Carter School
Covington County, Alabama


Front row: Gladys Johnson, Burie Brunson, Farren Johnson, Benson Johnson, Effie Harrell, Olen Powell,

Ila Butler, Allie Lee Wilson (teacher), Second row: ___Kendrick, Lola Powell, Eva Harrell, Lois Powell,

Ruth Boyett, Third row: Erie Kendrick, Thomas Ivey Powell, Vera Johnson, Fourth row: Thara Butler,

Elma Harrell, Ellie Harrell

Contributed by Barbara Powell, MAY 2002

The following contributed information fills in a few more blanks:
1st row--Gladys Johnson, Burie Brunson, Farrin Johnson, Benson Johnson, Eafie Harrell, Olen Powell
2nd row--Edlow Kendrick, Lola Powell, Eva Harrell, Lois Powell, Ruth Boyett, Ruby Butler, Allie Lee Wilson
3rd row--Erie Kendrick, Ivey Powell, Vera Johnson
4th row--Thera Butler, Elma Harrell, Ealie Harrell

I was not told who the teacher was.

Contributed by Lynn Jones, NOV 2002 (9 of the persons pictured are older cousins of Lynn's)

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