Company B
38th Alabama Infantry Volunteers

Contributed MAR 1999 by Roger Campbell,

Muster Roll of Captain William R. Welch's Company B, the "Wilcox Farmers" of the 38th Regiment, Alabama Infantry Volunteers, in the service of the Confederate States for three years or the war unless sooner discharged.

( Dated: June 11, 1862 at Camp Holt near Mobile, AL)

Names --Rank--Where joined for duty

Welch, William Ripley, Captain Wilcox

Kimbrough, John H., 1st Lieutenant Wilcox

Davis, Robert T., 2nd Lieutenant Wilcox

Welch, George W., Jr. 2nd Lieutenant Wilcox

Lockett, Benjamin H., 1st Seargent Wilcox

Morgan, Eli A., 2nd Seargent Wilcox

Hall, Thomas J., 3rd Seargent Wilcox

Hestle, William J., 4th Seargent Wilcox

Northrup, J. Thomas, 5th Seargent Wilcox

Sheffield, Peter U., 1st Corporal Wilcox

Packer, Samuel B., 2nd Corporal Wilcox

Kirk, Oliver H. P., 3rd Corporal Wilcox

Pearce, Joseph, 4th Corporal Wilcox

Privates (Name--Where Joined)

Bradley, Jesse Wilcox

Brewer, William Wilcox

Campbell, Angus Wilcox

Brewer, L. Wilcox

Champion, John R. Wilcox

Campbell, James M. R. Wilcox

Champion, John T. Wilcox

Conn, Hugh D. Wilcox

Criswell, William A. Wilcox

Culpepper, G. LaFayette Wilcox

Clark, William K. Wilcox

Davis, Darson Wilcox

Davis, Howard Wilcox

Davis, William E. Wilcox

Evans, Jesse F. Wilcox

Fendley, Joseph H. Wilcox

Foxworth, John D. Wilcox

Green, John C. Wilcox

Harvell, Joseph Wilcox

Hare, John A. Wilcox

Hawkins, John F. Wilcox

Hicks, James J. Wilcox

Hicks, R. Covington Wilcox

Huggins, George Wilcox

Jackson, James E. Wilcox

Jordan, Andrew J. Wilcox

Kelley, John M. Wilcox

Kelley, Edmund R. Wilcox

Kelley, Oliver P. Wilcox

Kennedy, William F. Wilcox

Kimbrough, William T. Wilcox

Kirk, Calvin C. Wilcox

Luker, William T. Wilcox

Lyles, G. N. Mobile

McIntosh, Allen Wilcox

McHenry, John Wilcox

Morgan, John O. Wilcox

Morgan, John N. (age 26) Wilcox

Morgan, John W. (age 31) Wilcox

Morgan, William B. Wilcox

Morgan, William J. Wilcox

Morgan, Leroy W. (age 29) Wilcox

Morgan, J. L. Wilcox

Moore, James Madison Wilcox

Nettles, James T. Wilcox

Nicholson, Josiah W. Wilcox

Parker, Jesse T. Wilcox

Philan, W. Sidney Wilcox

Pritchett, Daniel J. Wilcox

Pine, F. C. Wilcox

Rabson, A. Wilcox

Rabson, Jacob Wilcox

Rabson, Robert Wilcox

Rogers, John W. Wilcox

Rickett, William H. Wilcox

Sheffield, Abraham S. Wilcox

Sheffield, Eslie N. Wilcox

Sheffield, James D. Wilcox

Sheffield, Nathan J. Wilcox

Sheffield, Mark Wilcox

Sheffield, Stephen Wilcox

Sheffield, Thomas Wilcox

Sheffield, Marion Wilcox

Stokes, James D. E. Wilcox

Steed, William H. F. Wilcox

Southall, James H. Wilcox

Threadgill, Thomas A. Wilcox

Thomas, John B. Wilcox

Tucker, Allen B. Wilcox

Tyler, Jame Wilcox

Walker, William J. Wilcox

Webb, Thomas J. Wilcox

Yow, Spencer Wilcox

Yawn, William W. Wilcox

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