Company E
15th Regiment, CSA
Escambia/Covington Counties, Alabama

Company E, 15th Regiment of Confederate Cavalry

Escambia/Covington Co.'s


From the Covington County News

Andalusia, Alabama

Issue of January 23, 1936


The following record of Company "E" 15th Regiment of Confederate Cavalry was found among the effects of the late Samuel Parker and will be interesting to many readers.


List of members of Company "E" 15th Confederate Alabama Regiment: Cavalry

Colonel Harry Maury, Lt. Colonel T.J. Myers, Major R.H. Partridge, Captain Norvel Leigh, First Lieut. Aaron F. Feagin, Second Lieut. G.F. Prescott, Third Lieut. William Townsend.


Private Members

J.W. Adams

W.M.P. Allen

W.J. Armstead

Jophn Brown

David Brown

Sam Blake

Albert H. Butler

J.H. Buch Ballard

Brad Bennett

Joe Bennett


William Brogden

George Brogden

F.O. Beal

Abran Black

Henry Black

John Bethea

Robe Caton

S.H. Collins

John N. Clements

Henry Clements

------ Lewis

? Coon

Dan Campbell

Charles Campbell

John Duncan Campbell

Malcomb Campbell

Lewis Crane

William Collins

J.F. Drewery

John Denney

Dick Dean

James Neal

Peter Duncan

C.H. Dixon

Francis Dixon

Mack Etheridge

----- Evans

Bob Fleming

J.T. Guice

Henry Feagin

John Feagin

Jamse Fuqua

William Findley

John Frater

J.E. Fleming

F.M. Guice

Caper Guice

James H. Greene

G.Y. Gammage

William Hobdy

John W. Homes

J.D. Hendley

Jen J. Hickman

Neal Horton

Green B. Henote

Richard Hughes

J.W. Hawthorne

George G. Herrington

J.D. Henderson

Bott M. Johnson

Crawford Johnson

Mack T. Johnson

J.A. Johnson

N.R. Jernigan

Fen Jernigan

Mell B. Jones

Steve Jones

Willie Jones

H.B. Jarvis

James S. Jernigan

William Johnson

William J. Jackson

Ed P. Jackson

J.T. Kelley

Henry Kennedy

William Kennedy

William Leonard

George M. Leigh

W.H. Lewis

Frank Lewis

J.J. Mints

James Mann

William Moore

Davis Mims

Burch Mims

J.P. Murphy

Old Man Manning

Fred Mayo

Mark Mayo

Duncan McMillan

Neil McMillan

Eugen Malone

Lock McRae

Jacob Mack

Tom R. Miller

Bryand (Bryant) Mancill

N.M. Mason

F.R. Mason

John Mason

Ben Marshall, Jr.

James C. McArthur

Ed Mashburn

Davis Moore

W.A. Newton

----- Nixon

E.L. Norris

DAvid N. Nicholson

William Odom

George Odom

Aaron Odom

Wesley Odom

J.E. Owens

Rev. Noah Parker

J.T. Parker

Samuel Parker

Benjamin W. Parker

Philip Parker

S.M. Parker

J.W. Parker

W.M. Parker

George M. Parker

Henry T. Parker

Thomas Purvis

John Purvis


Thomas Pitts

William Peavy

Jason Peavy

Isaac Peavy

Old Man Peavy

A,H, Powell

T.T. Roberts

Newton Thomas

Roland Rugby

John R. Rodgers

William Rodgers

------ Renfroe

William Riley

W.T. Spears

Samuel Stewart

John Stewart

John Sunday

Joe Sunday

Thomas Smith

Henry Smith

Leroy Simmons

Robert Stewart

Dr. John Skinner

Henry B. Skinner

Samuel Wiley Williamson

Allen Williamson

Philip Williamson

Jack Sowell

Tom. H. Sowell

James Simmons

------ Scott

A.J. Williams

William Whitmore

Andrew White

George West

J.D. Vanhor



The above are the members who first and last joined the Company. Many of them joined for twelve months and were honorably discharged at the expiration of the twelve months period. The time served was from the 17th day of September, 1861 till May 1st, 1865.

This Company was mustered into service on the 17th day of September, 1861 by General J.E. Slaughter and placed under command of Genreal Braxton Bragg at Pensacola, Florida at the Navy Yard and Forts McRae and Barancas. Our Company, who went to North Alabama, relieved Genreal Clanton and Camp Perdido. We remained there till the evacuation of Pensacola and then did service in the Army on the Coast until General Lee surrendered and the President was assinated.

There were quite a number of Parkers among my command during the four years and not one of them ever deserted, but served faithfully till the end.

The name Parker is pleasant to me. The Parkers have always been my friends,  personally and politically. I served four consecutive terms, twenty four years, as Probate Judge (Escambia County) and Judge of the county court and they always supported me.

Signed) N.R. Leigh, Captain


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