Contributed by L. Danley

Source: History of Clarke County, AL, by John Simpson Graham 1923

old veterans records in their own words


FENDLEY, Joseph Harvey; Fulton, enlisted Mar 28 1862 at Bethel in Co B, 38th Al Reg. Was in the following battles; Chicamauga, Lookout Mt, Missionary Ridge, Dalton, Resaca, New Hope Church, Jonesboro, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Franklin, Nashville, Spanish Fort, & Blakely. slightly wounded at Chicamauga; never taken prisoner; made Lt after battle od Chicamuaga; paroled at Meridian, Ms, home on May 17 1865;Was Married on Jul 6th to Harriet De Witt; bought a home on 20th July 1865 on Bassett’s Creek, ordained in 1869 as Baptist; had 9 children- 4 boys 5 girls;; now in 88th year, wife in 79th.(born Dec 26 1836 Pine Hill, Al)

BURGE, Charles Woodwin, near Thomasville; enlisted in Mar 1862 in Al State Troops, Co, A Derusha Daffin was Captain; Isaac Grant, 1st Lt; John C Foscue 2d Lt; George F Fountain 3d Lt; John H Highley Colonel; was honorably discharged; Sep 1863 enlisted in Wirt Adam;s Cavalry, served until the surrender. Was in the Battles Of Brownsville, Franklin, Decatur, Bear Creek, Yazoo City, Port Gibson, Little Sypsy River. Born Apr 4 1846 near Jackson, Clarke Co, AL.

HENLEY Louis Benjamin; Fulton, Born May 12 1845 in Grove Hill, Clarke Co, Al; Enlisted in Co $ 21st Al Reg at Point Clear, Baldwin Co. D C Anderson was Colonel; was with regiment at Ft Gaines when the Yankee fleet ran into Mobile Bay. Col. Anderson surrendered the fort and his men, they were taken to New Orleans and kept there 2 mos, then taken to Ship Island, kept there 2 mos; was exchanged in Mobile Bay on January 1 1864, given 75 day furlough; after furlough expired went back to Mobile; regiment reorganized and send across the bay and joined to Holtzclaw’s brigade; went down to Holloywood and met the Yankee army, then fell back to the breastworks at Spanish Fort; fought the Yankees 12 days & nights, when the place was evacuated; waded through the marsh up to Blakely, thence to Mobile by steamer; remained in Mobile a few days, then went to Meridian, Miss, and there paroled.

MCCASKEY, T H, Fulton - born in Clarke Co May 22 1838; age now 85 yrs. Enlisted in March 1861 in Natchitoches La, in Co 5, 3d Louisiana Reg; was in the following battles; Springfield Mo; Elkhorn Ark; Iuka Miss; where wounded and taken prisoner; was in battle at Vicksburg, Miss and Spanish Fort; was in several skirmishes; was paroled at Meridian Miss May 10 1865

BREWER, J W, Coffeeville - was born in Wilcox Co on Nov 24 1840. Will be 83 yrs on 24 of next month. Joined Joe Robins’ cavalry co. Co C, 3d Ala Reg at Clifton, on the Alabama river; company met at Choctaw Corne, went to Grove Hill and ate dinner, then to Jacksn, crossed the river there and went to Mobile, and were sworn into service, then sent to Grand Bay; stayed there until March, went to Corinth and stayed awhile, then to another place (forgotten name); then to Shiloh, where we had our big fight; was in battle of Chicamauga; was wounded at Rocky Fall Mountain Feb 24 1864 and was not sent to front anymore, was put on provost duty at Macon Ga and remained there until the close of war. (Mr Brewer says he lived 2 yrs in Wilcox Co, (Pine Hill) after the war, coming to Clarke Co in 1867, and has lived here since. He also states that he was in Wheeler’s brigade; got transferred to Co B 38th Al Reg. Rip Welch was captain of Co B and he was killed in the Chicamauga fight. Brewer says that he had a brother killed and one wounded at the battle of Chicamauga)

OTT, Richard, Campbell- was born in Dale co in 1844; moved to Clarke Co when about 14 yrs and has been here since. Enlisted in the war in 1864; went to Mobile with Captain Girard, and from there was send to Montgomery; stayed there awhile and took erysipelas in his arm and was sent home two months before war closed.

DRINKARD, G W Thomasville - was born in Marengo Co Apr 23 1837; lived there until 1857; them moved to Clarke Co; volunteered inCapt Powers’ company, Co K, 23d Al Inf; served through the war; was taken prisoner at Port Gibson on May 2 1863 and was carried to Alton, Ill and kept there until last of June 1863, enchanged at City Point, near Richmond, Va; was in the following battles; Port Gibson, Holly Springs, Missionary Ridge, Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Rock Face Mt, Atlanta, Ga; Franklin, Tenn; Nashville, Tenn; Bentonvile, N C.

BEDWELL, John D Coffeeville - was born in Mississippi Feb 5 1841 and lived there 13 yrs, then moved to Clarke where he has since resided. Enlisted in Mobile in Co B, 22d Ala Reg; was in service 4 yrs; never wounded or taken prisoner, served until surrender

ROCKER, W E, Alma- enlisted in Sep 1862, in Co A, 38th al Reg; W J Herrin was Captain of the company. His service was in Tenn, Ala & Ga; was in following battles, Chicamauga, Missionary Ridge, Rock Face Mt; in the big battle of Atlanta; after that the army divided, some going ease, some going west. Rocker went west, crossed the Chattahoochee river below Rome, Ga and marched through the northern part of Ala crossed the Tenn river at Florence Ala and started north to Nashville, Tenn; went from there to Franklin; having numerous skirmishes on the way and a fierce but short battle at Franklin, but Rocker says they routed the Federal army and chased them to Nashville. Then came a heavy snow and the could not move the artillery and wagons. The enemy reinforced their army and made fight again, and we retreated, falling back to Corinth, Miss. From Cornith they went to Mobile, then Blakely and then to Spanish Fort; was at Spanish Fort at its downfall. He was not wounded or taken prisoner. Rocker was born Sept 12 1843;

SMITH, C L, Chance, was born in northern part of Clarke Co, where the PO Chance now is; enlised under Ben Anderson of Whatley on Apr 15 1862 at age of 15 yrs afterward put in the 38th Reg, Co D; was drilled around Mobile for abt 10 mos. and then sent to Tenn, where they began to fight immediately, under General Braxton Bragg. Mr Smith says they were afterward put under command of Gen. Joseph E Johnston, who, with great skill & dauntless courage, led them to bictory in many places . The reached Atlanta and had some hard fighting. Smith was wounded in head on Aug 5 1864. He says he did not do anymore soldiering. He says the Gen Hood took army from Atlanta to Franklin, Tenn and thee the south lost thousands of brave and good men. At Resaca our colors were twice shot down and picked up by Colonel R A Lankford of 38th Ala Reg. and there we lost some of the best blood of the south. I have lived in Clarke Co all my life. Mr Smith says he was 15 yrs when he joined the army in 1862, therefore he must have been born in 1847.

BRANDENBURG, Martin E Scyrene- enlisted in Co A 38th Ala Reg at Suggsville, Mar 22 1862. William Herrin was captain of Co A and _____Ketchen was colonel of regt. was n following battles, Chacamauga, Atlanta, Dalton, Resaca, Jonesboro, Missionary Ridge, Nashville, Franklin, Lookout Mountain, and New Hope church; was captured at Nashville and carried to Camp Chase, Ohio prison and kept there until close of war; was born in Clarke Co in 1843 and now lives within a mile of where he was born; was married in 1866; his wife is still living; they have 13 children all of whom are married and away from home.

WIGGINS, John Collins, Dickinson - enlised in Home Guards in May 1861 at Tallahatta Springs, and drilled under Col Ben Foster, then joined the Dickinson Guards at Grove Hill Oct 15 1861, which was Co E 24th Ala Reg (known as Thomas I Kimbell’s Co); in May 1862 joing as Confederate soldier, the second time belonging to State troops, and last time in regular army; first battle was Murfreesboro, Tenn; then Resaca, Ga, then captured at Atlanta Ga off the picket line together with Lut Stephen, P Chapman, Sergeant Billy Calhoun, Duge Stewart, Pink H Pogue, Lane & Ben Bumpers and Billy Hall, and carried to Camp Chase; there released Jun 11 1865; never wounded; born 6 miles above Lower Peach Tree, Oct 5 1842 and moved to Clarke Co in 1859.

PIPPIN E (now in Baldwin Co) enlisted in 1862, town called Skipperville, Dale Co Ala in Co E, 59th Ala Reg; I was first under Gen. Grace, who was the bigadier general and Gen Buckner was division general; stayed in East Tennessee for nearly a year; then the battle at Chicamauga, the 19,20,& 21st of Sep 1863; then back under Gen Longstreet to Va; then battle at Knoxville, Tenn; we wintered in Bristol, Tenn; early 1864 went to Richmond Va; Next fight at Drewry’s Bluff, Va; on Jun 17 to fight at Petersburg, VA; then into the ditches for nearly 9 mos on the 17 day of June 1864, and came out on 14th of March 1865; on March 25 1865 to battle at Hatcher’s Run, Va; there I was captured and takend to Pine Lookout, Md and paroled on June ` 27 1865; never wounded; came to Clarke Co in 1874 lived there until 1922, then moved to Baldwin Co, Ala

HOLDER, Willis, Jackson - was born in Clarke Co Sept 16 1846; worked on gunboats at Oven Bluff in Cl Co from Jun 1863 until Jan 10 1865, Lt Blackford being in charge of the work.

TUCKER, William S, Whatley - was born Dec 30 1846 in Warren Co, N C; enlisted at Lower Peach Tree, in Wilcox Co about 10 Apr 1864; went from there to dalton Ga, joined Co B, 38th Al reg; was with his command in all the battles; was wounded at Marietta Ga and in hospital about 10 days; then went into siege at Atlanta Ga for month, was flanked out of that place by the Yankess and went with Hood to Tenn where they were defeated, returned to Tupelo, Miss; then to Mobile; then to Spanish Fort, captured there and paroled at Vicksburg abt May 1 1865.

DEWITT, R J W, near Jackson - born in Dec 11 1840 in Pine Hill, Wilcox Co, Ala; moved to Clarke in 1857; enlisted in Co E, 32 Ala Reg in 1862; Alexander McKinstry was colonel and Harry Maurrey was lt col; Bandy Kilpatrick was captain; was in every battle which his regiment was engaged from enlistment to close of war; Chicamauga, Murfreesboror, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Luverne, Resaca, Dalton, New Hope Church, Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Franklin, Nashville, & Spanish fort; he surrendered in Lauderdale Springs, Miss

FRIDDLE Daniel Louis, Jackson - was born 13 miles south of Greenville, Ala (Butler Co) Jan 11 1845; joined in Dec 1861 at Greenville Ala; joined the cavalry in 1862 at Montgomery, Ala under Capt Sanderson in 1863 in Co I, Ala Reg; according to records kept by Adam C whetstone of his brigade, he fought in 117 battles; in Ala, Ga; Tenn; & Miss, was shot 11 times, though wounds were slight, and was captured in service. paroled Apr 25 1865

GRAYSON A H, Bashi- was born Nov 25 1844 near Springhill, Marengo Co, Ala; enlisted in Clarke Co 1863, in 6th Ala Cav, Co H; W G Campbell was captain; C H Colven, colone; Gen James H Clanton’s brigade; never wounded or captured.

PRITCHETT, G Thomasville - born in Wilcox Co Jan 25 1848; enlisted at Greenville, Ala Jan 23 1865 in state troops; wounded at Columbus, Ga on Apr 16 1865; taken prisoner and in hospital at Columbus for 4 weeks PUGH Joh Elijah, Grove Hill - born 2 1/2 miles NW of Grove Hill Ala Apr 4 1844; enlist in summer of 1862 at Montgomery; served with Co I 5th Al Reg; struck by bullet onece; during battle of Gettysburg a bullet struck his pack, went thru his blanket, fly tent, and lodged in his oilcloth, it knocked him down; never taken prisoner.

SMITH H H, Salitpa - born in 1846 Dale Co; enlisted in Co A Ala Reg in 1862; captain McCray; George Newman 1st Lt; Mile Holmes 2nd Lt; later transferred to Co E, Capt Vaughn; was in battle of New Hope Church, at New Hope Ga and shot through clothes & blankets; also in battle of Spanish for, Tensaw River Landng; was captured at Tensaw river landng and sent to Vicksburg, Miss and from there to his old command at New Hope Ga until the surrender.

ANDERSON, T J Dickerson - was born near Dixon’s Mills, Marengo Co, Jan 29 1844; came to Clarke when very young; enlisted in Apr 1862; was wounded at Chicamauga Sep 20 1863; battles Rocky Face Mountain, Resaca, New Hope Church, captured at Atlanta Ga Jul 22 1864; was in Co E 38th Ala Reg, Gen Holtzclaw’s brigade, Stuart’s division of Tenn; discharged at Camp Chase, Ohio June 12 1865

DAVIS William Moses, Nettleboro-born on line between Clarke & Wilcox (was reared in Clarke) Aug 14 1841; enlisted in Co K, 23d Al Reg, commanded by Col Frank Beck; was never wounded or taken prisoner; was in about 10 battles the last being at Bentonville, NC; stacked arms at Salisbury NC abt Apr 6 1865

SHEPARD, J W Coffeeville- born near Eufaula, Barber Co, Ala Oct 23 1843; enlisted in Co K (Poe’s Co), Col Beck’s reg. Pettus’ brigade, Stephenson’s division; and Johnston’s corps,near Atlanta, Ba; was wounded at Missionary Ridge and taken prisoner at Nashville, Tenn.

LITTLE O M near Jackson - was born Sep 10 1845 in Dale Co; reared in Clarke enlisted in Co J (38th Ala Reg) Rufus Lankford Colonel; Charles Bursey captain; in March 1864; was wounded slightly in leg and head; was in battles at Rocky Face Mountain, Spanish Fort, Jonesboro and Franklin; paroled in May 1865

STRINGER A R, Grove Hill - born abt 10 miles north of Jackson, near Old Union Feb 14 1845; enlisted in Co F, 21st Ala Reg, May 20 1861; his captain was Benjamin Franklin Dade from Baldwin Co; battles Shiloh, Fort Morgan and Spanish Fort

PUGH, Walter S, Grove Hill; enlisted at age 16 yrs in Co E 24th Ala Reg in Mobile on Oct 181861; served 13 months in Gen Bragg’s army and being a non conscript was honorably discharged; was not engaged in any battles while a member of this command. Enlisted in Co I, Woods’ cavalry on Sep 21 1863; and served until close of war; was surrendered by Gen Dick Taylor near Gainesville, Ala where he received his parole; was engaged in quite a number of little cavalry fights, nearly all being in Miss.

BURROUGHS, Dr Bryan, Jackson - early in 1863 I considered volunteering in Va army, I was 16 yrs; Those having authrity over me thought it best I have some training in art of war; sent to University of Ala which was officers’ training camp; in June 1864 sent to Montgomery; camped on the Coosa; we were ordered to Blakely, Spanish Fort & Saluda Hills where Gov Thomas Watts ordered the entire militia of state; we drilled this large body of boys 16-18 and men from 45-50 during Jul, Aug & Sep; The Yankees did not land an army to march to Montgomery, but mosquitoes invaded our camp, nearly all cadets had malarial fever and typhoid fever. we were 285 strong; reduced by 30-40 by sickness; ordered back to Montgomery, given furloughs home and to report back to Tuscaloosa for service and we served until Apr 1; exchanged volleys with Yankees during Claxton’s raid; withdrawn and marched to Marion, Ala and disbanded as the university had been burned and Gen Lee had surrendered.

ODOM J B, Allen - says his record is same as Dr Burroughs.

MATHEWS Elijah, Grove Hill - born 3 miles SW of Grove Hill on Dec 13 1841; enlisted Mar 4 1861 in Co I, Wirt Adams’ cavalry; never wounded or taken prisoner

DAVIS, H C Chance- born in Clarke Co 1843 on Nov 29 near lower peach tree; enlisted in Co B 38th Al Reg under Captain W R Welch at Yellow Bluff on the Ala River; Col Ketchman in command; was in battles, Chicamauga, Sep 19-20 1863; Missionary Ridge; Resaca, Ga; New Hope Church, Atlanta, Ga; Columbus, Tenn; Nashville, Tnn; Spanish Fort; was never prisoner; slightly wounded once at Spanish Fort Apr 1865; discharged May 15 1865 at Livingston

MONK, Angus, Grove Hill- born in Henry Co Aug 7 1847; enlisted in army at Pollard Ala in Co A 4th Ala Reg; slightly wounded in forehead

CHAPMAN E M, Grove Hill- born near Grove Hill Dec 20 1846; enlisted in State Troops Aug 6 1864; stationed at Mobile & Blakely for 2 mos; had pneumonia and was sent home; Enlisted again Co I, Wirt Adams’ cavalry, Woods’ regiment and was with that command until laid down arms, never wounded or taken prisoner.

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