Compiled by: Ray Pennington; Courtland, Alabama;

April 6, 1997

Company "B" was organized in Courtland, Lawrence County, Alabama as a part of the Sixteenth Alabama Regiment. Colonel W. B. Wood, of Florence, Alabama commanded the Sixteenth Alabama. It was a part of the army of the Tennessee. Co. B left Courtland in August 1861 for Knoxville, and saw hard service and was distinguished for many acts of bravery at Fishing Creek, Kentucky, Shiloh, Perryville, Kentucky, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Ringgold, Georgia, and around Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee, and finally surrendered in South Carolina at the close of the war.

Allen, ______

Ashford, F. A., Captain. Promoted to Colonel. Killed at Franklin, Tennessee.

Bachgaloupe, John

Barker, Henry, Killed at Tupelo, Mississippi

Beemer, J. J., Fourth Sergeant

Benson, William

Bettis, C. W.

Braidfoot, Gus.

Braidfoot, Peter

Braidfoot, Stanley, Killed at Murfreesboro

Briggs, B. F.

Carpenter, Hill

Carrol, Joe, Killed at New Hope, Georgia

Clark, ______

Clay, Peter

Cleere, J. T. (John Tyler)

Cooper, Frank

Crownover, Mose

Curtis, Tom

Davidson, John, First Sergeant. Killed on retreat from Nashville.

Davis, C., Third Lieutenant

Dement, Robert, Killed at New Hope, Georgia

Dodson, William

Elkins, J. N.

Finley, Cornelius

Frazier, James, Elected Lieutenant 28th Alabama. Killed at Murfreesboro

Freeman, Joe

Gabbert, Jas. S.

Gabbert, Jno. D.

Gibson, A. D.

Gibson, M. D.

Gibson, W. A.

Gipson, Tom

Gipson, Wesley

Golding, John, Killed near Hillsboro, Georgia

Gregory, Hunter, Killed at Franklin, Tennessee

Gregory, Tom, Killed at New Hope, Georgia

Guinn, Tom

Hill, A. M.

Hill, John P., Killed at Franklin, Tennessee

Hughs, Gus.

Hughston, T. P.

Jackson, J. D.

Jackson, W. W., Killed near Montgomery

Jamison, Joe

Jones, Warren

King, Iassc, Killed at Fishing Creek, Kentucky

Kitchens, Lem

Madding, I. C., First Lieutenant. Killed at Chickamauga, Georgia

Madding, Richard, Killed at Shiloh

Martin, J. M.

McConnell, W. R., Elected Captain 30th Alabama

McCord, Jno. O., Killed at Murfreesboro

McGaughey, F. P.

McGaughey, Porter

McGhee, Wm.

McKinney, Travis, Killed at Fishing Creek, Kentucky

Milam, J. A.

Mitchel, Reuben

Moon, William, Killed at Murfreesboro

Morton, John

Pace, Dred E.

Parker, ______

Parker, ______

Patrick, Frank

Ponder, Gus

Ponder, J. F., Second Sergeant.

Prince, John

Roberts, J. M.

Roden, John

Roden, Warren

Rook, Jas.

Sargent, ______

Sherrod, F. O. , Second Lieutenant

Shewert, J. A., Killed at Franklin, Tennessee

Shurer, J. D.

Shurer, J. M.

Simmonds, Rufus

Stanley, Ed., Third Corporal

Stanley, Tom E., Third Sergeant. Elected Lt. Co. G., of Arkansas, at close of war.

Stephenson, J. M.

Sutton, Jake

Thornbury, ______, First Corporal

Tucker, James, Wounded at New Hope, Georgia

Tucker, Robert

Waldrup, Hilliry

Wasson, J. C.

Wasson, W. J.

Weatherby, Geo.

Williams, R. M.

Willson, Dick

Wright, John

Young, Eb.

Zills, Fd., Killed at Murfreesboro