Physicians, Dentist, Pharmacists Record

Vol. 1, Escambia County, AL

NOTE:  I found this record book at the Escambia County, AL courthouse and began browsing through it and thought it's records may be of interest to others. It contains records of licenses and certificates of those who were in Escambia County, AL and practiced in their field. The records begin in the year 1915 and end in the year 1953. Contributor-Lygia Dawkins Cutts



Key: Name - Field of Lincense or Certificate - Page number (Note: If Field of lincese or certificate is blank, there was none listed in the index).


ADKISSON, J.W., Hr. 59

BARNETT, H.H. Pharmacist 2

BOYKINS, E.C. Pharmacist 3

BOZEMAN, Thomas C. Physician 8

BRYARS, J.F. Physician 11

BRYARS, A.W. Physician 16

BEIERFELD, Oscar A. Optometrist 24

BARSON, S.A. Optometrist 30

BAYA, William, Jr. Optometrist 42

BYRON, William 46

BEASLEY, Allie Mae Dental Hygiene 70

COLLEY, O.M. Pharmacists 1

COLQUETT, Wiley Pharmacist 9

COKER, Arthur Hampton Pharmacist 12

COX, James William Physician 25 (Note: Physician was crossed through)

CLEMMONS, Lowell Henry 63

DANIELS, N.E. Optometry 17

DANIELS, N.E. Optometry 23

DAVIS, Joseph L. Pharmacist 35

DUNN, Winston Pharmacist 36

DAVIS, Homer D. Pharmacist 51

DOZIER, Cleatus Aaron 64

EDELMAN, Louis M.D. 10

ECHOLS, C.F. Pharmacy 36

FARISH, L.B. M.D. 14

GRIMSLEY, J.W. Pharmacist 19

GARDNER, J.V. Optometrist 26

GRAHAM, John B. Physician 55


HAYWOOD, T.L. Pharmacist 3

HOLLEY, W.R. Pharmacist 7

HAYWOOD, D.L. Certificate 37

HAWKE, Wilmer Certificate 39

HOSKINS, Charles Ray Physician 43

HAGOOD, Middleton Howard Dentist 49

HAGOOD, Middleton Howard Dentist 50

HAMKS, W.J. 80

JARVIS, C.E. Pharmacist 1

JACKSON, W.E. Pharmacist 29

JOHNSON, James Wallace 58

KEBE, George Beugah 67

KING, William Carlon 83

LEE, W.W. Pharmacist 21

LEE, W.W. Pharmacist 21

LEE, W.W. Pharmacist 28


LISENBY, Aurie Horton 52

LOW, Robert Edward 75

MILLER, Joseph Ben Dentist 5

MARTIN, G.W. Optometry 18

MOSLEY, F.M. Optometry 38

MARLEN, J.L. Optometry 41

MELTON, Thomas Albert 62

MILLSAP, Colie F., Jr. 80

McCREARY, V.D. 81-2

NETTLES, Robbins 22

NEAL, Ralph Dewey 44

ORR, James Lee Vetinerean 32


PHILLIPPI, Frank Marion, Jr. 65

PUREFOY, Judge Thomas 66

PERRY, George Theophilus 69

PARKER, Elmore Myron 79

REID, W.C. 8

RICHARDSON, Clarence Diploma 10

ROME, George Thomas Diploma 48

ROBINSON, J. Kelly 57

RODGERS, Henry Herburt 60

RAWLS, Vance Quitman 61

RODGERS, John Henry Certificate 70-71 (certificate of embalming)

ROSEMORE, Ernest D. 73

REED, Thurlow Weed 76

RHODES, Joseph E. 81

SHAW, R.W. Physician 2

SHACKLEFORD, H.F. Pharmacist 5

STONE, L.(?) R. Pharmacist 7

STEPHENS, J.D. Dentist 13

SMITH, R.A. Physician 15

SHARPLESS, Greg Pharmacist 28

SIMON, B. Optometry 33

STUBBER, J.W. Optometry 47


THAMES, Henry Pharmacist 46

THOMPSON, John Andrew M.D. 53

TUBERVILLE, John Kellie Green 54

TREHERNE, Alfred James M.D. 55

VOLTES, Ralph E. 41

WILEY, Colquitt 9

WEST, J.H. 9

WEAVER, George C. 39

WEAVER, Dewey F. 72

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