Insane Registry, No.1,
Escambia Co., AL


From: Cutt (Lygia Cutts)

The first entry is dated in the year 1918 and the last entry is dated in the year 1932.
Note: Please keep in mind that metal disorders were treated differently in days past than they are now. Many disorders were not yet recognized as they are today. Sometimes our loved ones were committed because they suffered a traumatic experience and just couldn't pull theirselves out of it without
help. I guess the point I am trying to make is that just because someone was committed to the insane hospital doesn't mean they were totally insane!
Sometimes orphans were committed because the county had no place else for them to go. I am posting this index because each record does contain vital genealogical data for those searching their family lines. Parents and siblings are sometimes listed as well as dates of birth and/or age and place of residence.

ASHLEY, Daisy 10
BRANTLEY, Mrs. Frances 3, 8
BOONE, Charles W. 4
BROWN, Mrs. Annie 7
BEDSOLE, Inez 28
CROOK, Benjamin Edward 6,11
DAVIS, Parker 2
DeLOACH, Estelle no page number given
EVANS, Jesse 5
EVANS, John 28
ETHERIDGE , Fannie Lou 9
EVANS, Charley 11
ETHERIDGE ,Mary Ida 22
FRYE (FRIZE ), Jasper 3
FRYE, Nancy Ann 9
FOUNTAIN, John Jackson 19
FRANKLIN, Tempice 29
GARNER, Minnie May 20
GREENE, William A. 19
GREENE, Emery Claud 18, 21
GEE, George 26
GEDDIS, Savanah 17
HILL, J.R. 5
HICKS, Fonner 10,22
HALL, Mrs. Barbara 22
HART, Victoria 23
HAMMAC, Melissa 1
HODGE, Lizzie 29
HARRIS, Simon 1
JENKINS, a rah 20
JONES, Susan R. 24
LEWIS, Samuel A. 18 .
LANHOM, Grace 18
MILLER, Henry 1
MARTlN, Mrs. Cornelia Thorton 9
MASHBURN, Mrs. Maggie 5
MORRIS, Lee 15
MARTlN, James H. 20
MOBLEY, Lillian 23
MASON, Mrs. Ida 27
McLELLAN, Clara Lenia 8
McARTHUR, Sallie 4,12,19,24
McCAWLEY Mattie Ruth 13
McCONNELL, Hayes Baswell 7,17
McCLOUD, iss Luretta no page no. given
McAFRA, James 27
MURPHY, James 10
ODOM, Mrs, Albert 15
PARKER, Adeline 15
RIVERS, Isaac 8
RAMSEY, Peter 24
RENFROE, Floyd 30
ROBERSON Benjamin 14
STlLL, Ollie Vinson 26
SKINNER, Sarnuel Letcher 12
SUNDAY, Frank J. 14
TROTTER, Mrs. Florence Alice 11
TRAVIS, Amanda 2,7,10,14,26
THOMAS, Poterfield 7
WILLIAMS, Josephine 3,6
WESLEY, Lizzie 13
WREY, Honnoh Sr. 21
WHITE, Walcomb 25
WOONER, Mrs. Ida Lene 25
WASON, Mrs. Ida 27
WALKER Tullu 27


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