Malachi W. Etheridge born May 19, 1844 died Dec 2, 1904 buried Dec 3 1904
Obituary in Evergreen Courant :

Death of M. W. Etheride

Malachi W. Etheridge died at
his home here on Friday monr-
ing last after several weeks' ill-
ness, aged about 59 years. The
death of this good man removes
from the walks of life one of our
truest and best citizens. He was
held in the hightest esteem by all
who knew him as a man of pro-
bity and business capacity. His
remains were laid to rest in the
new cemetery on Saturday after-
noon, the last sad rites being
performed by the Masonic order,
of which he had for many years
been a devoted and loyal member.
The Courant extends sympa-
thy to the grief stricken family.

Also an article written concerning the shooting of Travis Smith by his son in law
Mr. George W. Etheridge dated Sept 20 1905 Evergreen Courant New paper



On Thursday afternoon last near Lee postoffice, between Castleberry and Belleville, Geo. W. Etheridge shot and almost instantly killed Travis Smith, his father- in- law, a charge of buckshot penetrating his right side. Mr. Etheridge came here at once and surrendered to the sheriff. He was given a preliminary trial on Saturday before JUdge Dean adn was released on $500 bond.
The evidence brought out tended to show tha Mr. Etheridge acted in self-defense. Mr. Smith was returning from Castleberry on a wagon and when near the school house he met Mr. Etheridge in the road. He claims Smith pulled a pistol and attempted to shoot him, the weapon failing to fire. He therupon quickly fired with deadly effect, Mr. Smith keelling over dead in the wagon. The evidence further showed that the two men had a difficulty bout a month before , since which time the defendant had been warned by a son of the deceased that his father was liable to kill him. After the shooting a pistol was found near the road which Smith is supposed to have attempted to use, and when shot dropped it.
Mr. Smith had resided in the community only a few months having removed from Rabb, this community in December ...last. He leaves a wife an several children who have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.
Mr. Etheridge has resided in that community for a number of years. Both men are well known and the tragedy is greatly de (blurred) lored by the friends of both men.

This article is copied as written only a few blurred words were guessed upon .
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