OCTOBER 4, 1779

Compiled & contributed by Sherry Hicks, FEB 2000.

To Lieut Colonel Dickson 16th Regiment Commanding
His Britannick Majesty's Forces in the River Mississippi

Natchez, 4th October 1779

We his Majesty's dutiful and loyal Subjects the Inhabitants of the Natchez beg leave to return you our most sincere thanks for your generous and disintersted attention to our welfare in the Capitulation of Baton Rouge.  From every Circumstance We had not, a Right to Expect such Terms and are fully impressed with the Idea that we owe them to the Unexampled bravery of you, the Officers and Men under your Command.  Altho' the unavoidable event of war has reduced you and your Troops to a situation which greatly affects us; yet we have some consolation from your being in the Hands of a brave and generous Conqueror.

We most earnestly wish you that Promotion hereafter which your metit justly demands, and in the mean time every happiness that your present situation will admit of.-

Wm Hiorn

Rudolphus Green

Francis Strain

J Blommart

Earl Douglass

Jacob Harmon

Wm McIntosh

Philip Mulkey

George Forney

Thadds Lyman

William Case

John Hartley

Chars Percy

Henry Lefleur

John Row

Dond McPherson

Patrick Foley

Richard Devall

William Vousdan

Andrew Whitefield

Caleb Hambrough

Will Ferguson

James Gregorie

James Gelison

John Alston

Peter Nelson

Jeremiah Cobb

Francis Farrel

Cesar Orcherrard

George Peavis

William Pountney

William Heyes

Joseph Harris

Sam Wells

Thomas Carter

Absalom Hooper

Stepin mayes

Alexr McIntosh

Luke Collins

Will Eason

C Bingamon

Luke Collins Jr

Alexr Murray

Bemjamin Day

Theo Collins

Geo Boles

Elijah Leonard

John Collins

Dibdall Holt

Walter Carson

William Collins

Sterling Spell

Timothy Hochniss

Hardress Ellis

Parker Carradine

Stephen Jordan

John Bisland

John Kennide

James Truly

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