CSA Auditor's Records:
Covington County, AL

Photographed/Compiled by Lisa R. Franklin, RN, BSN, January 2006.

NOTE!!! This is an EXTREMELY LARGE file!!! I wanted to go ahead and get it online as it's contents are invaluable to Covington researchers of the late 1800s-early 1900s, so rather than take the time required to break the file down into smaller components, I'm going ahead and uploading it in its' entirety. If you have a dial-up connection to the internet, I regret that you will likely be unable to download the file as it will probably take a number of hours. It will take a good amount of time on a DSL or cable connection, so I cannot fathom how long it may take via dialup and for that I apologize. At some point in the future I will separate the file into more manageable sized chunks, but for now please note the following:

1. This is NOT the complete file set! The files were cumbersome at best. This file contains photographic images of probably 90% of the pages/receipts from the files labeled for 1883-1909, in other words, while it is the majority of the documents, it is NOT a complete duplicate. If you do not see your ancestor here, he still may be in the files, but the chances are small.

2. The file is an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file. You will need Adobe's free Acrobat reader to open/view the files. This is available free from http://www.adobe.com

3. The file is Adobe version 6.0. Any version 6.0 or later can open/view the file. Older versions will need to be updated-again, see the site above for the latest version.

4. When you click the link (right click, if you're not sure how your browser handles files) be sure you choose the SAVE option to save the file to your harddrive. This will place a copy on your PC which you can then view at your leisure and more rapidly access for future viewing. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT choose the option to OPEN the file--it will just take longer and will be much more likely to fail than if you simply save the file to your computer.

5. This file has been tested and is functional. If you have trouble, please note the above, as there is nothing more I can do to assist, until I am able to break the file into smaller bits for easier downloading. At present my children, a full-time job, and life in general prohibit my having the time to complete this task.


1883-1909 Covington County, Alabama CSA Pensioners Auditor's Records


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