A History of the Union Baptist Church of Christ

Compiled by Joyce Sport Faison, submitted by Steve Etheridge.  As taken from records located at the Alabama Baptist Historical Commission, Aug 1998.

     This venerable Church was constituted by a few of the earliest immigrants into the
Northeastern portion of Covington County, there being at that time no Coffee or Crenshaw
Counties.  Upon the organization of Crenshaw County, the site of this Church was cut off into
that County, however, for about thirty-five years it was in Covington County and many of its
members have always and do now live in that County.  The government land records show but
few land entries at that early date and the settlements were scattering.
     It was on the 14th day of July, 1838, that there were assembled a group of those early
immigrants who had braved coming through the creek waters and taken up the organization as

     "We whose names are hereunto subscribed having immigrated into Alabama, Covington
County, agree to be constituted into the Church styled the ‘Union Baptist Church of Christ' on
the abstract faith of the Conecuh River Baptist Association on the 14th day of July, 1832."

                              (Signed)  Wm. Smith
                                        Elizabeth Smith
                                        Josiah Jackson
                                        J.A. Owen
                                        Bedy Owen
                                        T.E. Chesher
                                        Rebecca Cauley
                                        Holley Turman
                                        Priscilla Branham

Names of the Presbytery:
                                        Thomas Wall
                                        Daniel Dozier
                                        Matthew Burt

     Called M. Burt to the care of the Church.
     The certificate of the Presbytery.

     We the above named Presbytery do hereby certify that we did associate together as a
Presbytery and constituted the above named Church the day and date above written.

(Note) The members of this Presbytery were men of ability and destination.

     Thomas Wall was one of the very earliest ministers of the County.  He was here several
years before the organization of the Conecuh River Association.  The minutes of the oldest
Baptist Association of Alabama show that he was an ordained minister as early as 1824.  Then he
was also a member of that Association when its name was changed to the Bethlehem Association
in 1826 and was in the organization of the Conecuh River Association.

     The rugged life of a new country, they were largely an honest and God fearing people. 
Some had brought with them their letters showing their Church affiliations in their old homes in
Georgia and the Carolinas or the same had been recently sent them.  They were felt the need of
Church privileges, so the nine of these early Baptist in the presence of the congregation assembled
who in all probability composed all the people living within and area of several miles.  And weel
they might frjoice for they were witnessing so far as I have been able to ascertain the
establishment of the oldest church of any kind in that vicinity, which has continued nor for more
that 102 years and has greatly influenced for good that whole section.  Many have sought
donsolation there.  They have been served by many of the ablest preachers of the Country, the
memberships have been noted for their integrity and have been leaders not only in Church affairs
but as citizens; they have been law abiding and as Church members they have required that all
members should live above reproach and the records of the Church show that they have not
hesitated to discipline any member who permitted himself to violate a law of the land or the rules
of good moral conduct or of the church; for example, one of the earliest matters of discipline was
designated as "Intemperance in patience", dancing , permitting dancing, drunkness, and contempt
in non attendance, etc.

     The minutes of the Church show as its first entry the first conference had on Saturday
before 1st Sabbath in September, 1838.

     "Agreed that it should be the duty of all the male members to strictly attend to our Church
meetings, in case of failure to give their reason of failure."

     Appointed Delegates to the "Union Meeting" as follows:

                              William Smith and
                              Josiah Jackson
                              J.A. Owen, Alternate

and appointed to write the corresponding letter from this Church to the "Union Meeting" and also
the letter to the Association.

(Note) It is not shown when or where either of these meetings were to be held.

     Conference of October, 1832.
     Appropriated $1.00 to printing of minutes.
     Conference of the first Lord's day in April, 1833.

     Received by letters from the "Antioc Church of Christ in S.C., (the letters not being full
name of County or District omitted:

                              Giles Bryan
                              Frances Bryan, his wife
                              And Martha Lane

August 1850
     Received Sarah Smith by experience.  J.A. Smith by letter.  Delegates to Dirstrict meeting:

                              T.J. Gainey
                              J.A. Smith
                              William Bradley, Alternate

September 4, 1850.
     Received Jonathan Sport by experience.  Delegates to Association.

                              T.J. Gainey
                              J.A. Smith
                              Wm. Bradley, Alternate

September 1, 1850.
     Minutes of the general meeting of the 4th Dist. of the Conecuh River Baptist Association
of the primitive order convened with the Church at Union on Friday before the 4th Lord's Day in
September, 1850.

     Introductory sermon by Solomon Long.  Bro. Daniel Dozier elected moderator and Bro.
B.S. Brooks, Clerk.  Received and read letters from four churches: New Providence, Good Hope,
Shiloh and Union.  Ivy Creek and Consolation not appearing.  Next meeting to New Providence
on Friday before 5th Sabbath in August, 1851.  Committee on preaching during this meeting.

                              L. Dorman
                              J.A. Smith
                              J.A. Taylor
                              J. Carter

September 21, 1850
     Received James Parker by experience and next at water, Sarah Sport.

(Note) This is the first time that the minutes affirmatively shows which says they were "baptised
by Bro. Jonathan Sport."

October, 1850
     $2.00 into the Church find.

     Elected James A. Smith, Deacon.  Resolved a presbytery to assist in hi ordination at our
next meeting consisting of Elders Solomon Long, Allen Driskill, Giles Bryan and Moses W.

November, 1850
     Dismissed by letter: Aletha Conch, William Bradley, T.J. Rainey elected Clerk.  (Allen
Driskill mod., Wm. Bradley, Clk.)

January, 1851.
     Received Margaret Parker by experience, but not baptised until 1st Saturday in March. 
Elected the Bro. Deacon as Treasurer of Church.

July, 1853.
     Services by Elders Dozier and Driskell.  D. Dozier, Mod.

September, 1853.
     "Resolved that the clerk prepare a letter to the Association with a petition for a letter of
dismission that we may attach ourselves to the Clay Bank Association."

     Delegates elected to Association to carry a petition:

                              J.A. Smith
                              Wright P. Jones
                              James Parker, Alt.

     Resolved that the Church change the time of called his pastor from March to Septmeber of
each year.  Called Eld. Giles Bryan to the care of Chruch.

October, 1853.
     Received Richard Norton by experience.

February, 1854.
     Rebecca Cauley dismissed by letter.  Bro. Jones appointed to draft a cecorum.

May, 1854.
     Rules of decorun adopted.

July, 1854.
     Elected messenger to 4th Dist. meeting at Good Hope:

                              J.A. Smith
                              Jonathan Sport

Delegated to Clay Bank Association:

                              Wright P. Jones
                              J.A. Smith
                              James Parker
                              T.J. Gainey, Alt.

September, 1854
     Called Daniel Dozier, pastor.

October, 1854
     Received Elizabeth Barentine by letter.

January, 1855.
     Rules of decorum dispensed with and that we take the word of God as moderator and
minutes recite that went into choice of preacher by ballot and being a tie and result shown by
moderator in consequence of a tie vote.  Carried over to next conference.

     No other conference until Septmeber, 1857.

September, 1857
     Delegates to Association:

                              W.P. Jones
                              James Parker
                              Robbins, Alt.
                              W.P. Jones, Clk. pro tem
                              Driskill, Mod.

October, 1857.
     Received William Sport by experience.  Received Sarah Ann Feagin, by experience.

January, 1858.
     Letters of dismission to Nancy Mitchell.  Letters of dismission to Sarah Ann Feagin.

April, 1858.
     Received Nancy Mitchell by letter.

July, 1858.
     Delegates to District meeting.

                              W.P. Jones
                              William Sport
                              James Parker, Alt.

August, 1858.
     Delegated to Association.

                              Wright P. Jones
                              William Sport
                              James Parker, Alt.

October, 1858. (C. Curry, Mod.)
     Called Eld. A. Driskell.

June, 1859.
     Letters of dismission to Martha Mancill, Mary Turbeville, James Parker.  Wright P. Jones
appointed clerk.

(Note) Fail to find where R. Mancill as ever a member of this Church.  He asked for his wife only.

August, 1859.
     Delegates to Association:

                              W.P. Jones
                              William Sport
                              T.J. Gainey

December, 1859
     Called Eld. A. Driskill.

(Note) From here on (including) the conferences are held on Saturday before the 4th Lord's day in
each month.

February, 1860.
     W.E. Helms, Mod.  Received J.J. Chandler by experience.

June, 1860.
     G. Bryan, Mod.  Delegated to Dist. meeting.

                              T.J. Gainey
                              William Sport
                              J.J. Chandler
                              W.P. Jone, Alt.

July, 1860.
     Delegates to Association:

                              William Sport
                              T.J. Gainey
                              J.J. Chandler
                              W.P. Jones, Alt.

August, 1860.
     Letters of dismission to Thomas Robbins.

September, 1860.
     Received Jonathan Mitchell by experience.

November, 1860.
     Called Eld. A. Driskell as pastor.

December, 1860.
     Elected William Sport, deacon.

March, 1861.
     William Sport ordained as a deacon by Elders A. Driskill and Daniel Dozier, Presbytery.

May, 1861.  (Joshua Davis, Mod.)
     Appointed William Sport to received a deed from Mr. Veasey to one acre where the
Church stands including the spring and a part of the branch for the purpose of fixing a suitable
place for baptising.

June, 1861.
     Received Susan Thomasson by experience.  Delegates to District meeting:

                              T.J. Gainey
                              J.J. Chandler
                              William Sport

August, 1861.
     Deed received from Mr. Veasey as above.  Delegates to our Association:

                              W.P. Jones
                              William Sport
                              J.J. Chandler
                              Jonathan Mitchell, Alt.

November, 1861.
     Called Eld. A. Driskill as pastor.

January, 1862.
     Letter of dismission to Fannie Gainey.

April, 1862.
     Received Henry Kimbro by letter.

July, 1862.
     Delegates to District meeting:

                              Henry Kimbro
                              W.P. Jones
                              J.J. Chandler, Alt.

Delegates to Association:

                              W.P. Jones
                              J.J. Chandler
                              William Sport, Alt.

August, 1862.
     Received Margaret E. Kimbro by letter.

     The 2nd Dist. meeting of the Clay Bank Association met with Union Church, Covington
County, Alabama on Friday before the 1st Sabbath in 1862.  Eld. Giles Bryan, Moderator, W.P.
Jones, Clerk.  Giles Bryan to preach next introductory sermon.  Allen Driskell, Alt.  To be held at
Beaver Dam Church, Coffee County, Alabama, Friday before 2nd Sabbath in July, 1863.

September, 1862.  (At the dist. meeting.)
     A.B. Miley, Mod.  Received Rebecca Cauley by letter.

November, 1862.
     H. Kimbro, Mod.  Called A. Drikell as pastor.

July, 1863.
     H. Kimbro, Mod.  Delegates to Association:

                              W.P. Jones
                              J.J. Chandler
                              William Sport

December 4, 1863.
     Called Elder A. Driskell as pastor.

October, 1864.
     Called Eld. A. Driskell as pastor.

April 4, 1865.
     Changed meeting from Sat. before 4th Sabbath to the 1st in each month.

July, 1865.
     Delegates to District meeting:

                              H. Kimbro
                              J.J. Chandler
                              W.P. Jones, Alt.
On day following received James Lindsey by experience.

October, 1856.
     Received Eliza Hendley, Matilda Alsobrook, Ellen Brigman, all by experience.
     "Liberated Bro. James Lindsey to exercise his gifts here and elsewhere as he may desire."

November, 1865.
     Called A. Driskill as pastor.

February, 1866.
     Received Sarah J. Lindsey by experience.

March, 1866
     Mary E. Whitehead by experience.  Mary Sport by experience.

June, 1866
     Received Sarah Boyakin by experience.  Delegated to District meeting:

                              H. Kimbro
                              J.J. Chandler
                              William Sport

July, 1866.
     Delegates to Association:

                              William Sport
                              J.J. Chandler
                              H. Kimbro, Alt.

September, 1866.
     Received Elizabeth Smith by experience.  Received James Robbins by experience.

November, 1866.
     Received Martha Bracken by experience.  Received Jesse H. Veasey by experience.

December, 1866.
     Called Eld. A. Driskell as pastor.

February, 1867.
     Received by letter Thos. Dixon, deacon.  Received by letter, Elizabeth Veasey.

March, 1867.
     Received by letter, Rosanna J. Bell.  Committee to visit Louisa Davis for dancing.

(Note) Do not have her names as a member.

April, 1867.
     Received Gincey Cauley by experience.

May, 1867.
     Received Margaret Chandler by experience.

July, 1867.
     Delegates to 2nd Dist Meeting at Bethany Church

                              William Sport
                              J.J. Chandler
                              J.H. Veasey, Alt.

August, 1867.
     Delegates to the Association:

                              H. Kimbro
                              James Lindsey
                              W.P. Jones

October, 1867.
     Called A. Driskell as pastor.  Letter of dismission to Thomas Dixon.

January, 1868.
     Letter of dismission to Mary Robbins.

January, 1868.  (Should be February, 1868.)
     Received by letter, Drusilla Donaldson.

April, 1868.
     Received Margaret Scofield by letter.

June, 1868.
     Delegates to District meeting:

                              J.H. Veasey
                              J.J. Chandler
                              H. Kimbro
                              James Lindsey, Alt.

August, 1868.
     Received by letter, Lucy Reynolds.

September, 1868.
     Delegates to Association:

                              William Sport
                              W.P. Jones
                              H. Kimbro, Alt.

Eld. Allen Driskell called to pastorate.

December, 1868.
     Letter of dismission to James. Lindsey and wife.

March, 1869.
     Letters of dismission to:

                              Henry Kimbro and wife,
                              Mary Kimbro
                              William Sport and wife,
                              Sarah Sport
                              Sarah A. Boykin
                              Mary A. Sport

(Note) Probably withdrew to organize Enon Church.

April, 1869.
     Received Davis S. Cauley by experience.

May, 1869.
     Letters of dismission to Wright P. Jones and wife, J.J. Chandler elected Clerk.

Name                Date Rec'd.    How  Dism.     Exc. Reinst.   Dead as noted
                                                       by Clerk No
                                                       dates recorded
26. Mary Jones      Aug./39   L    
27. John Davis      Oct. 6/39 L                             Dead
28. William Bradley      Feb. 4/41 L    11/50
29. Alletha Couch        May 4/43  L    11/50
30. Mary Jones      May 4/43  L    9/49
31. Martha Sasser        Aug31/44  E                             Dead
32. Elizabeth Butler          Aug31/44  E                             Dead
33. Sarah Chism                         11/30/44
34. Mary Fincklea        Jan. 1/46 L    11/30/44
35. Nancy Mitchell       Dec./46   L    1/58
36. Rebecca Cauley       Feb./47   L    2/54
37. Telitha Brewer       June/47   L                             Dead
38. Thomas J. Gainey          Oct./47   L
39. France Gainey        Oct./47   L    6/72
40. Sarah Jones          June/49   E    5/69
41. Sarah Smith          Aug./50   E    9/56
42. James A. Smith       Aug./50   L    9/56
43. Jonathan Sport       Setp.4/50 E                             Dead
44. James Parker         Sept. 21/50    E    5/59
45. Sarah Sport          Sept. 22/50    E    3/69
46. Margaret Parker      Jan./51   E                             Dead
47. Martha Mancill       Nov./51   L    6/59
48. Wright P. Jones      Nov./51   L    5/69
49. Richard Norton       Oct./53                                 Dead
50. Elizabeth Barentine  Oct./54   L                             Dead
51. Mary Holley                         5/59
52. William Carlile      Aug./55   L    2/66                     Back
53. William Sport        Oct./57   E    3/69
54. Sarah Ann Feagin          Oct./57   E    1/58
55. Nancy Mitchell       Apr./58   L    1/58                     Dead
56. J.J. Chandler        Feb./60   E                             Dead
57. Jonathan Mitchell         Sept./60  E                             Dead
58. Henry Kimbro         Apr./62   L    3/69
59. Margaret E. Kimbro   Apr./62   L
60. Rebecca Cauley       Sept./62  L
61. James H. Lindsey          July/65   E    12/68
62. Eliza Henley         Oct./65   E                             Dead
63. Matilda Alsabrook    Oct./65   E    4/72
64. Ellen Brigman        Oct./65   E                             Dead
65. Sarah J. Lindsey          Feb./66   E    12/68
66. Mary E. Whitehead    Mar./66   E
67. Mary A. Sport        Mar./66   E    3/69
68. Sarah Boykin         June/66   E    3/69
69. Elisabeth Smith      Sept./66  E                             Dead
70. James Robbins        Sept/66   E                             Dead
71. Mathias Brackin      Nov./66   E    1/73
72. Jesse H. Veasey      Nov./66   E         4/65
73. Thomas Dixon         Feb./67   L    10/67
74. Elizabeth Veasey          Feb./67   L                             Dead
75. Roxanna J. Bell      Mar./67   L    9/74

The State of Ala. Crenshaw County
     Loyed Butler and wife Emma Butler in and for the siad county in the said state hereby certify
that whose name is signed to the foreging conveyance and who is known to me acknowledged befoer
me this day that being informed of the contents of this conveyance executed the smae voluntarily on
the day the same date given under my nad the 27 day of July 1899.

                              C.T. Sutley a J.P.

     The Sate of Ala. Crenshaw Co. Lloyd Butler and wife Emma Butler to Union church warranty
deed received this the 11 day of September 1899 and recorded in vol. 19 page 242 -
                              John F. Walker
                              Judge of Probate Seatis (?seals)

     Also the land that was bought from J.T. Drake The State of Ala. Crenshaw County that we
J.T. Drake and wife Susaner Drake at the State and County of four said Crehshaw County and State
of Ala. for and in consideration of the sum of $100 to us in hand paid by Union Church the receipt
wereof we do hereby acknoswldge have franted bargained and sold and by these presents do hereby
grant bargain sell and convey unto said Union Church ther heirs and assigns the following described
real estate in the county of Crenshaw and the state of Ala. To witt one aker more or less so we of Nor
We sec. 8 to ?, township 6 Range 18 come mensin at the Butler line 15 yards each side of suide
Roods and extending 15 yards beyound the pool and so pine Timber.

                              James T. Drake
                              Susaner x Drake
                                   her mark

     By request of church to put in the church book the church land that was bought from Mr. L.
Butler and wife Emma Butler for and in consideration of the sum of $800 dollars (?$8.00) paid us in
hand by Union Church that we do hereby acknowledge have granted bargained and sold and by these
presents do hereby grant bargain sell and convey unto said Union church the following described real
estate situated in the county of Crenshaw and State of Ala. to witt 8 acres in South West 1/4 of Sec
8 Township 6 North of range 18 containing eight akers more or less commencing in the S.W. corner
running the North line too the holer then turned ther chrinch (?) threw Est to the Butler Rood at the
gate then Butler and Brantley road south to the East and North Line then Est and Wes line back to
the corner of the four saide (40) to hold have and hold the aforesaid premises to the said Union
Church forever and hold the aforesaid premises to the said Union Church forever and we do covenant
with the said B.L. Butler and wife and heirs and assigns that we are free from all encumberances that
we have a god right to sell and convey the same to the said Union Church and that we will warrant
and defend the premises to the said union . . .

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