Thursday afternoon at 3 o’clock at the home of the bride’s parents.

Munson- Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Sidall are the proud parents of a 10 lb. boy.

C.L. Bryan received a message Sunday morning that his father had died.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Cawthon are the proud parents of a new daughter who arrived at their home last Saturday night.

Mr. Rome Ward Opp Citizen Dead- Mr. Ward of the firm Tisdale and Ward, a mercantile firm at Opp has died.  He moved from Greenville to Opp about a year ago.  Mr. Ward was raised at Andalusia and was 34 years old.  He was married about 5 years ago and his wife and one child survive him.  He was buried in the Andalusia cemetery.

Thursday, January 7, 1915

W.J. Qualls and Mrs. Qualls were buried in the Clear Springs Churchyard.

Fred Matthews, the negro who shot and killed Charlie Martin, also a negro, here Christmas Eve night is now in the county jail at Andalusia.

Boy Buried Alive by Sand Caving Dothan- Foster Woodham, 13 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Woodham of Houston Co. was buried under and instantly killed by a large sandbank.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bland, of Oakland Camp, are the proud parents of a fine boy.

Hub Dorsey, a white man who supposed to have killed Alto Thomas, a negro, on the night of December 19th surrendered to the Justice Court of W.O. Searcy- Opp

Dr. John H. Holly of Samson was last week appointed district lecturer of the 16th Masonic district—Geneva Reaper

Mrs. Eula Wingate Riles requests the honor of your presence at the marriage of her daughter, Bessie to Mr. Homer Milner Jones on Wednesday evening, January 13th at 6 o’clock at the First Methodist Church, Ariton, Ala.

Thursday, January 14, 1915- issue missing

Thursday, January 21, 1915

Albert Metcalf- a well known citizen of Hartford and brother of P.M. Metcalf, prominent merchant and banker, died at his home Friday afternoon from the effects of some deadly poison, taken either accidentally for with suicidal intent.

Miss Bess Riles of Lockhart married Mr. Homer Jones, of Newton last Wednesday.

Thursday, January 28, 1915

Mr. Blair, a highly respected citizen of Lockhart, died at his home there the first of the week and was buried in the Florala Cemetery.

Clifton Carroll, son of Yancy Carroll met instant death at Ozark by coming in contact with a live electric wire.

Mr. J.B. Sutton, once a citizen of Florala, died at Laurel Hill last Saturday and was buried Sunday in the Old Valley Cemetery, 8 miles south east of DeFuniak Springs.

Born on Wednesday, January 13th to Mr. and Mrs. R.K. Council, a son.

Thursday, February 4, 1915

A message was received here yesterday stating that Marshall Hussey’s father was dead.  He died a few hours after Mr. Hussey reached his home at Tarboro, NC.

Thursday, February 11, 1915- issue missing

Thursday, February 18, 1915

The little daughter who arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. J. Britton, Lakewood, Fla, February 15th has been named Mary Kirke.

Mr. Davis Clary, of Laurel Hill, died last Thursday night in a hospital at Mobile.  His wife was at his side.  He was a lifelong resident of Walton Co. Several sons and daughters and a widow are left to mourn.  He was buried last Saturday in the Clary Churchyard near Laurel Hill.  He was 54 years old.

Thursday, February 25, 1915

Miss Cravey and Mr. Miller Wed-   Last evening at the home of Mr. Herbert Henzie, Rev. P.T. Ramsey united in marriage Mr. A. K. Miller and Miss Iola Cravey- Palestine (Texas) Daily Herald  Miss Cravey was raised in Covington Co. She is a sister of Mrs. Griffin Miller of Florala; her brothers are Chester and Wiley Cravey.

Thursday, March 4, 1915- no b/m/d reported

Thursday, March11, 1915

Mrs. Susie Kramer died in Montgomery on Sunday last and on Monday she was brought to Florala and buried in Greenwood Cemetery.  Mrs. Kramer formerly lived in Lockhart.

Mr. J.F. Bell married Miss Maggie Coley of Bluff Springs, Fla. at DeFuniak Springs last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Bell came to Florala Monday and make this their home.

Thursday, March 18, 1915

“Aunt Ellen” Butler, Faithful Servant, Dies- The community of Lockhart was saddened Friday morning by the death of an old-time “colored mammy”.  Aunt Ellen Butler,  had reached the age of 70 years.  “Aunt Ellen” was the first woman settler in the town of Lockhart, having gone there with the family of W.S. Harlan.

Thursday, March 25, 1915

W.L. Howell received a message this morning, which bore the sad tidings of the death of his sister, Mrs. W.L. Parker, in Macon, Ga.  Mrs. Parker died at 8 o’clock.  She probably will be buried at Andalusia, her former home.

Thursday, April 1, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Howell attended the funeral and burial of Mrs. W.L. Parker at Andalusia last Friday.  Mr. Howell was a brother of Mrs. Parker.

Rev. T.A. Pharr, father in law of C.C. Beasley, of Florala, died at his home 10 miles east of Andalusia, last Saturday and was buried at Antioch Cemetery Sunday.  Mr. Pharr was 85 years old and had been a minister of the gospel for the past 66 years.

Thursday, April 8, 1915

A message was received yesterday morning by Mr. M. Lurie, which brought the news that on Tuesday the stork had visited Mr. and Mrs. I.S. Lurie at Union Springs, leaving a daughter.

Mrs. John Barnes died due to complications arising from childbirth.  The child died also.  Mrs. Barnes was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Sheehan.

Thursday, April 15, 1915- issue missing

Thursday, April 22, 1915

W.T. Sheppard, one of Covington Cos. most prominent businessmen, died after a brief illness of pneumonia, at a Montgomery hospital Tuesday night.  Deceased is survived by his wife and four children.  He was buried at DeFuniak Springs.

Midnight Murder at Lockhart Saw Mill-  At an early hour this morning Jim Howell, shot and killed John Cannon, both were night workmen at the mill.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Hutcheson, on Monday last, a daughter.

The following announcement, which is of considerable interest here at Lockhart and throughout Walton County, appears in the Mobile register of April 18th:
“Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Henderson announce the engagement of their sister Louie Mae March to Mr. Murray S. Cawthon of Florala, Ala., the wedding to take place at their home the eighth day of June.”

Barron- Bracewell- Mr. R.L. Bracewell and Miss Mary Barron surprised their friends, and the young lady’s mother, Mrs. J.R. Barron, especially, when on last Sunday the drove over to the home of Judge Hilson, in Florida and were married.  Mr. and Mrs. Bracewell are making their home with Mrs. Barron at the present.

Thursday, April 29, 1915

Arthur Labors died at his home at Laurel Hill, Florida last Monday morning at ten o’clock and was buried Tuesday.  Mr. Labors once lived at Lakewood where he was well and favorably known.  He is survived by his wife and one child.

Geneva County Man Held For Murder- Geneva: The investigation into the death of Herbert Bullock, a young farmer who lived near Malvern and who body was exhumed last week has resulted in the arrest of W.C. Collins, his father-in-law.
  The jury in the trial of Frank Mizell charged with the murder of Edwin Stamps, at Samson, in 1912, after three days and a half deliberations reported to the court last Monday that they were unable to agree on a verdict and were discharged.

Thursday, May 6, 1915

W.L. Howell was called to Andalusia early Monday morning by a message, which told of the death of his sister, Mrs. Ward.  This is the second sister that has died within the past month and his many friends in the community and throughout the county, as well, deeply sympathize with him.
Miss Tessie Howell, who has been making her home with Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Ward at Andalusia arrived in Florala Tuesday and will make her home with her brother, Mr. W.L. Howell. (This was a separate article from the one above.- TP)

Met at Florala and Were Married-
Mr. Carroll, of Pensacola, and Miss Wallace, of Opp, were married in the parlor of the Geronimo Hotel last Thursday afternoon. Mr. Carroll brought his two little daughters, whose mother is dead, and they stood on each side of the officiating minister, Rev. D.W. Haskew.  Mr. and Mrs. Carroll left on the evening train Thursday for Pensacola, their future home.

Miss Birdie Blakely died at Paxton, Fla. Last Friday and was buried in the Florala cemetery Saturday afternoon.  

Born:  on Tuesday night last, to Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Parker, a son.

Jones- Hammet   A wedding of considerable interest in Dadeville, Ala, where it occurred last Sunday evening, and in Florala, the home of the groom, was that of Mr. E.S. Hammet to Miss Kathleen Jones, which occurred at the home of the bride’s parents.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Jones, being connected with some of the oldest families in Dadeville. Mr. Hammet is one of Florala’s promising young businessmen who has made many friends since coming here last winter.  The couple expects to make their home in Florala.

Beautiful Home wedding of Mr. Lee and Miss Bailey- A wedding of unusual interest was that of Mr. R.H. Lee, of Atlanta, Ga., and Miss Nona Bailey of Florala, which was solemnized at 12:30 on Wednesday last at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Bailey.

Death of A Good Woman- Mrs. C.J. Ward, who has been suffering for the past eighteen months with a complication of diseases, died at the home of her husband at Andalusia, Monday morning at 6:30.  Funeral services were conducted at the Baptist church Monday afternoon by Rev. A.J. Preston.  She is survived by her husband, one child, father, Rev. W.P. Howell, three brothers and one sister.—Andalusia Star  
Mrs. Ward was the sister of Mr. W.L. Howell, of Florala.

Thursday, October 4, 1915 no b/m/d reported

Thursday, October 21, 1915

Zorn’s Mills News- Last Monday night at 12 o’clock Miss Mae Jones was called away by the Death Angel.  The remains were laid to rest in the Eight Mile cemetery.
  Born last Friday morning, to Mr. and Mrs. B.S. Morris a fine girl.

Thursday, November 11, 1915 

Foul Play Suspected in Death of Woman- Geneva, Ala.  At thee insistence of brothers of the deceased, the body of Mrs. Mandy E. Epps, found dead with her skull crushed in a stall with a mule last Thursday, was today exhumed. An examination made by physicians, and the woman’s husband, B.R. Epps, is in Geneva jail, awaiting action of the grand jury on a murder charge.
  The remains were buried in the Traveler’s Rest Cemetery, near Samson, last Friday.  The Messrs. Martin, brothers of deceased it is stated, were not satisfied that the death of their sister was the result of injuries inflicted by the mule, and insisted upon the remains being exhumed and examined by physicians.  As soon as the request was made, Epps, who is a middle-aged man, was arrested and placed in jail Monday to await the report of the physicians.
  The couple lived on a farm about eight miles west of Geneva.  They had no children.

On Sunday afternoon at five o’clock, Mr. Gus Blair of Lockhart and Miss Zerline Hix of Florala were quietly married at the parsonage.  Rev. E.B. Joyner performed the ceremony.  They will make Lockhart their home.

Two Men Killed in train Wreck- A serious accident, entailing loss of life and property occurred Saturday afternoon when two of the Jackson Lumber Co.’s log trains collided between Florala and Opp.   Dave Pickeron and J.M. Quick were killed, while J.P. Rhodes was thought to be fatally injured and was hurried to Montgomery for treatment.

Carl Hurtson of Laurel Hill, Fla., and Miss Neta Campbell of DeFuniak Springs, Fla., were married Wednesday of last week, at the home of the bride.

Hacoda, Ala-  P.W. Gay and Miss Sallie Blair were united in the holy bonds of wedlock Sunday evening at six o’clock at the home of the bride.  
   Mr. and Mrs. D.T. Gaskin and Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Miller attended the funeral of Dr. Brown of Limestone at Natural Bridge on Monday.

Thursday, November 18, 1915

James Lea  Clements – Lea Clements died at his home in North Florala Sunday morning at 4:25.  He had only been ill for a few days and news of his death came as a shock to the entire town.  At the time of his death, he was acting clerk at Florala post office.  He was 20 years of age.  Deceased leaves father, mother, three brothers and four sisters and host of friends to mourn his untimely death.

Card of Thanks-  We wish to thank our many friends for the kindness shown us in our recent bereavement.  Mrs. Ann D. Cawthon and Family

Johnston- Dillard- Mr. Norton Johnston of Opp and Miss Lois Dillard were quietly married by Rev. C.N. Wharton in the presence of a few friends and relatives Sunday afternoon at five o’clock at the home of her parents, in Andalusia.  Mr. and Mrs. Johnston left Sunday evening for Opp, where they will live—Andalusia Standard

Thursday, November 25, 1915- no b/m/d  reported

Thursday, December 2, 1915

Sexton Drops Dead Near Opp, Ala.-  F.M. Sexton, aged about 60 years, well known farmer living just outside the corporate limits of Opp, dropped dead of heart failure at Jacob Benton’s sale stable in Opp early Wednesday morning.  The deceased is survived by several sons and daughters.  Burial occurred at Cool Springs yesterday afternoon at 2 o’clock—Opp Messenger

Mr. Ray and children of Thurman, Ala., and W.A. Ray and family of Pensacola, Fla., together with children and grandchildren here attended the 80th anniversary of M.L. ray at his home on 5th Ave., Sunday, November 28th. Mr. Ray is one of Florala’s oldest and most substantial citizens.

Mr. and Mrs. Ward- A marriage of great interest to many persons was that of Charles J. Ward and Miss Shellie Gavin, which was impressively solemnized Sunday morning last, at six o’clock at the home of the bride.  Rev. C.W. Gavin, father of the bride, spoke the words that united their lives.  They will make their home in Andalusia—Andalusia Star

Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Kimball are receiving congratulations upon the birth of a daughter.

Epps Discharged by Judge Morris-  Robert Epps, who has been confined in the Geneva County jail for the past month, charged with the murder of his wife near Samson, was freed Wednesday by Probate Judge W. Morris.  Evidence showed that Mrs. Epps was kicked to death by a mule.

Thursday, December 30, 1915

Killed While Resisting Officers-  Marshal Rambo was shot and killed Wednesday evening about 5:15 on the Prestwood Bridge road just outside the corporate limits of Andalusia, while resisting officers from the sheriff’s department.  The dead man was immediately carried to his home on River Falls Road.  He has a wife and several small children.  The funeral was held Thursday.  Several cases of violations of the prohibition law were pending against the dead man. 

Ellis- Cawthon-   Troy, Ala. Dec. 20th-  News has been received here of the marriage of Miss Louise Ellis of this city to Mr. B.L. Cawthon, of Falco.  The marriage occurred at Falco Saturday.  Miss Ellis has been teaching there.  Mr. Cawthon is a real estate dealer of Falco and prominent in public affairs, being at the head of the school board.  Mrs. Cawthon was the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ellis.

Mrs. Cowan, mother of Miss Lenora, of the Florala City School, died last Thursday after several weeks’ illness.  The remains were carried to Geneva Friday morning for interment. 

Just as we go to press we learn of the death of the little eighteen months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Davis, which occurred Wednesday evening.

Herbert Davis living two miles east of Howell’s Station, died suddenly Sunday morning of heart failure.  Mr. Davis was 38 years old.  He leaves wife and four children, father, mother, brother and two sisters.  Interment at Chapel Hill Monday.

Death of Little Ellisor Children—Last Thursday night Little William Ellisor died at the home of his uncle, Julian Ellisor and the following morning his brother, John Wesley, died.  They were children of Mr. and Mrs. B.S. Ellisor of Escambia County, and were on a visit here before going to their home several miles in the country from Andalusia. There were only three children in the family and the third is now dangerously ill—Andalusia Standard

Thursday, April 20, 1916

John I Deen, Dead-   John I Deen, aged 65 years and one of the most prominent citizens of Red Level and former member of the Board of Revenue for Covington county, died at his home Saturday after a protracted illness.  Interment was made Sunday at the family cemetery near Loango. – Andalusia Star

Beverly-Saltsman-  John D. Beverly of Florala and Miss Wilhelmena Saltsman were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s cousin, Mrs. A.R. McAllister at East Gadsden street, Wednesday afternoon at 5:30.

Old Man Killed By Automobile- Mr. John Stone, an old gentleman, said to be 83 years of age, was struck and severely injured by an auto driven by Mr. W.A. Radney of Lockhart, Ala., Sunday morning about nine o’clock between Hartford and Geneva.  Mr. Radney was driving at a moderate speed when Mr. Jones attempted to cross the road in front of the car.  The cause of the accident is probably due to the fact that Mr. Stone is hard of hearing—Hartford New Herald.  Stone died later as results of injuries.

Robinson- Pitman-  Mr. B.H. Robinson and Miss Lida Pitman of Brewton were quietly married in from of the Methodist Church after serviced last Thursday night.  Rev. D.R. Parker of the Baptist church officiating.
  The bride is the sister of our townsman, C.D. Pitman.  The groom is a prosperous business man of Brewton.  The couple left for Brewton immediately where they will make their future home.

Paxton Camp-  Miss Cleve Cutts and Mr. Oscar Moore were happily married Sunday p.m.  They will make their future home at the Paxton Camp.

Angus M. Graham, acquitted on the charge of the murder of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Mancil, at Foshee, several months ago, in Escambia circuit court last week, on the ground that he was insane at the time the tragedy occurred, was released from the county jail Friday morning.—Pine Belt News

Thursday, April 27, 1916

Cyclone Damage Over $100,000-  Mobile, Ala., April 21st-  The damage from the cyclonic winds and excessive rainfall that prevailed over South Alabama and Southern Mississippi, when figured closely, will amount to over a hundred thousand dollars. In the Wolf Ridge vicinity near here where Mrs. OL Cochran, lost her life five dwellings were destroyed.

Thursday, September 21, 1916

Death of Judge A C Edmonson   Troy, Pike county and southeast Alabama mourn the death of one of their best and most prominent men, Judge AC Edmonson, Judge of Probate of Pike County.  His death occurred at an unknown hour on Friday night while he was asleep.--- Troy Messenger

Dothan Posse is out to Lynch a Negro-  Dothan, Ala., Sept. 17-  Sheriff’s deputies and posse men are scouring Henry county tonight for a Negro, who, Saturday night, shot and killed “Bud” Jones, a wealthy farmer living near News.  The Negro, said to be named Skipper, made his escape closely followed by posses, and a lynching is feared if he is caught.

Thursday, October 12, 1916

McLeod- Wynn Wedding-   A brilliant event of Thursday was the marriage of Miss Katherine Lee Wynn and Mr. David Carlisle McLeod, at the Presbyterian church at 6 o’clock.  The ceremony was performed by a brother of the groom, the Rev. DM McLeod, D.D., pastor of Trinity Methodist Church, Charleston, SC and assisted by Rev. CB Currie, pastor of the Florala Presbyterian church.
The best man was the groom’s brother, FA McLeod, a prominent attorney of Sumter, SC. One of the groomsmen was another brother, ex. Lieut. Gov. TG McLeod of Bishopville, SC.
    The maid of honor was Miss Myrtle Rodwell of Lakewood, Fla., a schoolmate and life-long friend of the bride. The bridesmaids were Misses Lucile Lightsey, Bartow, Fla., Jeanette Purdom, Blackshear, Ga., May Bell of Birmingham, Gertrude McLane of Pensacola, Genevieve and Helen White of Lockhart.
   The groomsmen were TG McLeod, Bishopville SC, Walter McNeill, Birmingham, FA McLeod, Sumter SC, MJ McDuffie, Forest, Miss., Dr. CC McLean, Birmingham, RW McAuley, Jr. and Malcom Wynn of Florala.
   The little flower girl was the bride’s sister, Dorothy Wynn and the ring bearer was Alexander Hughes of Electric Mills, Miss.
    They left immediately for their home in Halsell, Ala. Where the groom is engaged in the naval stores business.
    Miss Wynn has grown to womanhood in Florala.  She graduated at Converse College in the class of 1914.  She is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. AL Wynn.  Mr. McLeod is a graduate of Wofford College, class of 1909. He is a member of a prominent South Carolina family.  (The article is very lengthy about the wedding itself.  I only included information about the people involved.  TP)
Mr. and Mrs. FJ Hughes and children returned Friday to their home in Electric Mills, Miss.  They came to be present at the marriage of their niece, Miss Katie Lee Wynn.  While here they were guest of Mrs. Hughes’ father, WR McDuffie.  (This was a separate article from the above wedding announcement.)

After a lingering illness for several weeks, Elder FG Tisdale, aged 65 years, passed away at his home near Opp on Tuesday night.  The deceased is survived by a widow, seven daughters and three sons.  Funeral services were held at Cool Springs church by Elder Jack Wilson.  Burial was in Cool Springs cemetery.—Opp Messenger

Miss Olivia R. Cowan-   Miss Olivia R. Cowan, sixteen years of age, died at a local hospital at a late hour Sunday night following a brief illness.  She was a daughter of Rev. EE Cowan, presiding elder of the Andalusia District Methodist Conference.  She is survived by her father and mother, Rev. and Mrs. EE Cowan of Andalusia, three brothers, Vernon F Cowan of Co. H second Regt., National Guard of Alabama, Dr. CE Cowan, Cunningham, Ala., and JO Cowan of Cunningham and one sister Mrs. Irene F. Tripple of Dothan, Ala.
Funeral services were held from Deake’s Chapter, Monday afternoon at 4:30.  Interment was made in the Methodist Lot at Oakwood cemetery--- Montgomery Advertiser.

Sanderson- Parmer--  Fort Deposit, Ala. Oct. 7-  A pretty marriage was solemnized here at 6 o’clock Wednesday morning at the home of Mrs. Dora Sanderson.  The contracting parties were Miss Armatine Sanderson, of this place, and Mr. Curtis Parmer of Chattanooga.  Mr. and Mrs. Parmer left for Chattanooga, where they will be at home to their friends.  The bride is a sister of TR Sanderson, of this place.

Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Milton McDaniel, on October 5th, a fine little daughter.

Thursday, November 2, 1916

One of Covington’s oldest Citizens Gone-   Mr. Lorenzo Dow Jordan was buried here Tuesday morning.  The deceased has lived in this community since before the war.  He was more than 80 years old, has been a member of the Masonic Fraternity since 1868 and was buried with Masonic Honors. For many years he was Tyler of Lake City Lodge.  For some time before his death Mr. Jordan was so afflicted that he could not stir from his home.

Oscar R. Smith Passes Away-  Oscar R Smith, a well-known printer and newspaper man of West Florida and South Alabama, passed away here at his home at four o’clock, death following an illness of several weeks of stomach trouble and other complications.
	The funeral took place Thursday afternoon at two o’clock at the Methodist church, with Rev. HT Strout performing the services.  Interment was made in this city cemetery.  The deceased is survived by a wife and five children, of this city, father and mother and one brother and sister of Iuka, Miss.  Mr. Smith was 39 years of age. (This is a lengthy article.)

A Loving Tribute to My Friend and Neighbor, Carolyn Petrey  By Mrs. CP Cawthon was printed. (It is a full column in length and did not name any family members or birth/death information.  Due to its length I did not copy it.  Contact me for more information. TP)

Mr. Howard Hanners was killed at Munson, Fla., Monday.  While employed as log skidder he was struck by the end of the log and died in a few hours.  Remains were shipped to Florala for burial Tuesday.  The funeral occurred at the home of RL Bracewell at 11 am, conducted by Rev. HE Jones, pastor of the Florala Methodist Church.  Mr. Hanners formerly lived her and was the father of Mrs. Ed. Bracewell, living in East Florala.

Thursday, December 28, 1916

Horrible Death of Mother and Child-   Mr. and Mrs. A. McDade left Florala early Friday morning in response to a message stating that Mrs. McDade’s mother, Mrs. Owens and her little daughter were drowned Thursday evening with attempting to cross a bridge on Shoal River.  The body of Mrs. Owen was recovered Sunday and interment made at Crestview, but search was being made up to Wednesday for the child.
  Mrs. Owens was a sister of Dr. Webb of Laurel Hill, Fla. and mother of Mrs. A McDade of this place.

Ends His Own Life on Christmas Day-   Dothan, Ala. Dec. 27—carrying out a plan of several years standing to die by his own hands, and a peculiar desire to celebrate his exit from this world on Christmas day, William Rigell 66 a well known citizen of Ashford, Ala., Monday afternoon placed the muzzle of a shot gun under his chin and blew his face off.  He died about two hours later.  The tragedy occurred at his home.

Thursday, January 18, 1917- no b/m/d reported

Thursday, January 25, 1917

J.M Zorn  died at his home near Milligan, Fla. Saturday.  Interment was made at Eight Mile church, near Milligan, where the wife was buried about three months ago. Deceased leaves several children and a brother, JJ Zorn living near Florala.  

Mrs. Effie Wiggins, wife of Early F Wiggins, died at their home east of Florala Saturday afternoon.  Burial occurred at Bellwood, Ala.  Sunday.

Thursday, February 8, 1917

The home of Mr. and Mrs. WW Kinsaul was the scene of a wedding on Sunday evening at 6 o’clock, when Miss Nettie Ziegelmeyer became the bride of Mr. Clifford Grant. Rev. HE Jones of Florala performed the ceremony.  The bride is from Galveston, Texas.  The groom holds a responsible position with the Jackson Lumber Co., Lockhart, Ala.  Mr. and Mrs. Grant will make their home at Lockhart, Ala.

Bloxon Eugene Whiddon, son of Mr. and Mrs. BF Whiddon, died at 3:00 Tuesday morning following a brief illness of pneumonia.  Funeral services were conducted Wednesday evening at 3:00 by Rev. HE Jones assisted by Rev. CB Curry.  Little Bloxon E. was four years old.

Thursday, February 15, 1917

Hodge Must Serve Life Sentence-   the case of Tom Hodge versus the State, appealed from the Covington county circuit court Thursday was affirmed by the Supreme Court.  Hodge had been convicted of murder in the first degree for shooting a deputy sheriff of Florala from ambush on September 18, 1915 and sentenced to life imprisonment.
  On the night on which the shooting occurred, Deputy Sheriff SL Baker and Crosson, a policeman of Florala, were passing in front of the Hodge home when they were fired on from the yard and Baker killed.  Hodge fled to Georgia, where he was arrested.—Montgomery Advertiser

Young Man Killed by L & N Train-   JD Waddell, son of EJ Waddell, residing four miles south of Florala, was struck by the early south bound passenger train on the Crestview division of the l & N.  JD in the company with two friends had stopped to kindle a fire and had fell asleep while warming.  The unfortunate young man failed to heed the warnings of the approaching train in time to avoid the accident which caused his death.  Deceased was sixteen years of age, the eldest son of one of the most beloved families in this community.  Relatives and friends from Dothan attended the funeral which occurred at Clear Springs cemetery Monday afternoon.

Cary- Monroe-   On Sunday afternoon, Miss Viola Cary and Mr. HC Monroe were married at the Methodist parsonage in evergreen by Rev. Haskew, the ceremony being witnessed by a few relatives and intimate friends.  
    Mrs. Monroe is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Cary of Brooklyn,  and a grand daughter of the late Judge Cary of Conecuh county.  Mr. Monroe holds a responsible position in Andalusia with the National Lumber Company.—Andalusia Star

Holmes Co. Sheriff Dies of Pneumonia--  JH Mattox,  sheriff of Holmes County, died Sunday night at 1:30, it was reported here Monday by a man from Holmes county. Sheriff Mattox died of pneumonia after about a week’s illness.  
     Sheriff Mattox was a native of native of Holmes County, and is survived by his wife, eight children and his father.
     The late sheriff went into office of January, succeeding SZ Mayo.  Governor Catts will appoint a man to fill the vacancy.—Pensacola Journal 

Thursday, March 29, 1917

Windstorm Kills Eleven in Crenshaw- Cyclone of Tuesday Morning Wipes away Homes and Destitution is Terrible
Luverne, Ala.  March 27- The worst storm in the history of this section struck Petrey, twenty miles from here, at 1 o’clock Tuesday morning.  Killed four persons at that place jumped seven miles to another small settlement and killed three person, devastated the country in its path and left the residents homeless and destitute.
   The following is a list of the dead:  Professor TW Dendy, Miss Bessie Dendy, RR Jeter, Warren Kelby ( Negro), William Middlebrooks, Mrs. Middlebrooks,  unidentified Negro.

Capt. Stephen Cawthon, of Florala, had been spending the week here with relatives.  He is the last surviving officer of his regiment, the Sixth Alabama.—DeFuniak Breeze

EM Loveless, of Brewton, Expires-   Brewton, March 27th—Hon. EM Loveless, one of the oldest and most respected citizens of this county died suddenly at 6 o’clock yesterday morning of acute indigestion.  Mr. Loveless was a well known and highly respected citizen of southern Alabama and had large and extensive lumber interests in Escambia county.  The funeral taken place at 3:30  and was largely attended.

Card of Thanks-   We wish to thank all those who so kindly remembered us during our recent bereavement.  HB Cawthon  Josephine Cawthon

Thursday, April 5, 1917

Obituary-   Died at a Montgomery Hospital March 22, 1917, Mrs. Ada Rhodes, who has been living at Lockhart the last nine years. Mrs. Rhodes was the daughter of Lorenza Dow and Mary Jane Bryan, and was born March 2, 1869, at Milo, Pike Co., Ala., and was married to the late Joseph Parker Rhodes, Jan. 21 1886.  To this union was born J P Jr., RG and Mrs. WD Rowland, all of whom are left to mourn.  Mrs. Rhodes joined the Baptist Church at Goshen, Ala. In 1896 and moved her membership to Lockhart and was a consistent and active member till the day of her death.—A friend   (The article is lengthy.)

The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. SH Williams, of Forest, Miss., were delighted to hear of the arrival of a son to brighten their home.

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith accompanied by Mrs. JH Burgess and little son, returned Friday from Bonifay, Fla., where they attended the funeral of their sister’s child, Mrs. Walter Stokes.

Thursday, April 12, 1917

Born to Mr. and Mrs. WL McLaughlin, a daughter.

Thursday, April 19, 1917

Handsome cards were received by many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hudson Williams, of Forest, Miss., announcing the birth of Samuel Hudson, Jr.

Thursday, April 26, 1917

Death of Little Robert Council-  There is much sadness at the death of little Robert Council, age 2 years and 3 months, who passed away Friday morning about 3 am., at the home of his parents after an illness of about 2 weeks. The funeral was held Saturday afternoon and the little body was laid to rest in Greenwood Cemetery.
The following was another article in the same issue:  Mrs. Wilber Glover of Andalusia, spent last week in the city attending the bedside of her little nephew, Robert Council.

As we go to press we learn that Mrs. JW Swilley  died this morning at 5 o’clock.

News reached here this morning that Mr. Dan Colson was killed at Crestview.  We have been unable to learn the particulars,

Thursday, May 3, 1917

Born to Mr. and Mrs. SA Hutchinson Sunday, a 9 pound girl.

Several Enlisted in the Navy-   During the stay of WJ Fitzgibbons and JA Dye, recruiting Officers for the Navy, the following persons applied for enlistment and were accepted:
D. McK. Parker, CF Jones, JW Nored, HE Heath, C Sellers, P. Mozley, JE Mozley, CR McDaniel, FC Sheehan, JA Leonard, Florala, JW Sanders, Lockhart, EC Kelley, Lakewood, Fla., RC Hagin, Geneva, Ala.  These officers left for Samson on the 1:47 train Tuesday.

Arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. TJ Britton, of Lakewood, Thursday, April 26, a daughter, whom they have named Margaret Jean.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. TG Salts, on last Thursday, April 26, a son.  They have named him Jack.

Mrs. J E Turner, spent last Thursday in Milligan, Fla. Attending the funeral of her aunt, Mrs. Joe Phillips.

Thursday, May 10, 1917

Will C Blackwell, one of the accused murderers of Bud Davis and wife, who was placed on trial for his life Monday at Crestview, Fla., made his escape Monday night while being transferred for safe keeping for the night from Crestview to DeFuniak Springs.

OL Larkin of Millview, Fla. is here to see his daughter, Mrs. Folmer.  
Dr, Folmer, of Atlanta, Ga. Is here, having been called to the bedside of his sister, Mrs. Folmer.
Mr. Frank Folmer, of Millview, Fla. is here at the bedside of his wife, who we regret to state, is quite ill.
Dr. Watkins, of Troy, was called to the bedside of Mrs. Folmer, who is critically ill at her sisters, Mrs. BJ Perry.
J. Larkin, of Pensacola, Fla. , Mr. and Mrs. Charley Larkin, of Millview, Fla are here attending the bedside of her sister, Mrs. Folmer.  (see next week for her obituary.)

Thursday, May 17, 1917

Mrs. Mary McAlester Shine of Panama City, Fla. Died May 7th after a lingering illness.  Her father, Rev. David McAlester, was once the much beloved pastor of the Florala Presbyterian church.  The remains were laid to rest in the Hickory Grove Cemetery at Opp Tuesday.

Resolutions of Sorrow-  We the members of the Woodsmen Circle, wish to extend out Christian love greetings to our beloved Sovereign May Catrett, whom the death angel has visited and bore away, her little brother, Charles Michel, to a home where there is no sorrow,  May the Lord bless her in her hour of sadness, is the sincere wish and prayer of the Sovereigns of McDonnel grove 32. Mrs. GA Marshall, Mrs. C Boyd, Mrs. WR Henderson 

Funeral of Mrs. Folmer Thursday-   Mrs. JF Folmer, wife of JF Folmer, died at the home of her sister Mrs. RJ Perry, on West 5th Ave., Wednesday night at 9 o’clock.  Deceased had been a resident of Florala in past years and had made many dear friends.  The funeral occurred Thursday afternoon at 3 o’clock and the remains were followed to Greenwood cemetery. 

Thursday, May 24, 1917

Death of WC McKenzie, Sr.-   Monday night at 9:10 at the Colonial Hotel, Mr. WC McKenzie, Sr. passed away.  He had not been in good health for some time but only taken to his bed about ten days ago.  Before coming to Florala Mr. McKenzie resided in Greenville, SC.  He was 62 years of age and leaves a wife, who is very ill in a hospital at Pittsburgh, PA. And who was unable to be at his bedside, and two sons and a daughter, one of the sons, WC McKenzie Jr. is in charge of the Colonial, being married to mourn his death.  His remains were shipped on the morning train to Greenville, SC for internment.

McRae- Murphy Wedding-  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Colon McRae request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter, Kathleen Elizabeth, to Mr. John Cecil Murphree, on Thursday afternoon, June 5th, at half after the four o’clock at their home, Florahome, Fla.
(Note the 2 variations of the groom’s surname.  This was copied as it appeared in the paper)

Thursday, May 31, 1917

Registration:   Every man who has passed his 21st birthday and has not yet attained his 31st, white or black, married or single, with dependants or not, and no matter what his occupation, must register June 5.  The government will decide who are exempt when the selective draft is made.  Penalty:  I year in jail and a thousand dollar fine.

Blackwell Captured-  William Blackwell, who escaped several weeks ago, was captured Monday night and lodged in the jail at DeFuniak.

Mrs. Alex. Dorsey, of Lakewood, died Tuesday morning at 3:30 and was buried Wednesday morning from Chapel Hill church.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. TV Shoemaker.  Mrs. Dorsey leaves a husband and one child to mourn her loss.

Thursday, June 14, 1917

Card of Thanks  We wish to thank our many friends who were so kind to us during the illness and death of our daughter and sister, Cora.  Mr. and Mrs. HJ Holloway and children.

Thursday, June 21, 1917

Card of Thanks  we desire to express our sincerest gratitude to the many friends who manifested so much loving sympathy and kindness to us during our recent bereavement.- Mr. and Mrs. JL Hayes

Independence Industrial Issue-Special Issue-  June 26, 1917

History Florala Presbyterian Church

By WC McLauchlin

A commission consisting of Revs. J W Rosebourough, HC Moore and JC Sturgeon and Elder WC McLauchlin was appointed by East Alabama Presbytery at LaFayette, Ala. October 13th, 1900 to organize a Church, if the way be clear, at Florala, Ala., in answer to a petition signed by 34 persons living there and in the vicinity.
This commission, with the exception of Rev. JC Sturgeon, met in the Baptist Church in Florala, Ala., November 29th, 1900, and organized a Presbyterian Church consisting of the following members:  
On certificate: JN McLean, Mrs. FA McLean, Miss Effie McLean, John J McLean, Claud C McLean, WC McLauchlin, Mrs. MJ McLauchlin, John F McRae, Mrs. Janie McRae, J Arch McNeill, CH Meinike, Mrs. MJ McDuffie, WJ McPhail, DM McDuffie and Mrs. DM McDuffie.

On examination and Profession:  Mrs. SA Williamson and Evander Patterson.
JN McLean, John R McRae and WC McLauchlin were elected Elders and having been ordained were installed and were elected also as trustees.  CH Meinike was elected, ordained and installed Deacon.
At the time the Baptists had the only Church building in the town and they generously gave the Presbyterians the privilege of using their building until such a time as they could build a house.
Rev. EE Ervin served the Church as Stated Supply for the first year, and was followed by Rev. Tolett in 1902, Rev. JF Ford in 1903, 1904 and 1905, Rev. Chas. B Boyles in 1906, Rev. DS McAlester in 1907, Rev. KL McIver in 1908, 1909 and 1910, Rev. S W Rogers in 1911 and 1912, Rev. ED Curtis in 1913and 1914 and the present Pastor, Rev. CB Currie, in 1915 and 1916.
During these years additional Elders were elected as follows:  ML Ray, Samuel H Williams, and Luther G Ray and Evander Patterson, Dr. AL Wynn, WH Vaughan and Donald G Campbell were elected Deacons.
Elder JN McLean now lives at Milton, Fla., SH Williams at Forest, Miss., John F McRae at Jennings, Fla., and Luther G. Ray, Captain Co E Second Regiment A.N.G., is somewhere in Alabama with his company.
When the Florala Church was organized there was no railroad connection with the points in Alabama, the Yellow River railroad being the only one here at that time, and the Church was transferred to the Presbytery of Florida and remained with that Presbytery for several years.  In 1911, the Louisville & Nashville and Central of Georgia railroads having been extended to Florala, the Church was again transferred to the Presbytery of East Alabama and grouped with the Presbyterian Church of Geneva, Alabama, and the present Pastor, Rev. CB Currie, supplies Florala, Geneva and Union No. 1.
The Presbyterian Church is not numerically strong in this section of Alabama, but serves a fine purpose as a regulator for the other denominations.  Florala is religious if not notably pious, having Baptists, Methodists, Universalists, Primitive Baptists, Presbyterians and a new church called the Assembly of God.  
Other denominations of Christians and Jews are represented, but not regularly organized.

Methodism in the Florala Country
By “One o’ the Boys”

  The history of Methodist ministration in this part of the country dates far back into the dismal and uncertain days of the past.
  In Riley’s “History of Conecuh County” mention is made of the fact that several Methodist preachers traveled over this territory at different times and preached to the Indians and what few white people were scattered over this gulf coast country about the beginning of the last century.
  The writer of that splendid little volume was a very devout member of the Baptist church, but he was quite impartial in hid division of missionary honors and effort between the ministers of his own denomination and those of the Methodist church.
  Long before the was of the 60s was ever thought of many traveling preachers of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America preached at almost every crossroads and in almost every settler’s cabin throughout the gulf coast. Those preachers included among their number the celebrated characters Lorenza Dow and Simon Peter Richardson.
  About the time of the civil war this immediate section of country was placed upon one of the badly scattered mission charges of the Alabama Annual Conference, which at that time was doing a considerable amount of mission work over Alabama and West Florida.
  Later the Alabama Annual Conference was divided into two distinct conferences for the purpose of doing more direct and systematic work.
  All of southern Alabama and all that part of Florida lying west of the Apalachicola River was included within the Alabama Annual Conference.  It is so included to this day.
  The Yellow River Mission was formed about the close of the civil war.  This mission included several preaching appointments throughout this part of the country, which was then known as the McDade Pond Settlement.  
  Several of the early ministers who served this mission charge resided at or near Milton, Pensacola, Pollard, Stockton.  One of these was Rev. HT Johnson, better known as “Devil Henry” Johnson, to many of the people of that age.  This faithful man of God still lives and is able to do active pastoral work in his conference. Rev. JW Shores and Rev. JW Rush also did much preaching in this section.  Rev. Shores is still living in Montgomery, though he was superannuated by his conference nearly a quarter of a century ago.  He is now above 90 years of age and is one of the life pensioners of his conference.
  After the organization of a few weak churches in this pine wilderness they were changed from time to time from one mission charge to another as the conference thought advisable and expedient.  They were preached to occasionally, the services increasing in number according as missionary effort was advanced in the territory.
  The Florala mission was formed about 1890 with the pastors residing for number of years at Andalusia, Troy or elsewhere as they chose.
  Rev. JA Green served the charge as pastor in 1890.  ASJ Haygood, 1891-2; WT Ellisor, 1893; JW Breedlove, 1894-5; JF Price 1896; DBH Jeffcoat, 1897-8, JP Daughtery 1899, WE Gipson, 1900; CC Daniel, 1901; NW Beverly, 1902-4; JM Munn 1905; JA Seale, 1906-8; RH Lewis, 1909; WR Bickerstaff, 1910-11; DW Haskew 1912-14 and a part of 1915; EB Joyner, latter part of 1915; LHS Chappelle Jr., part of 1916; HE Jones latter part of 1916 and to date ion 1917 conference year, which will close November 30th.
  This church today wields no small influence in the religious life of the people of Florala and neighboring towns.  Its membership is large and its material wealth is considerable.  A station parsonage was bought some years ago on one of the main residence streets of Florala, where the pastors reside.
  The Methodist Church at Lockhart is a part of the local charge and is also doing good work religiously among the people of that prosperous manufacturing town.

History of the Baptist Church

   What is known as the First Baptist church, Florala, was organized in 1862, over in Florida near the forks of the creek, where Clear Springs School house now stands.
   The organization was effected by Bro. GW Kierce, the first pastor, who now lives at Andalusia.
Bro. Kierce was then missionary for this Association, and served the church once a month for several years.
    About 1864 the place of worship was moved to a round-pole school house near where the Iris theatre now stands.  In this school house our fellow townsman, Mr. JE Hughes, lived the first year of his marriage.
    In 1869 Rev. Wilson Kierce, father of Rev. GW Kierce, came here with wagon and oxen, and together with Brother JE Hughes, DC Allen and others of the community, cut and hauled logs and erected a log building on the present site.
    Rev. Kierce requested that he be buried under the shade of the trees by the church, and there his body rests today.
    Then in about four or five years after moving into the log church building the little band moved to the state line, part of the house being in Florida and part in Alabama, so the school being taught in the building might draw state money from both states.
     Here they remained until about 25 years ago, when they moved into the present house, which was generously built by Mr. JE Hughes.
    About two years afterwards Bro. Hughes had the present pastorium built and gave it and the lots to the church.  
    It might not be out of place to state in this connection that Bro. Hughes has ever stood by this church with his money and his prayers, and he has recently deeded the church, to take effect at his death, the property occupied by Browns’ drug store and the offices upstairs, the proceeds of which are to go to pastor’s salary.  Thus Bro. Hughes will perpetuate his memory, by living in a very material way long after he will have gone home to God.
   It might be stated also that while Bro. DC Allen has never pastured the church, yet while he was missionary for this association, he held several good revivals during the pastorates of Brothers Bulger, Mitchell and Martin.
  As one of the leading factors for righteousness in this community, this church has ever stood for the best things, and her pastors have been strong men, and men of influence throughout all this country, helping when possible, the weaker churches, and assisting their pastors in the work.
  The following men have served as pastors, the approximate time being opposite the name of each:  Rev. GW Kierce several years; Revs. FL L_ _ _d and J B Lassiter, each of whom supplied some years; Rev. Wilson Kierce began pastorate in 1870 and served several years; Rev. PD Bulger taught school and pastured the church several years.  Bro. Bulger was succeeded by Rev. Mitchell, who served two or three years; Rev. EA Holley, time not known; Rev. Wiley F Martin, several years; Rev. WF Faulkner, one year; Rev. JF Gable, two years, Rev. SH Bennett, two years; Rev. BS Railey, five years; Rev. EM Steward, three months; Dr. JS Edmonds, eighteen months; Rev. JF Vandiver, three years; Rev. DR Parker, eighteen months, Rev. TV Shoemaker, the present pastor, one year.
    The above is the order of the pastorates, but may not be absolutely correct as the exact time of pastorate, as this record has been made from the memory of some of the oldest members of the church. 
  This church has had a very prosperous history during the past several years and is now planning to build a modern house of worship commensurate with present day demands and future opportunities.  The congregation is one of spiritual and financial importance and is now confronted with great opportunities for scattering Christian enlightenment throughout this section.

Thursday, June 28, 1917

Mr. and Mrs. Massey Barden are the proud parents of a fine son, who made his debut into Florala society last week.

Thursday, July 5, 1917

Gretna Green Marriage Tuesday-   A quiet gretna green wedding took place Tuesday afternoon at the home of Esquire Hilson, near Florala.  The contracting parties were Mr. Ernest Grider  and Miss Erma Stewart, both of Andalusia.  The ceremony was witnessed only by a few friends.  Shortly after their marriage the happy young couple left for their future home at Andalusia, where both are well and favorably known.

Dallas Tucker Married in Georgia-   Cards have been received here announcing the marriage in Atlanta on June 17th of Mr. Dallas Avery Tucker and Miss Jewell Ruth Atkinson.  The groom is well known in Florala, where his mother Mrs. Cynthia Tucker, still resides.  He was for a long time connected with the telegraph office in Florala, and left here several months ago to accept a more lucrative position in the capital city of Georgia.  The News- Democrat on behalf of his many friends in this section extend congratulations.

The Montgomery papers of Sunday carried the news of the engagement of Miss Carrie Rutledge, of Columbus, Ga. to Mr. James Rosby Brown of Erie, PA, the wedding to take place in the early fall.  Mr. Brown is a son of JR Brown, of this city, and was a graduate at Auburn last year.  He has been with the General Electric. CO., of Erie, PA for nearly a year.

Thursday, July 12, 1917- no b/d/m reported

Thursday, July19, 1917 no b/d/m reported

Thursday, August 2, 1917

Peter McIntyre Cawbraugh, of Bagdad, Fla and Miss Kathryn White, of DeFuniak Springs, Fla were quietly married at the Presbyterian manse in Florala Tuesday afternoon, July 30.  Rev. CB Currie performed the ceremony which was witnessed by a few close friends of the happy couple.

Mrs. JL Hayes  and Miss Mamie Lou Beckham were called to Newton last Sunday to attend the funeral of their father. 

German Sympathizers Arrested-   E. Lutz, HG Kulemkampff and Robert Teumler have been arrested on the ground that they are alien of the US whose presence at large is dangerous to the public peace and safety of the country.  All three of the men were locked up in the county jail at Pensacola to await trial.

Mr. Faulk and family, of Yellow River, came Sunday to attend the funeral of his Aunt, Ahroda Donaldson of this place.

Thursday, August 9, 1917

IA Steel celebrated his 60th birthday Thursday.  His children and grandchildren were present and all wishing him many more happy birthdays.

The following is a list of our reserve soldier boys who left here Saturday for Montgomery to join their commands:  SD Crosson, Wm F Hammond Jr., BC McNeill, MH Everitts, Tolbert Woodall, EL Jones, WL Jones, Alvin Carroll, EE Whiddon, JE Free, JM Williams and Allen Goodman.

Hon. GW Reeves was called to Hartford on account of the illness and death of his aunt.

Prof. JP Doster spent last Wednesday in Ozark where he went to attend the marriage of his sister, Miss Eunice.

Mrs. Henry Lancaster,  wife of Henry Lancaster, died at her home near Gibsonville Sunday morning at 2 o’clock and was buried Monday Morning at Greenwood cemetery at 11 o’clock. She leaves a husband and six children to mourn her loss.  She was a niece of JT Hughes and Rev. DC Allen. 

Mr. and Mrs. JW Till announce the engagement of their daughter, Grace, to Mr. Charles Louis Thesing, of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The marriage to take place at five o’clock in the afternoon of Wednesday the fifteenth of August, at home.

The good wife of Capt. Paul  Heun very agreeably surprised him last Wednesday when she gave him a fine dinner in honor of his 70th birthday.

Thursday, August 16, 1917

Mr. and Mrs. TA Goodwin attended the funeral of Mr. Horace Hutchinson at Elba last Friday.

Cards announcing the marriage, August 18th, of Donald Fairfax Ray of Fayetteville, NC and Miss Annie McKinnon of Raleigh, NC have been received.  Mr. Ray is a nephew of Mr. ML Ray and Mrs. WC McLauchlin of Florala. 

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Mason Grimes died last Wednesday morning, August 15th and was buried Wednesday afternoon in Greenwood Cemetery, Rev. DC Allen conducting the funeral ceremonies.

Mr. and Mrs. MM Grimes attended the funeral of AM Grimes’ infant at Florala last Wednesday.

Thursday, August 30, 1917

Wall-Kennedy-   Married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. JH Wall on the afternoon of Wednesday August 22nd, their daughter, Miss Gladys, to Mr. JP Kennedy of Hartford.  Miss Gladys taught school last year in Hartford, while Mr. Kennedy is a promising young business man of Hartford.

Married at the Baptist Pastorium by the pastor, Rev. TV Shoemaker last Wednesday 5:20 pm Mrs. Elzy Matthis and Mr. GW Whitehead, both from Deerland, Florida.  It was not a runaway, as the man was 58 and the woman 27, but there seemed to be some fascination in getting married away from home.

Alfred Holley Dead-   On Wednesday the 22nd, Rev. TV Shoemaker conducted the funeral service of Mr. Alfred Holley at North Creek Baptist Church.  It has been exactly one year and 20 days since he had been called to the same place for the purpose of conducting the funeral of his twin brother, Hosea Holley. 38 years ago with their arms clasped around each other, these twins were baptized with one ceremony by Rev. Wiley Martin, and an assistant.
  Closely related in life, death separated them but a short while.  Mr. Holley was the father of 14 children, 7 girls and 3 boys still living.  He also leaves a widow and other relatives to mourn his departure.

Married at Tuskegee-   News of the marriage of Mr. Joseph A Bethea, of Brooklyn, and Miss Lois Noble, of Tuskegee, has been received by Brewton friends.  They happy nuptial event took place at the homes of the bride on Wednesday, the 15th.  The Pine Belt News

Thursday, September 6, 1917 no b/m/d reported

Thursday, September 13, 1917

Death of Mrs. Lamar-  The many friends of Mrs. JJ Lamar, for a number of years a resident of Florala, will learn with regret of her death recently at Chattahoochee.  She was the wife of the late JJ Lamar, of the Lamar-Britton Mercantile Co.  She was born and reared in Pensacola.

Thursday, September 20, 1917

Svea Items- Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Busbee Saturday, a boy.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. CC Strickland Saturday night a boy.

LD Green, a prominent citizen of Pensacola, accompanied by his wife, were in Florala Monday.  They were returning home after a visit to Mr. Green’s parents in Geneva.  They seemed to be happy, but why not, they were married Saturday.

Thursday, September 27, 1917

Death of Mrs. Hix  Mrs. Eliza Hix died suddenly last Friday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Cleaton  of Lockhart.  Mrs. Hix was an estimable woman and made her home much of the time with her daughter, Mrs. JW Raddford of Florala.  She leaves one sister, five daughters and one son to mourn her departure.  She was buried at the local cemetery Saturday afternoon, funeral services conducted by Rev. TV Shoemaker and HE Jones.

Miss Stella Powell, teacher of the third grade in Florala City school, was called home in Childersburg Tuesday morning on account of the death of her father, Dr. Powell.

Passes his 69th Birthday-   On Monday, September 24th, Rev. DC Allen reached his 69th milestone on life’s journey.  He is the pastor of the Baptist church at Paxton where he has been serving faithfully for 10 years.  He was given a surprise party and showered with substantial gifts from his numerous friends.

Thursday, October 4, 1917

Death of DT Crowder-  After an illness of three days (“Pomp”) Crowder died last Wednesday night of pneumonia, and was buried at Babbie on Thursday afternoon.

Thursday, October 11, 1917

Mrs. JR Mathews left Monday for Dothan where she has gone to be present at the marriage of Miss Lucile Whiddon to LT. Kirkpatrick of Austin, TX  The ceremony will take place Wednesday at 12 n.

Thursday, October 18, 1917

Death of an Estimable Lady-   After an illness of several months Mrs. CC Beasley passed away at her home on Seventh Ave last Thursday afternoon at 1 o’clock.  She was 53 years of age.  She is survived by a husband and one son. Internment was in Greenwood Cemetery.

Thursday, October 25, 1917

Death of JW James-  JW James died suddenly Thursday morning, October 18th at 10:30 o’clock at the home of James Allen, where he had called to rest.  Mr. James was returning from town to the home of his son, WH James, where he had lived since the death of his wife three years ago when he was suddenly smitten by the angel of death.  Mr. James was 76 years old and leaves 9 children to mourn their loss.  The funeral occurred at Greenwood cemetery at 2 pm. 
Card of Thanks-  We desire to thank those who were so kind and thoughtful of us during our recent bereavement.  WH James and family, Mrs. JS Finlayson, Mrs. JM Dykes, Mrs. EJ Goodyear, Mrs. IH Haisten, Mrs. JB Gardner, Mr. JD James, Mr. LB James, Mr. JP James. 

Thursday, November 1, 1917

In Memoriam-  Mr. Lee Crowder died September the 26th, 1917.  He was 32 years old.  He leaves a mother, sister and brother to mourn his death.  Brother Crowder was a member of the Baptist Church. He was a consistent life.  His life appears incomplete but on earth a broken era, in heaven a perfect round.  Lee was a good boy.  We shall greatly miss him in our city.  His place can never be filled in the home.  He was a true son and devoted brother.  The churches of the city and also the Tribe of Ben-Hur, of which he was a member, extend their love and condolence to the family.   HE Jones

Mrs. Elijah Savage was born 1847, she died October 16, 1917.  She mothered eight children, seven boys and one girl.  Her religion was of the Primitive Baptist belief.    Her domestic life was sacred.  Always a devoted wife and true mother.  We leave the veil to that little circle where she always kept it.  Her family was a great factor to her life.  To those who lived in soul touch with her there was a growing gentleness and sweetness in the latter months.  The Lord and Master was more fully enthroned in her life and alluring it and attuning it to the Father’s will.  The autumn gold in the grain is the harbinger of harvest.  Goodbye mother, we loved you and we love you still.  We will meet you in the sweet bye and bye.  HE Jones

Born Monday night the 22d inst., at the home of Mrs. Carpenter, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H Collins, a nine pound girl.  Mr. Collins is woods man for the Jackson Lumber Company and is widely known over the country.  He makes his residence at the Jackson Woods camp, but is stopping in Florala for the present.  Mother and baby are doing nicely and we wish for her and her parents a long life and much happiness.

Thursday, November 8, 1917

Resolution of Respect-   Resolutions of respect for Mrs. Atha Mae James for the loss of her father, Mr. James.   Woodsmen Circle
                	      Sov. Fannye Cawthon
           		      Sov. Susan P George
                             Sov. Sarah E Hart  

Resolution of Respect-   Resolutions of respect and love upon the death of Mrs. C. Beasley.
                             Woodsmen Circle
                	      Sov. Fannye Cawthon
           		      Sov. Susan P George
                             Sov. Sarah E Hart  

Born to Mr. and Mrs. AC Thomas last Saturday morning, a fine boy.  Mother and baby are doing nicely.

Thursday, November 15, 1917

Turner- Beatty-   A marriage of much interest to friends of both the bride and groom, was that of Mr. Jessie C. Turner, of Chipley, and Miss Eulalie Beatty, of DeFuniak Springs, Fla. which occurred last Wednesday afternoon at Marianna.
 The groom, youngest brother of JE Turner,  us a young businessman well known in Florala.
They will reside in Chipley. Fla. where Mr. Turner looks after coca cola interests.

Paid Promptly  Ben-Hur Policy-  
							Mr. SM Quick, State Manager
							Supreme Tribe Ben-Hur
							Florala, Alabama

Dear Sir:

	I wish to acknowledge through you the receipt of One Thousand Dollars in settlement of the insurance held by my son, Thomas L Crowder,  in your order.  I wish to state also that this insurance was put in force just six days before the death of my son.  (More of the letter continues).
			Mary Crowder
			Della Crowder
			Archie Crowder

Happenings in Poley-  Mr. and Mrs. Bob McKinnie were called to Hartford last Wednesday morning  by the death of his mother.

Thursday, November 22, 1917

Kenneth Spradley Killed Accidentally-   A gloom of sadness was cast over our town last Saturday afternoon when it became known that Kenneth Spradley, the 14 year of son of ST Spradley, had accidentally shot and killed himself while hunting ducks on Lake Jackson.  He was in company with Gilbert Doster and John Adkison.  They had found a flock of ducks, when Kenneth, who was rowing the boat, reached for his gun and dragged it toward him by the muzzle.  The hammer struck the seat of the boat, and the whole load entered his right breast causing instant death.
  Funeral services were held at the home Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock, conducted by Revs. HE Jones and GL Ridenhour.
  The following were pall bearers, Prof. EW Barnes, Cecil Rawls, Percy Doster, Hobson Spooner, Earnest Hinson and Horace Martin.  Interment was in Greenwood Cemetery.

Card of Thanks-   We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every person who rendered kindness, sympathy and assistance to us in the loss of our dear son and brother, Kenneth.  We especially thank Gilbert Doster  for his coolness and presence of mind which saved disfiguration of the body by burning and who brought it to shore under such difficult circumstances.
		Mr. and Mrs. ST Spradley
		Myrtle and Edwin  Spradley

In Memoriam-  Mr. JW James  was born September 27th, 1841, died October 18th 1917. Brother James was the father of nine children, four boys and five girls.  He was a member of the ME Church, South, for many years.  (A lengthy memorial continues).
					HE Jones

Zorn Mill News-  Aubrey Wallace and Miss Vera Metcalf were married Sunday morning.

Col. Geo. W Ely,  one of the best and most beloved railroad men in the state died in Montgomery on Thursday the 18th.  Death came after an illness of only a few days.

DH McLeod, son of Dan McLeod, died at his home in Florala Sunday night at 11 o’clock, after a lingering illness.  The remains were carried to DeFuniak Springs Monday for interment in the family burying grounds.  Hub, as he was familiarly called, was one of Florala’s most promising young men.  He was about 37 years of age, and was loved by all who knew him.

Thursday, November 29, 1917

Zorn Mill News  (Received too late for last week)-Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Bryant died Sunday.  Interment at Chapel Hill Cemetery.
  Miss Vera Metcalf and Aubry Wallace were married at Gaskin, Fla. last Sunday.

Death of Little Girl- Last Friday morning at 4 o’clock the death angel visited the home of SC Edmondson, who lived four miles west of Lockhart and taken from the home their sweet little OZ.  She was five years old. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. DC Allen and her remains were laid to rest at Damascus cemetery.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. AL Hill on November 20, a girl.

Remains Brought to Florala-   The remains of Mr. Peacock, one of our soldier boys, who died at Long Island, NY arrived in Florala last Friday and were laid to rest in the Clear Springs cemetery Saturday morning at 10:30.  The funeral service was conducted by Rec. DC Allen.

Thursday, December 6, 1917

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilson on the 28th, a fine boy.

Mr. Laymon Cook and Miss Steele, of Falco, Ala. Were married at the residence of Rev. DC Allen, Wednesday night, November 28th.

Thursday, December 13, 1917

Happenings in Poley (Received too late for last issue)- A gloom of sadness was cast over the entire community last Saturday night when the angel of death visited the home of JC Powell and taken his mother. Mrs. Powell is survived by six sons, all of whom were with her during her illness.  The remains were laid to rest in Pleasant Springs cemetery Monday morning.

Thursday, December 20, 1917

Kills Wife Then Himself-   Opp, Ala.  Dec. 17th-  One of the most horrible tragedies that has ever happened in Covington County occurred this morning near here when Andrew Wallace murdered his wife and then committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol and shotgun. ( A lengthy description of the incident follows.)  Mrs. Wallace, was a sister of Richard Tillis, a Montgomery capitalist.

Death of Mrs. Kate Waters-  Mrs. Kate Waters, about 80 years of age, wife of the late Travis Waters, expired early Wednesday at her late home, Roberts, the funeral taking place there, interment made in the Roberts cemetery. The services over the remains were held in the Roberts Methodist Church.  She is survived by eight children four boys and four girls and was widely known throughout Escambia County- Molino (Fla.) Advertiser  
  Deceased was the mother of JE Waters, of Lakewood, Fla.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. LG Ray, on the 15th, a girl.

Little Girl Burned to Death-   A little girl of Mr. Ben Miller who lives between Florala and Paxton, caught on fire last Monday evening and was burned so bad she died Wednesday morning at 2 o’clock.

Thursday, December 27, 1917

Murphree- Lewis-  (Troy, Ala.) The following item, which will be of interest to our readers, as Mr. Lewis was a resident of this city and a son of WA Lewis, “Tuesday afternoon at 3 o’clock a quiet but pretty home wedding took place when Miss Julia Murphree became the bride of Mr. Wyatt Lewis of Montgomery.   The ceremony occurred at the home of the bride’s parents Mr. and Mrs. WH Murphree on College Street.

Thomas-  On December 14th God called Bro WM Thomas to his reward.  Bro. Thomas was a faithful member of the Methodist Church.  He leaves a wife and three children.

Thursday, January 3, 1918

Cobb- Whiddon-  Mr. and Mrs. BE Whiddon  invite you to be at their home, Florala, Alabama, on Tuesday, January 15, 15, 1918 at 4 o’clock, to witness the marriage of their daughter, Irma Louise to James Daniel Cobb.

Married, on the 27th day of December, by Rev. CE Flowers, WH Mallory and Hattie Paremore.  The contracting parties are prominent colored people of Florala.

Thursday, January 10, 1918

Death of Mrs. RL Bracewell-  On Saturday morning, Jan. 5, at 1:40, at her home in Florala, Mrs. Mary B Bracewell, wife of RL Bracewell.  (A lengthy obituary follows.  No family members or vital information was given. – TP)

Mr. SK Miller,  of Paxton, was called to the bedside of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Thomas Miller who passed away last Saturday morning.- DeFuniak Springs Herald.

Mrs. Pierce, of Florala, who has been in our city to visit her sister, Mrs. Thomas Miller, who was quite ill and passed away last Saturday, has returned to her home.- DeFuniak Springs Herald

Misses Maud and Blannie Miller, of Florala, were over to attend the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. Dora Miller, last Sunday and are spending the remainder of the week with their cousin, Miss Gussie Miller.- DeFuniak Springs Herald

DIED- On Saturday night, January 5, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. George Synco, of Lockhart.  The little fellow was four years of age, and had suffered a great deal with complications arising from catarrh of the stomach.  The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the bereaved family.  He was buried in Greenwood cemetery on Sunday morning.

DIED- On Tuesday afternoon, January 8, the small child of Mr. and Mrs. CT Williamson. Interment in Greenwood Cemetery Wednesday afternoon at 2:30, Revs. Strout and Shoemaker officiating.

Zorns Mills News-  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Davis, last week, a fine boy.

Thursday, January 17, 1918

Deaths Caused By Friday’s Storm-  As a result of the cyclone that struck Cowart’s Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock there are 11 known dead.  8 of whom were killed at Cowarts as follows:
Marion Parker, Mae Fender, Vivian Kitching, Hulette Box, Sunbeam Brackin, Bernice Morris, Floyd Gashaw, Prof. JW Kitching, teacher of Cowarts school.
At Webb, Golas Jones was killed.  His wife and daughter were seriously injured and Mrs. Jim Weems was killed.  It is reported that one of her legs was pulled from her body.
At Haleburg the storm went between the village and the Chattahoochee River, and hit the Gilbert neighborhood killed Clayt McKissack and caving in the chin of DR Parker.  No other deaths reported that can be verified.- Dothan Eagle

Resolution of Sympathy-  Resolutions of sympathy to Sovereign Fannye Butler Cawthon.  Whereas, Our Friend and Sovereign Fannye Butler Cawthon, has had her heart broken and her life saddened by the death of loved ones, DW Morgan, a brother and little Eva Reames, a niece and little Claude  Reames, a nephew and whereas, our loss is heaven’s gain, therefore it be resolved that we of McDonough Grove no. 32, extend our heartfelt sympathy.  ( Lengthy resolutions follow).  Mrs. Leanna C. Flournoy,  chr.
		      Mrs. Cassie Boyd
		      Mrs. Myrtle Lee Wilson

Card of Thanks-   We Wish to thank our many friends for their kindness during the illness and death of our husband and father.  Mrs. BH Farmer and family.  RG Farmer and family.

Card of Thanks-  We endeavor to express our thanks ( yet words cannot express them) to those who so faithfully helped us during the sickness and death of our darling littler Margarie.  We highly appreciate Dr. Phillips untiring assistance, also Bros. Shoemaker and Strout, who rendered such sympathetic favors.  The hours have been long and full of pain, yet it is sweet to be remembered by suck kind and sympathetic hearts.
Mr. and Mrs. CT  Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. GR Brown
Alma Eiland
Fannie Rhodes
Minnie Sullivan

Mrs. WE  Dillard and daughter, who were ran over by an automobile, in Montgomery, early Sunday night, are the mother and sister of Mrs. Judge RH  Jones of Andalusia.

Death of BH Farmer-  Died on Saturday, January 12, at 1:30 am BH Farmer,  at his apartments, in Florala.  He has been a citizen of our city for some seventeen years, and was one of our foremost contractors and builders.  He leaves a wife, a small daughter and three sons to mourn him.  Funeral services were held at his apartments by Rev. Sanford B Strout, and the interment was at Clear Springs Cemetery, Rev. JK Everitt officiating.

Cobb- Whiddon-  On Tuesday afternoon Miss Irma Louise Whiddon  to Mr. James Daniel Cobb  of Crestview were married.  The weeding was solemnized at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. BE Whiddon, Rev. TV Shoemaker officiating. ( A lengthy article follows)

Thursday, January 24, 1918

Haley-Campbell   On Wednesday afternoon  at half after one o’clock in the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J H Campbell, Miss Marie  Campbell  became the bride of Mr. Charley  Haley.  Dr. George W. Reed of the First Methodist Church performed the ceremony.—Tuscaloosa News

Death of NC McPhail-   Died, at his residence in the suburbs of our city, Mr. NC McPhail.   He was fifty years of age and has been a resident of this section for seventeen years. , coming here from North Carolina.  He was one of Covington’s most successful farmers and his death will be a distinct  lost to the farming fraternity of this community.  He is survived by a wife, three children, and is a brother to DA McPhail of Lakewood.  Interment was in Greenwood Cemetery, on Saturday morning, Jan. 19, the services being conducted by Rev. Sanford B. Strout. 

Death of Infant-   Little Robert Young Barden, seven months of age, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Massey Barden.  He was stricken suddenly with a very serious affliction of the lungs, and died after only a few hours of illness.  He was one of the brightest of Florala’s babies, and will be sincerely missed, not alone at the desolated home, but everywhere about our city.  Funeral services held from the home on N. 6th St., by Revs. TV Shoemaker and SB Strout. 

Thursday, January 31, 1918

Card of Thanks-   I wish to thank the Woodman Circle for their kindness and ceremony at the death of my beloved daughter, Mary Bracewell.   Mrs. Mary Barron

Wyatt H Lewis, formerly of Florala, now of Montgomery, arrived Sunday, with his bride, to visit his father.  Mrs. Lewis will be remembered as Miss Julia Murphy, one of the teachers at Lockhart.

Death of Mrs. Williamson-  Mrs. Williamson, who was living with her son-in-law, LH Steffens, died last Friday morning with dropsy.  Her husband preceded her to the grave nearly a year ago. Mrs. Williamson was a member of the Baptist church at Paxton.  The funeral services were conducted by her pastor, Rec. DC Allen, after which her remains were laid to rest in Greenwood cemetery.  She leaves three daughters, one son and a host of friends.

Thursday, February 7, 1918

Mrs. JJ Adkinson was buried on Wednesday morning at Clear Springs cemetery. 

Thursday, February 14, 1918 no b/m/d reported

Thursday, February 21, 1918

Zack  Henderson, of the News-Herald force of Hartford, was in our city a few days last week at the bedside of his brother, PW Henderson,  who died last Thursday afternoon.  After attending the funeral he returned to Hartford.

Death of WP Henderson-  At 3 o’clock Thursday afternoon, February 14th, the spirit of our friend, WP Henderson,  took its flight to God.  Mr. Henderson was a young man, being only thirty years of age.  He was buried in the local cemetery the funeral services being conducted by Revs. TV Shoemaker and SB Strout.

Card of Thanks-   We desire to express our heartfelt thanks for the sympathy and comfort during the sickness and death of our son and brother.  Mr. and Mrs. TW Henderson

Celebrate 8th Wedding Anniversary-  Mr. and Mrs. GW Reeves  celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary, Friday February 15th with a dinner.

Thursday, February 28, 1918

Birthday Party-   Little Martha Mildred Johnston,  of Lockhart, celebrated her seventh birthday on Friday afternoon, February 22.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. EW Perry, Sunday morning, a boy.

After an illness of some two weeks, Hobson Ward died of typhoid malaria at the home of his sister, Mrs. EW Perry, last Friday morning, and his remains were carried to Slocomb, where he was buried Saturday morning.  His father had come down from Slocomb to be with him in his last hours.

Thursday, March 7, 1918

Birthday Party-  Little Miss Elizabeth Lee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Owen F. Lee, was fortunate enough to attend to her fifth birthday on last Friday.

Thursday, March 14, 1918

Poley- Poley was the scene of a quiet little home wedding last Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock, when Miss Ruby Murphy became the bride of Mr. Alvie Duffel. 

Thursday, March 21, 1918 no b/m/d reported

Thursday, April 4, 1918

Boyd- Miller-  Married on the night of March 27th, at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Johns, Mrs. Cassie Boyd  and Dr. Richard Lafayette Miller.

Death of MA George, Sr.   After an illness of several months, the spirit of MA George Sr., took its flight from his home on North Sixth Street, last Friday morning at 4:15.  Mr. George was born near Clayton, in Barbour County, October 3, 1831.  For seventy years he lived within twenty miles of where he died.  He has been a member of the Baptist church for 60 years, and for more than 40 years of that time, he was a deacon in that church. He was a Mason for more that 43 years.  He was laid away in Greenwood cemetery Saturday morning.  A wife (Susan George)  and several children, and a lonely home are left to attest how sadly they will miss him.

Thursday, April 11, 1918

Dora Lurie’s Birthday Party- On Monday evening little Miss Dora Lurie celebrated her third birthday.

As we go to press news comes to us of the death of JF Smith,  who resided in the North Creek Community.

Thursday, April 18, 1918

Griffith-Harlan   A wedding of much interest to the people of Southern Alabama was that of Miss Kathryn Harlan,  the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. WS Harlan, of Lockhart, Ala. To Mr. John Edwin  Griffith, of Baltimore, MD.  The wedding was solemnized at “Griffwood” the lovely suburban home of the Griffiths, at high noon April 6.
Miss Harlan is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. WS Harlan, of Lockhart.  She received her education at the Bryn Mawr school in Baltimore, and it was here the romance began which culminated in her marriage with Mr. Griffith, one of Baltimore’s most popular and influential men.

Deaths at Lockhart-   The following deaths occurred at Lockhart last week:
April 6, 16 months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. McKee
April 8, 18 months old daughter of Mrs. Greathouse.  Burial in local cemetery.
April 9, baby of John Aplin, Burial at New Hope church.
April 13, baby of Mr. Posey.

Card of Thanks-   We wish to tender our heartfelt thanks to those who kindly remembered us during the recent illness and death of our darling little babe, Woodrow Wilson.  Mr. and Mrs. RW Brackin

Card of Thanks- We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to our many friends who so kindly gave us their time, help and sympathy during the illness and death of our baby daughter and sister.  Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Heisler and family.

Thursday, April 18, 1918

BH Meadows  received on Sunday afternoon a telegram notifying him of the death of his mother at Ozark.  He and his family left Monday for the funeral.

On the 19th day of April 1918, GW Boles,  who lives at Babbie post office, celebrated his 89th birthday was 9 children, 24 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and only two sisters alive.  In all there were 111 present. (Authors note:  there may be a typo in the date since the date of the newspaper was the 18th.—TP)

Died- On Wednesday, April 10th at 1:10 pm, Josie Lee, infant daughter of Joseph Heisler. She was two years of age and a beautiful baby.  Her mother died when little Josie was only two weeks of age, and her whole life has been full of sickness.  She was buried Thursday afternoon at Eden church near Coffee Springs.  

Died-   On Wednesday, April 10th at 4:20 pm, Woodrow Wilson, 16 month old son of Mr. And Mrs. Robert W. Brackin.  Stricken suddenly on Sunday morning with ileocolitis, he was very ill until Tuesday when he seemed so much better that hope was had that he would recover.  But early Wednesday morning he grew worse, and quickly succumbed.  He was buried Thursday afternoon in Greenwood cemetery. 

Thursday, April 25, 1918

Letter from Private Woodall-   The New-Democrat is the happy recipient of the following letter, which is so full of the enthusiasm and spirit of our soldiers that we print it just as it was written.  Read it through and then telephone the Liberty Bond Committee that you have decided to help such fine fellows as Private Woodall win the war.
Here’s the letter:
 26 Balloon Co., Post Field, Fort Sill, Okla., April 7th, 1918.  
Florala New-Democrat.
Dear Sir: As I am a good little distance from my home town and can’t get very much news out of a letter from my friends.  I am writing you asking you for your price of subscription to the Florala paper for one year, and to find out if you would send it on to me when I leave for France as we have orders to be ready to leave seven or eight days and it would be a great help to me to get a paper from my home town while on the front.  I have been in the service about five months now and enjoy army life better every day and in a balloon, life is just great.  We have two hundred men and four “Kite Balloons,” which makes about 48 men to each balloon, and last week we had one balloon out and a sand storm started so the command came for us to get it in the hangar, and as we got it on the ground the gas and air began to mix, so we had to let out part of the gas, and just about the time we had gotten started good, the sand formed a spark, and the balloon took fire. Oh! We did have some explosion, and 25 out of 48 were sent to the hospital with faces, hands and clothes burned.  Some had their clothes burned entirely off.  I was on the wind side so I missed most of the fire, but balloon work sure is a great thing after all.  We are going to have services before long, so I had better make this letter short as the boys are getting the YMCA hall in shape.  Send me your price of subscription at once.  
Sincerely Yours, Pvt. PM Woodall

Supplement Issue April 25, 1918

The infant son of Mr. And Mrs. DC McLeod died Wednesday night at the home of Mrs. McLeod’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. Wynn.

Thursday, May 2, 1918
WH  Hughes and family are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine boy who recently came there to board,  Mother and babe are doing well and Harvey will recover.

Thursday, May 9, 1918

We regret to learn of the death in France of Private Frank Wilson of Co. F 167th Infantry.  He was killed on April 16.  Pvt. Wilson was a member of the Florala Company, enlisted here and served on the Mexican border.  He is well known here and his many friends join us in sympathy to his brothers and family.  He has joined that growing list of heroic dead whose bodies are being broken for your sake and mine.  He becomes Florala’s first tribute on the altar of freedom.

Thursday, May 16, 1918

WE Welch, brother of D Welch  of this place, died at his home near Simmon’s bridge Wednesday, May 8.  He was 72 years of age and one of Covington county’s most highly esteemed citizens.

As we go to press we learn of the death of Willet T. Brightman,  better known as “Dick”, who was accidentally killed somewhere in France.  HE was a member of Co. D, 167th Infantry under the command of Col. Screws, and a son of Mrs. Laura K. Brightman of the Colonial Hotel.

Death of Mrs. DW Quillin  Sunday morning May the 12th, the death angel visited the home of our fellow townsman, Mr. DW  Quillan, and took there from one of the sweetest mothers.  Corinna Estelle Quillan was born at Ariton in 1890 and moved here with her parents from Ozark several years ago.  She had been a member of the local Baptist church for nine years and was a consistent Christian.  On December 26, 1912, she was married to DW Quillan and to them was born four years ago a beautiful girl- Eleanor.  She leaves behind a husband, daughter, father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. JR Wall, four sisters and three brothers to mourn her loss.  The burial was at the local cemetery Tuesday morning, Rev. TV Shoemaker officiating.

Thursday, May 23, 1918

Veteran Answers Last Roll Call-   Captain SA  Cawthon died suddenly at the home of his daughter, Mrs. JG Page,  at Samson, Ala, May 12th.  Captain Cawthon was born at Columbia, Henry Co., Ala July 19th, 1833; married December 22, 1853, to Miss Melissa Hutchison,  of Coffee Co., Ala.  There were four children to this union, Frank Cawthon who passed away when a young man; Mesdames Manning of Florala, Page of Samson, and Patrick of Andalusia. 
  HE volunteered in the Confederate Army in April 1862 at Eucheeanna, Fla. And served to the end of the war.  Was captain of Co H 6th Florida Volunteers and by being senior captain had the command of the regiment at the battle of Franklin, Tenn.
  Hiss wife having died the first year of the war he married the year of the surrender, upon his return, Miss Sarah Frances Cheshire, a close friend of his first wife.  Of this marriage there were five children, one daughter Mrs. Grimes of Alberton, Coffee County, Messrs. Stephen D. Cawthon of DeFuniak, WS Cawthon of Gainesville, Fla., BL Cawthon of Falco, Ala. And our own townsman Claude P Cawthon.  Later upon the death of his second wife, he married Miss Celia Meeks,  who only lived a very short while.  
  For several years he had made his home with Mrs. Page at Samson and often spent some time in Florala.  He was a consistent member of the Universalist Church at Florala.
  Captain Cawthon was buried in DeFuniak cemetery, Monday, May 13 near his son, Stephen D. Cawthon who died several years ago.  Rev. AG  Strain,  pastor of the Universalist church at Florala conducted the funeral services.  

Thursday, May 30, 1918

Henry  Metcalf, son of John Metcalf, residing two miles east of Zorn’s Mill, died Thursday and was buried Friday at Eight Mile Cemetery.  Mr. Metcalf was a member of Florala Camp 289 WOW.

Thursday, June 6, 1918

Mrs. WL Miller and daughter were called to Baker, Fla on account of the death of her sister’s child.

Thursday, June 13, 1918

News was received in Florala Monday morning of the death of Ed Smith, a Florala boy, who had died in France of pneumonia.  He was formerly an employee of JN McCLung and Co.

Died-  On Wednesday, June 5 Ulysses Grant Rowell , infant son of Mr. And Mrs. Rowell on West 8th Street.  Funeral services were conducted from the house by Rev. SB Strout.

Campbell- Jones   Tuscaloosa-  The marriage of lovely Miss Margaret Campbell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Leonard Campbell, and Mr. Homer Jones  of Cleveland O., was a beautiful event of Tuesday afternoon, June 4, being solemnized in the home of the bride’s parents. ( A lengthy article follows…. Other names given in the article were Mrs. Charles  Haley,  sister of the bride and Mrs. JA  Jones mother of the groom. 

Thursday, June 13, 1918

Mrs. Louisa Francis Brown-   On Sunday afternoon, June 16, after an extended illness, the spirit of this good woman took flight.  Mrs. Brown was born in Crenshaw County September 20, 1850 and on her 14th birthday was baptized into the membership of Siloam Baptist church where her membership remained for 54 years until her death.  All of her life, with the exception of three years in Texas was spent within one half mile of her place of her birth.
   On July 4, 1875 she was married to GR Brown, who survives her.  There was born to this union four girls and three boys, and all but two of the boys who died young, are left to mourn their loss.  Besides the son who lives in Crenshaw County, the following daughters are left behind:  Mrs. IL Sullivan, Florala; Mrs. FE Rhodes, Florala; Mrs. Chas. Williamson, Lockhart; and Mrs. Clifton Eiland, Brantley.  All of the children and husband were present when she died.  She was buried at the local cemetery.

Eddie Smith Dies in France-   Another name has been added to our dead heroes in France- another body lies there whose heart was with American and her allies in this great war, and Mrs. Mary Smith of Florala, is mourning the loss of one of the noblest boys.  Too  young for the draft age, yet patriotic and loyal to the extent that he was willing to die for his country, and though on the 5th of June his young life passed out from pneumonia.  We extend our sympathy to the sorrowing ones, but would urge that they rather rejoice that their loved one was permitted to die in such a just and noble cause as that in which he and Frank Wilson and Dick Brightman have sacrificed their lives.

Thursday, June 20, 1918- no b/m/d reported

Several issues missing
Thursday, August 15, 1918

Card of Thanks-   We wish to thank the friends who were so kind to us during the sickness and death of our precious little baby.  Mr. And Mrs. George Blair

Thursday, August 29, 1918

Death of Rec. Walter P Howell-   At midnight August 27, 1918, there passed from the land of the living into the Plains of Peace one of God’s husbandmen.  He was a Baptist minister for 35 years.
  He lost his good wife in 1906, and four children have preceded him to the grave.  There remain to mourn him four children, our own Walter Love Howell, Miss Tessa of Evergreen, Tracy of New Orleans, and Ralph in France with colors.
  He was buried in the family plot at Andalusia on Wednesday.

Thursday, September 5, 1918

Died-  Monday, September 2, infant of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Manning.  Internment in Greenwood Cemetery Tuesday afternoon.

Thursday, September 12, 1918

WM Nored , who lives near Florala, died at his home Tuesday morning about 7:30.  His death was caused by heart disease and other complications.  He is survived by his wife and two children, the eldest son being in France.

Wilson Smith Missing-   Mr. Joe Smith  a prominent farmer, living about three miles from Florala, on the Laurel Hill Road, who has a son in the army and who went “over there’ about two months ago, received the following telegram Saturday:
Government Message
Washington DC
Sept. 5, 10:10 pm
Mr. Joe Smith,
Laurel Hill, Fla.
  Deeply regret to inform you that Private Wilson Smith, infantry, is officially reported as missing in action August 6th, 1918.  Will report first information received.
				Acting Adjutant-General

Thursday, September 26, 1918

Malley A Everitt Prisoner of War-   Mr. JK Everett, Florala, Ala.

Dear Sir:  I beg leave to inform you that it has been ascertained that your son, Corporal Malley A Everett, Who has heretofore been reported missing in action, is now a prisoner of  war in Germany.  (more information is included but does not have specific information.)
     Very respectfully,
    Roy A Hill, Adjutant General

News has just reached Florala of the birth of twin girls at the home of Mr. and Mrs. WW Powers of Milton, Fla.

After an illness of 13 months, Mrs. LC Wright, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. LA Sims, died at her home at Lockhart, Ala on Sept 20, 1918.  Deceased was 37 years of age and leaves husband and five children, father, mother, two brothers and sister.  Buried at Shiloh church, where she had been a consistent member since 1895.

Thursday, October 3, 1918

Florala Mother Gives Two Sons- Mrs. Mary Smith has received a telegram to the effect that her son, ML Smith, was killed in action July 28th.  This is the second son this good lady has recently given to the cause of Liberty.

Thursday, October 10, 1918
W.H. Brair  died suddenly at his home near Natural Bridge , Fla., Tuesday and was buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Florala on Wednesday.  Mr. Briar was an extensive planter and naval stores operator and a man that used his influence for the upbuilding of his community.

Judge AB Hilson died at his home at Paxton, Fla., Friday morning and was buried at Florala Cemetery Saturday.  He received injuries by falling which caused his death.  Judge Hilson was well known throughout this section and leaves a name rather to be chosen than great riches.

SR Jones received a telegram Monday night to the effect that his son, Walter Lee, had been severely wounded in action in France Sept. 12th.

Card of Thanks-   We take this method of thanking our many friends for their many favors shown us through the death of our little son Willie.
                                              JB Mahan and family

Thursday, October 17, 1918

JO Sanderson Dies in Wyoming-   A message was received in the city Tuesday announcing the death of John Otto Sanderson,  which occurred Monday night at Sheridan, Wyoming, after a brief illness.  Mr. Sanderson was a former Montgomerian, and is well known here.  He was a brother of LA Sanderson, attorney.
  Mr. Sanderson graduated from the University of Alabama law department and for many years practiced here.  Several years ago he moved to Wyoming where he entered the railroad business.  At the time of his death he was connected with the Burlington Railroad.  His widow, two small children, his mother, Mrs. TL Sanderson, of Ft. Deposit, three sisters, Mrs. John Bruner of Galveston, TX., Mrs. MC Palmer  of Wellsburg, WV; Mrs. HC Coleman of Ft. Deposit, two brothers, LA Sanderson of Montgomery and TR Sanderson of Florala survive him.—Montgomery Advertiser.

Chappelle- Holloway-   Mr. And Mrs. WH Holloway of Samson, Ala. Announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Hilda Mary, to Rev. LH Chappelle, Jr.,  the wedding to take place at the home of the bride’s parents on October 29th, 1918.  No cards.—Montgomery Journal

Thursday, October 24, 1918

Father and Son Accidentally Killed-   Andalusia, Ala., Oct. 21 Special to the Journal-  SJ Houghston  and his son, George Houghston were killed by an L and N passenger train six miles south of Andalusia Saturday.

Resolutions-  Whereas, Our Heavenly Father, has seen fit to call home our beloved Dr. Phillips we resolve that The Women’s Missionary Society of Florala ME Church, extend to our loved President and children our deepest sympathy in this dark hour.

A Card of Thanks-   We take this method of publicly extending our thanks to everyone who administered to us in the darkest hour of our lives in the death of our husband and father, Dr. James P. Phillips.  Mrs. Benie Phillips and children.

Dr. JP Phillips Dies Thursday-   In the death of Dr. James P Phillips at his home on North 5th Street, last Thursday afternoon, Florala and the Florala section suffered the first loss from Spanish Influenza.  Dr.  Phillips attended quiet a number of cases of this disease before he was attacked a week prior to his death.
  Dr. Phillips was born in Dale County, 49 years ago.  His early childhood and young manhood were spent there.  Twenty years ago he was married to Miss Benie Doster,  a daughter of Prof. Simeon J Doster.  Mrs.  Phillips together with four children, Mabel, Edith, Ralph and Benie survive him.
  He was a member of the Masonic order and the Woodsmen of the World here.  On account of the ban on public burials neither order officiated at his burial Friday but each will hold services at his grave at a later date.

Andalusia, Ala., Special to the Journal-  The body of what was supposed to be a negro soldier by the name of Johnson was shipped to Andalusia, Saturday from Richmond, VA., Johnson’s family received the body from the express company and carried it to their home seventeen miles from Andalusia for burial.  When they arrived at home the casket was opened and the body was found to be that of a white soldier from New Jersey.  The body was returned to the express office here and the authorities at Richmond notified of the mistake.

Wounded in Action-   Sept. 12, 1918
    Mrs. SR Jones,  Florala, Ala.

Dear Madam:  This morning as your son went gallantly over the top with his regiment, he was wounded by machine gun fire.  I want to congratulate you on the manner he answered the call to duty, and assure you his wound is such he will be back on the fighting line again.
		Sincerely Yours;  Dr. OA Lambeth,  YMCA Secretary

Notice has been received of the wounding of EL Hunt  in France.  Mr. Hunt is a son of Mrs. Hosea  Cawthon  of Florala.

News has been received here of the death of Rev., DR Parker  at Munson, Fla.  Rev. Parker was pastor at the Baptist church here for two years.

Mrs. JR  Matthews  received a telegram last week to the effect that her nephew, Horace Clark, died in Philadelphia of influenza.  He belonged to the Marine corps and was buried with military honors at Forsyth, Ga.

Thursday, October 31, 1918- no b/m/d reported

Thursday, November 7, 1918

A Golden Wedding-   Captain and Mrs. William Hughes who have been residents of Florala for the past year, have gone to Electric Mills, MS. Where today (November 5th) they will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
  Both are natives of Ohio where they were married, though the have spent almost the entire fifty years in the Sunny South, with the exception of several years residence in Havana, Cuba.
  Captain Hughes is a hero of two wars- the Civil War and the Spanish American- and if the Government would listen to his pleading he would now be leading a company in France.

Death of Mrs. GA Marshal-   News has just been received of the death of Mrs. GA Marshal at Akron, Ohio, Monday.  Mrs. Marshal was a former resident of Florala.  Her burial occurred at Georgiana, Ala. Wednesday.

Zach Henderson and Miss Gipsy Kinsaul of Hartford, surprised their numerous friends when they were quietly married at Geneva Sunday.

Born unto Mr and Mrs AL Rosenberg- a daughter, Monday.

A Good Woman Gone-   Mrs. Alice Irene  Dunn, wife of GW Dunn of Lakewood, Fla., died of pneumonia Thursday and was buried at Greenwood cemetery Friday.  Deceased was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs DR Savage also of Lakewood.

Mrs. Sarah Doster-   Mrs. Sarah Doster departed this life October 24, 1918, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. JG Johnson, Foley, Ala.  Age seventy-nine years, eight months and twenty four days.  The body was taken to Ariton, Ala. And deposited by her husband, SJ Doster.  She leaves two daughters and one son, Mrs. JG Johnson, Foley, Ala; Mrs. Benie Phillips, Florala, Ala. and Prof. JJ Doster, University of Alabama.

Thursday, November 14, 1918

A Card of Thanks-   We wish to thank our friends for their many acts of kindness during our recent bereavement.  Mrs. Augustus Henderson and family

Mrs. MS Cawthon  was called to Mobile Sunday by the illness and death of her brother.

Mrs. Walden,  mother of Mrs. TH Edney, died at her home at DeFuniak Springs, Monday.

We have just learned of the death of Dan Parker,  which occurred at Chapel Hill Wednesday.

WT Henderson died at his home south of Florala Tuesday afternoon after a lingering illness.  Deceased was 66 years old and leaves a wife and five children.  Funeral services were conducted by Rev. NH Gibson at Greenwood Cemetery Wednesday.

Thursday, November 21, 1918

John Taylor Smith departed this life Saturday, Nov. 16th.  He leaves besides hosts of friends, his wife, Eva Register Smith, a dear baby daughter, Kathryn and his mother, Mrs. Mollie Smith, sister Mesdames, Johnston, Loman, McDaniel and Miss Mary Ida Smith and a brother Martel, to mourn his loss.
  John lived nearly all his life in Florala.  Mrs. Register of Graceville, Fla.; Mrs. Walter Stokes of Chancellor, Ala., Mrs. WB Williams if Graceville, Mrs. JH Burgess of Florala, mother and sisters of Mrs. Smith and Mrs. McDaniel of Mobile were at his bedside when he passed away.
  He was laid to rest in Greenwood Cemetery Sunday afternoon.  
  Mrs. Smith will make her home in Graceville with her mother.

Blackwell Brothers-  Panama City, Fla.  November 19th-  The trial of Will and Robert Blackwell has been postponed.  They have been charged with the murder of Nancy Davis and Mr. Davis.

Miss Ruth Walton , of the Florala City School, was called to LaFayette by the illness and death of her brother.

Thursday, November 28, 1918

Death of Captain JH Bannister-   Captain James H Bannister, Inf. USA Camp Green, NC Commanding Officer Quarantine Camp was killed Thursday November 21st by the accidental discharge of an Army service rifle.  Remains escorted from Camp Green to final rest at Greenwood Cemetery, Florala, by his friend and Masonic brother, Capt. O Baxter.   Deceased was 40 years of age and highly honored and respected by his command and officers with whom he associated.  Funeral conducted at Florala Baptist church at 2  pm Sunday by Dr. WH Bradford, after which the Masons paid their last sad tribute of respect to a departed brother.

Thursday, December 5, 1918

Rev NH Gibson was called to Coffee Springs Saturday by the illness and death of a son, who was a victim of influenza. Details of the funeral will be given next week.

A Good Woman Gone-   Mrs. CO Wilson died at her home in Troy Saturday morning after a lingering illness.  The remains were shipped to Florala Sunday where the funeral occurred at 2pm from the home of her sister, Mrs. Minnie Shepherd, conducted by Rev. DC Allen and the Woodman Circle.  This good woman had lived in Florala for many years, where she did a faithful part in rearing an excellent family of children, all of whom, with the exception of one, she leaves with her husband, six sisters and two brothers.

Death of Miss Wilson-   Friends were greatly shocked last Saturday when a telegram was received here announcing the death of Miss Ruth Wilson at her home in Lafayette, Ala.  Miss Walton, who has had charge if the grade in the City School, left here two weeks ago to attend the funeral of her brother-in-law at LaGrange.  Directly after the funeral two of the dead brother’s children were attacked by influenza and Miss Walton was called upon to nurse them.  A week later she developed the same disease, which was fatal to her in seven days.

Thursday, December 12, 1918

William Earnest Gibson, eldest son of Rev. NH Gibson, died at his home near Coffee Springs, in Geneva County, Nov. 29th and was buried at Coffee Springs cemetery the following afternoon at 3:30.  Mr. Gibson was 43 years of age and leaves a wife and two children.  Twenty years of his life had been spent in the ministry.

Thursday, December 19, 1918 no b/m/d reported

Thursday, December 26, 1918

Mr. and Mrs. JO Morris were called to Dothan Tuesday by the illness and death of a nephew.

Helms- Ward-   The marriage of Miss Lula Mae Helms  of Florala, to Mr. Joel Ward took place Thursday evening at 6:30, in Savannah, Ga.

Fisher- Lutrell-   Danville, Va., December 13th- A marriage was solemnized at the residence of Rev. Clyde Holland, pastor of Keen Street Baptist Church,  evening last at six o’clock when Grace Lutrell of Florala, Ala. became the bride of James Houston Fisher, of Richmond, Virginia  

A telegram from Adjutant General Harris to JK Everett  of Florala says:  Your son, Corporal Malley Everett,  officially reported released from German prison camp at Rastatt and returned to France in good health.


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