MAY 31, 1769

Compiled & contributed by Sherry Hicks, FEB 2000.


It is with the utmost concern we hear it reported, that the loss we have sustained in the Melancholy Death of his late Excellency Governor Eliot, is attempted to be made more grievious to us, by Disention.

We sincerely wish, that such reports may prove Vague, and that none of our fellow Subjects may ever loose a due sense of the loyalty, Gratitude, and Affection, so justly due to our most gracios Sovereign, the best of Kings.

Altho far, very far, removed from the person of our Royal master, we are happy in the Assurance that he is ever as ready to hear all our Dutifull Remontrances, and just Grievances, as he is able and willing to redress them.

Full of those Sentiments, and with hearts full of Loyalty and Attchment To His Majestys Sacred Person and Government, we Confide in Your Honors known Candour to represent our real Distresse to his Majesty.

Accept Sir, our thanks for the midlness and Levity of your past Government, and give us leave to assure your Honor, that you may always rely on our best Endavours, to assert and maintain, the Honor and Dignity of his Majesty's Crown and Government and that we shall to the utmost of our power, preserve and Provide Unanimity and Concord, so Essential to our Welfare, nay, even to our very Existance.

We have the Honor to be your Honor's most Obt and most ? Servt

Daniel Hickey Wm Carrothers James Crawford
James Cavenaugh Mathew Roiven Silvester Fanning
Richard Nugent H Penberton Lionel Beecher
Lional Wistrop John Rely Joseph Crerry
George Carnett George hay J Whitwigham
Thomas Basket Alex McPherson Patt Conway
Jas Coughlen James Banks Campbell Vorc
Nathl Fownbains Philip Carry John Kelly
John Doyle Thos Brabazoon Gilbreath John Rea
Mathew Muston Edward Wild Barnett Tennison
Wm McDavitt Phillip Smith Peter Miller
George Rose Hugh Shouth Francis Barnard
Gerome Matulish De Bab Genoyer
Terrimarima Alex Reddock Chas Hendrich
John Wilkins Jessey Luan Humphrey Hubbad
Thomas Cawley Jos Covington Howel Hay
Robt Longford La Motte Jean Delaze
Eccoclirio Juan Heredia Vincent La Combe
John Dayley James Carrothers Edward Crofton
Robt Deleymple Wm Johnstone Noah Simpson
John Campbell Benj Gover John Simpson
John Moore William Dubbin Jno Allen Martin

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