Smith v. Chisolm, Monroe County, AL

Contributed by :Donna Chisum Fountain
AUG 2006

Source: Monroe County - Old Courthouse Records
Written: December 12, 1832

Richard P. Chisholm

The State of Alabama
Monroe County
to the Sheriff of said County greeting whereas Edward L. Smith hath complained on oath to me Asa Hammond, a justice of the peace in and for the county aforesaid, that Richard P. Chisholm is justly indebted to Edward L. Smith and Henry L. Allen partners in trade by the name of Smith and Allen in the sum $185.01 an oath having also been made that the said Richard P. Chisholm is about to remove himself out of this state so that the ordinary process of law cannot be served upon him and the said Smith and Allen having giving bond and security according to the direction of the acts in such case made and provided we therefore command you that you attach the estate of the said Richard P. Chisholm if to be found in your county or so much thereof responsible on security as shall be of value sufficient to satisfy the said debt and cost according to the complaint and such estate so attached in your hand so to secure or to provide that the same may be liable to further proceedings thereupon to be had at the circuit court to be held for said Monroe
County at the courthouse of said county on the 3rd Monday of March next so as to compel the said Richard P. Chisholm to appear and answer the above complaint of the said Smith and Allen. When and where you shall make known to the said court how you have executed this said writ. Witness Asa Hammond Esquire Justice of the Peace in and foresaid county the 12 day of December in the year of our Lord 1832 and of American Independence the 57th.

$76.04 for value - Rec.d Claiborne March 5, 1832
Also to recover the sum of $104.21 due by account for goods, wares, and merchandise sold and delivered and for cash paid - out and extended
Asa Hammond, Justice of the Peace

Rec'd December 13, 1832 - Geo. L. Medlock, Sheriff by
virtue of the written attachment, I have levied on 5,000 pounds seed cotton more or less as the property Richard P. Chisholm this 14th December 1832.
Signed by George L. Medlock, Shff
Signed by William Tarlton, Dp. Shff (Deputy Sheriff)
The plaintiff and defendant have settled the levy on the cotton. I can find no other property to levy on.
March 12, 1833
Signed by George L. Medlock, Sheriff

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