Senators and Representatives from Colbert County to the Alabama Legislature: 1868-1900

[NOTE: Prior to 1868, Colbert County was a portion of Frankiln County, and was briefly readsorbed into Franklin County in 1870.]

Contributed by James H. Davis.


Name: Year(s)

Sevier, D.V. 1871-72

Goodloe, J.C. 1872-73

Moore, J.B. 1874-76

Sherrod, W.C. 1876-77

Rather, John D. 1878-81

Jackson, James 1882-85

Branch, James H. 1886-89

Godfrey, L.D. 1890-91

Almon, E.B. 1892-95

Matthews, Walter H. 1896-99

Matthews, Walter H. 1899 (special session)



Simmons, C.P. 1868-70

Steele, John A. 1870-72

Corsbie, Samuel 1872-73

Dickson, Barton 1874-76

Harrington, S.J. 1876-77

Steele, John A. 1878-79

Underwood, N.T. 1880-83

McWorter, G.T. 1884-85

Bishop, John W. 1886-87

Summers, W.C. 1888-89

Rather, C.C. 1890-91

Brown, Wilson R. 1892-93

Rand, P.N.G. 1894-95

Brown, Wilson R. 1896-99

Brown, Wilson R. 1899 (special)

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