MAY 2, 1769

Compiled & contributed by Sherry Hicks, FEB 2000.

To the Honorable members of His Majesty's Council for the Province of West Florida--The Horrible Remonstance of the Inhabitants of the Town of Pensacola,

May It Please Your Honors:

The Melancholy Event at this Juncture appearing before us on the Sudden and much lamented Decease of Our Esteemed Governor Mr Eliot induces us to lay before Your Honors some objections to the Administration of the Lieutenant Governor which We imagine of the utmost Consequence to the future success Welfare and Prosperity of this Province.

We have understood from undoubted Authority that many Accusations of the darkest hue have been laid before Your Honors against His Honor the Lieutenant Governor, which Accusations we have too much Reason to believe are well grounded and that the same remain in prejudice and derogation of the High and Honorable station to which he has been advanced by the best of Soverigns.

From the Unhappy Experience we have already had under his late Administration we retain the most disagreeable apprehensions from his past Conduct, and with Horror behold his second approach.

We cannot therefore either from Mr Browne's Character or Abilities (both of which are well known to Your Honors) think him a fit person to govern this Province.

May it therefore Please Your Honors to thke this our Remonstrance into Your Consideration and to do therein as to your Honors in Your Wisdom shall seem most meet.

Pensacola, 2nd may 1769

James Ross

Thos Green

Joseph Smith

James Aird

Jams Michell

David Doig

T Hardy

Thos Berwick

James Amoss

Fisher Lerich

Timothy Wallington

Hood & Underwood

Thos Gregory

Thos Heckstall

John Anderson

John Hammay

Willm Cox

William Avid

Wm Williams

Jer Terry

Ben Ward

V S Corryn

Jno Falconer

John Southwell

Ricd Carpenter

Caleb Carpenter

Pat Morgan

J Ribson

George Gauld

David Taitt

Wm Barney

Jons Parker

Joseph Richey

David Ross

John Stokes

Richd Minks

Wm Barrow

David Waugh

Wm Miller Wm Jackson

John Cowan

John Ames

Crowley Borrowe

John Vollam

Peter Peterson

Charles Hatton

Arthur Gordon

Jams Southwell

Andw Allsopp

John Murray

John Gradenigo

Willm Southall

Vincent Corown

Johann Nabbeby

Jacob Allinson

Ezekial Hopkins

John ?

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