Voter Registration/Poll Cards -- Located in old file in basement of Covington County Courthouse in Andalusia

Compiled by Lisa R. Franklin RN, August 1997.  (Partial listing)


BASS, Hattie b.20 JAN 1902

BASS, Horace P. b.29 OCT 1921

BASS, J. Bennett b.22 MAR 1893

BASS, J.A. b.APR 1888

BASS, Mary b.17 AUG 1855

BASS, Nancy b.21 MAR 1860

BASS, R.B. b.28 MAY 1855

BASS, Velma b.19 FEB 1914

BASS, Velma b.23 DEC 1906

BASS, Vesta b.13 FEB 1914

BASS, W. Barney b.25 JUL 1910

BASS, William Riley b.28 AUG 1882

FEASTER, H.E. b.01 JAN 1889

FEASTER, J.L. b.01 NOV 1894

FEASTER, L.J. b.JUL 1852

FEASTER, Mary O. b.27 MAR 1894

FEASTER, W.N. b.23 APR 1892

FINDLEY, Andrew G. b.30 JAN 1920

FINDLEY, C. b.NOV 1883

FINDLEY, G.W. b.JUN 1863

FINDLEY, Irene b.15 JUL 1874

FINDLEY, Lee b.15 JUL 1892

FINDLEY, Minnie L. b.08 SEP 1898

FINDLEY, Reuben A. b.11 OCT 1890

FINDLEY, T.A. b.OCT 1886

FRANKLIN, Allene Worley b.22 JUN 1900

FRANKLIN, Alma b.28 SEP 1904

FRANKLIN, Andrew D. b.24 SEP 1922

FRANKLIN, Andrew D. b.24 SEP 1922

FRANKLIN, Annie b.07 JAN 1901

FRANKLIN, Arlee Van b.15 APR 1930

FRANKLIN, Arlie b.15 APR 1930

FRANKLIN, Arnold E. b.11 FEB 1927

FRANKLIN, Arnold E. b.11 FEB 1927

FRANKLIN, Ben b.06 MAY 1912


FRANKLIN, Carl b.22 NOV 1922

FRANKLIN, Carl b.22 NOV 1922

FRANKLIN, Charles M. b.08 OCT 1910

FRANKLIN, Claries b.01 FEB 1931

FRANKLIN, Claud D. b.29 JUN 1905

FRANKLIN, Clem b.19 NOV 1903

FRANKLIN, D.J. b.24 JAN 1899

FRANKLIN, D.L. b.25 JUN 1940


FRANKLIN, Danny LaDon b.07 DEC 1952

FRANKLIN, Dennis b.05 JAN 1935

FRANKLIN, Dennis Lee b.02 JAN 1893

FRANKLIN, Donald L. b.08 DEC 1924

FRANKLIN, Eva Mae b.10 MAY 1903

FRANKLIN, F.H. b.01 MAR 1895

FRANKLIN, Fannie Lou b.25 JUN 1919

FRANKLIN, Freddie Houston b.01 MAR 1895

FRANKLIN, G.W. (date of birth is blank, registered in 1904, age 30)

FRANKLIN, Gene b.17 SEP 1930

FRANKLIN, Genise W. b.17 SEP 1922

FRANKLIN, Georgia B. b.04 MAR 1899

FRANKLIN, H.A. b.01 MAY 1895


FRANKLIN, Hettie b.12 JAN 1878

FRANKLIN, Horace K. b.22 NOV 1922

FRANKLIN, Horace Knowlton b.22 NOV 1922

FRANKLIN, Horace V. b.12 OCT 1926

FRANKLIN, Horace Vernon b.12 OCT 1926 d.06 JUN 1974

FRANKLIN, I.L. b.11 JUL 1896

FRANKLIN, I.L. b.11 JUL 1896

FRANKLIN, I.M. b.15 NOV 1896

FRANKLIN, Ira L. b.11 JUL 1896

FRANKLIN, J.A. b.07 APR 1898

FRANKLIN, J.B. (date of birth blank, registered 1916, age 52)


FRANKLIN, James Curtis b.16 DEC 1920

FRANKLIN, Jennie b.28 JUL 1869

FRANKLIN, Johnson b.02 SEP 1896

FRANKLIN, Johnson b.02 SEP 1896 d.JUN 1976

FRANKLIN, Joyce Diane b.21 OCT 1946

FRANKLIN, Leon F. b.24 JAN 1925

FRANKLIN, Lillie b.11 APR 1898


FRANKLIN, Margaret Jennelle Wiggins b.01 MAR 1913

FRANKLIN, Margie b.26 JUN 1924

FRANKLIN, Marsiss b.21 MAY 1875

FRANKLIN, Marvin Craig b.05 AUG 1961 d.07 MAR 1981

FRANKLIN, Mary Evelny (Mary Evelyn) b.09 DEC 1920 d.25 MAY 1977

FRANKLIN, Mary I. b.25 FEB 1873

FRANKLIN, Maud b.13 DEC 1900

FRANKLIN, Millard Neal b.05 SEP 1892 d.25 MAY 1977

FRANKLIN, Mrs. N.C. b.21 MAY 1874

FRANKLIN, Myrtle G. b.12 JAN 1922

FRANKLIN, Nancy Louise b.01 JUL 1929

FRANKLIN, Odis D. b.09 DEC 1920

FRANKLIN, Otto B. b.25 AUG 1899

FRANKLIN, P.L. b.31 MAY 1872

FRANKLIN, Pearl b.06 AUG 1903

FRANKLIN, Pearl b.19 APR 1900


FRANKLIN, R.A. Jr. b.05 JUL 1897

FRANKLIN, R.A. Jr. b.05 JUL 1897

FRANKLIN, Ruth Hodges b.29 JAN 1912

FRANKLIN, Sallie b.26 JAN 1866

FRANKLIN, Theo Eugene b.01 FEB 1932

FRANKLIN, Tommie Mae b.15 FEB 1922

FRANKLIN, Trammel J. b.03 SEP 1923

FRANKLIN, TSgt Donald L. b.08 FEB 1924

FRANKLIN, Viola Alanna b.19 OCT 1937

FRANKLIN, W.B. b.21 MAY 1872

FRANKLIN, W.J. (date of birth blank, registered 1902 age 46)

FRANKLIN, W.N. b.17 MAY 1921


FRANKLIN, William Neal b.17 MAY 1921 (transferred to Escambia Co 21 MAY 1974 per card)

FRANKLIN, William T. b.11 MAY 1873

HART, E.J. b.26 APR 1866

HASSELL, A.E. b.10 MAR 1868

HASSELL, Arthur V. b.23 SEP 1902 d.1962

HASSELL, Billy O. b.22 NOV 1935 (moved to Mobile 1964 per card note)

HASSELL, Gladys Helms b.18 OCT 1907

HASSELL, H.H. b.29 DEC 1895

HASSELL, John J. b.14 DEC 1904 d.15 JUN 1976

HASSELL, Minnie Velma b.15 OCT 1903

HASSELL, Queenie V. b.29 MAR 1902 d.27 APR 1982

HASSELL, Wilber W. b.26 FEB 1910

HITSON, E.F. b.18 MAY 1860

HITSON, Lee D. b.05 AUG 1898

HITSON, Mrs. W.E. b.12 APR 1886

HITSON, P.H. b.28 FEB 1898

HITSON, R.T. (birth date blank, registered 1902 age 31)

HITSON, Thomas Riley b.27 JUN 1936

HITSON, W.E. (birth date blank, registered 1902 age 40)

HITSON, W.M. b.13 OCT 1891

HITSON, William Garner b.15 AUG 1894 d.14 SEP 1971

HITSON, William Garner b.15 SEP 1894

LUNSFORD, Anna b.20 AUG 1895

LUNSFORD, Carmen b.30 DEC 1917


LUNSFORD, J.C. b.23 OCT 1905 (noted in FL from 1927-1936)


McLELLAND, A.T. b.30 SEP 1868

McLELLAND, Ezra Oliver b.02 JUL 1891 d.05 DEC 1972

McLELLAND, Gladys b.27 JUL 1900

McLELLAND, W.S. b.JAN 1891

McLELLAND, W.S. Jr. b.25 NOV 1918

PRESTWOOD, Anna b.26 APR 1883

PRESTWOOD, Athey b.25 APR 1927

PRESTWOOD, Charlie b.08 DEC 1908

PRESTWOOD, D. Talmer b.18 JAN 1906

PRESTWOOD, Donald G. b.02 FEB 1938

PRESTWOOD, J.A. (birth date blank, registered 1902 age 21)

PRESTWOOD, J.A. (birth date blank, registered 1902 age 47)


PRESTWOOD, James A. b.28 JUN 1926

PRESTWOOD, James A. b.30 DEC 1919

PRESTWOOD, Moses Franklin b.21 APR 1883

PRESTWOOD, Ruth b.01 OCT 1919

PRESTWOOD, W.T. b.15 JAN 1878

SHARPE, E.R. b.24 MAY 1913

SHARPE, Frank P. b.04 DEC 1906

SHARPE, Ira G. b.31 MAY 1908 (noted in Montgomery Co. 1929-1941)

SHARPE, James E. b.29 AUG 1911

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