Braswell-Jackson Obituary

From the Florala Newspaper Jan 10 1924


Contributed by Robert H. Taylor, Jr., MAY 2000.



From a issue of the Primitive Baptist published about the end of the year 1877, by the request of her daughter Mrs. Exa Sasser, of Opp, Route A.

Elder A.J. Coleman:

Dear Brother in Christ: By request I send you an obituary notice of the death of Sister Nancy Ann E. Jackson, formerly Nancy Ann E. Braswell of Crawford county, GA., who was born October 22,1832, migrated to Alabama in 1856. She and Brother Jackson united with the Primitive Baptist church at Good Hope on Saturday before the second Sunday in November, 1858, were baptized by Elder Daniel Dozier the next day+ADs- and she departed this life July 1 1877, aged 44 years, 8 months and 8 days , leaving a husband and ten children together with many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. Sister Jackson was an affectionate wife, a kind mother, a friendly neighbor, and a pious Christian, and seldom failed to fill her seat in the church. As such, we weep not for her as those who have no hope, believing that our loss is her eternal gain. Her disease was internal inflammation, producing great pain which she bore with much patience and resignation, often exclaiming.  "The will of the Lord be done"----Thus after one week's painful affliction she called her husband and children to her beside and gave her last admonition, and bade them farewell, and in the full triumphs of the living faith that yields comfort in the valley and shadow of the death, her spirit took its flight to that rest that remains to the people of God. May this dispensation of Providence be sanctified to the good of the surviving relatives and friends, that they may be prepared in life to the deceased where parting is no more. I also send a composition in verse, composed by Mrs. A. R. Dozier, one of Sister Jackson's chief nurses in the last days of her illness.

DANIEL DOZIER October 5, 1877


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