What's Available:

Index of Available Birth & Death Register Records for the state of ALABAMA

compiled by: Lisa R. Franklin RN

Alabama's law requiring the recording of births and deaths did not begin until the year 1908. However, before that time, some counties did keep registers of births and/or deaths for the county. Following is a list of some of the surviving registers of births &/or deaths listed alphabetically by county, as available. These volumes are unindexed, however, they can be accessed via the Alabama State Archives. The majority of these records provide the following information: Birth Register Entry- -birth date, sex, race, town of birth, mother's name, mother's birthplace (many times stating town if inside county or county if inside the state), father's name, father's birthplace (town/county: see previous note); Death Register Entry--death date, sex, race, place of residence; place of death; place of birth; parents names (some counties only).

Key to following listing: County; dates available; birth (b) &/or death (d)

Autauga; MAR 1908-FEB 1916; b, d
Autauga; delayed birth Cert. rec. 1871-1928; b
Baldwin; 1886-1919; b, d
Barbour; 1891-1899; b
Barbour; 1906-1923; b, d
Bibb; 1900-1919; b, d
Blount; 1905-1912; b, d
Butler; 1886- MAY 1891; b
Butler; MAR 1894-NOV 1919; b, d
Butler; delayed birth Cert. Rec. 1870-1930; b
Choctaw; delayed birth Cert. Rec. 1870-1900; b
Coffee; 1904-FEB 1912 ; b
Coffee ; NOV 1908-APR 1919 ; d
Dallas; 1882-1888; d
Dallas ; delayed birth Cert. rec. 1880-1930 ; b
Fayette ; 1884-1903 ; b
Fayette; 1889-1903; d
Hale; JUN 1881- 1896; b
Henry; 1895-1902; b
Henry; 1895-1906; d
Lawrence; 1881-1900; b
Lawrence; 1881-1895; d
Limestone; 1881-1895; b, d
Lowndes; MAR 1881-1904; b
Lowndes; delayed birth Cert. rec. 1879-1911; b
Madison; 1881-1912; b, d
Marengo; JUN 1906- 1909; b, d
Pike; 1882-1895; b
Pike; JUL 1881-APR 1892; d
Randolph; 1886-1905; b, d
St. Clair; JUN 1893-SEP 1906; b
St. Clair; SEP 1881-OCT 1895; d
Shelby; FEB 1902-APR 1915; b, d
Sumter; 1888-1891; b
Tallapoosa; 1881-1907; b
Wilcox; 1905-1908; b
Winston; 1888-1918; b, d.

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