Buck Creek Baptist Church

Red Level, Covington County, Alabama

Contributed by Patricia Gibson (gibson@alaweb.com)


Buck Creek Southern Baptist Church first organized in 1904. The first meetings were held in Buck Creek School which was located between the present building and the bridge below it which crosses Buck Creek, but on the opposite side of the highway.


The following is a listing of some of the early Deacons and Pastors for the Buck Creek Baptist Church, located in Red Level, AL.


From 1904-1910?:

Tobe Caton

Jess Williamson

John Williams

Bill Parker

Buck Gomillion

From 1910-1917?:

H.O. Goodlet

W.H. Barnes

S.A. Williamson

Sam Kilpatrick

Henry Williamson

E.W. Williams-1928

J.T. Castleberry-1946

Huey Williams-1948

Elbert Williams-1948

Rube Gibson-1948

J.M. Foshee-1948

Hyman Bullock-1952

Bill Posey-1952

Harmon Wheeler-1958

Ben Johnson-1959


Pastors serving between 1904-1932:

Edd Smith, Johnson, Merrill, Brooke, Seekers, Charlie Raley, G.H. Shears, Bill Ward

W.E. Gorum-1933

S.W. Andrews-1934

L.J. Watson-1935-37

S.L. Cremer-1938-39

Herman Greer-1940

S.L. Cremer-1941

C.M. Elmore-1942

D.S. Stephens-1942-49

J.M. Fuqua-1949-50

Willie Deloach-1951

S.S. Stephens-1952

Buster Pdp, (?)-1953

G. Max Brown-1954-55

Claude Kendrick-1956

James Simmons-1956

William Goodson-1957

E.W. Blow-1958-59


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