The Andalusia Times
DED 1905-DEC 1907

Compiled & contributed by Lisa Graham, MAR 2006.

December 15, 1905
Died: Daniel West on the Tennessee Road three miles from here.
W. D. Johnson loaned a pistol to Harry Scroggins and W. D. Harmon who were charged with the murder.
W. D. Johnson is now found dead also. Birmingham , Ala- .
Died: W. D. Stallworth was killed with a shotgun at his home. Conecuh County on the 10th inst. He was the son of W.L. Stallworth of Evergreen.
Died: Green Boyett died at his home near Opp a few days ago of typhoid fever. He was about 40 years of age.
Married: Myrle Hart married C. L. ? at Carolina Church , daughter of Joseph Hart and Wife.
Married: Miss Laura Bass and Morgan Johnson, Father of the bride is B. B. Bass.
Married: Miss Ida Moore and Mr. Whit will marry next Wednesday, Dec. 13th, 1905.
Will Williams lives near the Farmer’s School House made additions to his residence.
H. B. Wilkerson, an aged farmer of Barbour County was convicted of making Moonshine whiskey.

December 22, 1905
Married: Miss Bessie Stokes of Poley, and W. S. (Charlie) O’ Neal of Heath, Ala. Were married at Poley on Wednesday last.
Married: Bert Uptagraft and Miss Lula Dinkins were married at River falls last Sunday at 8:00.
Married: Miss Zadie Butler to Walton W. Howell. Father of the bride is John Butler.

Died: The bed and residence of Mr. Barney Weggerman of West Cullman caught fire and his six year old was horribly burned and died. – Cullman , Ala.
Died: Lon Snider shot & fatally wounded Frank White.- Jacksonsonville, Ala. -
Died: The Mother of W.E. Dillard of Andalusia died at her home in Coffee county Friday morning the 15th at 6 o’clock, aged 86 years old. On Saturday morning following the mother of his wife, Mrs. W. E. Dillard died at 7:45 o’clock in Montgomery on her 80th year. While Mr. Dillard is attending the burial of his mother at New Hope Primitive Church in Coffee County , his wife is on a similar mission where her mother’s interment is taking place at Union Presbyterian Church.
Of Interest:
Marshall Henderson brought down from Troy , Cliff Dismuke, colored, on Monday last and turned him over to Marshall Aplin. The Negro stole an overcoat from Mr. Ellis.
J. F. Williams was returning home to Andalusia when his horse threw him out of the buggy.
Lon Pippin was charged with the murder of J. W. Trigg in the second degree, recommending a 20 years in the Penitentiary,
he showed no sign of emotion on Friday.- Anniston, Ala.
Sam W. Crook was found guilty of forgery by a jury in the City Court.- Gadsden, Ala.

January, 8th 1906
Of Interest:
W. G. Knight was called to Montgomery by telegram Tuesday night stating his father was dying.
Married: Miss Annie Burk and George M. Knight of Salem Neighborhood were married Sunday afternoon last.
Died: Cornelius Bryant died at his home near Rose Hill on Friday the 5th inst. He was 55 years old and buried at Mt. Gilead on Saturday leaving a wife and several children.

Died: The little three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hare burned to death at Chalk Hill about 2 ½ miles from Andalusia on Fairfield Road. E. A. Hare, the boys Uncle called our office and gave us an account.
The boys mother was next door at Mrs. Jackson Stokes, she heard cries of the child and came to find him wrapped in frames. His body was burned from head to foot and he died about 9 o’clock the same night.
Wednesday, January, 17, 1906
Married: Claude Turner to Miss Sabina Barron, last Sunday.
Married: Miss Gusta cooper and Riley Bass were married one day last week.
Married: Alice Hutchenson and Miss Nancy Diamond were united in life by Willie Hutchinson, Esq. on Sunday last.
Married: Chas. Taylor and Miss Annie Hutcheson
Invitation to the marriage of R.L. Kennedy to Miss Dora Jones of Columbia , Miss. , Jan 10th, 1906. Miss Dora is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sanford A. Jones, formerly of Fairfield, Covington County .
Married: R.J. Faulk and Miss Mabel Owen were married at the Court house by Judge Robinson a few days ago.
Mrs. Lasiter of Rose Hill, about 73 fell while walking and broke her arm and leg shoulder & hip & is not expected to live.
A little child of J.W. Barnes is quiet sick.
Died: Hiram Overstreet died on the 30th December at the home of S.S. Overstreet, he was 80 years old. He was buried at Elim Church where he has been a constant member.
Mrs. John Taylor and wife moved to Falco last Thursday.

The infant of Judge and Mrs. C.E. McCall was seriously burned Friday afternoon. The child is seven months old and has little hope for recovery.
Miss Martha Thompson is still missing since Christmas day- Decatur , Ala.

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 1906
Died: Little Child of Mr. Laz. Parker and wife of Searight, burnt to death on Thursday the 25th inst. The little two year old daughter fell into the fire and was burned so bad that she died in a short while. The body being almost burnt to a crisp the remains were brought back to Andalusia for interment.
Died: Hick Rabun was shot dead and Bud Powell had his throat cut dangerously, last Saturday near sundown.
Died: Tom White, a wood Cutter of this County was crushed to death instantly. The trees seem to have fallen in an opposite direction than what he had thought.- Anniston Ala.-
Died: Mrs. Maud Burnett died in Birmingham last Sunday and was buried here on Monday. She was the daughter of Mrs. Easley of this place.
Died: J.T. Hannan was killed by a log train at Lakewood Florida a few days ago. His Brother-in-law was W.A. Mills.
Died: Jesse Ward, Jr. died at his father’s home near Feagin from Pneumonia.
Died: Mrs. L.P. Hutcheson of Clintonville, Coffee County died on the 27th of January, a few days after the arrival of her brother H.J. Law & Mrs. C.A. O’Neal, sister. She was in her 46th year. She leaves a husband and 5 children.
Died: Lillis Leiler, daughter of Rev. E.W. Smith and wife. She was born June 13th 1895 and died January 23rd, 1905.
Died: Grady Miller, the sixteen year old son of Dr. R.L. Miller, a Physician of Florala, found laying in a pool of blood about 6 o’clock near Lakeview hotel, there were reports of pistol shots, a Negro said he saw someone run around the corner of the Hotel. Citizens discovered Young Miller almost unconscious & dying, he said he had shot Grady and Grady had shot him and he died.

Married: Miss Flora Lawson and Mr. A.A. Welch were united in marriage Jan 24th- The couple will reside in River Falls.
Married: Miss Cora Benton and Mr. Henry Jones were married at the home of Mr. and mrs. W.H. Benton, River Falls, on Thursday afternoon, the 25th inst.

Will Stoudemire, negro, convicted of murder and sentenced to hang for killing Sim McBride, his father-in-law, will be hanged 9th March next.- Prattville, Ala-
Lucien D. Gardner, a Atty. of Troy, the son of the late Col. Bibb Gardner has announced himself a candidate for Senator.
Negro, Will Brown shot conductor Sam Jeter at Opp last November and confessed.
Jack Thompson was sentenced to life last week for killing his father-in-law and wife at Evergreen.

FEBRUARY 14, 1906
Died: Little Baby of W. D. Taylor died Friday last.
Died: William Clements occurred yesterday. He was thrown from a horse Friday. He leaves a wife, six children, a mother and several brother and sisters to mourn his death.
Died: Joel D. Murphee, one of the oldest and wealthiest citizens of Troy , the other day.

Married: H.A. Livingston and Miss Willie V. Cowart of Gantt.
Married:Mr. Crumpton Snowden to Miss Effie Leonard on Sunday the 3rd inst. The father of the bride is H.H. Leonard.

Dan Stallings went on trial Friday in Greenville for the killing of the husband of his sister. Radford Buckhalts, Oct, 1, 1904. The plea was not guilty by reason of self-defense. About a year ago Buckhalt’s stole the sister of the defendant and they were married at Greenville . They were never friends again. The couple lived in Greeneville and soon had words which turned into a gun fight leaving Stallings wounded & Buckhalts dead. Stallings brought in a verdict of not guilty for the murder.

February 21, 1906
Died: Mr. Caro died at River Falls , he formerly lived in Conecuh County .

Died: W.L. Watson of Brewton was killed by accidental discharge of a gun in Monroe County a few weeks ago.
Died: on last Sunday, Mrs. Wm. Bozeman & child of Searight. The crib caught on fire, the mother gathered the child running outdoors put the child in a tub of water where it was already dead, she herself in flames jumped into the well where she was found dead.

Born to M.W. Barron and wife Monday, a daughter.

Mrs. Mattie Lawson was arrested for the dead body of a white infant, with a wound on it’s head was found in a pond between this city & Sheffield Friday morning. The child had met with foul means. The woman’s husband has been killed over two years ago and she had not been remarried- Tuscumbia , Ala-

February 28, 1906
Died: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johns 5 year old of beat 7 is dead from a fire of burning broom sage and trash. The mother will also die.
Died: Thomas Faqua, son of John Faqua of Salem neighborhood, died of pneumonia and was buried at Salem Church Monday morning.
Died: Adolph S. Gerald, Chief of Police of Montgomery died Saturday night.

Married: C.E. Raley and Miss Florence Beck of Fairfield were married by Rev. W. Smith last Sunday.
Married: Miss Eva Fletcher, daughter of Jas Fletcher, and Cleve Everidge married in Laurel Hill last week.

Wiley King was fatally stabbed by Will King, his son. Both men are well to do farmers.- Ozark , Ala -
H.C. Stack, a fireman on the Southern railway, was shot, and killed by 14 year old girl named Hannon, at Concord . N.C. Stack came recently from Brimingham Alabama- Charlotte, NC.-
W.A. Mooney, a white man, who was sent to the penitentiary last year from Monroe County ,Al. was given parole by Gov. Jelks- Montgomery, Ala.-

March 7, 1906
Chas. Jackson has been sentenced to the penitentiary from Huntsville for killing his stepmother.
Died: Rev. J.M. Robinson was in his 68th year. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his loss.
Judge J.M. Robinson Jr., A.H. Robinson and Miss May Robinson.
Died; Little Lewis Driggers on the morning of March 2d, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Driggers. Rose Hill Ala -
Married: Miss Susie Hicks and Fred Fox were married by C.A. Thames , Esq. at River Falls on Sunday Feb. 25th.
Died: Mrs. Sallie Moseley of Crenshaw County was shot and killed by Hub Rogers at Black Rock Precinct.
Died: Ex Sheriff MAY who absconded from Crenshaw County last year, was killed in Colorado while resisting arrest.
Died: James M. Bragg died just across the state line of Tennessee when his mule kicked him. He leaves a wife and 6 children.- Florence , Ala -
Died: J.D. Cole, 47, farmer of Mt. Pinson was struck by a work train and killed instantly.

March 14, 1906

Died: Mrs. H. H. Leonard of Three-Notch Road Tuesday morning, she was age 44, her remains were interred at Carolina Church Wednesday morning. She leaves a husband and 9 children.
Died: K. Thomas, son of Mastin Thomas of Red Level, died Thursday of Typhoid fever, aged 18 or 20 years old.
Died: Mrs. F. M. Jackson of Rose Hill died and was buried at that place.
Died: Alford Adams and James Jones, two of Covington ’s respected citizens near Opp a few days ago.
Died: James C. Gowan, who practiced law at Abbeville. He was over age 60 and served in the Confederate Army. He was never married- Montgomery Ala.-
Died : Fannie Bishop, Negro, killed instantly by a train on the Mobile and Ohio Railroad at Brent.
Died: Mr. William R. Griswold, a painter, was found dead in bed at his home, 1524 Cooper Avenue midnight Friday night, the cause was heart disease.- Anniston , Ala.-
Died: Inus Rogers, infant son of J.W. and Ella Tipton. He was born Oct 28, 1904 & departed life at his home at Haygood, Oct. 28th 1905.

March 21, 1906
Died: A.W. Floyd died alone at his home in Brooklyn with a bottle of morphine on a table nearby. He was 58 years old, He leaves a wife and 7 children. He was buried at Brooklyn on Thursday.
Died: John J. Payne, Esq. on Monday last, one of Andalusia ’s leading lawyer, He was about 35 years old, he leaves a wife and one child. Religious exercises were conducted at the Methodist Church . He died quietly at home of what was pronounced heart trouble.

Married: Miss Lena Brown and Ben F. Stuckey at the father of the Bride’s home, Mr. Willis Brown. They left for Sanford where they will reside in the future.
List of advertised Letters for week ending March 17th, 1906.
Mati Fenney, Sallie F. Griff, Anna Grigg, Sallie Jackson, Daisy Jordan, Roberta Knowles, Matilda Lee, Maud McDonald, Hallie McPherson, Sealy Nelson, Pollie Perdue, Mrs. Amos White.
Dave Adams, Paul Brown, Eddie Byrd, Emeres Bowers, Albert Blunt, L. R. Bridges, Willie Cogmer, J. F. Cassady, J.C. Draughn, J. O. Hartfield, J.C. Harris, C.C. Hart, J.W. Helms, Thomas Jones, Julius Murry, Rev. E. C. Pollard, Mitchell Robbins, Lot Stephens, Rily Sallis, Oliver Stuart, A.M. Sellers, Frank Williamson. The above letters will be held for 2 weeks and then sent to the dead letter office in Washington , D.C.
W.S. Jones and Dolph Strokes, of Heath have returned to Montgomery , where they carried the latter’s daughter for treatment. She had an eye taken out and is doing well.
The jury in the case of Dr. J.B. Matthews, the physician charged with murdering his wife on Dec. 1, 1905 returned a verdict of murder in the second degree- Greensboro , Ala

March 28, 1906
Died: A little child of T.F. Prestwood and wife were buried here Friday.-
Married: Chas. A O’Neal and Miss Emma Dunn married at Sanford on Sunday night.
Died: Alonzo Hutto, a young man about 22 or 23 died in the Carolina neighborhood Monday night . His shot-gun accidentally discharged causing death instantly. His remains were interred at Carolina Church Thursday last.
Died: Mrs. Gordan Stewart was accidentally shot and killed by her husband at McCall Thursday while Mr. Stewart was cleaning his shotgun.

Of Interest:
the Little child of W. J. Wesley fell and broke its arm a few days ago.
Henry Moss of Rose Hill was in town in search for his little son who ran away from home about the 21st.
John Shields was thrown from his horse on Saturday night, too much booze was the blame. (Was that the horse or Mr. Shields who was drinking?!?! LOL)

April 4, 1906
Born: Chas. Danford and wife have a little son.
Born; A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rushton last Thursday.
Born: A fine 10 lb. son came to brighten the home of George W. Dunson Tuesday morning.

Married: Mack Phillips and Miss Laura Henderson in Falco.
Married: Lee Thomas and Miss Mary Shirah in Falco.

Died: The seven months old child of Hilary Mason of Red Level, of Pneumonia a few days ago and was buried at Fairmont Church Cemetery .
Died: Young son of Anthony Fowler, Colored, killed by one of the Horse Shoe Lumber Company’s log trains at River Falls.
Died: Enoch Beasley died at his home near red Level. He was about 60 years in Age. He leaves behind a wife.
Died:Tom McCartha, a white man from Crenshaw County was sentenced to the penitentiary for 10 years fro killing his brother. He was drinking and creating a disturbance when Zach Petty ordered him to keep quiet. He pulled his pistol and shot at Petty, he missed and his younger brother, who fell to the ground dead.
Died: A white man named Barnett, intoxicated, either fell or was thrown from the wagon
near Wood’s Store It was a 4-mule team and the wheels passed over his head crushing
his skull. It is said that Barnett had only been married a
week or two.
Died: P. S. Layton, a civil engineer who came to Andalusia sometime ago, drank a portion of a bottle of Laudanum with suicidal intent at the Garrett house on Sunday. Dr. Pennington was called in and it was hoped he could be saved but he lingered till noon Monday when he died. He was buried Tuesday, Rev. L.P. Lanthrum conducting the service.
Died: Mrs. Henry Chambless, living near Feagin was buried at Brooklyn Monday.
Died: Mrs. Asbury Sims committed Suicide Saturday Morning by cutting her throat with a razor. Gadsden , Ala.-
Died: Thomas Baird, aged 64, died at his home in Holt- Tuscaloosa , Ala-
Jesse Conners has been convicted of the murder of Clem Mount and sentenced to life. Luverne , Ala.

April 11, 1906
Died: Zack Andrew, about age 25 died on Pneumonia and was buried at Rose Hill on the 5th.
Died: J.B. Lockey, tax assessor of Jackson County , Fla. was killed on the P. & A. road near Sneads.
Died; T.P. Welden, 34 years old, electrocuted here by coming in contact with a guy wire. There were no witnesses to the accident- Geneva , Ala -
Died: J.D. Cook of Greenville , died a few days ago from the effects to a blow to the head with s baseball bat at the hands of W.G. McCreary of Evergreen.
Died: H.B. Foster, book-keeper of the Jackson Lumber Co. died from typhoid fever and was buried in Geneva .

Of Interest:
Mrs. Bill Hart of River Falls is very sick and at the home of her father, Ab. Riley, a few miles from
Andalusia .
J.B. Brown of Sanford bought property here in Andalusia last week & will move here.
Mrs. Mollie Armstrong of Sumpter Co. will visit her sister, Mrs. J.J. Ballard of this place next week.

April 18, 1906
Born: W.F. ward have another family heir in the house and it’s a Boy.
Married: T.J. Smith of Covington County and Miss Sarah E. Ruggins of Pike County were married Sunday.
Notice: Everyone is forbidden to hire or harbor George Thompson as boy, 17 years old, weight 130 lbs, dark hair, heavy eye brows and has a scar under jaw. Anyone giving information will be rewarded. H.B. Thompson, Dozier Alabama .

April 25, 1906
Died: Wife of Sump Ables died at Searight and was buried at Gantt Wednesday.
Died: Charley Horton and wife of River Falls , came over to spend Sunday with reed Rodgers and wife, while their the little child took sick Sunday and died. The corpse was carried to River Falls Monday for Interment.
Died: Mrs. David Barrow died at the family home near River Falls , Tuesday. Her death was not expected. She was in her 74th year. She leaves a husband and 4 children. Mrs. Sallie Jones of Mississippi, Julian Barrow of red level, Mrs. Ella Tollison and Mrs. Dora Hart of River falls. The remains will be laid to rest Thursday morning.
Of Interest: Ellie Hart and family of River Falls recently moved to the home of J. A. Riley, a few miles South of Andalusia

May 02, 1906
Died: B.F. Dunn died at the home of George Bagley Thursday and was buried at Heath on Friday. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his loss.

Married: John Armstrong and Miss Lula Odom were married at the Courthouse by Judge Robinson Saturday.
Married: Miss Emma Woodham and J.E. Sharp were married at Opp last Sunday. The Bride is the daughter of
W.A. Woodham of that place.
Married; Miss Addie Leonard and W.J. Belin, the marriage was at the home of H.H. Leonard.
Married: J. Dud Barron of this place and Miss Belle Frost of Luverne.

Died: Little five year old son of G.B. Gibson fell out of the door and broke his neck dying instantly in Rome, a lower part of the County.
Died: Amos Phillips, about 20 years old was shot to death by unknown parties near the Rome and Decatur Depot- Gasden,Ala.
Died: Mrs Willie Kilpatrick died Thursday of last week.
Died: Town Marshall J.D. Cook of Luverne shot and fatally wounded Munk Ellis.
Died: Benjamin Franklin of Escambia County went to make a fire and fell into the hearth. He died a short while later.

May 9, 1906
Of Interest: At the meeting of the new council Tuesday, Z. D. Studstill was re-elected Secretary and treasurer, and J. A. APLIN day Marshall , and J. B. Adams night Marshall .
Benjamin Odom, one of Covington ’s substantial farmers was in town Tuesday.
Samuel Barnes was appointed Postmaster at Opp. Mr. Barnes is brother-in-law to Mrs. V.L. Phillips of this place.

May 16, 1906
I hereby announce myself candidate for State Senator from the 17th senatorial district composed of the Counties of Butler , Conecuh, and Covington , subject to the action of the democratic party. C. E. REID.
I hereby announce myself candidate for State Senator from the 17th senatorial district composed of the Counties of Butler , Conecuh, and Covington , subject to the action of the democratic party. James F. Jones.
I am candidate for representative in the legislature from Covington Co., subject to the Democratic primary. A. R. Powell
I hereby announce myself candidate for State legislation from Covington , subject to the action of the democratic primary. I know what Covington County needs in the way of laws. I am 62 years of age and spent my life in Alabama John Morgan Snead.
The friends of L. J. Salter hereby announce him as candidate for the office of representative of Covington County to the Democratic party. Many Friends.
I announce myself as candidate for Sheriff. Tom Prestwood
I announce myself as candidate for Sheriff. N.D. Caton
To the voters of Covington County , I am candidate for the office of Sheriff of Covington County . T.M. Campbell.
I announce myself as candidate for Sheriff of Covington County . L.T. Hutson
I hereby announce my candidacy for commissioner for Covington County Dist. 3. P.J. Gantt.
I hereby announce my candidacy for commissioner for the first District of Covington County. L.T. Wells

Died: Wallace bridges was run over and killed by a passenger train on the Central road at Dozier last Friday.
Byron Trammel, the Dothan Post Master, was acquitted of the charge of killing one Mr. BARNES. He was tried in Dothan Circuit Court, and the killing occurred last fall.

Died: ,Murder & Arson: Ten miles north of Milton , Fl. On Sunday night last, Rev. Ackerman, his wife and 7 children, the eldest 14 years old were murdered. Their home fired by the assassins, and their bodies cremated. The bodies were discovered Monday morning. The father and mother had been struck on the head by some blunt instrument which probably caused death, Rev. Ackerman was the tenant at the time of the horrible murder of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. STANLEY, of Opp Ala., who owned the house that was burned and the farm it was situated on. Large rewards have been offered.

Died: Mrs. Drew Morris died at her home in Noma, Fla. She dropped dead of heart failure.
Died: Mrs. William Barton died at the family home near Rye Tuesday. She was buried at Bethany Church On Thursday.
Grand Jurors drawn for Spring Term for 1906 for Covington County Court:
All of whom are farmers by occupation
J. W. Bass , J. M. Dauphin, H. H. Alsobrooks, A. J . Hardage, W.R. Hitson, J. L. Free, B.F. Millis, M.A. George, J. J. Hart,
G. B. Woodham, W.W. Williams, F. J. Baughtman, James Howell, Willie Mitchell, Beder Rawls, Dave Walters, Pollard Grant,
W. A. Mallett, J. H. Richardson, J. H. Adams.

Petite Jurors drawn for the Spring Term of Covington Circuit Court:
E.A. Mitchell, W. B. Huckabee, Robert Bryant, W.G.W. Peoples, N.E. Hicks, W. L. Straughn, C.E. McLaughlin, H.A. Lundy, W. E. Shine, W. E. Cooper, W. A. Parish, Jr., S.W. Kelly, C. M. Wiggins, J. W. McKenny, A. B. Gantt, J. H. Faulkenberry, J.P. Dannelly, G. W. Morris, J. Crosby, Bill Franklin, James Robbins, Green Williams, George Reynolds, E.L. Gunter, J.B. Nalls, L. J. Etheridge, F. A. Bozeman, D. J. Worley

Petit Jurors- 2d WEEK:
J.B. Clary, A.T. Hitson, A.P. Day, P.O. Moore, F.P. Rushton, J.T Wiggins, W.F. Goolsby, R.E. Moore,
J.T. Adams, J.F. Martin, J.C. Lee, John Palmore, J.W. Tilman, W.E. Stanley, J.J. Short, H.D. Henderson, B.F. Cleman, H.A. Mason, John Sasser, A.L. McLelland, H.L. King, R. H. Wyatt, A. E. Moore, Sid Rawls, G.W. Taylor, S.R. Gatlin, D.L. Hataway, D.C. McLelland.

At Brantley, Jim Flannagan, a Negro shot at town Marshall Thrasher but missed his mark.
Died: Dock Morris of Randolph County shot and killed his brother last week. While intoxicated a few days previous, stabbed a younger brother with a knife, inflicting a serious wound.

May 23, 1906
Died: Prof. Dan Swanner died at Geneva a few days ago. Mr. Swanner once taught school at Rose Hill.
Died: Mike Stone, a painter, was killed some time during Saturday night at or near the brick yard, on River Falls Road . An Inquest was held, the body examined. It is thought that man was murdered and the Body placed on L.& N. track.
Died: Rev. W.G. Ackerman who, together with his wife and family were cremated in their home near Milton , Fla. , He having lived in East Brewton for some time a few years ago. While living in East Brewton he married Miss Mary Simmons, sister of Ottie Simmons who has since died. At the time of his death mr. Ackerman was living with his 4th wife and 35 years of age.- Pine Belt News

Of Interest:
The residence of W.D. Taylor on east three notch, was totally destroyed by fire Tuesday night, It was a narrow escape for Mr. Taylor family. Miss Polkie, a daughter had her hair singed in making her escape.

The primary in Butler County held recently, resulted in the election of W. J. Jones and J. Lee Long to the Legislature, and W.S. Watson as Sheriff.
Fire broke out in the home of Mrs. McLean, the Tailor, Monday afternoon.

Two suspicious medium sized men came in on the L.&N. train Sunday night. On Monday they began paying attention to the local surroundings of two Banks. One gave the name of Frank H. Hagerman. He went to the bank and swiped a five dollar William purposely placed in the cashiers window, he thought unnoticed, S. B. Milligan, President of the Bank, with pistol in hand, was in pursuit accompanied by Messrs. J. W. Shreve and John Henry Williams. They finally came to a standstill and the goods recovered. Marshall APLIN was called on the spot, and he was placed in jail. His pal was at the Motel. Marshall Aplin called on him at once. He gave the name of Harry Williams of Mobile . However, he did not know the name of a single person there & disclaimed knowing Hagerman. Each will have a trial in Justice Snead’s Court Thursday.

Mrs. W.L. Parker of Albany , Ga., arrived on a visit to her parents, W.P. Howell and wife.

May 30, 1906
Married: Miss Eddie Rushton and Eugene Howell were married at the home of the bride’s father, J.N. Rushton, East Three Notch Street , Sunday at 4 O’clock.

Died: Mrs. Sarah A. Brannen, aged 60 years died at the home of her son near Opp a few days ago. An Insurance agent had called to write her an insurance policy and was asking her questions when she fell dead.
Dead: The fifteen year old daughter, Dixie Prestwood, of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Prestwood occurred at the family home on Wednesday night the 23rd of May was a great shock. She had a sister named Jessie. She died of the dread disease- rheumatism of the heart. Funeral services were held at M.E. Church at 4 O’clock Thursday afternoon

Dead: Dr. J.T.B. Ford, a citizen of Pollard. He was 73 years old.
Born: A daughter was born to E.H. Harvill and wife on Thursday evening last.

Of interest:
H.A. Hughes of Florala and Lee Williams of Natural Bridge, recently purchased about 8,000 sheep from J.M. Chance for the amount of $15,000.
Harry Williams had a hearing before Judge Snead Wednesday morning and acquitted. He was charged with having possession of Burglarious tools.
E.L. Cowen, whose recent trial for killing Curtis Rogers at Big Creek , Ala. , has been acquitted.
Allen Adkinson, the tax assessor went to Pera last Sunday to visit his brother and to be present at the Masonic March in honor of C.P. Davis, A deceased member.

Bowling Frost of Dozier was in Andalusia last Friday.
Mrs. Sanford Barron was quite sick for several days last week.
Misses Lucile and Nadine Cosby of Brantley will arrive Wednesday to visit Miss Trudie Ballard.
Hub Denby, a white man, shot and killed two negroes and wounded another at a picnic near Fuller’s Cross Roads in Crenshaw. The negroes were abusing a white boy when Denby interfered.
The last Will and testament of the late B.F. Dunn, who died some days ago, was filed with Hon. J. M. Robinson, Jr. The widow is named as executrix.
Frank H. Hagerman had a trail Wednesday morning on the charge of petit larceny was fined $10.00 and 20 days in prison. It be remembered he stole $5.00 from the bank of Andalusia .
W. L. Frazier sustained injuries Tuesday at the saw mill a few miles from Andalusia . He stepped on the end of a plank in the floor, which gave way, resulting in the breaking of his arm in 2 places and fracturing his thigh.
Mrs. Leonard Neese of Fort Ogden, Fla. is spending time with her parents, Ezekiel Patterson and wife of Gantt.
The following named parties from Red Level are here today in attendance upon the trial of the 3 negroes charged with murder. The hearing is before Judge Salter: J.J. Thames, John I. Deens, J.B. Shine, J.O. South, C.S. Walton, W. F. Rutherford, Dr. Ealum, T.M. Coston and Monk Kervin.

Robert Cheney disappeared from Anniston, Ala almost 2 weeks sgo, his Father is Mr. George F. Cheney, of Carrollton, Ga. Returned home after a vigorous search. This is the most remarkable disappearance in this city.
George Richardson assaulted and then murdered a 12 year old girl in Crenshaw County a few days ago. -both Colored.

June 06, 1906
Died: Frank Misseldine, of beat 12, Crenshaw County , accidentally killed himself. His body was found in the road with a pistol nearby.
Died:Samuel Cope who died Friday at Sanford , was buried Saturday at Harmony Church .
Died: A private letter received by J.A. Parnell states that the little child of Hillard Harvill died in Troy last Sunday.
Died: Eunice Fletcher, little daughter of Mr. James Fletcher and wife died on Saturday morning.
Died: Miss Rossie Jordan, daughter of L. M. Jordan, died Wednesday night last week.

Of Interest:
W.J. Brown and family of Salem , visited their daughter, Mrs. Lena Stuckey of Sanford , Sunday.
B.H. Thompson of Sanford , was in Andalusia Thurs. last and lost $15. Fortunately the money was found by J.H. Rose, a honest gentleman.
City Marshall Hutcheson lost $30 in bills out of his pocket Sunday morning.- Florala
I. S. Wright, a saloon keeper in Opp, had $160 stolen from his bedroom.
The home of Col. J.M. Davidson, near Brewton was destroyed by fire a few nights ago.
Miss Jennie Corey of River Falls accidentally fell the other day and was right painfully hurt.
Dan Savage of Florala was in Andalusia Friday.
M.A. Boyett and family are moving to Montgomery .

June 13, 1906
Born: Tommie Raley and wife have a sweet baby girl at their house.
Died: Henry M. Matthews, a grand master of the Masons of Alabama and clerk of City Court of Montgomery, died on the 6th of June.
Died: C. M. Dunn, a middle aged man registered at the hotel in Selma Ala , was found dead in bed. Two empty bottle of Laudanum told the tale of suicide.
Died: N.C. Ellis of Union Springs , Ala. dies at Midway Saturday at the home of his father-in-law, the Rev. N.C. Underwood. He leaves a young wife and many relatives. The Funeral took place Sunday afternoon.

Marshall Aplin has done much toward rendering a clean bill of health for Andalusia and never misses an opportunity to improve the sanitary condition of the town generally.
We notice that M.A. George, Jr., of Liberty Hill is on the Grand Jury.

Circuit Court convened here Monday, M.A. George Jr. was appointed Foreman. The following Attorney’s are in attendance: J.F. Stallings and –NeSmith of Birmingham; W.O. Mulkey of Geneva; Geo. Shreve of Montgomery; W.C. Fitts of Mobile; J.D. Bailey, L.H. Brassell and W.C. Monroe of Florala; Claude Riley of Elba; M. Sollie of Ozark; A. B. Foster of Troy; D.M. Powell of Greenville and J.F. Jones of Evergreen.
Heath Barton has moved back to Heath and now occupies the Jim Alterman place.
F.M. Sullivan of Grady Ala., is visiting his daughter, Mrs. W.G. Knight of this place.
Miss Emma Bentley accidentally shot Irby Reddock through the foot with a parlor rifle at Rutledge last week.
Albert Gilbert was seriously injured injured while working at the Frazier Mill, three miles from Andalusia last Monday. He was brought home and Dr. Battle was called in.
Jacob Benton and Brother, John Benton of Opp was in Andalusia and informed the Times they had purchased the mercantile establishment or W.C. Grimes.
G.J. Coston of Red Level has located in Andalusia for the practice of law.
W.D. Shehan, living three miles below Andalusia was hurt while unloading a large stove from a wagon. He stumbled and fell with such force that his left her left hip injured.

June 27, 1906
Born: A message from Heath brings information that a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Tadlock of that place on Sunday.
Born: W.W. Spence of Feagin wears a bright smile- It’s a boy !
Married: F. Taylor and Miss Oda Chesser were married near Antioch Church last Sunday by Hiram White.
Married: Edgar Nix and Miss Nora Sutton were married by Rev. P.M. Callaway at Sanford Sunday.
Married: Tommie Barton of Rye and Miss Dona Paulk of Five Runs, were married by Rev. L.M. Thomasson last Sunday.
Married: D.J. Brooks of Elba, will be married to Miss Estelle Jeter at the residence of the bride’s parents on College Ave. today in Andalusia .
Married: Mr. Lee Barganier and Miss Jessie Danford were married at the home of Rev. P.L. Lanthrum on Thursday last week. Both are from River Falls .
Married: Greenberry Knowles and Miss Campton of Beck, last Sunday.
Married Miss Susannah Clark of Loango, and George Lee of Butler County .

Died: John Spence, a son of Rev. I. Spence, was scalded to death while working at a saw mill in Conecuh County .
Died: We regret to chronicle the death of Mrs. Wm. Parker which occurred in Red Level last week on Wednesday. The bereaved husband and children have our sympathy.
Died: Rev. D.C. Allen will preach the funerals of Mrs. Wm. Barton and her daughter, Mrs. Willie Kilpatrick, at Bethany Church on a date yet to be fixed.

Sam Rubenstein of Brantley is in town.
S.H. Collins, 81 years old was here from Milton Florida. He has a son and son-in-law, John Collins and Mack Huggins residing in Opp.
Marshall APLIN arrested 3 Negros charged with stealing a grip from a couple of men from Enterprise .
Mrs. W.N. Brawner has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Strange for several days in Brooklyn, We are sorry to learn she is very sick.
D.L. Locke is putting down a foundation at the Grist Mill.
Sanford Barron will leave for Montgomery this week to take a business course.
George Loveless, living 13, 14 miles from here was thrown by a mule and broke 3 ribs.
D.A. AcArteh has purchased the residence of J.W. Prestwood on South Three Notch Street .
A baby of V.T. Arwood was quite sick the past few days.
Willie Hassell, a Veteran log hauler was painfully hooked by an ox a few days ago.
Dr. Shaver, of Herbert recently visited his 2 sons, Messrs. H.E. and Frank Shaver.
Wm. Milligan and H.H. Leonard will embark in the saw mill business at Milligan, Fla.
Uncle David Barrow of River Falls was here the other day. He was age 77 years old the 16th of last April. He has a brother, Uncle Julian Barrow.
Died: A turpentine Negro named John Jordan was killed while arresting arrest by Richard McKee and John Paulk near Iola Office, 16 miles southeast of Andalusia . The negro has committed assault on a negro woman in the turpentine quarters of Iola.

July 4, 1906
Born: Twin girls were born to Mrs. J.W. Horn Thursday night of Brantley.
Born: The same night as above, twin boys were born to Mrs. Jim Colquett of Brantley.
Married: Miss Gussie Harrell and Lois Ellis were married in Montgomery on Tues. 26th of last week. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mrs. Sidney Harrell, formerly of Andalusia and the groom from Montgomery .
Married: Mr. John Feagin of Brooklyn and Miss Stamps of Evergreen on Wednesday of last week.
Died: Joe Bradberry was killed instantly Friday morning at Horse Shoe Mill at River Falls . He was caught by some kind of machinery and pounded to death, one arm being jerked off and both legs broken. He leaves a wife and one child.
Died: Marvin Campbell, 30 years of age was shot and killed by an unknown party at Florala this morning at 5 O’Clock. It seems Campbell was in the house and a pistol was fired from outside, and Campbell was instantly killed.
Died: Mrs. A. J. Strange, one of the oldest residents in Brooklyn and the Mother of Mrs. W. N. Brawner of this place died on Saturday last. C. E. Harries, Andalusia ’s popular undertaker has charge of burial.

A Negro was shot and killed in Crenshaw County by Bud Jones, a white man.
Col. J.C. Travis, one of Evergreen’s lawyers and Conecuhs oldest sons was in town Thursday last.
He was on his way home to Florala and aged 77 years old, he said he had lived in Andalusia more than 50 years.
Chancellor W. L. Parks of Troy was in Andalusia Friday.
The little 3 year old child of Mr. Roberts has disappeared from the neighborhood in which the Gurden Robinson Place is located, between Loango and the Brooklyn Road . The child started to follow the rest of the family to the grist mill. Arriving at the mill, the child was missing. Almost the entire neighborhood is looking, Some think it was devoured by hogs but no clothing has been found.
The child’s disappearance was Saturday last & there is little hope but 75 to 100 men were still searching.
T.F. Plummer spent Sunday in Montgomery .
Ralph Riley, Lige Padgett and John D. Riley went to Gantt Sunday last.
Miss Stallings of Oakey Streak was in Andalusia, was the guest of her brother, Claude Stallings.
Mrs. Wash Carter living in the eastern part of town has been confined to her bed more than 50 days.
House party given by Miss Christine Gantt, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gantt, of Gantt, on Friday evening, The following attended: Miss Amelia Adams of Mobile; Miss Nadine Cosby of Brantley; Miss Ruby Wright of Troy; Miss Merie O’Neal, Miss Effie McDonald, Miss Carrol Perrinot, Miss Amie Ruth Jones, Miss Trudie Ballard of Andalusia. The following young men were present: Oscar Lane of Greenville; Henry Cosby of Brantley; John D. Riley, Ralph Riley, Jim Lee Pennington, Lige Padgett, Carl O’Neal and Claude O’Neal of Andalusia.

July 18, 1906
Married: Mr. James Richardson and Miss Ellen Grimes of Beaulah, 5 miles from Opp were married at the Courthouse this morning. They were accompanied by Miss Rossie Richardson, E. Scofield, James Richardson and James Ballard.
Miss Kate McKenzie of Montgomery is visiting her sister of Andalusia, Mrs. B.H. Martin.
Allen Crenshaw of Montgomery has located her for the practice of law.
J.L. Stewart has 220 acres of fine farm land for sale.
The following are from Red Level and spent the day here today: Misses Ellen Watson, Ada Watson, Eva Sims. Messrs, Will Martin, George Caston, Joe Salter, Ernest Bargainer, John Sims, Aubrey Costen, Sentel Barron, John Dee Costen, Mack Simon, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Sims, Mr. and Mrs. L.T. Sims, Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Costen, J.I. Deems, Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Minnie Barron, Mrs. Addie Barron, Mrs. Corinne Powell.
W.L. White from this place visited his old homeplace in Salem .
Charles Owens shot with a pistol and seriously wounded Charley Revil at Poley last Thursday. The bullet entered Revil’s left arm and passed through his body. There is a reward for Owen’s capture.
N. J. Wesley was killed by Ed Garrett with an iron pin at Bolling.

July 25, 1906
Married: W.J. Stanley and Miss E.F. Jones of East Covington at the home of the bride’s parents, Joseph Jones on Yellow River .

Died: Hugh Duncan, a resident of Florala was shot and killed in Tellico Junction , Tennessee . Mrs. Duggan is a daughter of Mrs. S. A. McDaniel of Florida .
The missing child of William Roberts, who suddenly disappeared June 30th was found at the home of Hilary Watters at Sanford in Covington County . It is believed the child was kidnapped by consent of the parents as they showed no concern.
W.L. Casey of Ozark was in the city Monday on his way to visit his daughter at Opp, Mrs. T.E. Dalton.
Miss Rosa Burke, daughter of Robt. Burke scalded her foot in a painful manner, living 6 miles below Andalusia .
John J. Taylor of Rose Hill was in town today.
Farmer J.P. Jones of Heath was in the City yesterday.
Miss Irene Rye has returned home after several months visit to Tx.
Judge W.O. Searcy of Opp was here on business Monday.
J.A. Taylor of Searight was in town Saturday.
L.C. Graves of Beat 8 was in town Friday.
W.E. Henley of Liberty Hill was in town Friday.
D.D. Williams of the Wiggins neighborhood and Mr. Armstrong of Barbour County were here Monday.
Lee Paulk and James Baggett of Florala engaged in altercation at the Florala Saw Mill in which they both used knives freely. Paulk had six severe cuts and Baggett was cut in three places.
H.G. Neely, one of the brakeman was run over by engine no. 526 which crushed his right foot almost off above the ankle. Dr. Wynn and Dr. Adams responded immediately but his leg was amputated below the knee.
Notice of settlement, Covington County , In the Matter of the estate of C.A. McKinnon, Deceased. J. T. Penton Administrator.
Notice to Willie H. Jackson, Covington County . Whereas, A. J. Fletcher, as plantiff has obtained a writ of attachment out of said Court on the 12 of July, directed against the Estate of Willie H. Jackson, Defendant.

August 8, 1906
Died: W. E. Edwards Committed suicide at his home in Dothan last week. He leaves a wife and children.
Died: Mrs. Ella Hart died at the home of her father, J.A. Riley six miles below Andalusia on Friday night last. Mrs. Hart was born in 1879 She leaves a husband and two children. She was laid away at Carolina Church on Saturday.
Died: A little child of Wash Carter died Monday night last.
Died: Sheriff Armstrong died Thursday night at 11:55 O’Clock. The burial was at Bay Minette Friday. Sheriff Armstrong underwent a dental operation for a bad tooth several months ago The operation was ineffective so he went to New York, where the physician & he decided to have the upper jaw removed. The operation was a success and he returned to Bay Minette, his home, but after six weeks he began to fail.
Born: Robert Moore is rejoicing over the arrival of a new baby boy Saturday night.
Born: a fine baby boy arrived last Saturday at the home of C.M. Wiggins.
Married: Miss Knowles, daughter of Richard Knowles of Fairfield , and Mr. Bush of River Falls were married at Hopewell church Sunday.
Married: Mallie Cobb and Mrs. Geo. Taylor were married in Andalusia Monday.
Married: Parental objection made Miss Ida Thames and Mr. Herbert H. Jones of Red Level run away, the grooms sister drove 2 miles south above this place & there they boarded the L&N passenger and rode quietly to Andalusia where they were made man and wife by Probate Judge J.M. Robinson.
Married: James Baggett, son of Dr. Baggett who once lived here, and Miss Baggett daughter of Tom Baggett of Florida were married a few days ago.
Masters Edward BARNES and Oyer Weed of Dale County have been visiting J. Matt Williams of Andalusia .
G.F.C. Moore and daughter, Miss Arrie have returned from a visit to the home of Dr. Baggett in Florida .
Mrs. J.M. Thomas narrowly missed getting hurt while visiting her parents at Red Level due to the harness on her horse & buggy breaking.
John Outler, who went from this place 20 years ago is here to visit the family of F.C. Moore.
C.E. Reid and J. F. Jones had a joint debate at Loango and Feagin Saturday.
Two men by the name of Bryant and Gill has difficulty at Searight the other day, during which the former was shot in the neck by the latter.
Lawrence Butler, living near Harmony Church has a 17 foot stalk of corn which he sent to this office.
Grandma Hogg, an aged lady residing near Adellum Church is quite sick.
Miss Ada Savage of Florala is spending time with her Cousin, miss Willie Leonard, below Andalusia .
Jesse Ward of Feagin has a watermelon 3 feet in length
Joe Jernigan has sold out his meat market.
F. Marion Prestwood of Coffee County has been acquitted after a trial on the charge of Peonage. He was charged with keeping Bob English, a white, 58 year old man and his son Wiley at work against their will. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
Rube Shreve of Greenville spent Sunday here.
N.B. Powell of Opp visited here Sunday.
Miss Carol Perrenot is visiting Gantt.
Mark Miller of Poley was here Tuesday.
Kennard Kendall of Feagin is here today.
Miss Sallie Collier who has been sick is improving.
W.D. Taylor is having a barn built on his place he recently purchased from S.W. Shreve.
The Benson Hardware Company, of Covington County filed a certificate of incorporation with the Secretary of State yesterday. Owners: O.L. Benson, D.A. McArten, D.A. McRainey and C.E. Black.

August 15, 1906
Born: J. C. Gillis is all smiles. It’s a boy !
Died: Mr. Dukes lost a little child a day or two.
Died: Mrs. J.W. Straughn, formerly Miss Callie Hart, died at Newell , Fla. a short time ago.
Died: Mrs. C.M. Wiggins (nee Bagley) occurred Monday night and leaves a baby only about 10 days old. The immediate cause of her death was a congestive chill. She was about 23 years old. She has not been married quite 2 years. The remains were laid away today.

Married: Miss Belle Clements of Mason and Mr. Will Kendall of Feagin, will marry next Sunday.
Rev. M. J. BARNES and wife have returned from a visit up the Central Road .
Marshal APLIN informs us that as a result of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday’s fun on the part of “the boys” Mayor Henderson assessed fines to the amount of $143.00.
M.P. Powell and family Of Evergreen left Monday for Andalusia where they will reside.
Misses Belle and Agnes Moore are visiting their Aunt, Mrs. Amanda Mason near Mason.
W.J. Jones of Route 5 lost his mule last week.
Mrs. Lou Moore and Mrs. Mason visited their sister, Mrs. Callie Mancil of Repton.
J.M. Nall and family visited A.J. Jones of Route 5 Sunday.
C.N. Stokes has sold his saloon business to J. Lee Adkinson.
Albert Martin of Andalusia, is the guest of A.J. Jones of Route 5.
Miss Constance Deer of Monroeville is visiting her sister, Mrs. T.M. Coston.
A.B. Powell is erecting a beautiful residence.
Charles Terry, his wife and sister, left this morning for their home in Hale county. They have been spending days here with Dr. J.E. Terry, Brother of Mr. Terry.
Miss Freddie Douglas visited her sister in Falco last week.
John Clements bought a nice horse and buggy.
Tom Clark ’s little son was bitten by a rattlesnake last Friday.
Mrs. G.W. McLeod of Green Bay has been sick.
Dr. Battle has been making additions to his residence.
Mrs. J. Mat Williams, who has been ill is improving.
W.H. Jones went to Montgomery last week.
S.T. Dillard has returned from a business trip to Lockhart and Florala.

Dr. Yarbrough has moved into the Alex Hart house while Dr. Stewart has moved into the Grimes home. W.C. Grimes has moved into the Dr. Stewart home.
Local History: Judge Andrew J. Fletcher was born and reared in West Virginia to young manhood, then came to Covington County . Here he met and won Martha WARD who was born and reared in Covington County , they were married 53 years ago. The Judge is 78 years of age & came to Covington in 1849 and has lived within six miles of Andalusia 56 years and at present resides in Andalusia with his wife. All their children have long since married. Mrs. Fletcher is 72 years of age.
Judge Fletcher says when he came to Andalusia there were some 30 something people here, that help build a Church. He also stated that the first person buried in the City Cemetery here was Miss Jane Russell, who at the time lived with J.W.B. Carson who was then residing here and a prominent Attorney. She was burned in trying to extinguish a fire.
Local History: Uncle Garrett Stanley is 79, his wife whose maiden name was Harriette Taylor and is age 77. Mr. Stanley was born and reared in Alabama, and has lived in Covington county more than 50 years. Mrs. Stanley was born in South Carolina and reared in this Covington County . This couple was married 54 years ago.
Visitors Here this week: T.W. Bell of Iola, J.W. Payne of Vera Cruz, J.S. Dredding of Bradley, Jas. A. Stewart of Babbie, T.M. Coston of Red Level, Messrs. Jackson and Norton of Loango, B.S. Clary and J.A. Bradley of Covington, W.F. Milligan is here, Misses Carlese Lewis of Birmingham is visiting Wm. Riley of South Three Notch, Hon. Thos. W. Ballard of Troy, C.S. Barnes of Greenville is spending a few days with his father, Rev. Mr. BARNES, Mrs. C.W. Sellers and son, Willie Sellers, of Inverness are visiting the families of J.N. and F.A. Rushton, Dr. Bridges of Opp.

August 22, 1906
Married: Miss Nora Pagett and Chas, Pelham were married a few days ago.
Married: Miss Mary Sullivan and Wm. Enzor of red Level. The bride, who is a sister to Mrs. W.G. Knight of this place.
Married: Mr. Preston Thompson and Miss Sallie Miller of River falls as man & wife.

Born: L. Clark of Harmony has a new baby at his house.
Born: J.E. Segars – It’s a Boy !

Died: Mrs. Delia Crawford of Babbie died last week and was buried a Bethel Church Cemetery .
Died: miss Mary L. Posey, daughter of Judge Sydney C. Posey and a great-neice of General John Coffee, died Thursday morning following an operation for appendicitis and was buried in the Coffee burial ground north of Florence . Her death followed in only 3 days of the death of her sister, Mrs. Rachael Morgan, with whom she had made her home.
Died: A child of James Stevens was buried here Monday.

Of Interest:
Miss Mary BARNES of Montgomery is visiting Miss Fannie Barron.
J.W. Bonner of this place placed the first new bale of cotton on the market Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Carrie Cottle of Haygood, fell last week and broke her arm.
Ellis Benton left Friday for Louisville, Ala, where he goes to visit relatives.

August 29, 1906
Died: The little son of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Harris, of Route 5, at 7:00 O’clock Thursday enening and was carried to Pike County Friday for Interment.
Died: Of Route 5, the one day old babe of Mr. and Mrs. Farnell died Saturday and was buried at Heath Sunday.
Married: G.W. McQueen of Covington County and Miss Lorena King of dale County were united in Marriage.
Tidbits: Luther Loveless is seriously sick.
Miss Sudie Hobbie from Lowndes Co., is visiting her cousin, Prof. W.H. Woodruff.
Miss Carrie Hutcheson of Coffee County is visiting the family of C.A. O’Neal on East Three Notch Street .
Several boys out hunting when R.D. Baisden was accidentally shot in the leg by Grady Glover.
Miss Estell Sowell, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. J.A. Knight, has returned to South Carolina .
J.W. Barnes will bring his children from Florala and place them in school here, which he considers one of the best institutions of learning in this part of the state.
Miss Arrie Ward of Andalusia spent last week with her sisters, Mrs. Padgett, and Misses Ola and Fannie Williams.

September 5, 1906
Born: Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Patterson a daughter on Sunday Morning.
Died: Aubrey Roach who runs a saloon in the Moore neighborhood of Crenshaw County shot & killed Jim Moore a few nights ago. Claims self defense.
Died; Joenaod Hughes died at his home at Opp Friday. He was the son of Y.E. Hughes, he was 20 years old.
Died: The 2 year old son of Jim Bulger of the Rye Neighborhood was fatally burned on July 20th and was buried at Red Oak Cemetery , Rev. P.D. Bulger, the child’s great grandfather preached the funeral.
Died: Roland Fletcher, son of Wm. Fletcher, who has been running as engineer on the L.&N. road diead at his father’s home 2 ½ miles from Andalusia Wednesday. He is about 22 years old. He came down with fever in Noma, Fla. He will be buried today.

Notice: All people are forbidden to hunt or trespass on my land. W.D. Jay.
For Sale- A store house and stock goods and dwelling house at Rose Hill Ala. Mrs. Katie Nichols.
Carl Godbolt is now clerking for Shaver Bros.
Cleve Bean made a business trip to Pensacola .
Mrs. Barnett Solomon of East Three Notch is on a visit to Troy.
Mr. Ned Sutton lost a valuable mule.
C.A. Thames horse fell dead.
Mrs. M.A. Smith has been visiting her son, Rev. E.W. Smith of Adellum.
Green Butler is seriously ill at his home.
M.A. Boyett recently bought a residence on Dunson Street .
J.E. Hughes, J.M. Chance & J.T. Manning of Florala were in town Monday.
Visitors here: Mr. Josie of Opp, W. R. Barnes of Iola, James Lenhart of Ponds, W. D. Hutchinson of Elba, Mrs. P. J. Gantt of River Falls. L.H. Brassell, Esq., J.T. Penton of Florala, Cliff Stoke of Brantley.
W.A. Campbell of Loango placed his 4 children in school Monday morning, Misses Tessie Wee and Bessie Lee, Masters Grider and ----. They are boarding with S.T. Dillard.
Covington County Notice of Admn. Executor’s settlement, Warren Haskell, deceased. M.C. Gantt is administrator this 29th day Aug. 1906.
Covington County Notice of Admn. Executor’s settlement, Walter Clark, deceased. M.C. Gantt is administrator this 29th day Aug. 1906.
Covington County Notice of Admn. Executor’s settlement, Thomas J. Dauphin , deceased. M.C. Gantt is administrator this 29th day Aug. 1906.
Covington County Notice of Admn. Executor’s settlement, Shelby Hartley, deceased. M.C. Gantt is administrator this 29th day Aug. 1906.

Sept. 12, 1906
Died: Died, little Ben Stewart, the son of Dr. and Mrs. B.C. Stewart, the only child.
Died : The 3 year old son of J.A. Kitchen of Evergreen accidentally killed himself with a pistol.
Died: A little child of Superintendent Waites on the Sanford mill was buried here Tuesday.
Married: Miss Ella Bennett and Lemie Wade were married last Sunday at Feagin.
Married: John Pagett and Miss Missiouri Hart were married at Pleasant Home church on the 9th inst., They both reside in East Rome .
Married: Sept. 9th Rev. W.S. Jones and Mrs. Willie Ray were married. The bride is the daughter of Samuel Boswell.

Born; Mr. and Mrs. Rogers of Dixie had a girl-.

Family Reunion: At the home of B.L. Williams, Williams’ Store on Thursday the 30th ult, the four sisters- Mrs. Carey of Brooklyn, Mrs. Wm. H. Snowden of Georgiaville, Mrs. Lucy Stallworth of Texas, and Mrs. Skinner of Troy, all of whom were deaf but well educated.
John Douglas of Mason was here on Friday.
C.A. Hare sold his restaurant to W.R. Jones.
Mrs. S. P. Bullock of River Falls was here shopping in Andalusia Saturday.
The wife of J.L. Bryan has been seriously ill.
Miss Annie Lloyd just closed a successful term of school near Florala.
J.E. Parker of Opp has subscribed to the Times.
Johnnie Carter is growing his crop of corn on the Pendry farm.
Robert Allen lost a valuable horse.
Rev. M.J. Barnes will be ordained at River Falls next Saturday.

Sept. 19, 1906
Died: Isom West , while on his way to Enon Church fell from his buggy and when he was picked up by his friend, he was dead. Heart disease is supposed to have been the cause of his death.
Died: Little Joe Lunsford, the four year old son of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Lunsford occurred last Friday.
Mr. Bill Parker and wife from near Parkers Bridge in Escambia Co. were present at the burial of their little grandson, Joe Lunsford.
Died: Dr. P.M. Bruner of Conecuh County died at his home in Evergreen.
Married: Prof. H.R. Mott and Miss Hatie Stewart of Sanford were married on the 13th of Sept.
Born: W.D. Sheehan tells us that he has another fine boy at his home, last Thursday.
Born: Mr. John I. Hart and wife have a infant daughter arrive last Wednesday.
Geo. Foster was called to Birmingham last week by the serious sickness of his sister, Miss Fannie Foster.
Mrs. H. Law is reported sick at this writing.
Geo. Stephenson has been appointed postmaster at Bradley, Escambia County .
Mrs. Parker Barron has returned from Pike County from a visit to her Mother.
Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Parker reached here Sunday from Albany, Ga. They were called here by the sickness of the latter’s mother, Mrs. W.P. Howell.
Mrs. Sidney Howell has moved to Montgomery .
Ed Johnson of Carolina killed a monster rattlesnake near his home.
Little Miss Corinne Cawthorn celebrated her 9th birthday Tuesday afternoon.
Silas Cross had a narrow escape during a heavy rain. He made his way to the house of David White.

Sept. 26, 1906
Married: At the residence of the bride, married Sept. 20th near Rose Hill, Mr. J.B. Blocker of Elba to Miss Mattie Flourney.
Born in Sanford, a find baby girl to Will Nelson and wife, it’s their first child.
Born in Sanford , a new baby to Eddie Newton.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Z.D. Kierce, a girl, Thursday last.
Oliver Jernigan and family visited his brother last week.
Marion Mixon had a horse to die near Beck, he lives near Brantley.
C.A. Thomas of River Falls has moved to his new residence purchased from A. H. Seals.
Mesdames Sellars of Bagdad , Fla. are visiting Mrs. T.J. Lawson, their Aunt in River Falls .
S. E. Thames has bought the McCain lot to build a store and house on in River Falls.
Teg Gantt and Dub Barron of River Falls left Saturday for Louisiana.
Tax Collector Walters was here Monday.
Prof. Thos. W. Capps returned from Brooks where he finished school, he will teach a school at Bethany Church.
Mr. C.A. Wales and wife of Pensacola are visiting their daughter Mrs. J. M. Morman on Pleasant Hill.

Estate Settlement:
State of Al. Covington County ; Estate of Robert E. Jordan, Deceased, Probate Court, Sept. 25th 1906.
To Emily Garrett, Wm. Heath, Frank Heath, J. F. Jordan, P.C. Jordan, A. W. Jordan, King Jordan, Paul Jordan, Oliver McCain, Roxie Moore, J. E. Jordan, J. A. Jordan, P. B. Jordan, Lewin M. Jordan, Texana Bozeman, Lou Chapman, Florence Williams, Frank Jordan, Jas. Jordan, Robert Bozeman, Andrew Bozeman, Mary Williams, David Bozeman, Wm. Bozeman, John Bozeman, Ann Ramsey, and Mary Bozeman. This day came
L. M. Jordan, Administrator of said estate and filed application for the purpose of sale and dividing the Estate among above Heirs. J. M. Robinson, Judge Of Probate.

Oct. 03, 1906
Died: Dr. Walter C. Jackson, Montgomery ’s oldest and best known physicians at 1:45 O’clock Sunday morning.
Died: Julius Caton, living near River Falls lost a one year old child on Monday of last week,
Died: Will Findley of red Level lost a child a few days ago.
Born: A daughter was born a few days ago to Dr. Battle.
Married: E.M. Keefe and Miss Bertie Garrett were married last Sunday by Rev. E.W. Smith.
Married: J.W. Barnes of this place and Miss Mollie McCaskill of Mobile were married on Friday, Sept. 28th in Mobile . They will reside in Andalusia .
Married: J.C. Henderson and miss Mattie Hart were married at the home of the bride’s father, Mr. Mack Hart, Tues. the 9th Inst. The young groom was accompanied by his brother, D.I. Henderson, and Mr. D.M. Cortney of Rose Hill.

Bessie V. Rawls has filed a suit for $5000 against Andalusia Light and Water Co. for damages she alleges to have sustained from falling into a ditch which was left open.
Martha A. White has also filed a claim for $1999 who sues by her next friend Ida White. She is the sister of Mrs. Rawls and was with her at the time she alleges she fell into the ditch.
Jesse Carter gives us the following information of a young cyclone that visited Rose Hill neighborhood last week. A Negro church was demolished. A door was seen sailing in the air and passed directly over James Howell’s house. Corn was blown out of Mr. Howell’s farm, both corn and cotton almost totally ruined Mr. Arch Moody was driving along when a large tree blown down across the rear of his wagon.

On Friday night the Urquhart home on East Three Notch St. was burned. Some of the effects of Mr. Helmes and tenant were saved.
James Brown bought the J.W. Cook place.
Miss Emma Langley and Mrs. Tanner of Shady Grove, Pike County, passed through here Tuesday on their way to Holt, Fla. where they will visit their sister, Mrs. J.J. Peackock.
Two Negros were shot by James South, resulting in flesh wounds with small shot in their legs. South made bond and will await a jury trial.
An accident occurred when the scaffolding of the Law, Clarke Company’s fell on Messrs. Wiley South and Contractor Mangram, each were seriously injured.
E.H. Harrelson of Rose Hill, Farmer was here in town Wednesday.
W.H. Albritton visited Montgomery recently.
Geo. W. Adams has sold his holdings in Andalusia and moved to Atlanta .
John F. Phillips of Gantt was a visitor to this city.
Mrs. Hogg is dangerously sick.
Mrs. J.E. Seegars is visiting relatives in Missouri this week.
Mrs. Willie Murphee has moved to the Rogers place on South Three Notch.
J.B. Carlton now has an auto.
D.H. Glover and family have moved to Geneva .
J.M. Stewart and family will move to Oakwood , Ark. , in December.
Maj. B.H. Lewis visited Lewiston last week.
J. Matt Williams sold his home on Church St. last week to W.C. Hearn of River Falls .
The damage suit of W.H. Hart vs. the Pierson Lumber Co. was settled between the parties.
Miss Crissie Champion spent Saturday with her parents in Troy .
Miss Kate Nichols has moved from Rose Hill to Opp.

Oct. 17, 1906
Born: James Altman of heath has a new heir, a bouncing baby boy.
Born: Will Jones of Heath has a new daughter at his home.
Married: Miss Mattie O’Neal and mr. Jno. Powell are to be married tomorrow (Sunday 14th)
Married: Willie Kilpatrick and a daughter of Jack Green were married a few days ago.
Died: Mr. Jesse Carter informs us that Jesse Brewer was killed in Rose Hill by a falling tree, a limb struck him on the back of the head killing him instantly. He and Charley Stewart were sawing logs when it occurred. Mr. Stewart leaves a wife and 4 children.

Citizen’s subscriptions to the light plant. The following are some of those on record:
C.A. O’Neal, Shaver Bros., A.M. Riley, Dr. Q.T. Ray, O.L. Benson, W.R. Tisdale, D.A. McArtan, B.H. Zeigler, A.L. Pelham, J.A. Prestwood, J.E. Shreve, W.J. Davis, G.B. Frierson.
Homes Bradley, a colored farmer called Thursday to renew his subscription to the Times.
Mrs. Dunn’s new residence in Heath will soon be completed. Mr. Sidney Barnes and family will occupy it.
Charley Kilpatrick runs a gin day and night at Heath to keep up.
John Peacock has sold his home to Jack Kilpatrick for $10,000 and has bought a place from Mrs. Bennett located between Loango and Feagin.
Bud Patterson is preparing to build a new residence.
Mrs. W.R. Duggan of red Level was quite sick when her father, T.J. Brown, in the Salem neighborhood came to visit her.
Mr. Abe Raley of Heath called Saturday to subscribe to the Times.
Mrs. L.E. Boyett of Mississippi is visiting her sister, Mrs. Joe Shreve.
Trespassing on my land is strictly forbidden. J.M. Diamond

Oct. 24, 1906
Married: Mr. Arthur Patrick and Miss Laura Bonner were married. Miss Bonner is the daughter of Mr. J.W. Bonner of this place.
Married: Mr. Green Jackson and Miss Julia Coon of near Opp were married at Judge Robinson’s office on Thursday afternoon last.
Married: Mr. W. F. Garrett and miss Mollie Luker Luker were married at the Courthouse.
Love Williams of Dozier was here this week.
W.O. Shields of valley grove was here last Saturday.
Mrs. Lawrence Studstill is visiting her parents, Rev. Foster and wife of Havana, Ala.
J. B. Jones of Heath was here on Saturday.
W. R. Barnes was a caller at the Times last week.
W. R. Garvin of Gantt was here last week.
J.T. Hays of Union Springs was here writing Insurance.
Bill Spurlin of Opp went to St. Louis last week to buy a car.
J.H. Rose recovered from alight spell of fever.
Master Jesse Acree, son of J.O. Acree, celebrated his 18th Birthday on Friday.

Grand and Petit jurors who have been drawn for Covington County Circuit Court:
Grand Jurors: J.T. Lingold, L. B. J. Hassell, Joel T. Hardage, S.B. Milligan, D.A. Hutchinson, J. A. Hart, G. W. McQueen, J. G. Straughn, G. W. Mack, Wm. Wiggins, R. H. Stallings, J. L. Chesser, W. H. Howell, J.D. Hick, Wm. Crosby, W. G. Kirklin, B. L. Lowman, W.G. Williams, C.B. Gamage, Jesse J. Dauphin.

Petit Jurors- First Week
Enos Harrelson, George W. Bagley, W.E. Ward, T.R. Meadows, James Sims, Jiles Hudson, Wm. Cook, S.B. Ables, Jacob Benton, Wm. Young, S.D. Veasey, A.J. Jeter, E. Littles, J.L. Spicer, A.A. Hartzog, Z.T. Schofield, W.F. Hughes, T.D. Rawls, V.L. Williams, A.N. Crawford, M.M. Simmons, J.J. Boles, S.J. Kolb, A.J. Dukes, J.E. Lewis, T.W. Straughn, H.E. Cobb, J.D. Bulger.
Petit Jurors- Second week
J.C. Barton, J. M. Hodges, W.W. Hogg, D.P. Woodall, W, H Carroll, R. W. Watson, T. J. Ward, A. T. Moody, H. H. Tillman, G. W. Scott, R. L. Willis, Grant Ellisor, R. W. Lee, J. T. Hays, Thos. Cassidy, W. B. Watkins Jr., J. H. Ard, J. W. Beck, J. H. Robbins, J. V. Henderson, James Williams, W. V. Thompson, D.S. Sims, J. M. Johnson, A.D. Mitchell, J. T. Drake, J. M. Hays, E. R. Mack.

The Governor has extended the parole of Thomas J. long ten days, to be at the bedside of his brother who is ill in Mobile .

October 31, 1906
Born: Sim O’Neal of Heath has a fine baby boy.
Born: G. L. Nelson is the fellow with a broad smile. It’s a girl.
Died: The 10 year old son of Ed Lunsford of Feagin died a few days ago, this is the second death in the family in the past few weeks.
Died: Mrs. Hogg died Tuesday and will be buried here today- Wednesday. She leaves several children and a number of relatives.
Died: Mrs. Godwin, an aged lady residing at River falls, fell dead at the home of her son Lee Godwin on Monday last. Her remains were carried to a Church 7 miles northwest of Searight for Interment on Tuesday morning.
Married: Mr. Vaush Teele of Beck and Miss Ella Pagett were married a few days ago by Judge Salter.
Married: Mr. Lee Adkinson and Miss Vina Herring of river falls were married on Sunday by Rev. P.M. Calloway.
Married: Charley Stokes and Mrs. Pulaski of Poley were married on Sunday last by rev. W. J. Barnes.
E.R. Spicer has filed suit for $500 damages for an alleged false imprisonment against J.H. Aplin, as City Marshal of Andalusia , and
L.T. Hudson of his Surety. The suit was file this week in circuit court.
Z.D. Kierce has six head of Jersey Cows for sale.
Mr. Horton of River Falls moved to Andalusia .
Mrs. W. E. Dillard of Montgomery if visiting her daughter, Mrs. R. H. Jones on Pleasant Hill .
Mrs. George Hattaway, residing near Gantt is seriously ill.
Mrs. Grim, formerly Miss Willie Clements of Dixie is said to be lying near death at Grim Ga.
Mrs. Chas. Crossland of Bennettsville, S.C. is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.T. Brown on East Three Notch Street.
Ambrose Mason, who has been living the past year or two in Mississippi, is visiting his old home in Red Level.
Matthew Strother returned Saturday from Arizona where he was engaged in the United States Calvary . He will spend time with his mother and family.
W.R. Allen of Rome has sold his place and will build in River Falls .
Frank Prestwood has returned from west where he served in the U.S. Army for 3 years. His term expired and he decided to return to Covington County . He’s the son of Terry F. Prestwood.
Bethel Benton of Heath has returned from Barbour County where he attended the funeral of his Father who was 89 years old.
Mr. W.C. Hearn of River Falls has moved to Andalusia and occupies the nice home recently bought of Mr. J. Matt Williams on Church St .
November 7, 1906
Born: A son to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rose on Wednesday last week.
Died: R. O. Hart of Hacoda, Geneva County , died a few days ago.
Died: Hon. Green Butler died 8 miles East of here Thursday night.
Married: W. L. Campbell and Miss Clara Wesley of River Falls were married on Friday.
Married: Mr. Willie Henderson and Miss Hutto, daughter of Ben Hutto of Carolina were married last Sunday.
Of Interest:
John Bagley and Miss Bessie Hassell were guests of Miss Bonnie Brown of Heath.
Mr. T. E. Hill of Troy, is here today visiting his son Dr. J.C. Hill.
The killing of Thomas J. Dower by his wife in Mobile aroused much talk.
H.C. Rankin, the Editor of The Brewton Standard paid The Times a call Friday.
Miss Fannie Barron will open a school for small children, Mon. Nov 5th.

Visitors to Andalusia this Week:
J. L. Paulk of Green Bay , B. H. Weant of Gantt, J. F. Jones of Evergreen, Judge Wood, Attorney Brassell of Florala, Miss Foy Brown of Pine Grove is visiting the family of Mr. Fellows, J.C. Boyle of Montgomery, Fuller Campbell is visiting his Mother & will return to Sun, La., T. Powell, Esq. of Sanford, John Ganos of Heath, Wiley Cravey of Green Bay, Jacob Benton of Opp.
Of Interest:
R.E. Crumpler went to Babbie last week.
Mr. M. Hare, a nephew of Rev. M. V. Hare called to see us Saturday. He resides in Florida .
Mrs. Joseph Kierce is visiting Greenville this week.
B. H. Zeigler and family rented the T. M. Campbell home on South Three Notch.
W.W. Taylor of Rose Hill is one of our most successful potato raisers.
J.M. Worley was injured a few days ago while at work on Dunson’s brick kitchen.
Johnnie Cope of Sanford has been sick.
A. T. Woodham of Heath has bought a fine horse and buggy.
Mr. Hawkins purchased 45 acres of land from A. T. Woodham near Sanford .
Charley Raley’s house is almost complete in Heath.
Mr. Burt Altman of Heath has moved near Gantt.
Edgar Spicer has moved to Rose Hill.

November 14, 1906
Born: A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Barton of Heath a few days ago.

Married: Miss Carlie Bardin and Millard Parish were united in Holy bonds of wedlock.
Married: Miss Blanch Easley and Leonard Peterson last Sunday.
Died: W.M. Rigdon’s wife and baby died a few days ago at Green Bay .

Visitors of Andalusia this Week were:
Mr. Fuller and wife of Selma , Mr. Goode Bethea of Brooklyn, E.I. Blair and E.H. Cobb of Opp, Mrs. Tadlock and Mrs. Jones went to Andalusia on the 1 o’clock train., Z. Terry, Esq., of Red Level, Miss Ethel Bethea of Brooklyn is spending days with her sister, Mrs. W.L. Howell., H. H. Leonard of Milligan Fla., J.C. Shepherd and wife of the Empire Lumber Co., Marshall Hambrick of Troy, Dr. Broughton of Greenville visited his son, Dr. L. E. Broughton last week.

Of Interest:
Mr. Jay Jones was in Heath on Saturday.
Miss Ruth Bagley went down to Opp.
Mrs. V.T. Arwood recently spent several days with her parents in Red Level.
Brock Thomas, a gray-haired white man, wanted in Coosa County , charged with carrying a concealed weapon was committed to County jail in Coosa .
Miss Mattie Williams is the daughter of Mr. Willie Williams.
Mr. and Mrs. Willis of Mason are visiting relatives from Brooklyn this week.
Murdock Griffis and wife of near Falco, intend moving here soon.
Mr. Reid Rogers and his sister-in-law, Miss Lou Stokes have been quite ill.
Dan Murphee has gone on a business trip to Graceville.
C.E. Fellows has a horse and buggy for sale.
Rev. and Mrs. F.G. Hartman are expected to return this week from a visit to Virginia .
Master R.D. Baisden is seriously sick with spinal meningitis.
W.O. Summerlin spent several days in Brantley this week with C.N. Stokes.
P.J. Campbell of Rye will move to Andalusia about the 1st of December.

November 21, 1906
Married: Mr. W. E. Josey and Miss Folsom Acre, married at the home of the bride’s house, Mr. D.M. Acree on the 11th inst.
Married: At the home of Postmaster Woodruff on Sunday, Mrs. H.A. Woodruff and Miss Mary Davis. The groom being 72 years old and the bride being 69 years old.
Married: Mr. Reuben Powell and Miss Lena Day were married at the bride’s father’s home.

Died: Mrs. Mary McCreary at Brooklyn . She was in her 73rd year. The burial took place at the family burial ground in Brooklyn . She leaves being the Mother of messrs. William and Andrew McCreary and Mrs. Anna Kennedy.

Of Interest:
Rev. M.J. Barnes and wife left Tuesday on a visit to Mobile .
Rich Knowles and his son, Robert Knowles recently bought the C. E. Danford’s saw mill.
Miss Minnie Josey of Opp, accompanied by her young friends, Miss Ella Stanley, was present at the marriage of her brother a few weeks ago.
Mr. James Rose is confined to his bed.
J.A. Watson has 120 Acres of land for sale in Andalusia .
Ben Henderson, a 13 year old youth of Cottonwood, is in Dothan jail, together with his father and mother. The young fellow is charged with killing Ton Yelverston of that neighborhood.
The saw mill belonging to James Fletcher was destroyed by fire Tuesday night.
Mrs. Elma O’Neal of Heath is in River Falls this week.
Mr. Collier and grandson went to Opp on Friday.
C.D. Bean and sister left Tuesday for Perry , Fla.
Dr. and Mrs. Pierson of River Falls was in Andalusia Thursday.
J. H. Faulkenberry has his residence on South Three Notch remodeled.
Mrs. Clark, an aged lady is low with paralysis at the home of her son, John Clark in the Babbie neighborhood.
C. E. Danford of River Falls has moved to Pine Apple.
Dr. Nix keeps busy.
Oscar Nix has returned to Sanford to visit his mother.
Mrs. Lena Stuckey had a severe cause of toothache.
John Mock and wife have moved to Sanford .
All person’s are forbidden to trespass on my Property 3 ½ miles below Andalusia . W. E. Hare.

November 28, 1906
Married: Mr. J.C. Sims, a druggist of Samson and Kate McKenzie of this place were married Sunday evening
of Mr. F. E. Burnett.
Died: Mrs. Manning, an aged lady died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Vesta Hart on Sunday.
Her remains were carried to the lower part of the county for Interment.
Born: Mr. and Mrs. Vaush Hayes near River Falls have a new son.

Visitors of Andalusia :
Mr. Van White of Boykin, Rev. J. J. Brooks of Coffee County, Miss Florence Brown of Heath, C. G. Elmore of Pensacola, J. M. Danford of Boykin, Escambia County, Rev. J. .J Brooks of Coffee County., Mr. J. E. Hughes, R.W. Lee and son, B.S. Lee of Brooks, Lee Purnell or Red Level, Miss Minnie Josie of Opp, ‘Squire McKenzie of Opp, T. L. Maps of Montgomery, Bead Rawles of Gantt, Hon. J. F. Jones of Evergreen, C.N. Stokes of Brantley, Marshal Sam Hutcherson of Florala, Messrs L.P. Clark and M.C. Donelson of Opp.
Of Interest:
J.M. Josey of Oakey Streak spent Friday night with his grandson W.E. Josey.
Uncle Josey is in his 89th year.
John W. Nelson appointed postmaster at Sanford , Covington .
Mrs. Tobe Caton, residing above Red Level has been sick with Pneumonia, at the home of her son, Mr. N.D. Caton of River Falls is better.
Geo. W. Knight of Salem neighborhood’s, Brother in living in Texas , T.J. Knight sent him a written letter.
Mrs. S.W. Stanley of River Falls, was here at the Times Friday morning and subscribed, She was accompanied by Miss Rosa Carter, of Atmore, a grand-daughter of Mr. McConico of River Falls .
Mr. John Ontler who has been in Pike County for 2 months is again visiting the home of Mr. G. F. C. Moore. He received a telegram Friday informing him of the death of his grandson.

Damaging evidence has been brought out in the trial in progress in Marianna, against Will Christmas, charged with the murder of his aged Father, Mother and Brother at Cottonwood 6 or 8 months ago.
M. R. H.C. Martin and family left for Kentucky this week.
Mr. Monch Riley has been confined to his bed. His son is Ralph Riley.
Mr. A.H. Robinson went to Loango Monday.
Mrs. J.J. Stallings accompanied by her son, Dr. H. I. Stallings on his return to Andalusia and she returned on Wednesday.- Troy.
Court still on; The State Vs. Barden, et, al, and the state vs. Abb Hammond, charged with murder.
Land Office notice Montgomery , Ala.
-August 26, 1906- Notice given that William O. Urguhart of Dozier, Ala has filed Notice.
He names the following witnesses: Solomon W. Kelly, John R. Jordan, James A. Howell, Wesley Taylor, all of Dozier. Robt. D. Johnston , Register.
- September 5th 1906- notice given that Thomas Jones of Laurel Hill Fla. has filed notice.
He names the following witnesses: Frank Baggett Iola, Ala , James Singleton Iola, Ala. , Natt Niblett Andalusia Ala., Thomas Henley Laurel Hill Fla.
-October 29, 1906- Notice given that Lila A. Campbell, of Liberty Hill , Ala has filed notice to make final commute of his claim. Witnesses are: Nathaniel O. Matthews, James A. Clary, Moses A. Smith, Thomas A. Acree, all of Andalusia .
-Sept 27, 1906- Notice given by Mary S. Smith, Andalusia , Ala. She names the following witnesses: Oliver B. Henley, Isaac S. Boles, Richard Stephens, Marcullus Martin, all of Andalusia , Ala.
- Oct. 29, 1906- Notice has been given that General Gunter of Andalusia has filed notice of his intention. He names the following witnesses: Pollard Gantt, James W. Tipton, Dom P. Cattle, William C. Johns, all of Andalusia .
- Nov. 10th, 1906- Notice is given that King Z. Douglas of Falco , Ala. Has filed notice.
Witnesses are : Daniel Gatewood, John T. King, William L. Douglas, George T. Gatewood, all of Falco.

December 5, 1906
Born: J.J. Boles and wife of Liberty Hill have another fine boy.
Died: Mr. Reid Rogers dead from typhoid fever, he was about 35 or 36 years old. His remains will be carried to good Hope Church near Searight for Interment.

Died: Carrie Stella, daughter of J. M. and M.E. Brooks died at the home of her grandfather, Rev. W. D. Brooks at Hicks Mill on the night of Nov. 26th 1906. She was buried at New Hope Church .
Died: Master Emmett, the two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephens, residing at Empire Mill, died the 3rd inst., The remains were interred at the Cemetery of this place on Monday.
Married: Miss Angier Mauldin and B. H. Gilmore were married near Magnolia Church in Yellow River .
Married: Mr. R .M. Radford of Lockhart, and Miss Nobie Atwell of Opp were married on Sunday.

Of Interest:
Mr. C.H. Farnam has moved to the house made vacant by Mr. Peacock’s removal in Heath. His children will start school soon.
J.L. Bledsoe and wife, formerly residents of this place, but now Coffee County , will probably relocate here.
Mr. W.W. O’Neal of Heath is moving to River Falls .
C.S. Thorn has returned from a business trip.
Higdon Yon, rendered temporarily insane by whiskey at his home in Sneads, near Graceville, stabbed his own son to death with a pocket knife.
A.J. Nance of Tx. & Ca. will be spending the Holidays with his brother J.A. Nance below Andalusia .
A.J. and Geo. Ridelhoover accompanied by Ben Stanley, visited Oakey Streak last week hunting squirrel.
Mrs. J.N. Ward of River Falls has a son, Mr. Rome Ward who owns a large naval store in New Orleans .
F.M. Watson moved to Paxton Fla.
Mrs. Richard O’Neal has been sick.
Miss Lee Jackson of Leon , Crenshaw County , is visiting her young friend, Miss Mary Chapman.
Mr. Tommie Raley of Heath will shortly move to Escambia .
All persons are forbidden to hunt game or trespass on my land. J.P. Hogg

Visitors of Andalusia:
Claud Wright of Gantt, Kennard Kendall of Brooklyn, Mrs. Anan Riley of Geneva , Mr. J.F. Phillips of Gantt, Mrs. Emma Mason of River Falls, Mrs. A Enzor of near Mt. Olive Church, Miss Pearl Tarvin of Freeport Fla., Mrs. Sturdivant has been visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. Geo. H. Hicks., Mr. Dan Gordan of Birmingham, Commissioner Gantt of River Falls.

December 12, 1906
Married: Mr. Herbert L. Bozeman and Miss Ester Ables, Miss Ables is the daughter of Mr. Wayne Ables, all of Gantt. Mr. Bozeman is the son of Dr. Bozeman.
The were married at the home of Rev. B.P. Floyd Sunday. Among those who came from Gantt to see the nuptials were: J.L. Guner and wife, Jno. Phillips, Baylus Goodwin, D.E. And J.W. Cook, Emory and Charlie Cowart, Bruza and Jesse Caton, Grover and Crawford Ables, Whit Sawyers, Mack Gantt, Misses Mabel and Lilie May Bozeman, Lilla and Lizzie Harley, Lizzie and Emma Ables, Annie Rawls, Mildred Cowart and others.
Married: Miss Ada Hart, Daughter of Columbus Hart of East Rome and Mr. W.A. Campbell of Andalusia were married on Sunday.
Died: Sump Dean shot and killed his brother, Tom Dean at the supper table in Crenshaw County a few nights ago.
Died: A child of Johnie Garvin died a few days ago and was buried at Carolina Church .
Born: A son born to C. Snowden
Born: born to Geo. Kilpatrick and wife, a girl.
Born: to Jim Loveless and wife, a daughter.
Born: born to Marshall Powell and wife, a daughter.
Born: Born a son, to Goe. Gartman and wife.
Born: born to Ed Johnson and wife, a son.
Born : born to E. Walker and wife, a son.
Of Interest:
(this newspaper was in bad shape, poor copy)
Jim Brooks and daughter, Miss Carrie May, of Conecuh County has been visiting relatives in Covington Co. and were at the home of Mrs. Missouri Brooks.
Abb and Harold brown of Beck attended preaching at New Home last Sunday.
The little child of Geo. M. Knight of Salem has scarlet fever.
Joe Givins of Falco brought 10 bales of cotton Tuesday.
W.J. Belin, who in the past has been in business in Rome will move to Geneva after the Holidays.
J.C. Cook has decided that old Covington is too good a section to leave.
Jimmie Cottle, residing 2 miles from Andalusia narrowly escaped death of a would be assassin at Dozier on Saturday night. He was ready to board the train when an unknown man threw a pistol in his face.
Frank Mizell , cashier of the First National Bank shot Jacob Benton.
Luther Loveless was in a serious accident while cleaning out a well on the premises of Mrs. James Knowles on Three Notch Road . He was being pulled out of the well and fell about 30 feet. One foot was crushed and his back badly bruised.
Louis Langford visited his parents here at Cedar creek last Saturday.
Mrs. Whitley from near Milton is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Watt Moore.
Mrs. Graham is improving.
J. W. Douglas and Jno. Fleming of Dixie killed a fine turkey.
J. M. Stephens dislocated an ankle bone.

January 2, 1907
Died: James Taylor, who has been suffering with cancer, died on Friday and was buried on Saturday at Valley grove Church.
Died; Mr. J. N. Rushton died Christmas night. He came from Crenshaw County to Andalusia.
Died: The little three year old daughter of Mr. J. P. Stanley died Saturday.
Died: Rev. W.S. Jones informs us that his father-in-law, Mr. Sam Boswell of Saco, Ala.,
died of cancer and was 86 years old.
Died: Mrs. Cora O’Neal, wife of C.R. O’Neal on the 28th ult.
Died: Miss Sallie Collier was called to Opelika last week by the death of her Aunt, Mrs. Fanny Lewis.
Died: A Babe of Mr. Wash Taylor of Sanford was found dead in bed a few mornings ago.
Died: Jack Richburg died a few days ago.
Born: W.H. Williams has a new baby girl in the house at Route 4.
Born: Jesse Jackson and wife of Shady Hill have an 8 lb. girl.
Married: P. Strickland, stiller for W.W. Varn and Miss Carolina Henderson married Christmas night.
Married: Mr. Thos. Dozier and Miss Maybelle Kilpatrick were married Christmas day.
Married: T.R. Worthy and Mrs. Amanda Edgar of Green Bay were married by Judge Robinson. Mr. Robinson is 58 years old & this is his third marriage. The bride is 52 years old and her second marriage.

Of Interest:
The 11 year old son of Mr. J.M. Hildreth had his right arm amputated as the result of a gun shot wound.
Dave Taylor has bought a house and lot in Sanford and will go into the mercantile business with his brother, Wm. Taylor.
Mr. Sammie Mason of River Falls has moved to Andalusia.
Miss Lucy Pope and Miss Francis Pope of Chancellor, Coffee County, are visiting their Uncle and Aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Gratehouse near Andalusia.

January 9, 1907
Born: a daughter was born to Mr.and Mrs. Claude Turner on Monday last.

Married: Miss Mattie Lee Strother and Mr. W.A. Moore were married at the home of the brides mother, Mrs. J. L. Strother on Jan. 6th.
Married: J.C. Hutcherson and Miss Vassie Liles of Red Level were married last Sunday.
Married: Charles Strickland and Miss Lizzie Garvin of Gantt.
Married: Mr. Cyrus Tart and Miss Maggie Keffe of Andalusia were married in Dec 23rd.

Died: Bud Watkins, son of W.B. Watkins of Iola, died on the 23rd of December.
Died; Hezekiah Wise, a citizen of Iola, died December 21st.
Died: F.S. Bass was injured in a wreck near Pink Tuesday and died. His remains were carried to Union Grove in Ga. He was 23 years old and leaves a wife and 2 children.

Of Interest:
K.P. Powell of Pike County has located to this county, near Haygood. He is 70 years old.
Jake Martin who killed Jack Kennedy at Falco on Dec, 24 will be given a preliminary hearing on Jan. 10th.
George Rodenbery has been arrested on the charge at the murder of a white convict who was attempting to escape.
Mr. A. L. Rankin of Andalusia spent Christmas with his parents here- Brewton
Capt. T.A. Broughton of Andalusia was a visitor in Greenville this week.
S.H. Gillis returned to Georgia last week, he spent the holiday with his parents.
W.D. Taylor is with T.E. Henderson & Co.
Mr. Rome Ward left for New Orleans on Monday after spending time with his parents.
Green B. Nalls, who went to Texas has now returned to Covington where he was born and raised. We are glad to see him back.
George Rottenberry was arrested last week for murdering Richard Claison during the summer near Sanford.
--Land Office- Montgomery, Ala.-Notice is given Nov. 21, 1906 that Ella Mitchell, widow of William W. Mitchell, deceased of Dozier, Ala has filed notice of her intention to make final 5 year proof in support of his claim. Homestead entry made July 29, 1893. Witnesses: William O. Urquhart, John R. Jordan, Solomon W. Kelley, John W. Taylor, all Of Dozier.
--Land Office- Montgomery, Ala.-Notice is given Dec.17, 1906 that Noah Carter of Dozier, Ala has filed notice of her intention to make final 5 year proof in support of his claim. Homestead entry made October 26, 1904. Witnesses: John B. Anderson, Thomas Harris, Edward Cobb, Thomas J. Stewart, all Of Dozier.

Visitors to Andalusia:
J.E. Weaver of Opp, Mr. Wash Oxwell of Bradley, W.A. Woodham Esq., of Opp, J.B. Franklin, I.E. Boyett from Mississipi, Charley Henderson of Troy, S.T. Pounct of Tallapoosa County, he owns real estate in Andalusia., W.R. Barnes of Iola, Mr. Will Strange and Miss Lilly of Brooklyn, J.H. Jackson and J.W. Jones of Montgomery.

January 16, 1907
Married: Mr. Willie Gunter of Carolina and Miss Josephine Pagett of Conecuh River were married Sunday the 13th at the home of the bride’s father, Mr. James Pagett.

Died: Mr. John Rose died Jan. 10th of typhoid fever. His death occurred at Merrill, Miss. Mr. Rose resided at Brooklyn and was 46 years old. He leaves a wife and 5 children and a brother, Mr. J.H. Rose. The remains will be carried to Red Level for Interment.
Died: Mr. Julius Caton lost his third and last child Saturday.
Spencer H. Collins of Milton, Fla., died in his 80th year.
Died: Rev. H.A. Guinn, a Baptist minister who once lived in River Falls a short while ago, died in Milton, Fla.

Of Interest:
Uncle Dred Pagley has been seriously sick.
Mrs. Abe Raley and Mrs. S.F. Barnes of Heath are improving.
Rev. W.F. Martin of Laurel Hill, stopped overnight with his daughter Mrs. G.W. Dunson on his way home from Brantley.
Miss Morgana Jones, spent several days with her Uncle R.H. Jones has returned home to Dadeville Ala.
Miss Arvenia Leonard, daughter of Starke Leonard of natural Bridge, Fla., is visiting her cousin, Miss Willie Leonard.
George Mulkey of Heath shot himself in the leg the other day.
R.E. Anderson, who on November 3 killed E.J. Boykin has been indicted for murder –
Selma, Ala.

Mr. Gilmore lost a leg in the saw mills at Luverne.
John Powell has sold his place a few miles south of Andalusia to J.O. Oliver.
Amos Hardy does painting.
Wm. Leonard of McCrae is spending time with his brother, H. H. Leonard near Andalusia.
Mr. Fred Rushton has sold his place to Mrs. J.L. Strothers place, east of town.
Visitors to Andalusia:
T. M. Watson, S.R. Gatlin of Opp, Calvin Russell of Pink, J.M. Corr of Birmingham, G,W, Johnson and son, Charley of Falco, Messrs. Frank Feagin and Frank Chesser of Feagin, Mr. E. Pagett of Red Level, Love Williams of Dozier. Mr. Jemison and Mr. Jones of Coffee County passed through Andalusia on their way to Santa Rosa, Fla., Miss Abbie Pagett of Red Level, Geo. Stephenson postmaster at Brantley Ala., Rev. F.G. Hartman and wife of Geneva, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Moody of Rose Hill, Mr. T.C. Penton and wife of Florala, Miss Kate Rogers, John Barton of Red Level.

January 23, 1907
Born: Born on Thursday, a son to Orie Allen.
Died: The wife of Mr. Ed Robinson died a few days ago at Ferry Pass and her remains brought to Brooklyn for Interment. She was the sister to Messrs William, Caleb, George and Rufus Snowden residing near Brooklyn.
Died: Mr. John Diamond, one of Covington’s oldest citizens died at his home, a few miles south of New home on Friday. He was over 70 years of age.

Married: Miss Ella Hart and Mr. Dan Henderson, they reside below Andalusia.

Of Interest:
John E. Mancil of Evergreen purchased a home of messrs. J.A. Brown and C.H. Stewart on Oak and 1st St.
H.A. Lundy killed 16 fat hogs on Sunday.
E.R. Parker arrived from Andalusia Tuesday to be at the bed-side of his brother, Dr. E.T. Parker.- Brewton
Dr. Terry and Mr. Payne went bird hunting at Mt. Olive.
H.V. Haye’s wife and little boy have both been seriously ill in Mt. Olive.
P.H. Enzor has bought J.W. Mill’s place at Mt. Olive and moved. Mr. Mills has moved near Red Level.
Ben Hart and wife of Beck visited Mason.
T.R. Douglas, Quincy Gillis, Louis Moore, Stacy Gillis, Laurence Moore, Hundley Douglas and Henry Hart have all gone to Atmore where they have employment.
Ben Hill of Brewton was in Mason Sunday.
W.W. Moore of Mason will soon move his family to Brooklyn.
Louis Langford and family have moved from Mason to Dixie.
Miss Bertha Folsom spent Monday in Troy.
Mrs. B.H. Lewis is visiting friends in Goshen.
Jas. L. Stewart bought a fine pair of mules.

Visitors to Andalusia: J.T. Penton of Florala, W.H. Daughtry of Hartford, A.B. Mays of Dozier, J.W. Baggett of Milligan, Fla., Cornelius Thomasson of Fairfield.

January 30, 1907
Born: Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Shreve have a new daughter.

Married: Miss Ursie Hart and Mr. Arthur McCreary of Brooklyn married at the home of Mr. Rueben Hart of Brooklyn.
Married: E.C. Joiner and Miss Bellsia Crowder married at Mr. Joe Crowder’s in Sanford.

DIED: Dr. E. T. Parker, a physician of Brewton died a few days ago. Mr. E.R. Parker of Andalusia was his brother.
Died: Mrs. W.B. Manning, relict of W.B. Manning, deceased, died at her home in Florala a few days ago.
Of Interest:
Jacob Benton of Opp passed through Friday night on his way home from St. Louis where he bought a car.
Marshall Kye Smith of Samson killed a prominent citizen. Office Smith is now in jail at Geneva.
Charley Kilpatrick of Heath visited his brother G.W. Kilpatrick of Carolina Sunday
D.H. Metheen bought a five residence and lot from B.F. Stuckey in Sanford.
Mr. J. H. Rose has 2 sick children.
Rev. W.S. Jones has moved to Heath.
J. H. Rose went to Montgomery Tuesday.
A. L. Larken went to Montgomery this week.
Miss Maggie Mae Robinson is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.D. Henderson of Sanford.
Mr. Merriwether of Heath has moved to Andalusia.
John Mancil recently bought property in Andalusia.
W.L. Walling, the clever young Western Union operator in Andalusia, resigned & will be moving to Montgomery next week.
Clyde Kelley of Slocum, managers of the Morris Lumber Co’s mill, visited Andalusia the other day.
Jim Lord recently shot George and Bill Holmes. The parties resided near the line of Crenshaw and Coffee. The wounded men are in dangerous condition.
Miss McMilliam, who was at one time a teacher in the Andalusia High school, visited Miss Bertha Folsom last week,
A.C. Wilder has moved to College St.
J. E. Savage is building anew place in Carolina.
Gordan Hunter of Carolina has returned home from South Carolina after a pleasant stay with Relatives.
Notice: Covington County, Ala, notice is given that Cleveland McCurley will make application to the Gov. for parole or pardon for himself, for the crime of manslaughter 1st degree for which he is serving 10 years, charged with killing Charley Findley.
Covington County: In chancery Court at Andalusia, Ala., 16th District Southeastern chancery division. G.B. NALL, complaintant Vs. Elizabeth Nall, respondent. The defendant’s place of residence in unknown and over the age of twenty-one years, The said Elizabeth Nall, to plead answer or demur to the bill of complaint in this cause by 31st day of January 1907, or in 30 days thereafter, a decree pro confesso may be taken against her. Done this 21st day of Dec. 1906.
Eugene Grant from the Florala news is in town.
Montgomery, Ala Land office notices:
---December 10, 1906- George W. Johnson, of Falco Ala. Has filed notice to make five years notice of his intention to make final 5 year proof in support of his claim. Witnesses: Richard M. Clary, James D. Clary, Christopher C. Lenhart, James S. Crawford, James S. Crawford, all of Falco.
---January 9, 1907- Daniel L. Hataway, Of Dozier, Ala. Witnesses: James P. Frazier, Carl Drake, Las. P. Drake, Arter Frazier, all of Dozier, Ala.
---January 9, 1907- Orsey R. Kersey, Of Rye, Ala. Witnesses: Charlie Tillis, Jerom Bass, Oliver B. Henley, William Richardson, all of Liberty Hill, Ala.
---January 7 1907—Wade H. Gunter, of Andalusia, Ala. Witnesses: Andrew L. Jordan, Elzy Walker, Giles C. Gunet, James A. Hutto, all of Andalusia, Ala.
--Decemder 4 1906—John A. Richburg of Andalusia, Ala. Witnesses; William R. Huckaba, John F. sanders, William H. Bass, Alonzo F. Rowell, all of Andalusia, Ala.

February 6, 1907
BORN: James Bass of Route 4 has a baby boy.
Born: Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Brooks, a son a few days ago.

Married: Miss Mattie Lee Carter, daughter of Mr. Yance Carter, near Andalusia, and Mr. Lawson Mancill of Sanford were married last Sunday.
Married: Green Hutcheson of Loango and Miss Mary Wilkinson of red Level were married on Thursday.
Married: Johnnie Carter and Miss Lophelia Acree, daughter of D.M. Acree were united in Marriage on Sunday.

Died: The little child of Will Frazier of red Level was buried at Fairmont today. The deceased was a grandchild of Green Williams.

Of Interest:
Chas. D. Henderson of Troy has been appointed president of the railroad commission by Gov. Comer.
Castleberry is the home of the Brawners, W.N. and J.E. Brawner of Andalusia being family members.
Maj. B.H. Lewis and wife visited Dozier and Rose Hill.
Miss Alice Taylor left Friday on a trip to Opp.
C.E. Fellows has moved into his new residence on Carlton Street.
Mrs. Emma Furlow visited relatives at Goshen.
S.G. Seeley, residing at Route 4 sold out and moved to Arkansas.
Cleve bean, who has been spending time in Wing, Fla., has returned to Andalusia.
Mrs. Taylor of Andalusia was called to Heath Tuesday by the sickness of her mother, Mrs. J.C. Barton.
Mrs. Theoxana Gunter of Aiken, S.C. is visiting her sons, G.C. Gunter of Carolina, And Boykin Gunter of river Falls and other relatives. She is accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Hattie Ables of the same place.

Visitors to Andalusia:
Hon. N.B. Powell of Opp., W.W. O’Neal of Heath, N.P. Powell, ESQ., of Opp., J.W. Powell of Opp., Prof. Thomas W. Capps of Heath, Frank Chesser of Feagin, E.A. Brantley of Loango.

February 13, 1907
Married: Miss Rosa Snowden and Mr. Will Flowers of Florida, were married at the brides fathers home, Mr. C.W. Snowden.
Married: Homer E. Goolsby to Miss Minnie Lee Howell, her parents are Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Howell.
Died: James Watson, the young son of J.A. Watson and wife, died at the home of his Uncle last week.
Of Interest:
Eugene Thames is town Marshal of River Falls.
The Fiddlers Convention given by The Woodman of The World:
The judges were: Prof. C.F. Capps, Circuit Clerk W.H. Jones and City Marshal J.H. Aplin. The prizes are as follows:
1st- J.W. Youngblood, 2nd Bully Austin, 3rd Will Rushton, 4th R.L. Youngblood, 5th J.E. Carter, 6th Will Thames, 7th J.F. Terry, 8th W.A. Hutcheson.

R.S. Whatley went to Opelika a few days ago.
John Jay is quite sick.
Lawrence Williams of Red Level has gone to Mississippi.
Mrs. John Cooper of River falls was shopping in Andalusia last week.
J.E. Childress was in Andalusia Saturday.

March 6, 1907
Died: Uncle Jim Johnston died at his home near Oakey Streak on Monday of last week, he was about 70 years old & has a brother in Red level, Jacob Johnston.
Died: Johnny Mason died by an accidental discharge of his gun.
Died: Mrs. Roper, a widow, died with pneumonia. She leaves several children.
Born: Born to Claud O’Neal and wife, a son.
Of Interest:
W.J. Belin is engaged in the turpentine business near Geneva.
Alroy Mason’s new dwelling at Conecuh River will be completed soon.
James Floyd and wife and son Abner of Conecuh River have been quite sick.
N.B. Dixon of Rome, whose barn was destroyed by fire has been rebuilt.
Jim Halford shot his grandfather, Marsh Smith and his Uncle, Clay Smith. Halford was carried to Greenville jail.
Mrs. Wash carter is rapidly recovering.
W.E. Moore of Ponds was in Andalusia on business Monday.
J. A. Tadlock, a merchant of Heath was in Andalusia Monday.
Buddie Bagley and William Anderson Mock of near this place, attended an entertainment at Mason a few nights ago.
Mrs. Joe Patterson of Heath, spent several days recently with her daughter, Mrs. Lee Finkley of Crenshaw County.

March 20, 1907
Died: Rev. Neil Gillis, a Methodist preacher, died at Clayton at age 77.
Died: Mr. Jess Sasser was found dead in bed at his home.
Died: The wife of Allen Findley of River falls died on Sunday. She was the former Miss Hitson. She leaves a husband and several children. She was laid to rest at Fairmont on Monday.
Born: Jackson Stokes of Adellum has a new baby girl.
Born: Born to Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Belin, a son.

Of Interest:
Old Timers:
Uncle Dred Bagley is in his 86th year.
Judge A.J. Fletcher, 79 years old, came to Andalusia from Virginia in 1849.
Uncle David Barrow is about age 79.
Mrs. Martha Plyes of River Falls is 89, she is the sister to Messrs. Tobe and Allen Caton.
J.M. Nall is in his 89th year.
Uncle Johnnie McQueen is at the advanced age of 85.
Miss Lizzie Mock and her brother, William Anderson of Andalusia were visitors to their sister, Mrs. George Hassell in Feagin Saturday.

March 27, 1907
Married: J. L. Hollond and Miss Nora Dunn married Sunday.
Married: D.E. Kilpatrick and Miss Ponds near Andalusia were married a few days ago.
Died: Mrs. William Redmon’s 6 month old baby strangled on mile from it’s bottle.
Of Interest:
Mrs. M.A. Diamond of Beck is spending the week with her parents at Hick’s Mill.
G.W. Loveless and his son, George started home when a pin which held the shafts in place slipped slipped out. The load of freight scattered promiscuously along the highway. Mr. Loveless had several ribs broken, George had one or more ribs broken and injured severely about the back & hips.
Coleman Thames of River Falls has gone to Mississippi.
Doctor and Mrs. Pennington went fishing Tuesday.
Miss Helen Mahone of Andalusia has been spending a short while with her parents in Greenville.
J.M. Wyatt of Loango was in the office here Fiday.
Mrs. J.H. Houston is home again after visiting relatives.

April 3, 1907
Died: Last Saturday, the 2 little sons of Mr. James Pagett, living near Conecuh River Church found a white infant, entirely naked in the river just back of R.R. Pagett’s field. It was a fully developed child. It was taken and buried.
Died: W.H. West shot and fatally wounded F.H. Frazier then put the pistol ball through his own brain in Montgomery on Wednesday. Both men were R.R. Engineers.
Died: John Davis of Highland Home was bitten by a Moccasin and died.

Of Interest:
Vick Murphy of Brockton, Ala. had a Minnie ball extracted from his leg he received at age 17 in 1864.
Miss Ella Stanley and Mrs. King of Opp are visiting friends and relatives in Andalusia.
Charlie cook returned home Thursday from Newton.
Jefferson Whitman of Haymon, Coffee County was here Friday.
Miss Mary E. McIver who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. J.M. Robinson for several weeks has returned to Brewton.

April 10, 1907
Born: Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Hill of South Three Notch St. had a son Tuesday.
Died: Jospeh Chappell of Opp was killed by a falling tree during a storm Friday afternoon last. He was a brother-in-law to C.H. Johnston. The body was carried to Riley burial ground for Interment.
Died: The little six year old son of J.M. Stanford died Friday night.
7 persons, 5 white and 2 colored were killed by a cyclone that passed through Luverne Friday. The dead are: Kames Knowles, Son of James Knowles, Hugh Farrior and two children, Jule May, Negro. Mrs. Farrior was fatally hurt at Bradleytown, Samuel Brown and the two children were injured. Dan Jordan was seriously hurt.
Died: Mr. Lawrence Lindsey died at his home. He was lying in bed & struck by lightning yet his wife and child who were also in bed were unharmed. Mr. Lindsey was a son of Mr. Emanuel Lindsey and a brother to J.M. Lindsey. His remains were laid to rest in the family burial ground six miles from Andalusia.
Died: John C. Lewis, brother to Judge B.H. Lewis of this place died at his home in Denning Texas on the 5th of April. He was 54 years old and a native of Pike County, Ala, but went to Geneva to the Lone star State for 17 years before his death.

Married: Mr. E.W. Cooper to Miss Gussie Salter. The bride is the youngest daughter of Judge and Mrs. J.L. Salter.
Of Interest:
Will Etheridge, Flagman on the Falco Train, missed his foothold and fell under the wheels, both legs were mangled and amputation was necessary.
Bully Austin spent the day In Montgomery.
W.L. Howell has moved to Beck.
Mrs. Arthur Patrick was quite sick.
Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Mays visited relatives in Montgomery last week.
Notice: Covington County, list of delinquent tax payers
Beat no.1- D.D. Blue, S.G. Jones, Mrs. F.E. Jones, J.F. Pendry, Heirs- one house and lot in Rose Hill, bound on the North & East by Aaron Stewart’s lands, bounded on the south by Mrs. Gate Nichol’s land, West by public road leading to Dozier, and one storehouse and lot in Rose Hill,Ala., bounded on the North by Dick Stewarts property, west by Mrs. McLauchlins property, south by J.A. Carters property, and east to public road.
S.J. Smith, W.R. White. Beat 2- all owner unknown.
Beat 3- Mrs. Annie T. Black, O.L. Bryan, Henry Kendrick
Beat 4- A.B. Mays Beat 5- J.M. Odom Beat 6 –unknown owners
Beat 9- Dr. W.R. Belcher, O.R. Blue, Nute Johns, Della Paul, Richard Johnson, D.D. Roberts. J.H. Thompkins, W.J.S. Wilson
Beat 10- G.W. Bracken, J,M, Carter, Mike Elliott, Joseph H. Givens, S.O. Smith
Beat 12- Mrs. R.F. Fitzhugh of Red Level, Beat 13- F.M. McKinney, Mrs. Richardson, H.J. Wise. Beat 18- Mrs. F.C. Hays, Mrs. J.T. Soloman Beat 19- D.H. Richardson

May 1, 1907
Married: Arthur Bush and Miss Jennie Vines ere married at River Falls on Wednesday.
Died: A little five month old daughter of John Henry Williams died Monday night & was buried Tuesday.
Died: Wm. Flowers, a wealthy saw mill man of Greenville died on the 29th of April.
Died: M. Tucker, a citizen of Crenshaw County died a few days ago.
Of Interest:
S.W. Mahone of Greenville has been spending time with his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Milligan on River Falls St.

May 8, 1907
Born: Born to Mr. And Mrs. Bibb Stewart, an eleven pound son on Thursday.

Died: Mrs. Chas. Horton died at the family home Sunday morning. She was 28 years old and leaves a husband and a little son about 3 years old. Her remains were carried to River Falls for Interment.

Of Interest:
Joe Stanley and W.K. Smith, the men arrested upon warrant sworn out by R.C. Beagle, a detective, charged with having burned the Ackerman family at Allentown, last May were brought to Milton to jail. Stanley was arrested at Samson where he & his wife and 2 children had moved. W.K. Smith was arrested at Gonzales near Pensacola. He had lived in Allentown where the cremation took place until a few weeks ago when his wife died and he took his 6 children to Monroeville, Ala.
Horace Jones and wife of Crestview, Fla., spent several days this week with the family of P.J. Campbell of Andalusia. Mrs. Jones is the daughter of Mr. Campbell.

May 15, 1907
Married: Mr. Claude Harrison of Searcy and Miss Velma Jones of red Level were married on the 5th.
Died: Harvey Brooks, age 19, drowned in Lake Jackson on Sunday last while bathing, His parents reside in Atlanta.
Died: Mrs. Minnie Murphy (nee Easley) died at her home in Daleville Sunday and her remains interred in the cemetery of that place yesterday. She leaves a husband and one child.
Of Interest:
Mrs. Burnett left on a visit up the Central Road.
Richard Penton and Johnnie Miller from Florala were in town Thursday.
Bud Patterson of Loango has a fever.
Kennard Kendall and mother, Mrs. R.J. Kendall of Brooklyn were in town Saturday.
Mrs. James Taylor has been quite sick for several days.
An alligator was killed in Mr. Worthington’s yard at Mason last week.
Little Spencer Kierce of Andalusia, is spending time with his grandparents, T.C. King and wife- Greenville Advocate

May 22, 1907
Born: J.B. Watson is all smiles, it’s a girl, Mrs. Watson is not doing to well.
Died: Mrs. H. M. Murphy died at the family home in Daleville on Monday the 13th. She was the daughter of Mrs. M. Easley of Andalusia. She leaves a husband and 5 month old child.
Died: The body of Charles Williams, the young man who drowned in Escambia Bay Friday when he leaped in the water to get his hat, was shipped to Red level, Ala last night. There his young wife & infant child reside. He is the fourth member of the family to die within a month. First the mother expired, shortly after one of the brothers and then the sister. The deceased married Gussie Tyne of Andalusia and leaves 1 child. Joseph Barton of Heath brought the body by boat Sunday night.
Of Interest:
G.W. Mason and Family of Mason have moved back to Brooklyn.
J.M. Barnes went to Montgomery last week.
In Evergreen-The residence of Mrs. Eunice Sampey was burned Friday morning. The fire so alarmed Mrs. Robbins, the aged mother of Mrs. Sampey that she died of fright.
A.C. Wilder has a very sick child.
Lee Smith took a day off last week & went fishing at Gantt.
R.S. Whatley left a few days ago for Oklahoma. He will be gone about 10 days.
Jimmie Smith, son of Joseph Smith narrowly escaped being killed by a falling tree while at work in the woods.
The house occupied by Mrs. Tyne, a widow, was struck by lightning on Tuesday.
Miss Walton who has been spending a few days with her cousin, Mrs. C.E. Fellows is visiting relatives at Enterprise.

June 3, 1907
Born: Mrs. Brown, wife of a farmer living near sandy Creek church in Walton County, Fla., gave birth to 3- 6lb girls recently.
Born; born to Rev. and Mrs. E.W. Smith of Adellum, a daughter on May 30th.
Born: born to Green Odom and wife of Sanford, a son on the 29th ult.
Born: born to Henry Brewer and wife near Andalusia, a son on the 30th.

Died: Mrs. James Lowery of Pensacola, was bured in red Level Friday last, She was formerly a resident at Red Level.
Died: Joseph Cole died at Heath on Thursday he was in his 35th year. He leaves a wife and three small children.
Died: a little six week old babe of mr. and mrs. Bully Austin died Monday and was buried Tuesday.
Died: Ben Thomas died Friday of last week, he was about age 22. He leaves a mother, brother and sister.

Married: Miss Nora Horne and Mr. Allen Sconyers were happily married Sunday at Hagler’s Mill.
Married: S.W. Ridelhoover and Miss Alice McGraw were married at Milton, Fla., on the 30th of May.
Married: Mr. Burnett Prestwood and Miss White, one of the teachers of Andalusia High school, left for Laurel Hill Fla., where they were married and returned to Andalusia on Monday.
Of Interest:
A cotton bloom was discovered at Sid Barnes place in Heath.
Barney Graves of Andalusia spent time with his parents.
Mrs. W.T. Prestwood was called to Florala last week by sickness of her sister, Miss Allie Hart, who died a short while after her arrival.
Jake Martin who was charged with killing young Kennedy at Falco was found Guilty on Tuesday by Jury.
Dr. Sellers and wife of Red Level were called to Andalusia by the sickness of their granddaughter, Mrs. Parish.
Tommie and Bosie of Heath each have a fine crop.
Miss Eva Jernigan visited Mrs. Rainer of Lewiston, Saturday.
W.R. Teele had a valuable mule to die.
Henry Hussey lost a valuable horse.
Mrs. L.P. Driggers with her little baby, of Andalusia, is spending several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Mixon in Evergreen County.

June 10, 1907
Died: The grandchild of Rev. M.J. Barnes, which was buried at River Falls Sunday.
Died: a little child of Arthur Edge and wife of Spring Creek, below Geneva died on Saturday and the remains brought to River Falls for Interment.
Died: W.B. Carter, near Ponds, a member of the primitive Baptist Church and leaves a wife and several grown sons and daughters, one of whom, Yance Carter lives in Andalusia.
Mrs. Emma Brinks of Mississippi is spending a month with her mother, Mrs. Jane Diamond in Beck.
Noah Davis of Falco went to Montgomery for treatment.

June 26,1907
Died: Mrs. Frank Ward of Feagin, died after undergoing an operation for a tumor that supposed weighd 75 lbs. She lived only 8 hours after the operation. She leaves a husband and little boy.
Died: A son of Van White, residing at Boykin, Ala. Had a rising on his face which he picked with the point of a rusty knife, the blood poison followed.
Died: A son of Mr. Jourd Ammonds of Fairfield died on Thursday of last week and was buried at Hopewell Church.

Of Interest:
Frank Watts of River Falls, while cleaning his pistol was painfully wounded by the accidental discharge of the weapon.

Of Interest:
Frank Watts of River Falls, while cleaning his pistol was painfully wounded by the accidental discharge of the weapon.

July 3, 1907
Died: A little child of Robert Watson of Beck died last Thursday and was buried at Hopewell.
Died: A little child of Jno. I Hart died Monday and was buried Tuesday.

Of Interest:
Misses Idell, Minnie and Bessie Adams of Andalusia are the guests of their Aunt, Mrs. J.O. Bryan. Their brother Tom Adams was here last week and returned home.- Greenville.
G.B. Martin, east of Rome was here Saturday.
Mrs. Black of Andalusia is the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Henderson on Murphee Street.- Troy.
Cleve Bean went to Montgomery Friday.
S.B. Milligan will leave this week on a trip to Florida.
Mrs. Burnett is visiting relatives at Montgomery.
Mrs. Donagher of River Falls was shopping in Andalusia Thursday.
Miss Carrie Mallory is visiting her sister, Mrs. S. G. Woodall.
Master Joe Martin left Sunday to visit his parents in Calhoun, Ala.
Albert Taylor the son of the ex-tax collector Taylor, who has been in Mississippi for the past 3 months has returned to Andalusia.
J.T. Law of Elba spent some days at last week with relatives here & Red Level.
Notice: Covington County July 2 term 1907. The Estate of John C. Adams deceased. Letters Administration of the said deceased having being granted the undersigned as Sheriff of said County.

July 10, 1907
Died: The 2 month old babe of Robert Watson died recently in Beck.
Died: Miss Nobie, the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Bringhurst, living near Red Level was fatally burned by an explosion of a kerosene lamp.
Of Interest:
Deputy Sheriff John Prestwood and Tom Jernigan went over to Chapman & hall’s camp, near Loango Sunday to arrest a negro, the negro opened fire on Jernigan & got away and Mr. Jernigan’s wound is not necessarily fatal.
The saw Mill of G.E. Hicks located about 3 ½ miles below Andalusia was destroyed by fire yesterday.
Mrs. W.E. Dillard is in Andalusia is visiting her daughter Mrs. R.H. Jones- Montgomery.
Miss Rosa McKenzie of Calhoun, Ala., is visiting her sister, Mrs. H.C. Martin.
Mrs. W.J. Hamilton of Troy is visiting his sister, Mrs. C.E. Fellows of this place.
Miss Gillis of troy is visiting her cousin Miss Bertha Folsom on East Notch Street.
W.T. Wise left Tuesday for an extended visit to Gasden.
Mrs. Mary Russell, after a long visit to her son Mack in Andalusia returned home to Luverne.

July 17, 1907
Married: Miss Bertha Folsom and Mr. John G. Sessoms were married at the home of the bride’s father on East Three notch Street on Thursday. The bride & groom are from Andalusia.

Died: John W. Weaver and Thomas B. Bolling were killed during an electrical storm near Opp. Their manner of death may never be known.
John Weaver was about 27 years old & the son of James Weaver.
Died: Will Chesser met tragic death Sunday last, under the influence of whiskey, in River Falls. He was attempting to get out of his buggy and he fell & died of strangulation. John Franklin who was driving with Chesser just had gone into the depot. It seems there was no eye-witness. His remains were brought to Andalusia for Interment in Hopewell Church near Beck. He had life insurance policies that were drawn in favor of a widowed sister, Mrs. Hortense Lunsford of Beck.
Of Interest:
Elder S.D. Wiggins and wife of Hickory nut Ridge visited their father and mother, J.W. Little and wife of Andalusia the latter part of the week.
Mrs. Nancy Herrix, 106 years old, of Crenshaw County, rode 40 miles to attend a family reunion.
Little Miss Leonanie Allena and Venola Woodall are on a visit with their grandparents in Lagrange, Ga.
Mr. Wash Harrell of Birmingham, is visiting his mother Mrs. W.R. Turner in Andalusia.
N. Dubois was arrested and jailed fro shooting a negro in Opp.
For sale, 40 Acres valuable farming land. A.Z. Cobb.
Frank Brown of Birmingham is visiting his brother R.B. Broom of Rt. 1, whom he has not seen in 18 years.
Mrs. Huggins, an aged lady of Hilton, is visiting her grandson, J.A. Taylor of Andalusia.
We are informed an operation will be preformed on Mrs. J.A. Howell, daughter of Mr. J.A. Howell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Rushton, next Saturday.

July 24, 1907
Married: Miss Mattie T. Guice and Mr. Merrell Shehan of Montgomery were married on Sunday.
Of Interest:
J.V. Henderson of Sanford is ill at the home of his sister, Mrs. Benson, on East Three Notch.
Master Hendrix Jeter of Andalusia is here visiting his sister, Mrs. D.J. Brooks- Elba Clipper.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor of Opp have moved to Andalusia and occupy a place on South Three Notch Street.
Coroner Thomas not being home, Judge Thames of River Falls conducted the inquest held over the remains of Will Chesser last week.
Mr. E.S. Collier and wife, left Sunday to spend a few days near Opp.
Miss Carrie Montgomery is visiting her sister, Mrs. Wynn.
I will pay the highest price for chickens and eggs. J.A. Taylor.
Mr. Fletcher Hagood came near losing a child to drowning last week.

July 31, 1907
Married: C.W. Horton and Miss Lou Stokes were married Sunday last at River Falls.
Married: A.M. Miller and Miss Josie Welch were married at Loango last Sunday by W.I. Hutchison.
Married: William Smith and Georgia Belle Seale were married by Squire E.A. Brantley at Loango Sunday last, at the home of the bride’s father, Mr. C.C. Seale.

Died: H.T. Babcock of Troy attended the funeral of his brother-in-law, Geo W. Bagley on Sunday.
Died: Killing at Bradley: July 27, 1907 Montgomery Advertiser- News of the killing of Joseph H. Givens at Bradley, 25 miles east of Brewton was received here yesterday. His wife received severe chastisement at the hands of her drunken husband, who was also cruelly mistreating her and pulling her hair. Procuring a shot gun, it is said she deliberately shot and killed Givens. Givens was about 45 years in age.

The jury term of the city of Andalusia convenes on Monday August 26th of August and the jury is as follows:
J.E. Rawls, S.A. Howell, C.O. Lowman, J.M. Bailey, John G. Foshee, J. J. Bell, W. M. Sturtevant, J.N. Short, David Batson, J. J. Lamar, A.T. Powell, R.S. Whatley, J.T. Cockcroft, Wm. Rigdon, A.J. McDaniel, G.W. Mason, S.J. Kolb, J. N. Findley, J.M. Johnson, G.W. Morris, J.S. Boles, W.E. Moore, C.C. Lenhart, J. S. Martin.

Of Interest:
Capt. Edward Crenshaw of Greenville is enjoying a family reunion with his 5 brothers, W.H. and A.F. Crenshaw of Coleman, Fla., Prof. Bolling Crenshaw of Auburn, Anderson Crenshaw of Calhoun, and Elmore Crenshaw of Luverne are here.
Lucien Rye is here on a visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Rye.
Saturday Morning J.F. Howard shot George W. Bagley in the Hart & Bagley wood & iron shop. 3 shots were fired by young Howard. Bagley fell to the floor & died instantly.
Young Howard is about 23 years of age, single, while Bagley was about 52 years old and leaves a wife and children.
Willie Folsom of Red Level is ill at the home of his sister, Mrs. John G. Sessoms on East Three Notch St.

August 7, 1907
Died: Mrs. Aba Raley of Heath died last Friday.
Died: Mr. Martin who resided in the Strickland community, died of cancer a few days ago.
Died: Mrs. John Trotman of Troy died suddenly Friday last.
Married: A.M. Miller and Miss Josie Welch were married at the home of the Bride’s father, Mr. John Welch at Loango, on Thursday, July 25th.
Married: Thos. Everett and Miss Kate Pugh of Andalusia were married last Sunday at Paxton, Fla.
Married: Mr. Less Edwards and Miss Genie Bass of Shady Hill were married last Sunday.
The coroner’s jury decided that Mrs. Joseph Givens was justifiable in the killing of her husband in Brantley a short time ago.

August 17, 1907
Of Interest:
H.C. Burson of Buford, Ga., was at Andalusia last week. He lived in Andalusia about 30 years ago. He was here visiting his cousins, Frank and John Watson.

August 23, 1907
DIED: Rev. W.P. Howell preached the funeral sermon on Sunday of Miss Nobie Bringhurst of Red Level who was burned to death about a month ago. The services were held at Fairmont Church, Red Level.
Married: John Barton and Miss Kate Sheffer were married last Sunday.

Of Interest:
The following subscribers were added to our list this week: H.B. Sellers; Opp, J.J. Thames; Laurel Hill, Fla, T.J. Crosby; Teddy Ala., J.H. Dukes and W.J. Clements of Andalusia.
Sheriff Prestwood and Marshal Aplin arrested Rob Cooper on Tuesday last, whom is believed wanted in Union Springs for the shooting of a deputy Sheriff.

AUGUST 30, 1907
Married: W.T. Combs, Jr. of Andalusia and Miss Effie Carmack of Macon County, were married at the home of the bride Aug. 11th.

September 6, 1907
Married: Brooks Brown and Miss Lillie Mae Bozeman were married in Gantt last Thursday.
Married: Miss Rosa Carter at Atmore and E.W. Harp of River Falls. They were married in Mobile, Ala. at the home of the bride’s sister.
Married: Miss Ida Benton and Joe Thompson were married in River Falls. Mr. Thompson has been very ill with a fever since the marriage.
Married: Miss Ora Vines and C.L. Strong of River Falls were married at the home of J.R. Peacock’s on Sunday Sept 1st.

Of interest:
Miss Costen of Goshen is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.K. Brooks on River falls Street.
Mr. Frank Knight is quite sick and at the home of his son-in-law, Mr. Harrison, near Nance’s still.
Miss Julia Coleman left today for a visit to Elba, upon her return, she will leave Andalusia to live with her sister, Mrs. W.L. Parks- Troy messenger.
Sheriff Prestwood arrested Jim Hart in Escambia County charged with killing a man at McArten’s still.

September 13, 1907
Died: Two 7-year old children in Elba killed by lightning on Thursday at the home of Lewis Taylor. A little boy and a little girl were playing on the Veranda at the Taylor home when lightning struck them, Death was instant. One child was the child of Mr. Taylor and the other was his grandchild.

September 20, 1907
Died: A child of Mr. and Mrs. Barron was buried Monday afternoon.
Died: Judge Terry Richardson was found dead in his bed at Luverne Monday morning. He had been suffering from headache & inhaled chloroform for relief. He went to sleep & the bottle over turned on the pillow and he was over come by the fumes.
Died: Georgia Brooks, a young white woman was found dead in the suburbs of Troy a few days ago.
Married: Willie P. Windham of Elba and Miss Daisy Beasley were married on the 18th at the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Beasley near River Falls.
Of interest: City Marshal Aplin is ill with fever.
Mrs. John Gamble of Troy is visiting her sister Mrs. L.E. Broughton this week.

Teachers License in Covington County announced:
Zack Rogers, Searight; Annie Lloyd, J.T. Grimes, Carrie Daniel, J.S. Greer, Andalusia; Florida Calloway, Brooklyn; M.A. Kirkland, Andalusia; Mae Godwin, Pink; W. W. Meriwether, Andalusia; Kate Sanders, Brooklyn; Maude Stewart, Andalusia.
Mrs. Hayne Boykin of Brewton is visiting her brother Maj. G.B. Frierson and family on South Three Notch St.

September 27, 1907
Born: A son born to T.A. Patrick and wife on the 18th.
Born: Born to Bob Coleman and wife last week, twins, a boy and a girl.
Died: W.S. Givens died a few days ago at his home in Laurel Hill.

Of Interest:
J.W. Barnes is recovering from a fall from a buggy.
The little son of H.J. Law fell and broke his leg last Saturday.

October 4, 1907
Died: Wright Miller died on Saturday last and was buried on Sunday. He leaves a wife and several children.
Died: Sheriff Belser died suddenly at his home in Montgomery Tuesday. He was 52 years old and had been married a second time only a month.

October 11, 1907
Died: C.H. James died at his home on South Three Notch Street on the 5th inst. He came to Andalusia from Tifton, Ga. He had been married about a year. His remains will be shipped to Tifton for burial.

Married: Miss Zoa Hogg of Searight and E.R. Merrill of Andalusia were married at the home of the bride’s parents at Searight, Wednesday.

Of Interest:
Mrs. T.A. Simmons of River Falls visited her father in at Belleville a few days ago.
Charley Smith charged with killing O.L. Lowery is lodged at Bradley, Ala in Brewton jail.
Mr. Bullard of Savannah has been visiting nephew John G. Sessoms this week.
At Opp Ala, I am offering a bargain in a hotel business. L.J. Salter, Andalusia, Ala.
Deputy Marshal Barnes has returned from Atlanta.
Mrs. Harrison from Atlanta is here visiting relatives this week.
Herbert Riley leaves next Teusday for New Orleans.
Miss Jennie Brown left yesterday for a visit to her sister, Mrs. Smith in Red Level.
Mrs. S.B. Milligan and Miss Hattie Gresham were visitors at Greenville last week.
James Beasley of Red Level subscribed to the Times.
Miss Ammie Jeter left yesterday for her home in Andalusia, after a visit with a friend, Miss Hallie Henderson. Brundridge Record-
On last Saturday little Margaret Knox celebrated her 4th birthday at her home on East Three Notch Street.
Walter Streetman, formerly of Dozier, had his arm torn off while working in a ginnery in Macon County. He is the son-in-law of T.D. Jeffries of Rt. 5, this County.

October 18, 1907
Born: Clim Bryan and wife of Ponds have a 10 ½ lb. daughter.
Born: W.P. Temple and wife have a new heir in their home.
Died: Mrs. Bessie Cooper died instantly at Centerville, Ala., by jumping from a buggy.
Of Interest:
J.S. Davis of Ponds has moved to Florida.
John Parnell and family, blacksmith, has moved to Troy, Ala.
J.D. Mcpherson went to St. Anthony, Idaho to settle his brother’s estate.
Mrs. Babe Cantaline of Opp, and her son, J.D. Cantaline is a confederate pensioner, between 65-70 years old have never ridden on a train before.
Barnett Solomon is ill with fever in Montgomery.
Covington Court: J. W. Grissett vs. M. L. Grissett, the defendant, M.L. Grissett, is a resident of the State of New York, but her residence is unknown and sheis over the age of 21 years. It is therefore ordered by the register, that publication by made in the newspaper once a week, requiring her, the said M.L. Grissett to plead, answer or demur to the bill of complaint cause by this 14th day of Sept. 1907, done this 12th day of Sept. 1907. A. Whaley, Register.
Foreclosure on Mortgage executed on 17th Februsry 1904 by W.W. Sexton, Sallie E. Street, and Lucy Parish to Mizell & Benton Bros. filed and recorded in Covington Co.,Ala. October 10, 1907 J.A. Vaughn, Transferee.

November 1, 1907
Died: J.A Dent, a painter, commited suicide at Elba, He leaves a wife and four children.

Grand & Petit Jurors, Fall term, Covington County
Grand Jurors: Henry Elliott, R.W. Watson, C.A. Lambert, J.L. Gantt, Mose Dillard, J.D. Cleary, J.C. Lloyd, T.F. Prestwood, W.B. Gantt, W.H.S. Morrison, Alex Hart, M.M. Cornell, L.C. Graves, J.D. Straughn, Jacob Sims, D.N. Short, J.D. Bulger, S.H. Hutchinson, A.F. Frazier, W.A. Campbell, C. Barnes.
Petit Jurors-1st week-
R.R. Pagett, J.F. Gilmore, J.N. Howard, J.N. Ward, W.J. Johns, J.A. Cleary, Joe Morris, J.J. Etheridge, A.M. Findley, C.T. Childree, W.H. Hart, Reubin Hart, H. Robbins, R.V. Bass, J.A. Vaughn, E.L. Steavens, J.W. Childree, P.D. Bulger, J.A. Colvin, W.J. Cowart, John Kirklin, Tom Lawson, Lee Gunter, C.J. Woodham, C.J. Nelson, G.G. Jackson, A.C. Woodham, J.M. Wishum, M.Z. McLelland, J.N. Spurlin, J.H. Tollison.

Petit Jurors 2nd week
H.C. McLaney, R.F. Jackson, G.B. Goolsby, W.O. Bozeman, E. Sutton, W.H. Vaughn, S.W. Kelley, M.O. Moore, G.A. Hart, O.A. Bryant, W.C. Chandler, M.A. George, E.A. Bowers, Henry King, E. Whidden, John H. Chapman, J.H. Hay, D.J. Liles, B.H. Wyatt, Wiley Raley, T.C. Stallings, H.A. Lundy, G.H. Welsh, S.P. Feagin, V.L. Smyley, J.M. James, J.B. Brown, W.L. Lucus, T.A. Coston, J.J. Josey, A.L. Pierce.

Petit Jurors- 3rd week
J.J. Dubose, N. McIntosh, D.H. Laster, J. J. Mach, E.A. Straughn, A.F. Miller, C.N. Wiggins, Dave T. Walters, W.R. Teel, A.A. Cross, J.W. Cobb, T. M. Watkins, A.S. Rawles, J.A. McQueen, D.S. Crawley, E.L. Sasser, J.H. Wasden, W.R. Bass, A.J. Sims, J.J. McLean, R.B. Martin, Pitt Milner, R.T. Bryant, W.R. Ramer, H.W. Woodham, J.A. McEachin, W.N. Hughes, J.J. Mitchell.

Of Interest: Mrs. Davis of Lafayette is the quest of her daughter, Mrs. A.M. Riley.

November 15, 1907
Born: Mr. and Mrs. Miles of Falco have a new baby girl.
Died: The son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Tadlock of Gantt died.
Died: Carl Smith, Proprietor of a Saloon in Florala was killed by a revolver in the hands of P.T. Mayo.
Married: C.S. Smith and Miss Mollie Ethridge of the Searight neighborhood came to Andalusia last Sunday and were married by Judge Robinson.
Of Interest:
Stealie Moore of falco is on a visit to her parents near Bethel, Fla.
W.H. Hudson who left in the past is back home again.
Mrs. Wes Harris of Montgomery has returned here after a visit to Andalusia.
Mrs. Albritton of Goldsboro, N.C. is visiting her son, E.T. Albritton Esq., of Andalusia.
Turner Stallings, a cousin of C.T. Stallings arrived here yesterday, and is stopping with W.C. Shreve. Mr. Stallings has been making his home in Texas but now it will be Covington County.
Bennie Hart and family of Falco have just returned home from a trip to visit his Father, Reubin Hart.
Mrs. W.O. Lybrand and children of Brantley spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. H.E. Jackson,
The following came up to Andalusia for our oyster supper Friday night., Mr. Gunter accompanied by his Neice, Miss Irma Gunter, Messrs W.M. And Cliff Gantt.

November 22, 1907
Died: J.C. Blue of Montgomery has his teeth pulled & bled to death.
Died: On the 17th of November, Miss Lala Stanley died at her home on East Three notch St. Sunday night. The interment took place Sunday afternoon.
Of Interest:
Miss Susie Barnes, daughter of Deputy Marshal J.W. Barnes is sick with Typhoid fever at the family home near the high school building.
A little child of John Peacock, living near Beck escaped a horrible death by burning. She got to close to a fire but her father saved her & she only has minor injuries.
Barnett Solomon of Andalusia, who has typhoid fever is in the infirmary in Montgomery.
George Ruborn, son of H.J. Ruborn, of Adellum has been critically ill for two weeks.
Bill Bass killed a large gray eagle, on Persimmon Creek, about 13 miles from Andalusia.

Court: County Commissioner Adjourned term, Nov. 14, 1907.
Present were J.M. Robinson, Jr., Judge of Probate; D.I. Straughn, P.J. Gantt, J.N. McLean and J.L. Williams, commissioners, with the following proceedings to wit:
It is ordered that William Gantt be allowed the sum of $12.50 for furnishing coffin for Kidd Gantt, a poor person. It is ordered that C.E. Beck be allowed the sum of $786.50 for part payment building bridge known as NALL bridge on Patsaliga. It is ordered upon consideration of a petition signed by W.O. Searcy & others, praying an election be held on beat 3, to ascertain the running at large of stock in the precinct. It is ordered that M.M. Courtney be allowed the sum of $1.50 for work on stock law fence.
J.L. Williams, D. I. Straughn, J.N. McLean, P.J. Gantt, Commissioners.

November 29, 1907
Born: Letcher Barden and wife have a new heir at their house last Monday morning.
Letcher Barden is out on bond for complicity in a murder in river falls a few years ago, wherein, Mr. Wyrosdick lost his life.

December 6, 1907
Died: The remains of Mr. T.R. Cook, a former citizen of Andalusia, but a resident of Montgomery for the past 2 years arrived here Wed. night and was carried to the home of J.H. Rose on Church Street. He leaves a wife and son.
Died: J.J. Walker, tax collector of Crenshaw County died suddenly of heart failure last Saturday.
Died: Chancery Johnson committed suicide near Henderson. He was on his way home to Goshen when he destroyed himself with a pistol.
Died: J.W. Cowart and family of Gantt were called to Troy Sunday to attend the burial of Mr. Cowart’s Mother.

Married: Herbert Godwin of Feagin and Miss Joe Lunsford of Beck were married Saturday.

Of Interest:
R.D. Byrne and wife of Mobile were quests of J.W. Barnes and wife this week.
A circuit court jury found H.H. Dubose guilty of assault to murder. He was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary.
Walter Sikes was acquitted of the murder at Luverne.
Bankrupt: C.T. Russell Bankrupt, Post office Pink, Coffee County, Ala. Montgomery, Ala Dec. 3, 1907.
Covington County, In Chancery, Otis John vs. Mary E. Johnson, The defendant is a non resident of Alabama, residing in Springfield, in the County of Aiken in the State of South Carolina and over the age of 21. Mary E. Johnson to plead, demur, answer complaint. Done this day of 27th November 1907. A. Whaley, Register.

December 11, 1907
Died: One of the infant twins of Henry Tell, residing below Andalusia died Thursday.

Of Interest:
Rev. R.A. Foster is here on a visit to his daughter’s, Mrs. Robt. Chapman and Mrs. Lawrence Studstill.
Robert Stephens of Covington County is visiting his brother, L.A. Stephens of Troy. Robert will embark on a mercantile in Pike County.

December 18, 1907
Died: James T. Douglas died last week at his home in Brewton.
Married: Avery Williams and Miss Laura Sims of Searight were married last Sunday.
Married: C.H. Haywood and Miss Jennie B. Jacobs of Brantley were married last Sunday.
Marriage license were issued on Sunday to Miss Beulah Sturgis and J.H. Worley.
Married: J.W. King and Miss Edie Hall at Andalusia on Monday.
Married: J.C. Carr and Miss Pearlie M. Guthrie were married last week by Rev. J.A. Hughes at his home.
Married: J.A. Cox and Miss Emily Baker were married by Z. Terry, Justice of the Peace of Red Level.
Married: Miss Kannie Murphee and John Walters were joined in marriage this Wed. at the home of the bride’s mother in Andalusia.

Of Interest:

J.H. Holloway was struck by an automobile at Andalusia last Monday evening. Geo. W. Dunson was driving the automobile. No bones were found to be broken and he was carried to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Locke on a couch. Mr. Dunson regretted the accident and did everything in his power to assist Holloway who was a particular friend of his.

Frank King, a white man wanted in Covington County on two charges selling whiskey was arrested in Florida.
W.W. Varn is attempting a reconcilation with his wife and stop further prosecution.
A.C. Straughn of Rose Hill, and his brother-in-law, J.N. Cureton of South Dakota spent last Saturday at the Bay in Florida.
Mrs. Ethel Raley of Heath is visiting her mother, Mrs. L.C. Cobb of Mobile, Ala.
December 27, 1907
Married: Auburn Barron Henry, formerly of Andalusia, and Miss Mary Marshal Vass of New Orleans occurred on the 18th inst. The Groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Waller Henry.
Married: Johnnie Thomasson of Beck, and Miss Debbie Hilton of Fla. were married at 2:00 Sunday. The wedding occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howell at Beck.
Married: At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howell at Beck, on last Saturday, were H. H. Sanders and Miss Jennie Ethel Bethea, The bride is the daughter of G. Bethea of Brooklyn.
Married: Albert Tipton and Miss Lillie Calvin of Melvina ran away and got married Sunday afternoon.
Married: Charley Ammonds and Miss Viola Neal were married at the home of the Bride’s father near Andalusia last week.


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