The Conecuh Post
April 19, 1939

71 Enrolled In C.C. C. On April 4

Contributed by Sherry Johnston, MAY 2003

Conecuh County added to its C.C.C. enrollment 46 white boys and 25 colored to be assigned to various camps to fill vacancies recently made by a discharge of a similar number.
Boys from all sections of the county were included in the list, and after passing physical exams, departed for assignments in these vaious camps on April 4th.
The following were enrolled:
Whites-Levon Andrews, William Harvey Baggett, Andrew Jackson Baggett, Miles Cornel Bartlett, Thomas J. Brooks, Donald Brewton, William Travis Cary, E.M. Crutchfield, Earlie Erastus Diamond, Henry Dailey, Luke Faulk, Edward Earle Driver, Ralph Lee Griffin, Elbert Hall, Homer Rance Hodge.
James Quinton Howington, Eddie K. Hudson, John Hester, Herbert Mancil, Charles C. McLain, Dewey McInnis, Clyde McIntyre, Bruce Nall, Melvin Rushen Nall, Clarence Nelson, Marvin E. Oliver, Charles Peters, A.J. Pinkerton, James M. Pittman, Tome Eddie Pitts.
Idus Reeves, Howard Clinton Robinson, John J. Salter, Charlie Salter, A. G. Smith, Douglas Smith, Harvey Smith, Earl Stodghill, Jas. W. Tolbert, John Wesley Waller, Maxie Claiborne Waters, William H. Waters, Horace Wiggins, Yancey Eugene Wilson, Ollie Wilson, James Elmer Zellers.

Colored-Robert Abrams, Alto Bradley, Charlie Bradley, Ben Broxton, Joseph Coker, Johnnie Etheridge, Matthew Evans, James L. Ford, Harden Grace, Barzell Griffin, Willie B. Harrison, Willie C. Jenkins.
Willie D. Jenkins, Joseph T. Kelley, Tommy Lee, Andrew J. Roach, Eddie Lee Robbins, Sullie C. Samuel, Robert Spann, Douglas Stevens, Marion J. Taylor, John Tyler, Jr., Lugene White, Henry J. Whittle, Robert H. McClammy.

The above was taken from microfilmed newspapers, dated as 19 April 1939, on file at The Evergreen Public Library, 201 Park Street, Evergreen, AL 36401. Currently building a vertical file on the C.C.C. for future reference. If you have information that you could share, please contact Sherry S. Johnston, Genealogy/History Dep't., Library.

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