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Most humbley sheweth,

That your Petitioners with Hearts deeply impressed with the most perfect Loyalty and Affection, for Your majestys Royal Person and Government and gratefully sensible of you benevolent intentions to promote the welfare happiness and prosperity of all your faithful Subjects however remote beg leave to supplicate Your majesty to hear the Complaints and redress the Grievances of the Inhavitants of this Province.

Your Majesty having been graciously pleased to appoint John Eliot Esquire our Governor, he arrived on the first day of April last, to the great Joy and satisfaction of all Inhabitants, who under the Government of a Gentleman of his amiable Character and disposition, promised themselves every happiness: But alas! while we were forming the most agreeable expectations of our future success, it pleased Almighty God on the second Instant to balst all our fond hopes by his sudden death: a Blow which we sincerely lament as the most fatal which at this Time could have befallen us.

That by the Death of Mr Eliot, the Govenment of this Province, hath again devolved upon Montfort Browne Esquire, the Lieutenant Governor, from whose past conduct we Justly dread the most unhappy consepuences in his future Administration.

That your Petitioners do most humbly concieve, that they are bound by their duty and Loyalty to your Sacred Majesty, and their regard to the settlement and prosperity of this Province, to lay before you their objections to the Administration of the Lieutenant Governor, which are of such a nature, as perhaps never were before transmitted to Your Majesty or any of your Royal Predecessors from any part of your Dominions.

The Lieutenant Governor during his late Administration, contrived to secrete and imbezzle a considrable part of the Contingent Money allowed by Your Majesty for the support of this your Infant Colony; and in order to impose therein on Your Majesty's Ministers, hath transmitted to them a number of false Vouchers, for the disbursement of Moneis which he never paid, and for pretended Services which never were performed.

Several Accusations of this nature Were laid before Your Majestys' Council of this Province, which your Petitioners have reason to beleive were fully proved.

That during the former Administration of the Lieutenant Governor, ? by virtue of that high and Honorable Authority vested in him as Chancellor, passed several Iniquitous Decrees to the great detriment and loss of several of Your majestys Subjects in this Province.

Wherefore under the most grateful sense of Your Majestys Paternal care and regard for your Peaple, so often manifested in the exercis of your Royal Authority, and firmly relying on your Justice and Wisdom.  We most humbley beseech Your Majesty, to take our unhappy state into your Royal consideration, and grant to your Petitioners your Royal consideration, and grant to your Petitioners under their present Circumstances, such relief as to Your Majestys Wisdom and goodness shall appear most proper, and expedient for the encouragement and Protection of this Colony.

Pensacola 12th May 1769

Joseph Smith William Marshall Thomas Green David Doig
Wm Barrow George Gauld Arthur Gordon James Ross
Jams Michell Thomas Berwick John Cowan John Ames
John Hannay John Stokes John Anderson Joseph Rukey
Israel Boardman Jer Terry Ben Ward V S Comyn
John Southwell Richard Carpenter Jno Falconer David Ross
Walter Hood Wm Williams J Ritson William Garden
Alex Gorv Richd Carr Willm Cox David Taitt
Charles Clarke William Reid John Murray Fisher Tench
William Jackson Timothy Wallington Jams Southwell James Aird
William Miller James Amoss T Hardy William Southall
Thomas Rawlinson Hyam Crowley Borrowe Thomas Underwood William Watson
Caleb Carpenter Geo Tassie William Aird Charles Flutton
Patrick Morgan

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