Will of Dennis Payne Brashear
Mobile Co. Al.

Submiited by: Ira C. Franklin
NOV 2006

Pgs. 321-325 Dated ?
Will of Dennis Payne Brashear
Mobile Co. Al.

To brother, William Payne Brashear interest in chattel property.

To brother, William Payne Brashear, 5000 acres of land situated on Big Lizzard
and Little Lizzard Creeks, about 20 miles from City of Mobile. Also about 80 acres on
Cedar Creek.

To step-mother, Brambly Brashear, after death of my father, Alexander Brashear,
land in Section 28, Township 1 North, Range 1 East, in Mobile County about 40 acres.

To Emeline Jane Smith, 1/2 of stock cattle.

Executors - William Payne Brashear and Ira B. Smith.
Witnesses - J. M. Jeffries, R.J. White, and N. W. Tatty.
Deposition of J. M. Jeffires.
Will written in Hospital No.2 Scottswell, Albemarle County, Virginia by Peter
White. The said Dennis P. Brashear to weak to write just made his mark.
Said Dennis P. Brashear was about 35 yrs. of age.
Deposition of N.W. Tatty.
Signing of Will took place at the Factory Bottom Hospital No. 2. Mr. Peter White wrote and
read Will to said Mr. Dennis Brashear and Dr. Jefferies helped him make his mark.
Mr. Brashear died the next day.
Dated 4 March 1863
Recorded - 20 March 1863 Mobile County, Al.
Will Book 3 1857 - 1870

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