Andalusia Folks:
A History in Photographs

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left to right -Hub Carter, EK Forman, Collage Patterson, Rob Patterson, Raymond Carter, and in front Emmitt Carter
A young group from Harmony community that played together
Contributed by Peggy Chesteen

First Grade, Rose Hill school, 1946: back row l-R-- Abrene Henderson , U-vet ?, June Rogers, Toostie Carter, Jo Ann Wallace, Peggy Merrill .
Middle Row l-R Gerald Chesteen, Anita Savage ,George Bryant, Melinda Moody, Haniel Croft, ----?,Douglas Owens, Jo Ann Rogers,
Front Row, l-r Jenell Rogers , Clerman Smith, James Scott ?, Roger Moody, Earl Blocker, Jimmy Lunsford, Peggy Harrelson,Mary June Owens, Charlotte Matthews, Molly Grimes, Wayne Robbins?,Otway Grimes ? . Contributed by Peggy Chesteen

contributed by Peggy Chesteen


Dennis H Moore-Red Level High School football team with Principal and Coach-Early 1920s



Briar Head School, Covington County, Alabama


Micolas Cotton Mill abt. 1952

I would like to share this photo, knowing what a treasure it is to me. It could be a treasure to some of you,too. My name is Patricia"Greer"Hall.I was born in Opp,Ala in 1946 and went to the first grade there. After the first grade ,we moved to Texas. I was going through some of my Mother's old pictures and found this picture of 1st shift at the Mill probably around 1952. My Daddy's name was Andrew Greer. He is the fourth man,second row starting from the left side. He has his hands on the shoulders of the two mem in front of him. I don't know any names of these people. I hope that someone can help to put names to these faces of my Daddy's friends. My Mother also worked at the Mill on the third shift. Her name is Cassie Greer.

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