Alabama Twenty-ninth Infantry 
Company I 

Compiled by: Jim Bartlett, Helen Bartlett and Tonia Porter

For further information, corrections or comments, please contact: Tonia Porter,

The 29th Infantry regiment was formed at Pensacola, Florida, in February 1862.  This unit was
organized by adding two companies to the 4th Infantry Battalion which had been assembled
during the previous Autumn at Montgomery.   Its members were recruited  in the counties of
Blount, Shelby, Talladega, Barbour, Russell, Montgomery, Bibb, Covington and Conecuh.  It was
drilled in artillery and remained between Pollard and Pensacola for over a year until it was
evacuated.  In the summer of 1863 the regiment moved to Mobile where it was stationed until
the Spring of 1864.  At that time it joined the Army of the Tennessee with a 1,100 men.
Assigned to General Cantey's and Shelley's Brigade the unit participated in many conflicts
from Reseca to Nashville, then fought at Kinston and Bentonville. At Reseca,  the Twenty-ninth
was engaged and lost about 100 killed or wounded men.  At New Hope Church and Peach Tree Creek
the losses were heavy.  On July 28, near Atlanta, half of the regiment was killed or wounded
in the fierce and protracted assault on the Federal lines.  The twenty-ninth then moved into
Tennessee with General Hood, and lost very heavily in casualties at Franklin, and largely
casualties and prisoners at Nashville.  A remnant of the Twenty-ninth moved into the Carolinas,
and was engaged at Kinston and Bentonville with considerable loss.  Less than 90 men
surrendered on April 26, 1865 at Greensboro, NC.  The field officers were Colonels John F.
Conoley and John R.F. Tattnall, Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Morris, and Major Henry B. Turner.

Sources:  Crute, Joseph H. The Units of the Confederate States Army, Olde Soldier Books, Inc.

          Evans, General Clement A., Ed., Confederate Military History Extended Edition,
          Broadfoot Publishing Company, 1987
          Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who Served in Organizations from
          the State of Alabama, National Archives microfilm


Battle at Reseca, GA-  May 14-15, 1864

Battle at New Hope Church, GA May 28- Jun 1, 1864

Battle at Lost Mt. GA- June 19, 1864

Battles at Chattahoochie River and Kennesaw Mt. GA-  July 3 & 4 1864

Battle at Peachtree Creek, GA- July 20, 1864

Battle at Ezra Church, GA- July 28, 1864

Battle at Franklin, TN - November 30, 1864

Battle at Nashville, TN - December 15-18, 1864

Bentonville, NC- April 25, 1865

Co. I was formed in Covington Co., AL.  The members of Company I were:

NAME                            RANK            SPECIAL INFORMATION

ALLEN, John B.                  Lt.             KIA 12/1/1864 Franklin, TN

APLIN, John                     Pvt.            a.k.a. John APLING, APPING, APPLIN, APLEN

APLIN, William                  Pvt.            a.k.a. William APLING, APPING, APPLIN, APLEN

BARKE, Wesly                    Pvt.            a.k.a. BARKS, Wesly

BECK, Charles                   Pvt.

BONDS, W A                      Pvt.            

BROOKS, James                   Pvt.                                    

BROWNING, J A                   Pvt.

BULLARD, Jerry                  Pvt.            a.k.a. BULLARD, Jesse

BUSH, C F                       Pvt.

BUSH, Hiram P                   Pvt.

BUTLER, John William            Sgt./Pvt.       POW/captured Kennesaw Mt., GA
                                                **special note:  "Claims to have been loyal.
                                                Was forced to enlist to avoid conscript and
                                                deserted Rebel Army to avail himself of amnesty 

                                                proclamation." Enlisted in 5th US Volunteers

BUTLER, LW                      Pvt./Jr. 2nd Lt.

BYRD, Rueben A                  Pvt.

CAIN, William R.                Pvt.            died 6/16/1864 (for more info. contact compiler)

CALMON, J D                     Pvt.

CAMERON, W H                    Pvt.            a.k.a. CAMRON, W H

CARTER, Isaac                   Pvt.

CARTER, J  W                    Pvt.            POW/captured Nashville, TN

CATO, Daniel                    Pvt.

COBB, James                     Pvt.

COLCE, Jesse                                    rejected recruit

COLEMAN, James D                Pvt.

CRAUSBAY, J M                   Pvt.

CRWAFORD, D R                   Pvt.

CRAWFORD, J A                   Pvt.

CULBRETH, Gilmore               Pvt.

CUNNINGHAM, Samuel              Pvt.            POW/ captured Springhill, TN

CURRY, Joseph MC                Pvt.            a.k.a. McCurry, Joseph

DACKINS, Silas                  Pvt.            a.k.a. DAWKINS, Silas S.

DANIEL, Jesse B                 Pvt./2nd Corp.  a.k.a. DANNEL, J B; POW

DAWKINS, James A                Pvt.            a.k.a. DOCKENS, Joseph; POW/ captured Chattahoochie, 


DUNN, Benjamin F                Pvt.

EALEM, John                     Pvt.            a.k.a. EALUM, John; POW/captured at Lost Mt.
                                                GA (for more info. contact compiler)

EASON, W T                      Pvt.            (compiler's note:  Walter Terry Eason died in the Battle of 

                                                Atlanta according to family history.  For more info. contact


EDDINGS, D J                    Pvt./Sgt.               Died

EDGE, George W                  Pvt.

EDGE, J W                       Pvt.

EDGE, William                   Pvt.            took Oath of Amnesty

EXUM, Henry                     Pvt.            died 3/10/1864

FINDLEY, B                      Pvt.            a.k.a.. FINLEY, B

FINDLEY, George M               Pvt.

FINDLEY, Rily                   Pvt.            a.k.a. FINLEY, Rily

GARRASON, Ebonezar              Pvt.            a.k.a. GARRISON, Ebonezar; POW/ captured Andalusia, AL

GARRETT, William                Pvt.            POW/captured Chattahoochie, GA; died 3/25/1865

GEAGHAGAN, Joseph               Pvt.            a.k.a. GEOGHAGEN, Joseph

GEOGHAGAN, George A W           Pvt.            KIA Franklin TN 11/30/1864

GIBBENS, Joseph                 Pvt./Corp.      a.k.a. GIBBENS, GIVENS; POW/captured Chattahoochie, GA

                                                enlisted in US Service 3/1865

GILMORE, H Madison              Pvt.            a.k.a. GILMOORE, M.; POW/captured Nashville, TN; died 


GILMORE, Samuel F.              Pvt.            a.k.a. GILMOORE, Samuel F.; POW/captured Nashville, TN

GOMILLION, Elder                Pvt.            died 9/1/1864

HALL, John                      Pvt.            discharged

HALL, P P                       Pvt.

HARRISON, WD                    Pvt.

HART, Daniel                    Pvt.            a.k.a. HART, David; POW/captured Nashville, TN

HARVILL, B J                    Sgt.            Died 5/30/1862

HENDERSON, Allen E.             Pvt.            POW/captured Kennesaw Mt., GA   **special
                                                note:  "Claims to have been loyal. Was forced
                                                to enlist to avoid conscript and deserted
                                                Rebel Army to avail himself of amnesty proclamation."

HENDERSON, Benjamin             Pvt.            POW/captured Kennesaw MT., GA **special note:
                                                "Claims to have been loyal. Was forced to
                                                enlist to avoid conscript and deserted Rebel
                                                Army to avail himself of amnesty proclamation.",;
                                                enlisted in 6th US Vol. 7/1864

HENDERSON, Eli                  Pvt.

HENDERSON, Harding              Pvt.

HENDERSON, Johnston (Johnson)   Pvt.            POW/captured Nashville, TN **special note:  "Claims to 

                                                have been loyal was conscripted into the Rebel Army was 

                                                captured and desires to take the Oath of
                                                Allegiance to the US and become a loyal citizen." died 2/15/1865

HENDERSON, James                Pvt.            died 8/8/1862

HENDERSON, M.                   Pvt.

HICKS, William H                Pvt.            also in 4th AL Battalion

HINES, W T (W F)                Pvt.

HINTON, H N                     Pvt.

HOLLAND, Jesse                  Pvt.            died 5/17/1862

HOLLAND, James D.               Pvt.

HOLLAND, William                Pvt.            deserted 8/23/1863; POW/captured Chattahoochie,
                                                GA;**special note:  "Claims to have been loyal.
                                                Was forced to enlist to avoid conscript and
                                                deserted Rebel Army to avail himself of amnesty proclamation."

HOLMES, William                 Pvt.            POW/captured Chattahoochie, GA

HUDSON, T J                     Pvt.

HUGHES, A J                     Pvt.            a.k.a. HUGHS, A J

HUGHES, J E                     Pvt.

JACKSON, Wiley                  Pvt.            died 8/8/1862

JOHNSON, Daniel                 Pvt.

JOHNSON, D B                    Pvt.

JOHNSON, J                      Pvt.

JOHNSON, William                Pvt.            POW/deserter

JONES, Albert                   Pvt.

JONES, C A                      Pvt.            missing after engagement at Nashville, TN

JONES, Jno. L.                  Pvt.

KING, J M                       Pvt.            missing after engagement at Nashville, TN

LANAIR, John                    Pvt.            a.k.a. LANIER/LAUERE

LANTERN, John M.                Pvt.            Sgt. In 4th AL Battalion; deserted 5-1862;aka LANTIN, J N

LATHAM, J W                     Pvt.

LEE, E L                        Pvt.            

LEE, George W.                  Pvt.

LEE, Irvin                      Pvt.            POW/captured Nashville, TN; died 3/4/1865

MALOY, Edward                   Pvt.            a.k.a. MALOY, Evander A; POW/captured Nashville, TN

MARTIN, Alfred P                Pvt.            POW/captured near Atlanta, GA; died 1/14/1865

MARTIN, C W                     1st Sgt./ 2nd Lt.       

MARTIN, Elijah Laban D.         Pvt.            POW/captured Marietta, GA; died 12/15/1864

MARTIN, J F                     Pvt.

MATHESON, Wesley                Pvt.            a.k.a. MATTHEWS, Wesley

MATHEW, J L                     Pvt.

MAYO, M D L                     Pvt.            Corp. in 4th AL Battalion

McCLENDON, J S                  Pvt.            KIA 12/1/1864 Franklin, TN

McCRAE, John D                  Pvt.            a.k.a. McRAE, John D; POW/captured Franklin,
                                                TN; died 3/9/1865

McGUIRE, James                  not given       died 2/14/1862

McKEARLY, Fred                  Pvt.            a.k.a. McKERLEY, F; corp. 4th Battalion;
                                                transferred to CS Navy

McMAHON, T A                    Pvt./Sgt.               

McMILLEN, W J C                 Pvt.            died 6/16/1864

McNEAL, T J C                   Pvt.            a.k.a. McNEILL, T J C

McRAE, W M                      Pvt.

MERIT, Thomas J                 Pvt.            POW/captured Nashville, TN **special note:
                                                "Claims to have been loyal was conscripted
                                                into the Rebel Army.Deserted to avail himself
                                                of the amnesty proclamation."

MILLER, Allen                   Pvt.            died 1/4/1864

MILLER, Jonathan G W            Pvt.            POW/ captured Peachtree Creek, GA
                                                (compilers note: part of his records were in
                                                the records of John F W Miller of Co. F)

MILLER, William                 Pvt.

MILLS, Ulee W                   1st LT/Capt.

MIME, William H                 Pvt.            a.k.a. Mimms, William H; POW/captured Pulaski, TN

MITCHELL, Thomas                Pvt.            

MOORE, E                        Corp.

MOORE Jr., Lovel                Pvt.

MOORE Sr., Lovel                Pvt.            discharged

MOORE, William                  Pvt.

NICHOLS, Daniel                 Pvt.            a.k.a. NICKOLS, Daniel

NORTON, W A C                   Pvt.

PARKER, John A                  Pvt.            a.k.a. PARKER, J A

PARKER,  J J J                  Pvt.

PATISON, Z                      Pvt.

PAULK, U (or W)                 Pvt.            died 5/30/1862

PEDIGO, John W                  Pvt.            POW/Nashville, TN; died 1/5/1865

PERKINS, Cader                  Pvt.

POTTS, James L.                 Pvt.            "Name appears on Register of Claims of Deceased Officers 

                                                and Soldiers- filed 4/27/1864"

POWELL, G B I                   Pvt.

POWELL, James                   Pvt.

QUATES, J W                     Pvt.            also in Co. E of the 38th AL Infantry

QUATTLEBUM, M                   Pvt.            a.k.a. QUATTLEBUM, E T

ROBERSON, H S                   Pvt.            a.k.a. ROBINSON, H; died 7/21/1862

SANDERSON, Thomas               Pvt.            deserted 10/14/1862

SHAW, Alfred                    Pvt./Sgt.              

SMITH, A.                       Pvt.

SMITH, Daniel                   Pvt.            POW/captured Mobile, AL- deserted

SMITH, Hillary                  Pvt./Sgt.       Residence listed as Walton CO., FL

SMITH, Isaac                    Pvt.            deserted 8/23/1863

SOWELL, George N.               Capt.           died 8/28/1863 Mobile, AL

TALBIRD, John H.                2nd Jr. Lt/1st Lt.      

THOMPSON, James                 Pvt.

TUCKER, F N (or P N or J N)     Pvt.

WADKINS, John D (or J T )       Pvt./Sgt.

WATSON, S N     Pvt.

WELCH, William M                2nd Sgt.                a.k.a. WELSH, William; residence
                                                        listed as Walton CO., FL;died 7/26/1864

WELLS, James                    Pvt.            POW/ captured Chattahoochie, GA; **special
                                                note:"Claims to have been loyal was conscripted
                                                into the Rebel Army.Deserted to avail himself
                                                of the amnesty proclamation."

WELLS, William                  Pvt.            POW/ captured Chattahoochie, GA; died 8/3/1864

WEST, S W                       Pvt.

WHALEY, Peter                   Pvt.

WIGGINS, John T                 Pvt.            "Name appears on Register of Claims of Deceased Officers 

                                                and Soldiers"

WIGGINS, W F                    Pvt.            "Name appears on Register of Claims of Deceased Officers 

                                                and Soldiers"

WILLIAMS, H W                   Pvt.

WILLIAMS, Richard               Pvt.            POW/ captured Nashville, TN; **special note:
                                                "Claims to have been loyal was conscripted
                                                into the Rebel Army. Deserted to avail himself
                                                of the amnesty proclamation."

WOATS, William                  Pvt.            POW/captured Nashville, TN; **special note:
                                                "Claims to have been loyal.  Enlisted through
                                                false representations.Deserted to avail
                                                himself of the amnesty proclamation."

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