Divorces: Acts of State 1831-1846

compiled by Lisa R. Franklin RN

Acts of 1831-1832
BURGE, Wooden M. from BURGE, Nancy. Marengo County
PATE, Jackson from PATE, Mahala. Walker County
LEVESQUE, James from LEVESQUE, Sarah. Limestone County
MURPHY, John R. from MURPHY, Lucy. Limestone County
MOORE, Elijah from MOORE, Sarah. Greene County
HINE, Sarah from HINE, Wyldman. MadisonCounty LOCKHEART, Aaron from LOCKHEART, Mary. Dale County

Acts of 1833, Extra [session?]
MURRAY, A.L. from MURRAY, Matilda E. Morgan County
RAFFIN, Rose from RAFFIN, Joseph Mobile County
COLLINS, Christopher B. from COLLINS, Bersheba. Mobile County
MICKLEBOROUGH, James from MICKLEBOROUGH, Sarah. Lowndes County
PUCKETT, James from PUCKETT, Elizabeth. Mobile County
Acts of 1832-1833: Annual
SNEED, Julius from SNEED, Jane Eliza. Shelby County
ACKER, Naomi from ACKER, Mr. Butler County
CHRISTIAN, Thomas C. from CHRISTIAN, Jane B. Dallas County
SMITH, James P. from SMITH, Welley. Dallas County
Acts of 1834-1835
MILES, Cinthia from MILES, Aquilla. Butler County
RICHARDS, Robert M.from RICHARDS, Elizabeth. Maidson County
CLARY, Dorcas E. from CLARY, John. Autauga County
STRANGE, Sophronia from STRANGE, John J. Conecuh County
BRADLEY, James D. from BRADLEY, Henrietta. Franklin County
MUNNERLYN, James from MUNNERYN, Mary J. Lowndes County
SILLMAN, Patsy from SILLMAN, Fielding. St. Clair County
DILLARD, Charlotte from DILLARD, George. Maidson County
LIGHTFOOT, Barbary from LIGHTFOOT, Bartholomew. Tuscaloosa County
BARNES, Caroline from BARNES, John. Perry County
Acts of 1836
BRIGGS, John from BRIGGS, Elizabeth H. Franklin County
EVANS, Eliza from EVANS, Reuben B. Pike County
HOLMES, Clark from HOLMES, Phalba. Madison County
BRIGHT, Hugh G. from BRIGHT, Cyntha. Henry County
TEAGUE, George from TEAGUE, Mary. Henry County
Acts of 1837 June Called Session
DUNBAR, Polly Barry from DUNBAR, John. Washington County
Acts of 1837
COLEMAN, John J. from COLEMAN, Emeline R. Madison County
LOYD, Sarah from LOYD, Benjamin. Autauga County
McMURTRY, Campbell from McMURTRY, Nancy. Shelby County
FINDLY, Polly from FINDLY, Joseph. Jackson County
WEAVER, Mary from WEAVER, Daniel. Conecuh County
TIDWELL, Gincy from TIDWELL, Peter P. Bibb County
NOBLE, Daniel M. from NOBLE, Elizabeth. Sumter County
BEATY, Rebecca from BEATY, Ezekiel A. Dallas County
MONIAC, Mary from MONIAC, Alexander. Conecuh County
HALL, Dory Ann from HALL, Henry M. Lowndes County
Acts of 1838
HALL, John M. from HALL, Mary. Madison County
ROBERTS, Martha from ROBERTS, William. Greene County
YOUNGBLOOD, John from YOUNGBLOOD, Eliza Jane. Morgan County
ANDERSON, Eliza A.F. from ANDERSON, Edmund R. Limestone County
NEELY, Caroline from NEELY, Jubal L. Greene County
DANCE, Elizabeth from DANCE, Henry B. Morgan County
RIDGELL, Emeline from RIDGELL, John W. Wilcox County
TATE, Lucretia T. from TATE, Griffith. Limestone County
GREEN, Elizabeth from GREEN, John M. Madison County
GREEN, Sarah from GREEN, William. Jackson County
BULLARD, Thomas B. from BULLARD, Nancy. Conecuh County
PATTERSON, Nancy from PATTERSON, Edward. Lawrence County
HARMAN, Sarah from HARMAN, Joel. Talladega County
BROWN, Early A. from BROWN, Elizabeth. Jefferson County
MONTAGUE, Harriett from MONTAGUE, Joseph H. Mobile County
McLAUGHLIN, Eliza from McLAUGHLIN, Peter. Dallas County
RUTLEDGE, Mary H. from RUTLEDGE, William P. Lawrence County
CLARK, Mary from CLARK, Elijah. Dale County
CRAWFORD, Eliza from CRAWFORD, Stephen. Barbour County
WHITE, John from WHITE, Eliza. Lowndes County
FREEL, Harriet from FREEL, John S. Chambers County
ELAM, Hiram from ELAM, Cely. Bibb County
HUGHES, John from HUGHES, Rosanna. Henry County
LOGAN, William from LOGAN, Mary. Coosa County
DAVIS, Nancy from DAVIS, Hezekiah. Autauga County
JEMISON, Winnifred C. from JEMISON, John. Wilcox County
Acts of 1839-1840
JONES, Alfred M. from JONES, Parthania J. Lawrence County
JONES, Elizabeth B. from JONES, Thomas L. Lawrence County
MARTIN, Elizabeth G. from MARTIN, Joseph F. Lawrence County
SHIELDS, Tabitha from SHIELDS, Joseph. Tuscaloosa County
THOMAS, John from THOMAS, Rebecca. Autauga County
WRIGHT, Henrietta from WRIGHT, James. Lawrence County
KING, Martha Ann from KING, John M. Madison County
Acts of 1840-1841
SAUNDERSON, Almond from SAUNDERSON, Susan. Lowndes County
WALLER, Lucy from WALLER, John. Benton County
HAUN, William G. from HAUN, Catharine. Mobile County
BUTTS, Caroline from BUTTS, George W. Shelby County
SEALE, Herod from SEALE, Sarah. Shelby County
JONES, Sarah A. from JONES, Jonathan. Shelby County
WELSH, Sarah from WELSH, Dennis R. Mobile County
Acts of 1841
EATMAN, Wilson from EATMAN, Sarah. Tuscaloosa County
BELL, Ann C. from BELL, John D. (no county stated)
WHETSTONE, Evaline M. from WHETSTONE, Evans L. Shelby County
GAYLORD, Kenion J.W. from GAYLORD, Mary Ann. Barbour County
BIGGS, Eliza from BIGGS, Hugh H. Lawrence County
STEELMAN, Elizabeth from STEELMAN, William. Tuscaloosa County
STONE, Araminta D. from STONE, Charles. Talladega County
BALL, Martha Ann from BALL, Fessender. Barbour County
MORROW, Nancy P. from MORROW, James. Madison County
VOIGLIN, Philip from VOIGLIN, Mary. Dallas County
DANIEL, Joseph from DANIEL, Huldah. Barbour County
ESSMAN, Liza from ESSMAN, Benjamin. Shelby County
FARLY, John from FARLY, Mary. Talladega County
WHEELER, Simeon from WHEELER, Catharine. Mobile County
WHITE, Amanda from WHITE, William H. Greene County
JOHNSON, Jane from JOHNSON, Henry. Tuscaloosa County
LEHR, John F. from LEHR, Sally. Madison County
SIMMONS, Julian from SIMMONS, Richard. (no county stated)
Acts of 1842-1843
WHEELER, Jane S. from WHEELER, Charles J. Mobile County
OLIVER, Margaret S. from OLIVER, Creed T. Lowndes County
SCRUGGS, Job H. from SCRUGGS, Virginia. Lawrence County
SPRIGGS, Harriet from SPRIGGS, Erastus L. Mobile County
GLEADALL, Benjamin from GLEADALL, Ellen. (no county stated)
BOOTHE, Mariah from BOOTHE, George W. Lawrence County
DOWNING, Thomas from DOWNING, Sarah. Montgomery County
DARCY, Elizabeth from DARCY, Alfred E. Lawrence County
STOVALL, William from STOVALL, Martha. Lawrence County
DEAN, Frances M. from DEAN, Gabriel C. Autauga County
WHIDDON, Catharine from WHIDDON, Wester. Montgomery County
LANGFORD, Elizabeth from LANGFORD, Joseph H. Shelby County
JUDSON, Mary T. from JUDSON, Lewis. Mobile County
HARDIN, Jane from HARDIN, John B. Shelby County
PASCHAL, Anne Jane from PASCHAL, John E. Greene County
WHATLEY, Hannah from WHATLEY, Willie. Talladega County
DODSON, Elijah from DODSON, Bethena G. Talladega County
BATES, John G. from BATES, Marian. Mobile County
RICHIE, Caroline from RICHIE, Anthony. Montgomery County
BOATWRIGHT, Nancy R.K. from BOATWRIGHT, Hiram H. Greene County
SANDFORD, Ann D. from SANDFORD, Vincent. Talladega County
BROOKS, Caroline S. from BROOKS, Alexander M. Lawrence County
HUNDLEY, Melvina from HUNDLEY, John. Greene County
Acts of 1843-1844
JONES, John W. from JONES, Minerva. Madison County
DAVIS, Maria L. from DAVIS, James. Lawrence County
McELTON, Palatine from McELTON, William. Lauderdale County
DOUGLASS, Robert from DOUGLAS, Lucinda. Talladega County
FORTSON, Peter E. from FORTSON, Naomi. (no county stated)
JANNERETT, Louisa Isabell from JANNERETT, Thomas McDaniel. Mobile County
BROWN, Elsey from BROWN, William. Bibb County
JAMES, Lee L. from JAMES, Hannah K. Chambers/Randolph counties
PARSON, Benjamin S. from PARSON, Eliza T. Marshall County
JACKSON, Jesse from JACKSON, Lucinda. Tallapoosa County
KITHEL, Rebecca from KITHEL, William S. Limestone County
SHANNON, John from SHANNON, Angeline A. Madison County
WRIGHT, Asa from WRIGHT, Elizabeth. Butler County
RAPALJE, George from RAPALJE, Rebecca. Mobile County
CLAY, William H. from CLAY, Moranda. Madison County
STEWART, Louisa from STEWART, Robert M. Chambers County
SHANNON, Samuel H. from SHANNON, Drucilla. Greene County
McADORY, Eliza Jane from McADORY, Samuel. Madison County
HOLLOWAY, Elizabeth from HOLLOWAY, Washington. Perry County
HARRISON, Kirkland from HARRISON, Harriet Y. Dallas County
PEARCE, Wiley from PEARCE, Sarah. (no county stated)
Acts of 1844-1845
PANNELL, Benjamin from PANNELL, Susannah. Blount County
WEATHERFORD, Charles M. from WEATHERFORD, Susan. Limestone County
GEORGE, Nancy R. from GEORGE, William B. Greene County
WILLIAMS, Richard F. from WILLIAMS, Mary. Madison County
GOODWIN, John from GOODWIN, Susan. Jefferson County
KING, Mary C. from KING, Stephen R. Monroe County
CAWTHORN, Elizabeth from CAWTHORN, William. Henry County
HOPKINS, Edith E. from HOPKINS, Francis F. Butler County
HENRY, James R. from HENRY, Elizabeth. Macon County
STEPHENS, Benjamin from STEPHENS, Lavinia. Marshall County
MOATES, Pernice from MOATES, Anderson. Perry County
BRAINARD, Amanda M. from BRAINARD, Allen. Henry County
HARGIS, David from HARGIS, Nancy Ann. Coosa County
FRAMPTON, Eliza F. from FRAMPTON, William. Barbour County
BRANTLEY, Malinda from BRANTLEY, Young B. Blount County
BREED, John B. from BREED, Martha. Pike County
DAVENPORT, William from DAVENPORT, Sarah. Jefferson County
PEARSON, James from PEARSON, Sarah. Tallapoosa County
VINCENT, Energy H. from VINCENT, Eliza. Franklin County
HUNTER, Francis A. from HUNTER, John D. Sumter County
CHAPMAN, Solomon from CHAPMAN, Lydia. Benton County
McNEILL, Daniel from McNEILL, Juliet. Mobile County
OWENS, Barbery from OWENS, John. Perry County
SPRAGGINS, Thomas A. from SPRAGGINS, Permelia. Tallapoosa County
PERKINS, Martha from PERKINS, John. Dallas County
ERWIN, William from ERWIN, Cynthia. Fayette County
TURVIN, Elijah from TURVIN, Eliza. Montgomery County
MOONEY, Amynitus from MOONEY, Kinean H. Montgomery County
CUNNINGHAM, Martha E. from CUNNINGHAM, James T. Jackson County
O'NEIL, Massy from O'NEIL, James. Mobile County
LEDDELL, Robert W. from LEDDELL, Winefred. Sumter County
MADDOX, Martha E. from MADDOX, Jesse. Barbour County

Acts of 1845-1846
SIMPSON, Matthew from SIMPSON, Nancy. Lowndes County
BUMPUSS, John from BUMPUSS, Mary. Clarke County
BARNES, Kincheon from BARNES, Elizabeth. Blount County
LOWRY, Frances from LOWRY, Asa. Russell County
THOMPSON, John L. from THOMPSON, Rachael. Lowndes County
ALLISON, William W. from ALLISON, Minerva Ann. Talladega County
FRANKLIN, Elizabeth from FRANKLIN, David. Butler County
HOLSTON, Stephen from HOLSTON, Leodecia. (no county stated)
CRAWFORD, Thomas from CRAWFORD, Elizabeth A. Greene County
DOFFIN, Jackson from DOFFIN, Eleanor. Clarke County
NIXON, William H. from DOFFIN, Eleanor. Clarke County
BISHOP, Martha E. from BISHOP, Abram W.J. Clarke County
CALLAHAN, Ann G. from CALLAHAN, William. Morgan County
GRAHAM, Samuel from GRAHAM, Matilda. Benton County
SUMNER, Margaret E. from SUMNER, Bright. Mobile County
SAINT GUIROVE, Maria Josephine Pierre from SAINT GUIROVE, Pierre. Mobile County
JOINER, Giles from JOINER, Mary A.B. Sumter County
WALDEN, West D. from WALDEN, Martha A. Coosa County
ALEXANDER, Julia from ALEXANDER, Jefferson. Mobile County
GILL, Christiana from GILL, John. Lowndes County
MONTGOMERY, Flora from MONTGOMERY, Philip M. Monroe County
McLEAN, Susan from McLEAN, William B. Mobile County
LOVITT, John F. from LOVITT, Elizabeth. Monroe County
RANEY, Sarah A. from RANEY, William E. Lawrence County
UNDERWOOD, Launcelott V. from UNDERWOOD, Martha W. Sumter County
ROSE, Ezekiel from ROSE, Sarah. Lauderdale County
WHITLOCK, Archilles from WHITLOCK, Letitia W. Limestone County
HAYES, John W. from HAYES, Louisa F. Talladega County
BRISTER, Robert E. from BRISTER, Ann. Madison County
HARDEN, Littleton Y. from HARDEN, Sarah W. Limestone County
NELSON, Washington from NELSON, Elizabeth. Sumter County
BECK, Elizabeth from BECK, William G. Conecuh County
CARTER, Eliza from CARTER, Stephen. Conecuh County
LOFTON, Charles M. from LOFTON, Adeline. (no county stated)
BUTLER, William from BUTLER, Mary. Bibb County
McKISSICK, Eliza A. from McKISSICK, William B. Barbour County
BRADLEY, Eliza A.C. from BRADLEY, Henry. (no county stated)
ADCOCK, Jane E. from ADCOCK, Hiram. (no county stated)
REDDICK, Josiah from REDDICK, Jemima. Madison County

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