Fleming Family Letters--1835/1839

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The first letter is from Jane B. Fleming, my 4th ggrandmother, to Wilson Buchanan, my 4th ggrandfather. Although she declines his proposal of marriage, he returned to Alabama from Louisiana three months later, married her and carried her off to DeSoto Parish LA.

The second letter, from Laird, is almost as colorful as B.F. Riley's "History of Conecuh."


Addressed: Brooklyn Ala.
21 Nov. 1835

Wilson g Buckhanan
Louisianna Natchitoches
post office

Covington County October 30 1835

Dear Sir

I now write you a few lines to inform you that we are all in tolerable health at this time hopeing that you are all in the same good health.  I received your last letter and you desired my sentiments on matrimony I don't feel disposed to give my sentiments on matrimony to no person at this time but hereafter if I doo I will let you know it. I have nothing worthy of your attention at this time but william mock is maried he married one of the miss smiths on yellow river
margaret mock died the 22 of october and samuel bradley died the 26 of Oct and we have had several other deaths in our settlements and a great deal of sickness at this time
if you dont mind thay wont be nary girl in alabama for you
They all marry so fast them that aint married wishes to bee the greater part of them
tell the girls howdy and the rest of the family tell them thay must write and you must write as soon as you get this

nothing more at present but still remain your true and affectionate friend until death
Jane B Fleming


Brooklyn Ala
Sept 24th

Mr. Wilson G. Buchanan
Grand Cane Louisiana

Alabama Covington Co. Sept 23 1839

Dear Children

I have taken up my pen once more to write you I received your letter dated in august some 2 weeks past and would have written before this time but have been from home ever since I had to attend Butler cort and also at Sparta and only got home last Friday night at 2 o clock in the morning I was glad to fern that times was as well with you all as it was also glad to hear all was in good helth we are all up the old lady is somewhat on the grunt as usual there has been more death in this part of gods vineyard in the last 3 or 4 months than there has been before in five years it is not in the power of me to recolect all at this time that comes in the scope of boath counties much less round in the ad joining counties but I will try to give you a few of the most interesting departures Mrs John Maning uncle Abram Jones Mr. William Gy that lived at George Stonemans (?) place by Brooklyn Stephen Floyd aunt darkis Duboss married old Glidewell last February brot 2 babys one alive the other dead since boath William Hart lost his second youngest daughter last week Mr. Prewit that overseed for the Joneses at I Stone mans (?) place maria James Foshur daughter las fall' She brot him a fine female relation near to it than old tempy bad chance and so on times is hard in this part of the world crops is all cut off there was good prospects for cotton crops six weeks ago also for peas and potatoes but it is all moste out of the question to make seed as it has not raind any inthe two last months to do any good the fact is if it dos not rain soon it will be bad time for water the wells has gon dry Jenerly the water courses is all most stops there streams I expected to have been in that part of the world before this time but the scersity of money has kept me from doing so I am in debt and has not made anything in the last four years to pay a debt with the railroad first prevented that has entirely faild then I bilt a sawmill on black water and before I maid anything sold out hired 4 of my boys to the men last January and the dam has been broak all the time the ansbrook have sold out and leves me out of pocket 1 000 dollars which will all most make a smash of me as I am in debt and nothing to pay with but my property I will make ten or twelve bags of cotton but those will be but a drop in the bucket towards the money I owe the fact is I am out of hart as nothing I try at seems to prosper I have got a good school convenint to me the children is all going but the 2 last margret outlern any thing that ever I saw has been going 4 weeks can spell any word in the book she by hearing Dock saying his multiplication over lernt it first Judg Jones represents us in the legislature again doctor Ballard ran but was worse beaten than Dosier or Howard by 20 votes Howard is up for next year you said in your letter that you had not had one from me in a long time it is strange you cant git my letters I am sure I have written 3 or 4 in the last twelve months when you git this be shure to write to me Ned and Elviry is well I was at Mary Anns last sunday She was unwell but up I will come to see you yet this fall if I can there is 2 men to be bide for there lives at Hour court one for murder the other for negro stealing they movd these trials from Butler and Barber counties

I am compeld to end for want of paper

most affectionately

L B Fleming

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