Company "C" 17th Ala. Regiment - Butler Co., AL

From: (Ronald Bridges), MAR 2000.



Company "C" 17th Alabama Infantry Regiment, organized in Butler Co., AL,
was also called the "Blue Rifles".  I went to the Alabama Archives on 16
Mar 2000 and found the muster roll for this company.  J. M typed it. 
There was no last name for J. M.  I have footnote numbers beside some
names in the newspaper article. The footnotes refer to additional
information or different information that was in the muster roll at the
Archives. At the end of the article I added names that were on the
muster roll but not in the newspaper article.  The muster roll states
that the Company was organized on 14 Sep 1861. 

The Greenville Advocate 
April 30, 1903


    The following is a roster of Company "C" as organized and marched to
the front, the copy bearing date of September 25, 1861.

Walter D. Perryman, Captain             Peter Goodson, 3rd Sergeant 
John Bolling, 1st Lieutenant (1)        J. W. Wallace, 4th Sergeant (5)
John Payne, 2nd Lieutenant (2)          W. R. Peterson, 1st Corporal (6)
L. W. Trawick, 3rd Lieutenant (3)       Edward Stevens, 2nd Corporal
C. C. Lloyd, 1st Sergeant (4)           J. W. Skipper, 3rd Corporal (7)
Robert Perry, 2nd Sergeant              Henry O. Seale, 4th Corporal (8)


Marion J. Andrews                       Henry S. Harper
Theophilus Atkinson                     Tapley Hendrix (16)
George W. Bailey                        John A. Harrison
B. F. Burton (9)                        Moses J. Harrison
Henry J. Boggs                          John D. Howard
Jonah Cater                             James W. Jay
William H. Conner (f)                   J. T. Johnson (17)
Sidney S. Creech(10)                    James H. Johnson
John W. Driver (11)                     Andrew J. Kelley
James F. Dukes                          John H.
James Dugan                             Lewis M. Lard
Alfred Davis                            LaFayette Lany (18)
Buford W. Dendy                         Jacob C. Milton
James Ernest (12)                       Isaiah G. Miller
Josiah Frost                            John A. McCrary
Henry Frost                             John D. McCormick
Thomas G. Gafford                       Shadrick Nichols
Daniel E. Hester                        Ira E. Payne
Louis A. Hester                         James Perry (19)
Isaiah H. Henderson (13)                Thomas Phylyaw (20)
William Herndon                         William H. Powell
Gardner E. Parker                       Robert M. Sims
William B. Pace                         John F. Spurlock (21)
Thomas E. Pace                          Andrew C. Smyth
Frank M. Pierce                         John J. Thompson
James A. M. Petty                       Solomon Troutman (22)
Neal A. Ramsey (14)                     Newton Troutman
Richard Rayburn                         Littleton Talley
William R. Smith                        James Willis (23)
Thomas J. Sanders                       William J. Williamson
Thomas S. Smith (15)

    The following names are of the men who joined the company after that

J. R. Alford            R. B. Lowery            Charles D. Stanley
M. Armstrong            G. Lowery               Seth Smith
H. C. Armstrong         H. B. Lowery            J. Smith
S. D. Belton            W. H. Leven             J. S. Skipper
W. W. Braden            D. J. Mash              George Skipper
James Boggus            Seth Mercer             James K. Seale
J. T. Bailey            John W. Morgan (I)      Hamp Seale
J. Bell                 J. A. Morgan            Al Seale
L. M. Brooks            J. W. Morgan            J. A. Smith
S. S. Creech            James W. Morgan         W. C. Spradley (B)
F. L. Creech (G)        T. Miller               Thomas Spradley (C)
O. Cox                  J. W. Mapes             James E. Spradley (D)
A. Cheatham             William Milton          J. W. Skipper
D. H. Cheatham          C. C. Nickles           A. T. Stringer (E)
J. E. Chambers          Eb Pollard              G. Stringer
Frank Chambers          T. B. Pollard           J. F. Sims
Andy Chambers           W. B. Perry             John Sapp
A. B. Cooley            Ben. Perry              D. M. Stewart
J. W. Driver            G. W. Posey             Hillary Stewart
L. A. Dendy             J. H. Perdue            J. Q. Stuckey
Bill Dendy              W. H. Powell            J. A. Thompson
Elijah Dobson           D. M. Powell            C. C. Thompson
Nate Dobson             W. J. L. Peterson       J. Tranum
J. D. Flowers           Tom Peterson            K. H. Thornton
James Frost             W. M. Pierce            R. J. Traweek
W. H. Frost             Russell Pace            A. J. Thagard
J. T. Ganus             G. W. Rhodes            Josiah Talley
W. A. Graydon           J. Rhodes               W. R. Thagard
H. S. Graydon           Yancey Rhodes           W. H. Thagard
Ed Harrison             Wesley Rogers           J. R. Vice
B. Hall                 H. D. Rogers            J. Wallace
D. J. Holland           W. D. Rogers            J. Weaver
Dick Herbert            W. P. Rouse             W. A. Walton
Alex Johnson            J. Rives                G. W. Wyche
R. Kendrick             S. Rives                R. Wyche
B. Kite                 S. T. Russell (A)
J. Lowery               James B. Stanley (J)

    The above are all the names of the Company that could be thought of
by the following members of the company to whom we are indebted for
assistance in getting them up:  Messrs. J.  J. and C. C. Thompson, Eb.
Pollard, and F. L. Creech.  There are others who were members of the
company, but whose names have escaped those who have tried to get them
all, and we will gladly publish them if anyone who reads this will
notify us."

Those on the muster roll but not in the newspaper article.
Robert J. K. Stringer
John W. Singleton
Abram F. Wallace
Samuel G. Wallace
D. T. Hallan
A. Stringer (h)

(1) John Bolling, Jr.
(2) John K. Pyne, 3rd. Lieutenant
(3) LaFayette W. Trawick, 2nd Lieutenant
(4) Cary C. Lloyd
(5) John W. Wallace
(6) William T. Peterson
(7) John W. Skipper
(8) Henry R. Seale
(9) Benjamin F. Burton
(10) Sidney S. Creech

(11) John W. Drived
(12) James Earnest
(13) Josiah H. Henderson
(14) Neal O. Ramsey
(15) Thomas J. Smith
(16) Yapley Hendrix
(17) Julius F. Johnson
(18) LaFayette Lary
(19) James Perre
(20) Thomas Philyaw
(21) John T. Spurlock
(22) Solomon H. Troutman
(23) James S. Willis

(A) my notes: Samuel Tines Russell of Pigeon Creek, Butler Co., AL 
(B) my notes: most like Warren Charles Spradley of Patsburg, Crenshaw
Co., AL
(C) my notes: Thomas Harrison Spradley of Patsburg, Crenshaw Co., AL
(D) my notes: James Erwin Spradley of Patsburg, Crenshaw Co., AL
(E) my notes: From Honoraville, Crenshaw Co., AL
(F) my notes: From Braggs, AL
(F) my notes: From Greenville, AL
(H) my notes: From Morrisville, AL
(I) my notes: From Greenville, AL
(J) my notes: From Greenville, AL


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