Alabama Acts: Divorces

As abstracted by Lisa R. Franklin RN from records located at Alabama State Archives.

ACTS of 1818, 1st session-

BENNETT, Elizabeth from BENNETT, James; p7

DEARMOND, Lucretia from DEARMOND, James; p110

ACTS of 1818, 2d session-

BARRON, John from BARRON, Clarissa; p62

EVERITT, John F. from EVERITT, Sarah Ann L.; p28

FULLER, Maria from FULLER, William; p16

HENRY, William from HENRY, Ann; p27

MOORE, Mary P. from MOORE, Gabriel; p15

SYMS, Gray from SYMS, Catharine; p59

ACTS of 1819-none.

ACTS of NOV 1820-none.

ACTS of JUN 1821-none.

ACTS of NOV 1821-

BAGBY, William from BAGBY, Elizabeth; p111, Conecuh County

CALEY, Elizabeth from CALEY, Henry E.; p111, Morgan County

CLIFT, Nancy from CLIFT, Jesse; p111, Madison County

DILLARD, Harriet from DILLARD, Nicholas; p106, Madison County

LORANZ, John B. from LORENZ, Jane; p111, Dallas County

ACTS of 1825/1826-

DIXON, Deborah from DIXON, Samuel; p103, Madison County

GILLASPIE, Nancy from GILLASPIE, Andrew S.; p103, Tuscaloosa County

PAYNE, Samuel from PAYNE, Elizabeth; p103, Butler County

POND, Naomi from POND, Stephen; p103, Madison County

ACTS of 1826/1827-

ALLEN, Coleman from ALLEN, Rebecca; p114, Bibb County

BRYANT, William from BRYANT, Rhodicy; p113, Tuscaloosa County

BUCK, Morgan from BUCK, Lavinia; p113, Tuscaloosa County

DIAMOND, John from DIAMOND, Lizzy; p114, Covington County

DUCKSWORTH, Mary from DUCKSWORTH, George; p114, Tuscaloosa County

HAMBLIN, John from HAMBLIN, Hannah; p113, Madison County

STEGALL, Kelly from STEGALL, Nancy; p113, Limeston County

TAYLOR, Olivia A. from TAYLOR, John; p113, no county

ACTS of 1827/1828-

CADOLE, Joseph from CADOLE, Nancy; p116, Montgomery County

COURSEY, Parthenia from COURSEY, James; p113, Clarke County

COWELL, Elizabeth W. from COWELL, Samuel; p114, Franklin County

DANNER, Abraham from DANNER, Anna; p116, Pike County

GAINES, Winney from GAINES, Francis S.; p113, Greene County

GHOLSON, Jane from GHOLSON, John; p109, Franklin County

PHARR, James from PHARR, Mary; p117, Washington County

RUSSELL, William O. from RUSSELL, Nancy G.; p115, Franklin County

SEAY, Peggy from SEAY, Nicholas; p114, Tuscaloosa County

SNOWDEN, Thomas J. from SNOWDEN, Tabitha; p113, Conecuh County

TRAVIS, William from TRAVIS, Elizabeth; p113, Montgomery County

ACTS of 1828/1829-

CHUNN, Matilda S. from CHUNN, Lancelot; p79, Morgan County

HASSELL, Benjamin D. from HASSELL, Mary; p80, Montgomery County

LAYMAN, John from LAYMAN, Rebecca; p80, Madison County

LEWIS, Leecy from LEWIS, Mordica; p81, Bibb County

LINDSEY, John from LINDSEY, Abbey; p82, Shelby County

LITTLEPAGE, Elizabeth S. from LITTLEPAGE, Thomas W.; p80, Madison Co.

McVAY, Hugh from McVAY, Sophia W.; p80, Lauderdale County

PRICE, Robert C. from PRICE, Elizabeth; p80, no county

SAUNDERS, Ambrose from SAUNDERS, Elizabeth; p81, Tuscaloosa County

TRIMBLE, Margaret from TRIMBLE, Robert C.; p81, Lawrence County

WADE, Clarissa from WADE, George W.; p81, Limestone County

ACTS of 1829/1830-

BOREL, Leger from BOREL, Theresa; p74, Mobile County

FOWLER, John from FOWLER, Hannah; p73, Baldwin County

LEE, Hillery from LEE, Sabina; p73, Dallas County

ROANE, James H. from ROANE, Anna; p74, Morgan County

SHEPARD, Elizabeth from SHEPARD, John; p74, Wilcox County

ACTS of 1830/1831-

BECKHAM, Milley from BECKHAM, William C.; p51, Limestone County

BOLT, Eliza from BOLT, Lewis; p50, Lawrence County

EASTHAM, Elizabeth from EASTHAM, Robert; p51, Limestone County

NORTON, Jane from NORTON, John; p51, Lawrence County

ROBERTSON, Martha from ROBERTSON, Robert; p51, Lauderdale County

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