Dutton, Jackson County, Alabama

by: Barry Pickett, Dutton, AL, Jackson Co. AL

In the latter part of the year 1883, John Chaney and wife deeded 7 1/2 acres of land on which to build a church. The land was south of a road biginning at or near a fence of C.V. Chaney's on east and west. Section line and running in N.W. direction to section line north and south. In 1884, a church building was started, being completed in 1885. The church was then transferred from Mrs. Wesson's home to a log building 36 x 22 feet. The church was located where the cemetery is now. It had 2 doors at entrance, 2 window shutters on each side and 2 small window's on each side of the pulpit. It was heated with a small heater on the right side near the front. The church was named Chaney's Chapel after John Chaney who gave the land. Rev. James Webb was the 1st Pastor in this log church. About 2 acres of land south of the church was cleared for use as a cemetery. Samuel Fowler was the 1st to be buried there in 1884.   By this time several more families had moved in and joined the church, Barclay's, Tatum's, Nichols', Lay's, Wilson's, William's and others.  The log church also served the community as a school house. In 1908 Wannie Thomas, son of Leonard, and wife deeded an acre of land in northeast corner off a 40 acre tract belonging to the D.S. Sims family, located on the old Scottsboro, Ft. Payne road for a new church building.   The same year, 1908, a new church was begun. The foundation was laid by William S. Griffin, Wilfrey Green, and J.G. Williams, H.H. Griffin, and Jim Nichols hauled most of the logs and lumber to the saw mill to plainer and back to building site. Leonard Thomas furnished money for plaining, nails, windows, and doors. W.M. Everett furnished most of the logs for lumber, W.J. Barclay, W.M. Nichols and Wm. S. Griffin did the sawing without charge. Wm. S. Griffin was foreman over the building.   The 1st service in the new church was held in 1909. J.W. Reece was the 1st pastor in the new church. In 1915 a balcony was added with a bell. This was paid for by Leonard Thomas. In 1938 Aunt Tap Smith had the Pulpit stand, Communion table and chairs placed in the Sanctuary. In 1960 four Sunday School rooms were added to the church building.  J.Opal Neeley laid the foundation. James Wilson, Olen Weaver and Tom Cowan with some help from others in the community built the rooms. Money for materials came from a fund from donations given in memory of Aunt Vennie Flippo. Miss Maude Griffin was in charge of donations. The church was recovered and renovated on the inside in 1962. In 1963 pews were placed in memory of Aunt Audie Green. In 1972 an indoor toilet facility was installed. Jimmy Wilson paid for the fixtures and James Wilson did the labor.


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