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as taken from the Clear Springs Baptist Church 1977/78 Homecoming Program

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Psalm 23


The Lord is my shepherd; I shall

not want.

He maketh me to lie down in

green pastures; he leadeth me beside

the still waters.

He restoreth my soul; he leadeth

me in the paths of righteousness for

his name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through the

valley of the shadow of death, I will

fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy

rod and they staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me

in the presence of mine enemies: thou

annointest my head with oil, my cup

runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall

follow me all the days of my life: and

I will dwell in the house of the Lord







October 1977-October 1978

October 8, 1978





Song 259.......................................................’The Bond of




Song Green Book 22..........................’The Lord is My


Welcome & Recognitions..........................................Jodie


Song 66...................................’There Is a Name I Love To


Song 254...............................’Leaning on the Everlasting


Dedication & Memorials.........................................Hinton


CSBC Choir Special............................’We’ll Never Say


CSBC Youth Special...........................’Rejoice, the Lord is


CSBC Children Special.....................................Jericho and


Recognition of Honored Families........................Inez


Song 165...........................................................’Amazing


Offertory - 213......................’Saviour Like a Shepherd Lead


Special Music......................................................Leonard


Introduction of Speaker.........................................Hinton


Message................................................Bro. Herbert


Invitation - 187...................................................’Just As I Am’















Inez McCollough

Hinton & Jodie Smith




Many thanks go to Gracie Adkison, Rose Haile, and

Betty O’Sheilds for their assistance in composing the

material contained in this program.


We extend special thanks to Sue and Leonard Thorn,

and Bro. Herbert Summerlin for their services during

today’s activities. We thank God for these people who

are so dedicated to the Lord’s services for their

graciousness for helping make our 56th Homecoming a

Special Day for the Lord.








1974 Brunson Family

1975 Harrison Family

1976 Grimes and Nall Families

1977 Lancaster, Cox, and Royal Families

1978 Summerlin and Radney Families






As most of you remember, in 1974, we started honoring

pioneer families of this church at Homecoming. Keeping this

custom going this year we’re honoring two more fine old

families, the Radneys and the Summerlins that have

contributed as much to this church and community.

The Radney family is one of our distinguished groups

today. John Radney and his wife, Eugene moved to Florida in

1919 and into the Clear Springs Community in 1929. They

lived on the Mike Lurie place, which is near William Worley’s


The Radneys joined others in the community in attending

Sunday School and worship services at the Clear Springs

School in the afternoon. As different preachers were gracious

enough to come to help us, the services were held in the

afternoon so they could continue with their own church work.

The Radneys had a large family of nine children: Alma,

Sallie, Shelley, Clyde, Johnny Mae, Lousie, Willie Earl, McDonal

and Jessie. The only two to make the move to Clear Springs

with their parents were McDonald and Jessie.

As work started on the church building, Mr. Radney and

McDonald helped the other men and women of the community

to erect their much needed and wanted church. The work was

completed in 1922 and was established as a mission of

Florala First Baptist Church and remained a mission until


In 1923, under the leadership of Bro. Eiler, many new

converts were added to those that were members while the

church was still meeting in the school building. Among those

that were baptized in the school were Mr. Radney and

McDonald. Mrs. Radney joined by letter and was a very active

member teaching Sunday School and seeing that her family was

in their proper place of worship on Sunday.

In September of 1925, McDonald and Lu(l)a Gaoghagen

were married and were blessed with ten children, nine of which

are still living: Alcus, Alva, Johnny, Betty, twins Jacquelyn and

Josephine, James, Sarah and Peggy. They are presently living

in Lockhart.

Jessie Radney, the other child to move to Clear Springs

along with his parents never married and moved away to the

big state of Texas.

The other family members moved from the community and

church after living here around three or four years. It was while

Mr. and Mrs. Radney were living in Alabama that they went on

to be with the Lord.


Quitman (Babe) Summerlin, came to Florala in 1920 from

Holmes County, Florida, about six miles from Darlington with

his wife, the former Lottie Ann Powell and one of their six

children, John (Boy). They moved into the old Sellars home in

Florala. However, he was farming the Jerry Holloway place in

the Clear Springs Community. Living in town and farming some

distance away made it necessary to pass daily the CSBC then

being built. Mr. Summerlin and John would often stop to help

in the construction of the building. They then began attending

services. However, Babe and Lottie did not move their letters

of membership from the Hurricane Creek Baptist Church in

Holmes County. In 1936, John moved his letter to CSBC.

In 1922, the family moved onto the Holloway farm and

then later to the George Whittington place where Mrs.

Summerlin died in 1927.

Children in order of age: Mary married Quit Vaughn and

had ten children. We do not have much information on them.

Hester lived with her grandparents for some time after she was

grown. Vera later stayed with Charlie.

Dan married Mollie Powell and had four children: Pearl,

Cleo, Jewell and James Herbert. They later moved to Florala

and visited the Clear Springs Church. We are pleased to have

Herbert with us today as our guest speaker for the morning


Walter came out of service and visited his parents, in

about 1923. He later married Spicey Cooper of Salem, North

Carolina and had four children: Mary Ann, Pauline, Lorraine

and Clyde. They moved to Clear Springs in 1930 and built the

house where the Brewers now live. They joined the Clear

Springs Baptist Church until 1939 at which time they moved to

North Carolina. While there, Spicey was pianist along with Mrs.

Brunson. She also taught Sunday School. Walter was a quiet

man but always there to do his part.

Louella (Doll) married Will Fleming of Holmes County and

had five children. We have no information on them. Doll lives

in Virginia.

John (Boy) lived with his parents during their lifetime and

with various relatives since. John lived with Charlie until his

death. He now resides with his nephew, Rufus Vaughn near

Tallahassee, Florida. John (Boy) was 81 years young on

October 4, 1978. He was a man who loves the Lord and whom

we all love and miss here at Clear Springs.

Charlie married Annie Mae Gavin of Esto, Florida and had

five children: Wilson, James, Lottie V., Wayburn and Carl.

They moved to Clear Springs in 1936 between the Whittington

and Brunson homesteads. After Walter and Spicey left, they

moved into their home until they built their own home near the

church which is where Mae now lives. (Pa) Summerlin lived

with his son, Charlie until his death in 1934.

Charlie and Mae joined Clear Springs Baptist Church on

November 2, 1938. Charlie was ordained a Deacon in 1959.

He and Mae were good workers and supporters of the church

for several years. Charlie passed away on March 6, 1976.










After a very busy and productive time in 1975-1977,

remodeling the Sanctuary and making necessary changes and

repairs, purchasing the new piano and windows, we decided we

should be a little conservative for a while and try to build up

our financial reserve.

Nevertheless, we are proud of our overall

accomplishments during the year and we wish to share some of

the highlights with you in this program.

We started off the new church year on October 1, 1977

with a full slate of teachers and officers, each with a positive

attitude and an optimistic view toward the future. They went to

work to engage in active service for Christ which proved to be


Sunday, October 9, with Rose (H)aile, Bessie Harrison and

Lovie Morgan as program leaders, we enjoyed a wonderful

Homecoming time with the Lancaster, Cox, and Royal families

as our honored pioneer group. Sallie Mae Fountain received

special recognition, as one of our dedicated members, now in

feeble health.

We are still on a solid schedule of worship on each Lord’s

Day: Sunday School, Church Training and Preaching both

morning and night. We’re proud to say midweek prayer

service is still in progress.

We are striving to become better informed by having study

courses as regular as we can, as well as individual study at

home. Two years in a row we were awarded a trophy and

recognized at the Associational Church Training Rally as being

the church who had the second most study courses in the area.

Our WMU as a whole was active until recently and the

Church met it’s goal for offerings to send to Foreign and Home

Missions during the two separate WEEK OF PRAYER sessions.

The good Lord granted us some growth during the year;

seven came for baptism and five by letter. However, in the

atmosphere of joy over the increase, we must express our

sorrow for the three who left us by letter to other churches, and

our grief is strong over losing two of our faithful members by

death. Through the win and lose process we are gratified with

a total gain of seven new members.

In November we sent our Pastor to the Florida State

Convention held in St. Petersburg.

Christmas was a gay and colorful occasion in our church

as Jodie Smith directed one of the best Christmas programs we

ever had.

In February we employed the services of Ronald Grooms

As our Youth Director for a trial period of four months. Under

Ronald’s leadership and preaching to the youth there was an

average of 16 who met for services downstairs. This proved to

be a huge success but, at the end of May we had to bid Ronald

farewell as he left us to return to his home in South Carolina.

April 2-5, we were privileged to participate to four nights

of World Missions Conference, with a different missionary

speaking to us each night. We were awakened to the needs of

many countries who are less fortunate than we and inspired to

contribute more to mission work.

April 9 was our SPRING ALL DAY GATHERING with

dinner and lots of good singing. Approximately 115 took part

in the pleasant day.

Christian people create ways to be together. We are

fortunate to have superb teamwork and cooperation among our

members. On several occasions during the year we had

fellowship gatherings. Hot-dog, marshmallow roasts, hay

rides, peanut boiling, ice cream, watermelon cuttings and a

barbeque on the church grounds. These are some of the great

socials we have shared with our fellow Christians.

Our purchase during the year were; a beautiful lamp for

the new piano, a glass panel to protect the top of the piano and

communion table, linen cloths for the communtion table,

chalkboards for all Sunday School rooms and an IBM typewriter

for the office.

July 17, Pastor Williams was hospitalized with a bad back

and three days later he underwent spinal surgery. He is

recovering very well but will be restricted from all activities for

at least three months. Considering this time period, he felt that

it was unfair to the church for him to be absent that long.

Therefore, he wrote a letter of resignation and suggested we

should start immediately to seek another shepherd.

We express our appreciation for his three years and three

months of faithful service and leadership to our church and

community. We also want to express our deep appreciation for

his wife’s support. Nancy was a special blessing to all and

shared the work of the Lord with her husband.

Our praise goes to God for another HOMECOMING DY AT


We’re glad YOU are here. As members of CSBC, we covat

your prayers all during the year and look forward to seeing you

again real soon.
























Where Is the Heart That Doth Not Keep

Within Its Inmost Core

Some Fond Remembrance Hidden Deep

Of Days That Are No More!


Ellen Clementine Howarth





Dimple Worley, March 12, 1978


Monie Brunson, June 25, 1978


Alva Skinner, July 2, 1978










who died in the Opp Mizell Memorial Hospital on March 12,

1978. Buried in the Worley Family Plot adjoining the Clear

Springs Cemetery.

She was the widow of Hardy Worley, who preceded her in

death 15 years. She is survived by two sons, one daughter and

seven grandchildren.

She shared life in this community over forty years; sharing

the joys and sorrows, she stood ready to help in any crises,

expressing her humble kindness to all humanity.

Dimple was a member of this church 19 years and four

months. There was a constant (fel)ling of the omnipresence of

God that gave her a daily confidence and a faith that enabled

her to carry on even under difficult health problems.

She was blessed with a valuable asset, the grace to bear

adversity with a smile. She was cheerful and bouyant no matter

how rough the path. Many of us have been blessed by her

positive attitude and optimistic views revealing a depth of

conscience and compassion; unassuming and expendable as a

soldier in battle.

Sunshine and hope was brought to these paths that

crossed hers and during her darkest hours of life she could

draw on the strength, support and love of her family and


Our grief is easier to bear when we reminise and

enumerate the good qualities of a loved one such as Dimple

who was a good neighbor and an excellent cook.

Her delicasies that was enjoyed during fellowship meals

and homecoming dinners such as her fried apple tarts, chicken

and dumplings and banana puddings will forever be

remembered. How people would rush up to the table to grab

her tarts before they were all eaten.

She was a warm and affectionate hostess and took pride

in her assignments: exemplifying the energy and bold

character of the American people.

Dimple has carved a niche for herself in this community

and nothing can take our memories away of her radiant smile

and gentle voice: her encouragment in times of struggle.

The kind n(o)rse of death has removed her from her

earthly duties and suffering. She no longer is seen in her pew

at the eleven o’clock hour on Sunday. We miss her physical

presence here and at Dimple’s store where she worked for

almost forty years and always had a pleasant greeting for

everyone who stopped in, whether it was to purchase something

or to just sit and talk.

We believe Dimple died in happy expectation of a glorious

inmortality and we look forward to the feel of the sleep of her

cordial handshake when we enter the place called Heaven.

To the family we say; “ May God in His enternal love hear

your every prayer and strengthen and sustain you throughout

your sorrow.”



who died June 25, 1978 in Gainsville, Florida hospital

after a lengthy illness. She was 87 years olf. Her internment is

in the Clear Springs Cemetary.

She was the widow of Mose Brunson, who preceded her in

death 25 years. She is survived by fine sons, four daughters

and numerour grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

Out of the clouds of sorrow which overshadowed us by her

death, and as we look throughout memories, there are moments

which will grow brighter and sweeter as time steals away.

Thinking of our departed friend, one word comes to mind:

indomitable. Some of us knew Mrs. Brunson well when we

were growing up with her ten children during the grim

depression. The way she won this trial, never complaining one

can’t imagine her ever being defeated. She was a victorious

person even in death.

One of the most outstanding things to remember about her

was her high standart of right and wrong. Always willing to go

the second mile for her friends and neighbors. She encouraged

her children to have faith in life and to live for Christ and trust

Him to help them accomplish their goals in life.

Our admiration and respect for this fine lady has

continuted to grow throughout the years. A lasting bond of

friendship was forged in the CSBC and community. She helped

to establish our church in the early 20’s and was a part of our

team for 32 years. She was a charter member and was never

found lacking in a spirit of cooperation, whatever the task, she

performed it well.

The great joy of her life has been the opportunity to teach

God’s word. She exercised her stewardship responsibilities

and with the Bible as her namual, and the Holy Spirit as her

strength, she majored on the saving and keeping power of God

and tried to instill in her class members a love of God’s Holy


We’ve been blessed in this church by her beautiful

example of Christian strength and her untiring selfsacrificing

neighborliness. Her life was interwoven in the life and need of

others. After moving away from Clear Springs to Gainsville 25

years ago, she never forgot us with her prays and finacial

support. Even to this day we feel the power and infulence of

her dear soul.

We at Clear Springs cannot look forward to seeing her at

iyr Church Homecoming again, but we can prepare to meet her

at the Great Homecoming in the sky where we can once again

embrace her.

Her task was completed: her prayers were offered in the

evening of old age, life’s sun has slipped behind the horizon of

earthly things but the fruits of her labor will live on.





who died in the Opp Mizell Memorial Hospital July 2,

1978 at the age of 71 1/2 years. His remains are deposited in

the Clear Springs Cemetary. He is survived by his wife, Nellie,

one daughter and one son and two grandsons.

Alva was born December 20, 1906 in Dade County,

Alabama. When he was 15, the Skinners moved to Paxton. Mr.

Skinner was a farmer. Alva soon obtained a job with the

Franklin-Ferguson Shirt Factory in Florala and worked there in

different capacities until he retired.

September 23, 1933, Alva married Nellie Fay Nall

daughter of Bunnie and Peralie Nall of the Clear Springs

Community. They soon would have lived together for 45 years.

As we look through our memories today, let us gather up

some characteristics in the life of this man who rendered

valuable selfsacrificing service to our church and to the


Alva joined the Clear Springs Baptist Church in 1959.

After receiving salvation, he struggled toward the goal that is

the cross: the goal of love, of unselfishness, of a life nobley


At the call of the church he was set apart and ordained

into the Deanconship in 1962: faithfully fulfilling his

assignments and giving lierally of his time and money to help

worthy causes.

Alva was a small man in statue but God made him

wondrously large. He stood tall among friends and neighbors.

He had a zest for living which helped him have an optimistic

spirit, filled with a deep humility and love for those with whom

he worked.

It must be recorded that Alva had a unique sense of

humor: was sensitive to what was going on around him: never

cared for popularity; was expecially gifted at making friends;

was never afraid to take a stand on moral issues; took every

situation in stride because of his assurance that everything in

part of a devine plan and he trusted his creator.

Alva was a lover of music, fond of flowers and enjoyed

bird watching. Spring held a special spell for him as the earth

bounced back into life after the dormant period of wintertime.

He was adept at encouraging young people to use their

special talents to the glory of God.

His last days were a season of protracted suffering but in

spite of many setbacks in health, he would spring back with

enthusiam and zealously pick up where he left off, with fresh

ideas to carry on with peace of God’s promise in his heart.

Eventually, however, he was weakened down physically in a

battle with bronchitis and had to give up most of his activities

but he continued to attend church regularly right up to the last

few days of life.

He was a staunch mason, a useful citizen, a tender and

loving parent, husband and friend and a wise counsellor. Alva

was known by these virtues throughout his ability and


Let us rejoice for his past life and be glad for the present.

To his wife and children whose love and understanding

sustained him, we offer our sincere condolences. Trusting they

will find comfort in the realization that death is sometimes a

merciful release from suffering and misery; the beginning of

everlasting peace.




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